Cherry Covered Leather

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They experimented many times before this, but nothing such as what they discussed on the phone. She actually had to make notes to make sure she had what he requested. She was worried that this was going too far in their experimentation, but he always stopped when she felt uncomfortable. So, she prepared for the evening.

He requested that she wear her black leather teddie, black thigh highs and heels. He also requested that they play tonight in the spare room that had the four post bed in it. She placed many candles throughout the room, laid the four silk scarves on the night stand and set the cherry lube next to them. Everything looked good and she then took a shower. While she soaped up her plus-sized body, she thought about how he preferred larger women and he complimented her often.

He made her feel good about herself and she smiled. It was getting late and she got out of the shower. She dried off, put on some vanilla lotion and started to get dressed. She slid on her leather teddie, making a few adjustments and ran her hands over her body. Damn, this felt great, but she knew it wouldn’t be on for long. She sat down, slipped on her thigh highs and slipped her shoes on. She looked in the mirror and was surprised to what she saw. This was a side of her that no one knew but he would find out tonight. He would be here soon and she went to the living room.

He showed up right on time, as usual and he smiled a very broad grin when he saw her laying on the couch as he requested. He was always hard when he got there, and today was no different. He stood above her, slid off his shorts and she could see his hard cock thru his silk boxers. He said he was going to make her watch him stroke himself because he knew that turned her on. He pulled his boxers down and began stroking his cock. Instinctively she slid her hand to the inside of her thigh, but before she could touch her self he grabbed her hand and put it above her head with her other hand. He said he would stop if she did that again, or touched him. He asked if she agreed, she said yes and he said yes what? She said yes master and he said that was better.

He began stroking his cock again, his other hand playing with his balls. He knelt beside her head, his hand quickly stroking his cock right above her mouth. She wanted so bad to just stick out her tongue and lick him, but she didn’t want him to stop. He took his cock, rubbed his precum all over his head, and slid it back and forth against her lips. She was holding back with much restraint trying not to lick him, to suck him. She began to slid her legs back and forth, trying to get some friction between her legs. She was so hot and wet and he knew it. He saw what she was doing, and slapped her leg.

He told her to part her legs and she did. He saw how wet she was as the crotch of her teddie was soaked with her juices. He spread her legs wider and slid his hand down the center of her. She tried not to show her excitement as he did this, and almanbahis she tried not to press against his hand. He slid his hand up her ample stomach, to her voluptuous breasts. He could feel her hard nipples through the leather and grabbed them hard. She gasped and he squeezed harder. He was squeezing and pulling them, forcing her to sit up. As she did, she came face to face with his hard cock. It was oozing with precum and it took everything she had to not taste him. He knew she wanted it, but told her she couldn’t have it just yet. He stroked it some more, while unlacing the front of her teddie with his other hand. He grabbed the laces, pulled her up to stand and told her to go upstairs, get on the bed kneeling so he could see her ass as he walked in the bedroom. She headed upstairs to the spare room and crawled on the bed. She got on all fours with her ass up in the air.

As he came into the room, she heard him stop and the proceed to the bed. He reached the end of the bed and slapped her hard on her ass. She jumped and gasped, and was actually turned on by that. She wasn’t facing the door as he requested, and he slapped her again. He did it over and over again and it was actually turning her on. He told her to turn over and spread her arms and legs out. She did as he wanted, and he went over to the night stand and grabbed the silk scarves. He knelt on the bed, bent down and kissed her hard. She wasn’t sure if she should kiss him or not and she didn’t.

He pulled back and grabbed her nipple hard again. He asked if he wasn’t good enough to kiss and she said yes he was and he pinched harder. She winced at the pain and he planted his mouth on her mouth and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth. She kissed him back this time, and was grateful she could finally touch him. He let go of her aching nipple and sat up. He took a silk scarf, tied it around her wrist, but not the bed. He proceeded to do this to her other hand, and her ankles. He then unlaced the teddie all the way, opening it wide enough that he could see her breasts.

Her left breast was very red and tender and he lightly touched it. This sent feelings of pain and pleasure thru her body and he did the same to the right side. He placed his lips on her left breast and began to suck it hard. It felt so good, but again was somewhat painful. He moved between her two breasts, sucking, biting, teasing. He mounted her, wrapping her breasts around his cock, and slowly slid back and forth between them. He told her that he loved to tittie fuck her, that it was almost as good as her ass. He stroked more, then added some cherry lube between her breasts.

She closed her eyes, and listened to him fuck her like that. He took some of the cherry, ran it along her lips and told her to lick it off. She did as told and he told her to tell him how much she wanted his cock in her mouth. She almost begged, she was so horny. Please let me suck your cock she said. It’s been so long and I need to have you in my mouth. almanbahis giriş He told her to suck his head as it came on the upside of her breasts and she did. Tasting him and the cherry together was wonderful. She wanted more of him, and tried to take more of him into her mouth. He pushed her head down when she did this, telling her that she wasn’t allowed to. She was getting very frustrated, she wanted him so bad.

