Christina’s Special Delivery Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

When the Chamber of Commerce announced the winner of the photo contest last fall, as predicted, Aaron’s pix of our sex-pot-of-a-mail-carrier took first place. For his effort, my love received a $100.00 cash prize — which he split with Lori — the “honor” of having his shot appear on the calendar cover, as well as the “privilege” of selecting which month that her beguiling image would grace.

As to the latter, he picked May.

Why the month of May? In our profession — that of public accounting — the first four months of the year are pure hell. The hours are long; and vacations are forbidden fruit. And oftentimes, the only thing that keeps us going is the knowledge that cum May first, it’s playtime! So what better choice could there be?

Anyway, when April thirtieth rolled around . . .

“Do you know what day tomorrow is?” Aaron asked, sounding like a little kid on Christmas Eve.

“Monday?” I replied, ignoring the obvious.

“May first!” he said with a disappointed frown.

I continued to play dumb. “So?”

Aaron took down the calendar and turned the page. He held it so I could see, smiled, and tapped the picture of the little seductress.

“How could I have forgotten?!” I laughed.

My darling ignored me and studied Lori’s smiling face. “You might find this hard to believe,” he said, “but she could have her way with me.”

“Could she?”

He nodded enthusiastically. I closed my eyes and slowly shook my head. He studied her a bit longer, looked at me with the silliest grin on his face, then said: “Do you think if I told her she had a fabulous body she’d hold it against me?”

“Before or after she’d spray you with her can of mace?”

“Either. . .”

At that moment, I knew that “Lori” was going to have to pay my dear husband another visit. The only question was how to set the stage.

. ******************************

As the days wore on, the task of cumming up with the perfect plan for “Lori part II” was turning out to be more than a little problematic. Although the ideas were flowing freely, the process of getting it all to gel was giving me fits. The pressure was on. The month of Lori; I mean May, was rapidly nearing its close. My self-imposed deadline was looming. I needed to make some firm decisions. Fast. To that end, I decided to tackle the hardest one first, and headed to the mall to pick-out the perfect outfit for my alter-ego to wear. . .

. ******************************

I had just entered my favorite dress shop when the sound of Lori’s voice caught my attention.

“Hi Chris!”

“Hi, celebrity.”

Lori turned bright red. Why didn’t that surprise me?

“How does it feel being the center of attention?” I asked.

“Kinda nice.” she said with that dynamite smile, “I can’t get over how many people have gone out of their way to tell me how much they like the picture!”

“Aaron did do a good job.” I said, “But he had a pretty nice subject to work with.”

“Can I ask a favor?” Lori said, her tone suddenly serious.


“Would you help me pick out a dress? Something special?” she said softly, “My tenth wedding anniversary is a couple weeks away. To celebrate, I made dinner reservations at the Fox and Hound.”

“Pretty romantic place.” I said.

“I know.” she said, with a giggle, “That’s why I picked it. I want this to be an evening that my husband and I will remember for a long time. But my closet is a little sparse.”

For such a noble cause; how could I refuse? “I’d be glad to help you pick something out.” I said.

“You would? Thanks!”

Lori’s enthusiasm was contagious, and inspiring. As she outlined her plans, mine began to fall into place.

“Before we get started,” I said, “I’ve got a personal question to ask.”


The hesitation in her voice was not unexpected. I spoke softly. “Do you have any tan lines that would stand-out if you wore something backless?”

Her blush, which had just begun to fade, grew. “I don’t have any tan lines.” she said softly, “My sister owns a tanning salon, and . . . I . . . well . . .”

“Tan in the all-together?”

Her blush grew even more. “Yes.” she whispered.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” I said, “A couple years ago we put a private deck off our master bedroom so I could sunbathe au naturel.”


I smiled and gave a quick nod. “You ought to try it sometime.”

“I don’t know . . .”

I changed the subject. “What’s your favorite color? In clothes, I mean.”

“Light blue . . . pale pink . . . yellow.”

“I think I have the perfect dress!” I said, “I was looking at it last week.”

“What’s it like” Lori asked.

“Darling! It’s got a ruched, halter top with a plunging neckline that will do a nice job showing off your . . .”

“My boobs?”

I nodded.

“It’s backless,” I continued, “and breaks just above your butt. The hemline flows from left to right, and shows just a little bit of thigh.”

“Sounds perfect!”

It was. Fifteen minutes later, we were standing at the checkout istanbul escort counter with her selection in hand: a size two, in pale pink. Talk about an easy sell!

“Where to next?” she asked.

