Cheerleader vs. Lesbian Bully Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this work contains scenes of fictional rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, consensually non-consensual (CNC), or non-consensual sex or scenarios.


My daughter and I were having a good laugh over that horrid episode in Mr Howards office. Me a former beauty queen back in Omaha Nebraska and now the weather girl on channel 47 engaging in a catfight with that perverted black girl who was trying to feel me up. Beside the fact that I was almost twice her age she seemed determined to get her hand into my panties, a humiliation that I absolutely was not going to permit Fortunately for me that ass hole Principle at last broke up the fight and promptly ordered her expelled from school but I couldn’t help but remember that grin on his fat face as he ogled my white satin panties.

I had taken the rest of the day off to spend some time with Maryann who was still upset over the attempted molestation by Natasha but she calmed down and starting kidding me about trying to steal her girlfriend. I assured her that it was her that the black teen had a crush on, Maryann shot back and told me how Natasha was looking at me, she told me that lesbian freak was undressing you with her eyes. I told my daughter not to worry she’s all yours, we both laughed. I told her that we would have a girls only weekend together that’s when she told me that she loved me. We both hugged but stopped when the doorbell rang.

I opened the front door not even thinking about who was on the other side and standing before was that evil black teen Natasha and an older woman around my age who I assumed was her mother.

Natasha spoke first after pushing the door open and told me that I was istanbul travesti going to get her back in school and if I don’t my mother Tanya is going to beat the shit out of me. I told the both of them to leave or I would call the police, Maryann was now standing beside me with her hands on her hips as a show of defiance.

Natashas mother Tanya got in my face and told me what I was suppose to do. She told me that I was to tell Mr Howard that my cunt teasing daughter was coming on to my innocent daughter asking her to put her hand under her cheer skirt and give her a good finger fucking. When my sweet baby girl rejected your daughter she attacked her. Got it. That is how your going to get Mr Howard to let her back in school.

I was shocked that she even had the nerve to ask me to do such a thing so I told her that I would never lower myself to lie like that for you or your perverted piece of trash of a daughter. So with my hands on my hips like Maryann I told her it was best she leave now or I’ll call the police. Tanya pulled me into her by grabbing my pearl necklace and told me that they would only be leaving with my cum stained panties in their back pockets. She then tried to pull my lips to hers thats when I pushed back causing the necklace to snap letting the little tiny pearls to bounce onto the floor but it also caused me to lose my balance and fall backwards onto the floor exposing my white satin panties to Natasha lust filled eyes.

She told Tanya to hold onto the cheer bitch as I have some fun with her mom. The strong black teen approached me as I tried to get up and twirled me around the room by my arms letting me tumble over the coffee table. istanbul travestileri Before I knew what happened Natasha was on top of me trying to kiss me while grinding herself on my prone body. I would turn my head to the side to avoid her lips which only frustrated the teenage lesbian so she got off of me and dragged me over to the sofa and pushed my black skirt up around my hips she then in one flawless move unzipped her jeans and pulled them down around her thighs along with her cotton panties exposing her hairy cunt to my terrified eyes as she mounted me rubbing her hairy cunt to grind against my white satin panties. I tried punching her head with the hope that she would stop her attack but lt was of no use as she frantically humped the crotch of my panties until she yelled out her orgasm as I felt her girl goo squirt all over me. She then fell on top of me trying to force her tongue into my mouth but I fought back until she got of me and pulled up her pants and under ware and then headed over to Maryann.Tears filled my eyes as I watched that horrible girl drag my princess down the hallway toward the bedroom.

Tanya stood up from the chair and unbuckled her beige skirt letting it fall to the ground and then unbuttoned her blouse exposing her huge tits held captive by her purple bra, she was now only dressed in a pair of yellow panties and brown boots. As she approached me I was still in shock laying curled up in shame for what just happened, she then told me I was a fucking cunt teasing bitch just like my daughter. She went on to tell me that I got her baby girl all excited and then I refused to submit and let her put her tongue into that pretty mouth travesti istanbul of yours so I needed to be taught a lesson. She then dragged me off the sofa by my hair and led me over the chair and threw me over her lap. I tried fighting back but Tanya was just to strong as Natasha and at least 70lbs heavier than me. After my futile struggle to free myself she managed to unzip my skirt letting it fall down around my thighs and to further embarrass me unhooked the snap on the back of my satin blouse pulled down the zipper and removed that also leaving me dressed only in my white satin panties and matching bra. I still had on my black high heels that were kicking in the air trying to flee.

After that things got worse, very worse as I felt her large meaty hand work its way under my belly and grip the crotch of my panties and started to do terrible things to my sensitive clit and then I felt her hand smack down hard on my ass. That evil woman was master batting me at the same time she was tanning my ass with her hand. As hard as I could, even resorting to biting down on my lower lip I couldn’t hold back the orgasm that was building between my thighs. I finally came with an intense orgasm as my high heels crashed together.

I thought my debasement was over only to have the heavy set woman sit me on her lap facing her. She unclasped my satin bra and placed her other hand cupping my now wet pussy by the crotch of my panties. Tanya then stuck out her large pink tongue and told me to lick it like a lollypop or she would l beat my ass red as a beet.

So the unthinkable happened as I lapped up the saliva on her tongue at the same time I found myself grinding down on her hand my tits flush against her saggy mounds as my body took over control as I sought my second orgasm. As Tanya continued raping my mouth. I heard Maryann scream at Natasha telling her. to keep her dyke hands off if her that’s when I screamed out my orgasm in Tanyas mouth.

To be continued in part. 3

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