Chronicles of Chris Ch. 06

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Thank you to my editor, drbob80, leftylooo and lancerinLA.

This is the continuing story of Chris as he gets together with Teddi.

Thanks for taking the time to look in on Chris.


I thought we might go to a little Italian family restaurant near the mall, Ricci’s. (I think it closed years ago) It was a little like the café in Lady and the Tramp, red and white checked tablecloths and Chianti bottles with candles. It was family friendly and not at all romantic, but had very good spaghetti. I got to Teddi’s house just before 7:00 and she ran out to the car and jumped in before I had a chance to put it in park.

She slid over and gave me a big kiss, startling the hell out of me. “Hi Chris! Where are we going?” She stayed right beside me, her thigh tightly against mine, and her hand on my knee.

“Uhh, unless you’re tired of Italian food because of the pizza place, I thought we’d go to Ricci’s.” I said, still a little unnerved by the kiss and her proximity.

“That’s great! I love that place.” She gushed. “My Dad’s place just has pizza and we don’t get spaghetti very much.”

Before I pulled out, I turned and looked at her. She had on a very tight, white, very low cut, scoop neck top. Her top was sheer enough that, even though she had on a bra, the dark brown circles of her nipples were clearly visible. Her nipples were erect, too and poking stiffly through the fabric. The white top set off her dark hair and nicely tanned skin perfectly. Her skirt was black and just as tight as the top, stopped high on her thighs, just short of being obscene. To finish off the look she had on shiny black spike heels. Just as Joni had felt underdressed on our date, I felt seriously underdressed, now.

We got to the restaurant and Teddi didn’t wait for me to open her door. By the time I got to her side, she was waiting for me beside the car. This was one of the subtle differences between Joni and Teddi, either she was an independent woman, or she didn’t understand good manners. We got to the door and before I could open it, she jerked it open and strode through it. We found a table in a corner and she scooted her chair very close to mine. I had thought that Joni was aggressive, I evidently had never seen aggressive before. Teddi was the very embodiment of aggression. She grabbed my right hand with her left hand and held it while we looked over the menu. After Joni and Sara, Teddi’s behavior was a little unsettling. The waitress came over and we ordered sodas and Teddi started talking about Northwestern. She was very excited about going to Chicago and living in, at least near, the big city. She talked about herself the entire time we were looking over the menu. I only heard about half of the stuff that came out of her mouth because I was mesmerized by the view. She had propped her chin on her right hand and the already expansive cleavage was somehow enhanced. She really did have incredible tits. Finally, she decided she wanted spaghetti with red sauce and Italian sausage and asked me order for her, she needed the ‘little girl’s room’. I found the ‘little girl’s room’ comment out of place with the balance of her behavior, but I immediately set aside my discomfort as I watched her incredible ass walk away. I chuckled as I noticed the heads of all the dads with their families turn and watch her ass all the way to the bathroom. There were more than a few whacks from moms on dads and then most of them looked back at me with visible envy. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. Teddi repeated the show on her return trip; however, the dads were more careful with their leering. I was laughing aloud by the time Teddi got to the table and she had a puzzled grin on her face.

“What’s so funny, Chris?” Teddi asked innocently.

“Tell me you didn’t see all the men slobbering in their pasta over you.” I snickered.

She grinned, unable to maintain the look of innocence, “That’s why I walked to the bathroom. That happens pretty much every time I go out and I enjoy the attention, plus it’s funny watching them get smacked.”

She then said, “Hold out your left hand.”

I did and she put her panties in my hand, then folded it closed and took my right hand in her left hand again. The panties were still warm and I couldn’t resist a peek down at her legs. I looked back up at her face with a sheepish grin and she grinned back and glanced down. I followed her glance and now her legs were open and I could see her smooth, shaved pussy. It looked shiny and wet. Immediately after her legs opened, there was a commotion behind me and a woman was beating her husband on the back. He was choking on his spaghetti and most of the wait staff was rushing to help him. I glanced back at Teddi and she had a huge shit-eating grin on her face. I shook my head.

I whispered, “I assume he saw what I saw.”

She started giggling and whispered back, “Oh, yeah, I really didn’t mean for that to happen but his timing istanbul escort was perfect when he looked and I thought his eyes were going to fly out of his head, like in the cartoons. I think he gasped and sucked a piece of spaghetti down his throat.”

About that time I heard the man gasp in a huge lungful of air and his frantic wife shrieking, “Frank, Frank are you OK?!?!”

I heard his raspy reply, “Yeah, honey, I just swallowed wrong.”