“The shoe store. . .”

As we made our way down the mall, Lori confided how nervous, yet excited she was about the evening to cum. “It’s been so long since my husband and I have spent any romantic time together,” she said, “I’m not sure I can pull this off.”

“Lori.” I whispered in my sternest voice, “With that body; and those fabulous legs, he’ll be the one ‘pulling things off’. All you’ll have to do is remember that good things cum to those who wait. With an emphasis on ‘cum’.”

“I don’t know . . .” she said, more flustered than I’d intended.

“I do. Now let’s find the perfect pair of shoes to drive him wild!”

“Okay. . .” she said, her enthusiasm returning.

With the shopping muses on our side, the task was a simple one. In less than ten minutes, Lori was laying down her plastic for a pair of hot-pink, high-heeled sandals that did a fabulous job of accentuating her great legs. Another easy sell.

“I can’t thank you enough!” she said, giving me a quick hug.

“Hey. No prob! It was fun. . .”

Which was no lie.

“I’ll let you know how things turn out.” she said, giving me another quick hug, before we parted company. She to go grocery shopping. Me, to retrace our steps and likewise expand my own wardrobe.

. ******************************

Upon occasion, I am (rightfully) accused of being over-elaborate in my erotic scheming. I can’t help it. And I’m not sure I want too. After all: the thrill of the hunt? Anyway . . .

By the time Lori’s anniversary rolled around — Tuesday, June 21st — I had everything in place for one wild evening of fun, games, intrigue and sex! A simple email set it all in motion.

“Hi heart-breaker,” I wrote, “If you’re, up, for a good time; a really good time, how about meeting me in the lounge at the Fox and Hound around six o’clock? Love you, Lori.”

My hand was shaking when I hit “send”.

I waited.


My secretary buzzed me. “Aaron on line one.” she said. I took the call.

“Hi babe.” he said.

“Hi! Did you get my . . .” He cut me off. “Joe just walked in so I’ll have to keep this short. I forgot to tell you, but I have a meeting tonight and won’t get home til late. I’ll give you a call if I get a chance.”

My heart sank. “Okay.” I said.

“Love you.” he said.

I hung up the phone and slumped in my chair. Disappointment/ frustration/ anger filled me. I hadn’t counted on this.


It wasn’t fair!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!

My mind raced: trying to ‘think’ a way around this. A moment, maybe two passed. That familiar tune announcing a new email caught my attention. Half-heartedly, I moved the mouse and ‘clicked’ to maximize the screen. The message was from Aaron. I read: “My darling Lori, I just handed Chris a line about working late. She bought it! See you at six.”

That little prick!

. ******************************

With my heart pounding, I hurried home and retrieved my; I mean, ‘Lori’s’, new outfit from its hiding place. Quickly, I got dressed. (The ruched, halter top dress; my black wig; a pair of high-cut french panties; white stockings; high-heeled, hot-pink sandals.) I stared into the mirror. Shot myself a smug grin. The tawdry side of me wanted to call Lori to let her in on my little plan, and make sure she hadn’t made any last minute wardrobe changes. Impulsively, I reached for the phone, then realized I didn’t have her number.

“Damn!” I heard myself say aloud.

I turned my attention back to the mirror. Gave myself the once-over twice. Images of Lori emerging from the dressing room flashed in my mind. Had I succeeded in transforming myself into her identical twin? Would everything cum off without a hitch?

My pussy was dripping with anticipation.

I took a deep breath, then headed out the door . . .

. ******************************

It was a little past 5:30 when I arrived at the Fox and Hound. My friend Carole — manager of the upscale restaurant — was winding up her nightly pep-talk to her staff. I waited patiently until she finished.

“Chris; Amber, come on back to my office.” Carole said.

The twenty-one year-old blonde hottie and I followed her down the hallway.

“Lori didn’t cancel?” I blurted out. Carole smiled, and shook her head. “No.” She turned her attention to Amber, “Did you put the reserved sign on the corner table like I asked?”

“Yes!” she replied with a smile, and knowing wink to me.

“I take it you’re going to be my husband’s waitress?” I said.

A silly smile and quick nod by Amber. Her impressive, braless chest jiggled seductively.

“Carole filled you in on what I want you to do?” I asked.

Another quick nod.

“And you’re okay with that?”

“As long as you’re willing to pay.” Amber said.

“Remember; both of you,” Carole said, “if we get busy out there, all escort bayan bets are off. Understood?”

“Understood.” we said in unison, our enthusiasm only slightly dampened.

