Chrissy Teaches Shelly Ch. 04

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Reconsidering her position, Shelly decided to move upstairs before her sister came home. She didn’t know if she’d be able to face her sister knowing what she had just done with her boyfriend.

Sure enough, as soon as Chrissy was home and realised that Alex was in the house, she was in the living room and all over him. They kissed passionately and Chrissy’s hands were excitedly exploring his body, bringing a response from Alex that he feared that he may not have been able to make after the day’s exploits. After the last couple of days, Chrissy was horny as hell and looking for release and ravaged Alex accordingly, pressing her tits against him, grabbing at his cock, tugging and stroking it through his pants.

Alex responded to her desire, groping Chrissy’s breasts, pulling at them with one hand, the other seeking its way under her skirt. He found that she was wearing a thong and his fingers quickly worked it aside, seeking the wet warmth of her pussy. Chrissy stopped to unbutton her blouse, exposing her bra clad breasts. Alex sucked at a nipple through the material of the bra and Chrissy moaned in delight, feeling the warmth seep through her bra as Alex’s fingers began their exploration of her pussy at the same time. She squirmed on his fingers, loving the penetration and attention her pussy flooding with juices in response to her desire. Her fingers worked at his shorts, drawing his cock from them, freeing it to be grasped in her hands. She repositioned herself so that she could suck on his cock, hungry to feel the dichotomy of the smooth skin and stiff shaft within her mouth.

Alex lay back as Chrissy sucked up and down the length of his engorged cock. As he lay his head back, he was stunned to notice Sherry standing on the stairs, watching. It was all he could do not to pull out of Chrissy’s mouth, but he didn’t want her to know what was going on and was afraid that it could lead to her finding out about what he and Shelly and Cheryl had been doing. So he relaxed, and watched Shelly as her sister bobbed up and down on his cock.

Shelly watched, fascinated by the pleasure that was flooding through her at watching her sister blow Alex. She was unsure of what to do. She had come down stairs thinking about getting some dinner and was surprised when she had found out what was going on. But She was captivated as well. Then Alex had looked up and rather than stopping as she would have expected, he had smiled and was now looking her in the eye as his cock was sucked. She was exhilarated. This was different from when she had shared him with Cheryl. It was more exciting because Chrissy was oblivious to what was going on.

Chrissy was still only wearing a towel, and as her sister sucked off her boyfriend, she slipped a hand inside it to fondle her breast and pinch her nipple. Alex licked his lips at her and she decided that she would risk a little more, allowing the towel to fall to the floor. She stood there, naked, rubbing her body, touching her breasts, rubbing her bald mound. Alex took Chrissy’s head in his hands, moving her head up and down on his cock. He winked at Shelly and told Chrissy that he wanted to eat her now, that he wanted to taster her wet pussy, split her with his tongue izmir escort and suck on her clit until she came.

“Oh god yes, do it to me,” encouraged Chrissy. Shelly ducked down on the stairway out of sight as they changed positions. She lay there, listening as Alex commenced eating out her sister. Chrissy began to moan as her clit was assaulted by Alex’s tongue. Shelly was going wild listening to it, wanting to see her sister in the throes of her passion. She knelt on the stairs, peeking over the banister, one hand supporting her weight, the other stroking her clit. She could see her sister laid out on the couch, eyes closed in ecstasy, hands grasping at her breasts, rubbing her tummy, running through Alex’s hair. Then she looked up, Straight at Shelly. She flinched, but managed to hide it as a reaction to what Alex was doing with her pussy.

Shelly thought that the game was up for sure now, but once again was surprised when nothing happened. Chrissy too seemed to take enjoyment from the fact that her little sister was watching her be pleasured by her lover. Daringly, Shelly stood, showing off her body to her sister. Touching herself all over as she had for Alex just moments before. Now, armed with the knowledge that both Alex and Chrissy were happy to be watched (even if they weren’t aware of the other’s interest and involvement) Shelly moved slowly down the stairs and Chrissy’s moaning began anew, emboldening Shelly still further, advancing to stand just a couple of feet away, running her hands over her body, sliding a finger between her pussy lips and sucking on it as her sister watched with her boyfriend working on her clit.

Shelly stood there, horny as hell, not quite sure how to take the next step that she really wanted to take. Chrissy was staring at her, an invitation in her eye. Shelly was frozen in indecision … did she go first to Chrissy or did she just reach in and grab Alex’s cock from behind. She decided that she would be better off surprising Alex with her incestuous relationship with her sister than with the fact that she was comfortable with Alex’s cock to her sister.

Quietly, whilst Alex was still busy sucking and licking at Chrissy’s clit, Shelly walked around the couch to where her sister lay. She knelt down and started to kiss her. Alex, sensing the movement and a change in what was happening, looked up and was stunned. He lay there between his girlfriend’s legs watching as she tangled tongues with her own sister. They broke apart long enough for Chrissy to tell him to keep going, to make her cum. Then she was again kissing her sister deeply, only now, Shelly had her hands on Chrissy’s breasts, rubbing and feeling them, pulling and pinching the nipples. He dipped his tongue into Chrissy’s pussy, then ran up the slit to her clit where he circled it slowly, eyes fixed and focussed on the action that was happening above him.

Shelly stood and draped her self over her sister, dangling her nipple into her mouth and reaching to draw for Chrissy’s nipple into her own, starting a breast sucking 69. Chrissy started thrashing about under the attention of her two lovers as she exploded in orgasm.

As Chrissy subsided from her orgasm, alsancak escort Shelly stroking her face, neck and chest, Alex sitting there silently, horny and still stunned from the show that he had just observed.

