Chloe’s Email to Frank

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Dear Frank, you punk:

As promised, here is the story I was telling you. Rather than make you remember where I left off, I will tell you the entire story. Jenn used to hate trains and I wanted her to love them as much as I do. One weekend, when Marie would be working an eighteen hour shift on Saturday as well as her usual shift on Sunday, we all realized she would not be very good company. Marie arranged to sleep over at the hospital Saturday night. They found a spare bed for her. Jenn and I booked passage on an Amtrak sleeper car to Ohio and another sleeper back to New York. Of course you know we didn’t do any sleeping.

We got in our sleeper compartment and I immediately locked the door. Jenn was wearing a tee shirt with her midriff showing, jeans so tight they seemed painted on, a sports bra, panties and sandals. I walked behind her and pulled her shirt over her head and kissed the back of her neck. I slid my fingers under her bra straps as I sucked on her earlobe. I pulled Jenn’s sports bra over her head and I soon held her heavy tits in my hands. They were at least three pounds each. I massaged her melons and pulled on her nipples. They got hard so quickly. I pushed her against the window, after the train began to move, and pressed her tits against the glass. I slid my right hand down and caressed her ass. I spanked her ass and then caressed it again. I rubbed between her legs. I heard her breath getting faster. Her big beautiful tits were pressed against the window as neighborhood after neighborhood zipped by. She had no idea if people could see her. She panted so hard, the glass fogged. I rubbed her cunt so hard through her jeans and panties. She moaned loudly. I reached around her small waist, and unbuttoned her jeans, then opened her fly. I yanked her jeans down to her knees. I rubbed her through her panties. They were soaked. I stepped down on the basket that was formed by the top of her jeans hanging from her knees. I pushed her jeans down to her ankles. I rubbed her flooded panties so hard. She was panting harder.

I pulled her away from the glass and was startled. Her breath had fogged up every inch of the glass that was not covered by flesh. There were clear spots where her cheek and her tits had been. The relief of her breasts on the fogged window was spectacular. I stared at it for a very long time. I brought her over to the wall where the bunks were. I took off every last stitch of my own clothing and hers. I slapped her ass hard and I pushed her so she could lean against the top bunk and then I scooted under her onto the bottom bunk. Her sopping cunt was right there in front of me. I smiled, thinking how beautiful it was, and dove right in. She moaned so loudly. I was really turned on. I could feel how puffy my own pussy was.

I love Jennifer so much. I took my time. There was no rush. The train left Penn Station at 3:40 in the afternoon and would not arrive in Cleveland until around 3:30 in the morning. We would spend two hours in Cleveland and return to Penn Station before 7 Sunday evening. We had reservations for the Radisson Hotel Cleveland Gateway, less than a mile from the train station. antalya escort

Knowing how much time I had with J, I teased the shit out of her. I licked and sucked and nibbled all around her pussy. I slid the tip of my tongue all around her clit without touching it. I went slowly all over her pussy. Whenever I felt her coming close to climax, I stopped, counted to twenty and then blew on her pussy. I lost count of how many times I worked her up to the edge and then stopped completely. It’s not that I’m a mean lover. I’m not. We just had a lot of time and I wanted to use it productively. Ok, I admit it. I wanted Jenn to beg. I wasn’t about to make my lover suffer (I say lover because we weren’t engaged at that point), I just wanted to make her release – when she finally had one – fucking awesome.

I’m not entirely sure where we were, I’m guessing somewhere in New Jersey, when I finally decided to let Jenn have her orgasm. I licked her clit for the first time, having touched and licked and sucked just about everywhere else short of penetrating her. She shuddered and moaned, so I sucked hard on her clit like a Hoover. I knew she was close and I had no intention of stopping. Seriously, I wanted to get that gorgeous woman off. She was moaning and panting and wheezing a little.

“Don’t stop, Chloe,” Jenn said, “I am so fucking close. Don’t stop. Don’t ever fucking stop. Oh, God, Chloe, keep going.”

I was about to stop sucking and plunge my tongue as deeply as I could inside her when there was a knock on the door. The door I’d locked. It was a male voice, so I was fairly confident in what I did next. I pulled away from Jenn, took our tickets from my purse, opened the door wide and greeted the conductor in my birthday suit. His eyes popped out a little and as he examined our tickets, he peered in the compartment to see Jenn sitting down on the lower bunk, also naked. He punched the tickets, smiled at us and walked down to the next compartment.

I walked over to Jenn. See was frigging herself. I stopped her and placed one of my hands behind her neck and the other hand under her knees and pivoted her so she was laying down in the middle of the bunk. I got between her legs and I dove into her delicious muff.

You asked me, the second time we went to Mulcahy’s bar, which of us is the dom and which is the sub. It really isn’t like that for us. Jenn and I are lovers; that’s really the only role we fill with each other. Sometimes one of us is the aggressor, but it’s not always her and not always me.

I drove my tongue into her cunt and fucked her. I bobbed my head at first. Just in and out action to begin with; then I would flick my tongue around as my head plunged and flicked again on the return. Her breathing changed and her moans were louder and longer. I pulled my tongue out of her and slipped two fingers inside of her. I got my fingers nice and wet and then used those fingers to rub her clit as my tongue returned to her pussy.