“Okay, then. Have fun.”

Amber and I walked out to the servers’ station and waited. Minutes felt like hours. Aaron finally arrived. “That’s him!” I said excitedly. Amber hiked her skirt a little higher and opened the top two buttons of her blouse. Like a street-walker going after a John, she strutted out to the lounge and escorted my darling husband to the table I’d reserved. I watched, as she leaned forward to take his order. I had to laugh as he struggled to maintain eye contact. Momentarily, she returned.

“He is one sexy guy!” she said.

“I know.” I said, trying to hide my school-girl’s excitement, “What did he say?”

“He wanted to know if you were here yet.” Amber answered.

“What did you tell him?”

“That you weren’t.”

“Perfect! When you take him his ginger ale, tell him to keep his eye on the door.”

“How did you know what he ordered?”

“Lucky guess. Now go!”

I checked my watch. It was almost six o’clock. Lori and her husband would be arriving any minute. Amber opened another button on her blouse, then delivered the message. As before, my dear Aaron struggled to maintain eye contact. I smiled at his; discomfort. Then laughed as he watched Amber’s every wiggle as she walked over to the bar, and finished setting-up for the evening.

A minute, maybe two passed.

As instructed, Aaron kept an eye on the door. The other, followed Amber’s every move.

Right on time, Lori and her husband walked in. Talk about gorgeous! My mirror-image looked unbelievable! And yes, she was my mirror-image: same hair; dress; and shoes.

I shifted my attention back to Aaron. His jaw dropped when he saw her. Luckily, he recovered before she looked his way.

As if on cue, Lori smiled, then waved, and took her husband over to make introductions. Perfect!

“It’s a toss up who fills out the dress better.” Carole said, peering over my shoulder, “But I think she has the edge.”

“I think you’re right.” I confessed.

Aaron stood and shook hands with Lori’s husband. For the first time, I got a good look at the love of her life. He was a little taller than she: five-six, maybe five-eight. His hair was light brown, with a professional cut. He was slim, and filled out nicely his pin-stripe suit. All in all, a very handsome guy!

The door to the servers’ area swung open. I stepped back just in time. Amber stared at me with a puzzled look. She turned; stared at Lori. Back to me. Back to Lori. Back to me. “You two could pass for sisters!”

“That was the idea.” I said.

“You even have on the same dress! How weird is that?”

I took the note I had written earlier and casually tucked it inside Amber’s Blouse. To my surprise, the heat radiating from her breast was a rival to that radiating from my own. She smiled and held out her hand. “My fee?” I searched my purse for a fifty. I started to hand it over, then changed my mind and gave it to Carole. For safe keeping. “When you’ve earned it.” I said.

Amber pushed the note past the curve of her breast, then adjusted her blouse. She leaned on the door and stepped back out into the lounge. Like before, she strutted to Aaron’s table.

“Is she going through with it?” Carole asked. I nodded, then watched as she slowly opened the remaining buttons of her blouse and leaned forward. The look on my darling’s face was beyond priceless! With a bit of trepidation, he reached out and retrieved the note. Right on cue, Amber straightened, then nonchalantly opened her blouse completely. Her pert, young breasts spilled out. Aaron’s eyes focused; where else? She glanced my way, then leaned forward and rested her hands on the table. I tried to read her lips as she spoke. No use. Aaron’s eyes grew wide. The expression on his face said ‘what the hell?!’. I could see the wheels turning. Almost timidly, he reached out and caressed her silver-dollar sized areolas. Talk about getting my money’s worth!

A moment; maybe two, passed as my darling’s touch explored the unfamiliar flesh. Amber straightened, then buttoned her blouse, winked, and blew Aaron a kiss, before going back to work. I watched as he read the note, remembering each word: “A slight change in plans. Finish your drink, then get in your car and meet me at the Coldwell Inn. Hugs and Kisses, Lori.”

His hands were still shaking as he picked up his glass and raised it to his lips. I gave Carole a quick hug and thanked her for her assistance. “Don’t forget to give Amber the fifty.” I said, “She definitely earned it!”

. ******************************

While Aaron regained his; composure, and finished his drink, I quickly drove the mile and a half to the Coldwell. Filled with anticipation, I hurried inside and staked-my-claim to an old marble column that stood near the ornate fountain that was the centerpiece of the lobby. I leaned against the cool stone, folded my arms and crossed one ankle over the other.

I escort istanbul waited.

Not very long.