He knelt beside her again, and told her to turn over on her stomach. She did, and was hoping that he would finally fuck her. He took the scarves, and tied them to the four posts of the bed. She was spread eagle face down and he said he liked her that way. He got off the bed and stood at the end of it. He said he loved the way she looked, that she looked like a real slut in this outfit. Anything for you she said. And he said anything? And she said yes. She felt his hands at her ankles, slowly sliding up her legs. She was almost to the point of orgasm by the time he reached her ass and he slid his hands between her legs. She almost lost it then but held it back. He pulled her ass cheeks apart, then pulled her pussy lips apart so the crotch of her teddie was pulled tight. He pulled on it from the back, making it rub against her hard clit. He reached down between her legs, and slowly began undoing the three hooks that held it together.

As he undid the last one, he kissed her left cheek and then began to suck on the soaked portion of her teddie. She could hear him sucking loudly and she wanted that to be her pussy he would suck. He stopped, almost reading her mind, and said that was all the pussy he wanted tonight. She closed her eyes in disappointment when he slapped her ass again. She flinched as he slapped her again. Again, it was a turn on for her and as he slapped her, he put two fingers into her wet pussy. As he finger fucked her, he was slapping her and she was going to cum. He told her not to cum, but this time she didn’t have a choice. He knew that she gave out a loud gasp before she came, and she did just that. He drove three fingers into her pussy and she came so very hard. Her body jolted several times and she pressed against his fingers getting him deeper. He quickly pulled out of her and sat back.

She caught her breath as he spread her ass cheeks wide, squirted some cherry lube over her asshole and slid his finger around making sure she was wet enough. He didn’t want to satisfy her by getting himself wet in her pussy, so he stroked his cock with some lube also. He told her to beg again for him to fuck her ass. Fuck my ass damnit and fuck it hard. My ass is only yours and you haven’t fucked it in a long time. Please, please fuck me now! He kneeled on her thighs and rubbed his hard cock between her ass cheeks. He could hear her whispering please, please… and he slid the tip of his cock into her. Her body relaxed and she wanted more. She pressed against him, he pulled back, and she knew it was part of the game.

She stopped, relaxed almanbahis yeni giriş again and he started again. He pressed into her, slowly, just his head in her now. He stopped and said that this was all she deserved, she wasn’t a very good girl tonight. She begged him to put it all in, that she would be better from then on. He started to pull out of her, she turned quickly to look at him, and saw that he was grinning. A grin yes, an evil grin. He squirted more lube onto him and her and then slid more and more into her until he was fully into her. As usual, he felt great. He slowly slid in and out of her over and over. God I love your ass he said over and over. We fit together perfectly and I should fuck you more often.

He told her to bare down, try and push him out of her and she did. As she did, it seemed like she had to take a shit and she stopped. He told her not to, that was the point. She hesitated, and he said he would stop if she didn’t. This was a turn on for him and he wanted it now. She reluctantly agreed, and bore down while he was fucking her. She could feel it get very warm and wet inside of her ass and that was what he wanted. He said it felt so good to him. He wanted it more and more and she did as she was told. He was yelling at her to do it harder, bare down so hard for him. She hesitated and he slapped her ass again.

She said okay okay I’ll do it for you. She tried with all her might and suddenly it was very wet between her legs. That turned him on so much he said. It was coming out of her and that made him fuck her harder. He wouldn’t stop, not that she wanted him to. She thought it odd, almost uncomfortable what she was doing. He said he loved pushing it back inside her, feeling her tighten around him when she pushed. He pulled her ass cheeks apart, rammed his cock into her deeper and fucked her so hard. She couldn’t help but moan with pleasure he felt so damn good. She hesitated for yelling and he said the game was over she could yell all she wanted.

He reached down and untied her legs, pressed them together with his legs and fucked her ass like there was no tomorrow. She loved how long he could last in there and he didn’t disappoint her tonight. She could tell he was tiring and she said she wanted him to cum in her ass. She needed it there and she wanted it now. He replied now who is the demanding one? She looked at him, grinned and said she always demands that he be in her ass as often as possible.

He thrust hard a few more times, said he was going to cum in her ass and she told him to. He thrust again, moaning loudly and pressing into her hard. She hated that he was stopping, but loved what he did. He was panting as he was laying on her back, lightly kissing her. He reached up, undid her tied wrists and they laid there. He hated getting out of her, and so did she, but she knew that some cleaning up had to be done. He quickly slid out of her and off the bed and headed toward the shower.

She admired his body as he walked away from her and she smiled and sighed. He called to her to come into the bathroom and she did. He was in the shower, hand held out to her to join him in a mutual soap down. How could she resist him? She never could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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