“Chrissy, I want to taste your boyfriend’s cock. Will you show me how to suck it?” Shelly asked her sister.

“Oh yes, as long as he doesn’t mind, I’d love to share it with you,” said Chrissy saucily as she moved to adjust her position. “You don’t mind do you sweety?” she asked him.

“umm, no, not at all,” Alex whispered in shock. Chrissy indicated that he should sit down on the couch and he readily did so. Shelly moved alongside him and motioned for Chrissy to take up a similar position on the other side. She took his cock in her hand and then told Shelly that she should join in. Mocking trepidation and nervousness, Shelly reached out and touched the cock. She exclaimed excitingly about how it felt and took it and tugged at it. Chrissy then moved to take the stiff organ in her mouth, telling Shelly that she should suck a bit at the tip, the slowly take more and more into her mouth. When she was comfortable, she should work up and down the shaft, sucking and licking, releasing it, starting again and generally doing what ever seemed right (but not to use her teeth).

Shelly watcher her sister for awhile, reaching over and fondling her breasts, then Chrissy stopped and indicated that she should give it a try. Shelly went down on Alex’s cock, sucking it and licking at it in imitation of what Chrissy had been doing. Alex and Chrissy both encouraged her, giving her pointers on what she could do to improve her technique, on how it felt. As she continued, Chrissy got up and walked around behind her sister so that she could play with her pussy. She slid two fingers inside her sister so that she could suck on her juices. Her boyfriend simply couldn’t believe what was going on but was thoroughly enjoying it.

Shelly stopped and quietly announced,” I want to feel it inside me. I want to fuck it.”

“Are you game, Alex?” asked Chrissy? “Do you want to get inside my little sister’s tight pussy?”

“Hell yes, if its ok with both of you, its ok with me!” he replied eagerly, playing along with the idea that Shelly was still a virgin.

Shelly lay back on the floor, spreading her legs for Alex to penetrate her. Alex positioned himself, ready to do it, but Chrissy demanded that he make room for her to see the moment that he pierced her sister. He spread his legs enough that Chrissy could see. Chrissy reached between Alex’s legs and took his stiff cock in her hand, guiding it towards her sister’s pussy. She rubbed the tip of it up and down the slit and the allowed Alex to push his way in between the wet bald lips of her sister’s cunt.

Chrissy held his balls as he slowly pushed his way in. Shelly cried out as she faked the taking of her hymen for her sister’s benefit. Shelly loved the feeling of having Alex’s cock in her again and the fact that her sister was using her hands to play with them as they fucked just added to her excitement. Chrissy told them that they should do it doggy style and everyone stopped what they were buca escort doing to change positions. Shelly got down on her hands and knees and offered herself to Alex. He wasted little time and was soon pushing his cock into the tight depths of Shelly’s pussy.

Shelly couldn’t believe just how deep she could feel the cock in this position. She loved it and thrust back at Alex in time to his efforts. Then Chrissy was clambering underneath her sister, positioning herself to have a 69 with her whilst the fucking continued. Shelly loved it and drove her tongue down on her sister, licking feverishly at her pussy as she was overwhelmed by the attentions that were being lavished on her own sex organs.

Chrissy lay beneath her sister, watching her boyfriend’s cock slide in and out of the shaved pussy, licking at the clit when she could and feeling the pleasure of the tongue that was working her own clit. She pulled on Alex’s cock as he pulled back, so that it was released from its pleasurable confines. She pulled it down and slipped it into her mouth, sucking at the coating of juices from her sister’s pussy.

Alex couldn’t believe it, his girlfriend was sucking his cock after it had been in her sister’s pussy! She had never shown any signs of being any kinkier than the next chick and now all of this in one night! He announced that if she didn’t stop he was going to lose his load. She stopped, announcing that Shelly should get her first taste of sperm. Positions were changed again, with Shelly laying down, presenting her pussy for her sister to eat and her mouth for Alex to fuck.

Alex watched as his girlfriend worked her sister’s pussy, his cock being sucked at the same time. Shelly was obviously close to cumming, her breathing rapid and her body barely able to remain in place. Chirssy simply busied her tongue around her sister’s pussy, running it up and down the slit, lapping at the outer lips, circling the clit. Shelly was moaning and crying out around the cock. She stopped things, telling Alex that she wanted to suck his cock after it had been in her sister. Alex quickly moved behind Chrissy to fuck her as she continued to bring her sister closer to orgasm. When his cock was good and wet from the juices dripping from Chrissy’s pussy, he moved back to Shelly’s mouth.

Shelly orgasmed. Her body was rocked from the pleasure that shot through it and Chrissy sucked and licked at the now free flowing juices. The sight was too much or Alex and he exploded in Shelly’s mouth.

“Don’t swallow it all!” said Shelly and quickly clambered up towards her sister’s mouth, holding herself up and waiting for Alex’s cock to stop its convulsions. Shelly had swallowed once, but captured the rest in her mouth. Now Chrissy leant down, her breasts pressed against her sisters and she started to kiss her, their tongues sliding around each other’s mouth, cum passing backwards and forwards. They continued to kiss and lick at each other’s mouths getting the last of the cum.

They all looked at each other, satisfied. Then Chrissy noted the time. “Shit, get cleaned up, we have to get to the airport to pick up Mum and Dad!”

Dressed, the both kissed Alex deeply as they sent him off home, then Shelly and Chrissy jumped in the car. They kissed each other when they were in the car and the whole way to the airport, let their hands wander over each other’s bodies.

“Thank you for sharing, Chrissy.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure!” said Chrissy, emphasizing the pleasure in the statement.


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