I saw Teddi blow him a kiss so I turned to look and he had a big grin on his face and he winked at her and gave me a little salute. Mrs. Frank was not looking at him, she was talking to the manager and he was apologizing all over the place, and she was insisting it wasn’t the restaurant’s fault, her husband was an idiot. The manager finally accepted that, but insisted that Frank and his wife not pay and the next time it would be on the house, too.

After that, the restaurant went back to normal….well, for everyone but me. I was sitting there holding Teddi’s panties in my left hand, Teddi was holding my right, and the waitress was approaching to get our order. I nearly panicked and then stuffed her panties in my pocket. I heard Teddi giggle and shot her a look, which only exacerbated her problem. She laughed aloud and I flushed red, which only made her laugh harder. The waitress got to our table and looked at Teddi and I ordered for the both of us, telling the waitress to ignore Teddi, I was fairly certain Teddi had lost her mind. That made the waitress giggle and she left.

I sat back, withdrew my hand from hers, crossed my arms on my chest and watched her laugh. She had tears running down her cheeks and her mascara was running. I told her as much and, even though I didn’t think it was possible, her laughter ratcheted up a notch. She got up to go to the bathroom and forgot to pull her skirt down immediately. The collective gasp from the diners and silverware clatter was deafening. Teddi immediately realized the problem and tugged at her skirt, but it was too late.

The manager appeared from out of nowhere and said, “Sir, we are preparing your order to go, I think your lady friend has put on enough of a show.” The restaurant was dead silent with everyone watching.

I was nearly speechless; I stood to apologize and stuck out my hand. He flinched and then realized what I was doing. “I am truly sir, this is the first time we’ve gone out and I don’t know what to say, other than again, I am very, truly sorry.”

He was apparently stunned, took my hand and said, “It’s not a problem, sir. The show was a little much for our younger guests.” He winked and then whispered, “Even though I enjoyed it very much. Please take your dinner with our compliments.”

I handed him the appropriate tip for our waitress. “The young lady doesn’t deserve to miss her tip.”

He smiled and said, “I’m certain she will appreciate it. Please come back when everyone in your party is appropriately dressed.” His eyes flickered to my pocket, where the offending article had only made it part of the way in.

Teddi was back at that point and from the puzzlement on her face, was confused as to what we were doing. I told her I would explain in the car.

We walked out as the restaurant started to buzz again. This time I was able to not only open the door to the restaurant, but the car door, as well. I put the food in the back seat. When I got in, she was again in the middle. This time, though, her skirt was at her waist and she was stroking herself. I stared for a moment before she asked again, what had happened. I explained that the other diners had complained about her little accident and the manager asked us to leave, but had given us our food. He understood it was an accident, but couldn’t risk offending the rest of his diners. I hoped that since her Dad was in the restaurant business, she would understand, and she did. She apologized to me and kissed me on the cheek. Then she asked where we were going to eat. I told her I still had the condo all to myself and asked if she wanted to go there. She got the shit-eating grin again and said yes. When we got there, I let us in and she went up to the bathroom. I set the table and started to get out the food.

I heard Teddi clear her throat and turned around. My jaw dropped as I saw her standing in the door. She had removed everything but her top and her shoes. Her skirt and bra were gone and the white top was like an ultra-sheer, unbelievably short mini-dress. Her tits swayed and bobbled as she walked slowly to me, like a cat stalking her prey. I swallowed nervously, unable to say anything. She wound her arms and hands (forelegs and paws?) around my waist and found my ass. She slowly drew me to her and upon making contact, ground her pelvis into mine. I stood still, arms at my side, in a state of shock, and, I swear to God, she made a purring sound deep in her throat. She pulled her hands away from my ass, grasped my hands, and drew them around to her full escort bayan round ass, leaving them there. She nuzzled up under my chin and nibbled, kissed and licked me there.

She again purred and then, in a low soft growl, asked, “Are you sure you want to eat?”

I tilted my head to the side, and as she nuzzled my neck, found her cheek and ear and nipped her ear. “Yes I do, but not spaghetti.”

She growled in response.

I slid down, found her neck, and laid small, hot, kisses there while I slowly bunched her shirt up into my hands and then found her bare soft, sizzling, full, cheeks. I let my fingers drift between her cheeks and found her little rosebud and stroked it softly. She moaned and felt a little wobbly in my arms, so I picked her up, Rhett Butler style, and carried her up the stairs. I set her down in the guest room, which I now thought of as mine, and pulled her top over her head. I stepped back and admired the sight. She started to kick off the shoes.

“Oh, no,” I whispered, “leave them.”

She giggled, slipped the one she had already shed back onto her foot and stepped up to me. She drew my shirt over my head and then, kneeling, in one quick, sudden move, removed my shorts and boxers, my hard cock springing out and slapping her on the cheek. As she stood, I picked her up once again, and I’m not sure why I did this, it just seemed like the right thing to do, tossed her on the bed. She bounced once, landed with her head on the pillows and grinned like a crazy woman. She just lay there spread eagle and growled at me, once again.