She had an explosive orgasm. I was so happy she got off, but I wasn’t done with her. I frigged her faster and teased her labia with antalya escort bayan my teeth. She had a second orgasm just as the first seemed to fade. Then she had a third, and a fourth and, finally, a fifth orgasm. Her clit was now too sensitive and I let her relax on the lower bunk.

I went to my cell phone and hooked into the train’s wi-fi signal. I searched for a cab company in Cleveland. I chose the first one on the list and called the number for it. I set up a timed pickup at the train station for 3:30 and another at the hotel for 5:25. With that concern off my mind, I went to freshen up in the bathroom. I peed, I washed my hands and face and drank from the sink. I was just about to leave, when Jenn entered and got herself freshened up as well. She peed and washed her hands and face. I smiled at her, lovingly, and we kissed. It started off gently, but she soon pushed me against a wall and kissed me harder. Her hands roamed my body. I surrendered to her.

She quickly had three fingers in my sopping cunt and was fucking me hard. I was moaning so loudly. I couldn’t stop myself if I wanted to. I didn’t want to. She took me standing up in the bathroom and, in what seemed like a very short time, I came four times. My knees buckled and Jenn saved me from dropping to the floor. We staggered back to the bottom bunk. For a long time we were just kissing and groping each other.

I’m not certain how long it took me to get the idea to slide four fingers inside Jenn’s wet pussy. The idea quickly met with her approval. We suddenly went from lazy kisses and petting to fisting each other; neither of us complained. We occasionally got into these fits where we were just insatiable for each other.

Jenn and I plunged hard and deep into each other’s pussy. Both of us had volcanic orgasms soon afterward.

We never really rested. We would simply concentrate on a different area. If our clits were too sensitive, we amused ourselves with breasts. When nipples could no longer stand to be touched, assholes were fingered. We were in physical contact with each other for hours.

During another “break”, I called the hotel and asked them to have fruit, cheese and wine waiting in our room for us. I had no idea if they had 24 hour room service and I simply did not want to take that chance. I hadn’t realized I was fingering myself while I was on the phone with the hotel. I was just too horny to keep my hands off myself. Jenn patiently waited until I was off the phone before she licked my pussy and grabbed my boobs the way I like.

Maybe it’s the masseuse’s touch, but nobody else grabs my tits quite the way J does. She’s not gentle, but she’s not too rough. There’s a balance to her touch. I neither feel abused nor do I feel neglected; I feel loved. I definitely felt loved at that moment. Her tongue was all over my pussy. I was breathing hard. I could only reach her back and my fingers traced lazy circles on the back of her shoulder.

We had a nice back-and-forth going on for a while. She would eat me out and make me orgasm and I would return the favor. She would suck my breasts escort antalya and get me off and I would do the same for her. We got to the point where our enthusiasm was still strong but we were not especially frenetic in our actions. We were not rushing. We fucked each other hard, but took our time with it.

At one “break”, it dawned on me to check the time and I realized we had been at it for about twelve hours and it was time to get dressed and get off at Cleveland. I wish I could say Cleveland is an enchanting city, but it was dark when we arrived. Our cab was waiting for us. There was no traffic at that time of night. We were soon at the hotel and we quickly checked into our room. The food we had ordered was waiting for us. We had used up a lot of energy and felt no shame as we devoured the edibles. As strange as it seems, we did not have sex at the hotel. We ate, we drank, we showered; the brief hotel stay was about recovery. We did kiss in the hotel, but we both seemed to understand the sex of that weekend should be reserved for the rails.

We checked out, paying the extra bit for the room service, and our second cab was waiting for us. Again, I really didn’t get to see Cleveland. We zipped across town and were soon at the station. We boarded our train and found our compartment. The door was locked and clothing was on the floor before the train moved.

We began our return trip in the top bunk; it only seemed fair. We tribbed each other hard. Jenn loves tribbing; I am not saying I don’t. What I am saying is that it is one of her favorite things and we try to do it at least twice a week.

Yes, Frank; I know you read that last sentence and asked, “Chloe, why do you only do it twice a week if it’s one of her favorites?”

That’s actually precisely why. We don’t want to get bored with it. It’s more fun to explore new activities than to do the same old things over and over and over again. I would rather have one night of licking her ass than seven nights of it. If you do it one night, it’s special. If you do it every night, it’s perfunctory. The same goes for tribbing. We didn’t, and don’t, want it to lose its magic. It had become obvious that were weren’t the same wild bitches in heat, at first, on the return trip. We spent the better part of an hour slapping clits together. This is not complaining; this is description. I never complain about bumping pelvises with that goddess.

There was a point where we were too tired to move but not tired enough to fall asleep. We cuddled each other but stared in each other’s eyes. I could stare into those blue eyes forever. Writing my story down for you, Punk, I begin to wonder if it’s really that sexy. It went from raw and animalistic, to slow and loving, to hot and wild to too worn out to move. We did eventually recover from our lethargy and had multiple orgasms through much of eastern Pennsylvania. I suppose we fucked on the way to Cleveland and made love on the way home. I’m sure you appreciate the distinction.

When our train finally arrived in Penn Station, Jenn was no longer anxious about riding the rails. We rode the Babylon branch and she was cool as a cucumber. We snuggled as we waited for our station. Jenn and I commute by train to the school now. It’s more relaxed and better for the environment than driving.

I hope you liked this, Frank. If you ever need a lesbian wing man again, let me know. Take care of yourself.



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