Chapter 01: Poor Little Naive Girl

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Nineteen year old Sarah Jane woke up one Monday morning and stretched. She was so excited since this is her first day at the University. She stood up and faced the mirror to admire her naked self, cupping her F cup breasts and admiring her shaved pussy. She went to the toilet to pee and slipped on her slippers and walked outside her room nude.

“Good morning, Steven!”

Sarah’s stepfather looked at her from his newspapers. “Good morning, Sarah.” He licked his lips as he watched Sarah’s heavy breasts this early in the morning and he patted his lap.

Sarah squealed and sat on his lap. His hand immediately began to fondle her giant breasts.

She was a naive, pretty girl and Steven saw her potential ever since she was a little girl. He said she was beautiful and beautiful girls must not be shy on sharing their bodies. Her body was there for men to touch and fondle and she must not resist when men grope her. For her she must accept it as a compliment.

Sarah was blessed with good looks and a kind heart. She also had large breasts that Steven can’t get enough of. He told Sarah that beautiful ladies must never wear underwear unless she had her period. Beautiful girls only wear short skirts that reach only to her thighs. Only ugly girls wear pants. She must also never wear a bra because it might make her sick. Men must always massage her large F cup breasts so they would not sag.

“Do you want some breakfast?”

“Okay, Steven.” Sarah ate very little because she did not want to get fat and proceeded to her room to try on clothes for her first day. She tried on a white cotton blouse and a pink frilly skirt and four inch heels. She spun around and walked out.

“Do you like my dress, Steven?”

Steven smiled as she saw his step daughter in a skin tight white blouse that made her nipple poke up. Since her breasts were enormous, it was so tight that her areola could also be seen and made her shirt shorter. Her frilly skirt was also so short that anyone can already see the underside of Sarah’s large butt. Sarah was also blessed with a large izmir escort butt like her breasts. When she would walk, her pink shaven pussy would also be seen by just a light breeze. Steven told her before to never sit down legs closed together because..well, it simply was not done. She must always sit down legs apart as much as possible.

“You look beautiful, Sarah.”

Sarah beamed and fingered her dress. “It’s not too short?”

“It’s perfect, dear.”

Sarah Jane walked outside their apartment, bringing her purse and went to the elevator. As if on cue, her neighbor, Mr. Tan, a forty year old taxi driver was already beaming at her.

“Good morning, Sarah!”

“Good morning, Mr. Tan!” Sarah smiled, prettily at him and Mr. Tan waited for the elevators to close and reached for her breasts to fondle them.

“First day of college, Sarah?” His hands squeezed her large breasts. Damn, she was sexy. Her body was built for sex. He enjoyed his moments with Sarah because it gives him a reprieve from his nagging wife back at his home. He also noticed how Sarah was raised differently and was so damn naive and stupid.

Sarah’s breath hitched as his other hand began to reach between her legs and pushed a finger inside. She was already wet, he thought, smugly. What a slut and trained well too. He knew Sarah got turned on easily from the slightest touch to her nipples and her step father once boasted that her legs would automatically widen when her boobs would be touched.

“Oh, Mr. Tan..” Sarah closed her eyes as his fingering began to speed up. It felt so good.

Mr. Tan began removing his cock when the elevator doors open. They already reached the ground floor. He immediately removed his hands as Sarah tried to adjust her blouse and gave him a big smile.

“Goodbye, Mr. Tan!” She waved at him as if nothing happened and walked away giving him an incredible view of her long legs and naked butt.

The people at their apartment building know already of Sarah and men rushed to greet her while looking at her incredible alsancak escort body. Sarah greeted them back and walked out to the bus stop.

The police man near her gave her a big smile and when he saw what she was wearing, his jaw dropped. Damn, he thought, what a slut. She had the largest breasts he had ever seen with the largest areolas too. Her thin blouse under the sun did not bother hiding her assets at all.

Sarah smiled at him and innocently swishing her lips as she hummed a song, giving him a nice view of shaved pussy. He immediately covered his crotch with his body bad. She was such a turn on.

The bus arrived and Sarah turned her back to the police man and his eyes widen when she went up the bus giving him a nice view of her large ass and pussy. What a morning, he thought and proceeded to look for a bathroom so he can jerk off.

The bus was full and Sarah had to squeeze inside until she stood in front of a bored college student whose eyes widen when it saw the nearly naked beauty suddenly in front of him. Sarah reached up to hold the bar above her giving him a nice view of her pussy. It was exposed entirely to him as the skirt was very short.

His friends was already elbowing each other. They could not believe their eyes and what luck! This gorgeous girl was showing already everything. Her breasts were like melons! And her nipples..the students were already drooling.

Sarah did not know what was happening in front of her and completely forgot forgot about her pussy. She was startled when a man suddenly pressed himself to her back and roughly whispered in her ear. “What a slut you are. Begging to be fucked, eh? Look at you, wearing this sorry excuse for a clothing.” His hands grabbed her left boob. “Fuck, your tits are huge.”

Sarah blushed and looked around. She usually did not mind it when men grabbed her but she gets so embarrass easily when other people look on. She noticed the three students looking on, their breaths faster than ever.

His hands were already massaging her breasts and it buca escort felt so good. Sarah could not contain her sexy moan and began to widen her legs.

“You slut. You like that? Getting fucked in the middle of the bus by a stranger?” The man whispered again and began to finger her in front of the students who were already video taping the whole thing on their phones.

His fingers were already going fast as well as his hands on her breasts kept teasing her nipples. Every jolt in the bus made her breasts bounce even more. Sarah was almost gonna orgasm when his fingers withdrew and she felt something bigger going inside.

A cock! Sarah’s eyes widen. She was never fucked in the bus before. Fingering and fondling all the time but never fucked. His cock rammed inside her wet pussy and it felt so good, Sarah almost passed out. The students looked on, they were already stroking their cocks as they watched the hot, busty girl get fucked in front of them.

One of the students boldly reached out to fondle her nipples, making Sarah moan. Some other men were already watching the display, not believing their luck this morning.

The man fucking her was already sweating and fucked her some more until he spilled his cum inside her. He still did not stop until he was already soft.

Sarah already came and was leaning in his chest, her pussy full of his cum. She always feel so sleepy after sex and wondered if she can sleep in the university when she arrive.

“Hey you,” the man barked to the student who was masturbating openly on front of them. “Fuck her next.”

Sarah gasped as the student all to eagerly went behind her and inserted his eager cock inside her pussy full of cum. The man sat down in front of her and got her other feet to rest between his legs so the student could easily fuck her from behind.

The student pushed her head down the man’s lap and a cock was promptly inserted in her mouth. She sucked like her whole life depended on it. She was trained that way from the start.

She could feel the gazes of everyone around her and she felt turned on more. Being watched was the best. She ignored the horrified screeches of the women around her.

It continued until it was Sarah’s stop and she stumbled out the bus, her thighs full of cum and ready to start her adventure at the University. She could not wait.

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