The lobby door opened and Aaron stepped inside. He spotted me immediately. A broad smile crept across his face. I unfolded my arms, then sauntered over and invited a hug. As anticipated, he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. “Lori, you look fabulous!” he said.

“Why, thank you.”

His hands drifted down to my butt. A gentle squeeze, simultaneously, of each cheek. “How about we skip dinner and head straight for desert?” he said.

“Sounds good to me!”

. ******************************

Aaron closed and locked the door to our suite. He loosened his tie and opened the top button of shirt. I tossed my purse onto the couch, then sat down on the edge of the bed and seductively crossed my legs. He sat down in the over-stuffed chair, took off his tie and opened his jacket.

“You’re to much!” he said.

“Whatever do you mean?” I said in my sweetest, most innocent sounding voice.

“The cocktail waitress. Lori. Her husband. That dress.”

I smiled and batted my eyes.

“I don’t know about you, Chris.”



I leaned back on my hands and recrossed my legs, making sure the hem of my dress rode up. He studied me with a lecherous eye. “Strip for me; Lori.”


I stood, and contemplated the choreography. The only thing I knew for sure, was that the show was going to be a short one. But we both knew that. I stood, reached back and opened the zipper that snugged the dress to my waist. Slowly, I swayed my hips side to side.

“Quit stalling.”

The growing bulge in Aaron’s pants caught my attention. He saw where my gaze had landed, and slowly dragged his hand across my prize. I unhooked the clasp that held the halter-top.

More swaying. An improvised hula.

Awkwardly, I eased the dress downward, trying to maintain the tease.

My darling’s patience were waning. My desires: building.

I let the dress drift to the floor. It puddled at my feet. I felt completely naked, though my panties, stockings, and heels contradicted me.

“On the bed.” he commanded.

Slowly, seductively, I crawled onto the bed and lay back. My darling stood and quickly undressed. His cock was as hard as could be. The head glistened with pre-cum. He approached; knelt next to me and took hold of the waistband of my panties. “Raise your hips.” I did, and he peeled them from me. Down my legs and off.

I lowered my hips. With a coarseness most unfamiliar, he ran his left hand along the outside of my right thigh . . . down to my knee; calf; ankle. He paused, then clumsily slipped off my shoe, as if doing so for the first time.

A raised eyebrow: from him.

A seductive wink: from me.

Effortlessly, he rested my stocking-clad foot on his shoulder, then skillfully caressed my stocking down (or was that up?), to my ankle. Then, with a magic well practiced, he bared my foot.

A little kiss to its top. A new sensation.

Another kiss: this time to my instep. Another novelty.

“You have very pretty feet, Lori.” he said.

“So nice of you to notice.”

Another raised eyebrow (from him) as he lowered my leg back to the bed. Almost casually, his hand brushed my pussy; then followed the contours of my left leg. Downward. As before, he awkwardly removed my shoe. With a feigned clumsiness: my stocking.

A series of kisses to my naked foot. The final; on the tip of my big toe. It was erotic. A fetish that had lay dormant? A special treat for “Lori”? It mattered little. The heat between my legs was building. My need . . . my desire, to have that beautiful cock sliding in and out of me was growing ever greater.

Aaron’s cock was straining when he lay next to me.

I moaned softly as his hand ran rough-shod over my breasts. Even louder as his fingertips raked the underside of my sensitive flesh. Gasped, when they encircled my left, and squeezed.

“Am I hurting you, Lori?”

I wet my lips and tried to speak; but couldn’t.

His grip tightened, nearing the threshold. “Am I?”

I closed my eyes and reveled in the moment. I managed to shake my head ‘no’, as another soft moan found its way past my lips.

Holding me tight, the tip of his tongue traced the circumference of my areola. The sensations were familiar; yet, not so familiar.

He released his grip.

Hot kisses seared my throat.

An almost painful squeeze of my right.

“Lori?” his lips brushed my ear as he spoke, “I’m going to enter you now.”

“Mmmm. I can hardly wait!” I whispered back.

Like a tentative schoolboy, Aaron draped his left leg over mine. The head of his cock slid past my outer lips. His shaft followed. Inch, by delicious inch he entered me. I came almost instantly.

“Your pussy is so smooth and tight.”

My heart was pounding.

His left hand caressed my outer thigh, then drew my right leg upward: urging me onto my side. I didn’t resist. Quite the opposite. My arms encircled him. I pulled him close. Our lips met. Our tongues danced. I wrapped my leg around him to bring him deeper, and deeper in. With each thrust, I pulled him closer. Our bodies were as one. It had been ages since we’d made love like this. Too long.

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