I crawled onto the bed and between her legs. Where everything I had known before with Eva, Joni and Sara was soft and slow and gentle, Teddi’s demeanor somehow demanded immediate gratification. I dove at her pussy and bit her clit and she screamed and grabbed my head, driving my teeth, tongue and lips into her sloppy pussy. I pulled her legs up and out to give me more room, I roughly shoved my thumb into her cunt, and her hips bucked off the bed. I licked and chewed and ground at her pussy with my mouth and hand. Suddenly, she was screaming that she was cumming and my entire face was soaked. I had an idea and I flipped her over, looking for a moment at her magnificent ass, before diving back into her pussy from behind.

“Ohgodohgodohgod” she babbled as I fiercely attacked her pussy, stretching her out with two fingers and roughly rubbing her clit with my thumb. Suddenly, I withdrew and left her panting for a moment. She stopped babbling and held her breath, waiting for what I would do next. I ferociously grabbed her hips and thrust my raging cock in her seething, bubbling cunt. She was so hot I thought I had scorched my dick. I grunted as I thrust wildly into her again and again and again. I held onto her hips and banged as hard as I could. The incredible amount of sex that I had enjoyed over the last week and a half was serving me well. I felt every inch of the liquid fire that was Teddi’s cunt with my sensitive, yet, well in control dick. She was so different and so primal that I knew I could do whatever I wanted to her. Teddi was made for one thing; she was on earth to fuck, fuck hard and fuck deep. As I pounded into her, I let my hand slip around her ass and found her little ring with my thumb. I pressed in and she started a keening whine that sounded even more animalistic than before. Before long, my thumb was deeply imbedded in her ass and I could feel my dick passing back and forth in her pussy.

She raised her head and was trying to say something, so I slowed to let her speak, “My ass, Chris, put your dick in my ass, I need your dick in my ass now.”

I pulled out and only then did I realize how wet her pussy had become. My dick was coated with thick, slimy goo that looked like the perfect lubricant for her ass. I lined up with her butthole and before I could move, she impaled herself on my rod, all the way, her fine butt slamming against my hips. Even though she had managed to get all of me in so easily and quickly, she was so hot and tight that the orgasm about which I hadn’t concerned myself about was suddenly upon me. I poured myself into her ass, reached around, and pinched her clit and roughly ground it until she screamed again and I felt her juices squirt and flow down my legs. I kept fucking her ass until finally she pushed herself away from me and flopped on her stomach, and then drawing her knees up under her. I sat back on my heels and looked at her. Her asshole was gaping, my spunk running out of it, her pussy was dripping her own spunk and she looked spectacular wearing the heels and nothing else. She lay there gasping for a few minutes until her breath started to return to normal. Suddenly she threw her leg over and flipped onto her back, her feet flat on the bed in the heels.

She narrowed her eyes into a squint and with a somewhat menacing grin, curled her finger, beckoning me to her. “Come here lover,” she rasped, “I’m not nearly done with you!”

I crawled escort istanbul over her again and she pulled me into a deep, grasping, almost needy kiss. Her hands were at the back of my head, crushing my lips to hers. I had never kissed anyone that hard and I started to taste blood. I tried to draw back and her hands held me there briefly, before relinquishing control of my head.

I leaned back away from her and she said, “Go clean your dick off, I’m kinky, but not THAT kinky.”

I went into the bathroom thinking, ‘Holy shit! What did I get myself into, this time?’ I carefully washed my dick, which had not completely retreated. I walked back into the bedroom and she was gone. I thought, ‘What the fuck?’ and went to look for her.

I found her in the shower in Mom’s bathroom, and she waved me in to join her. I stepped into the shower, my dick swinging heavily. Teddi slipped her arms around my waist, drew me to her, crushing those marvelous breasts against me and tilted her head up for a kiss. I leaned in, her hungry mouth met my mouth, and her tongue found mine. This time was hungry, but not as aggressive. I just stood and enjoyed the feel of her breasts against me and her tongue in my mouth. She started slowly moving back and forth across my chest with her tits and I could feel her nipples dragging along my skin. Then she stepped back and, her eyes never leaving mine, started soaping up those monstrous, slick, smooth protuberances. When she had coated herself with slippery suds, she slowly sank, dragging her tits down my body, finally trapping my rapidly rising dick between them. She grasped her boobs in each hand and started rubbing up and down rapidly on my cock with them. My cock responded by rising, once again, to full hardness. My cock and balls were surrounded by wonderfully warm tit flesh and even though I had just cum, I felt the tingling in the head of my dick.

“Teddi,” I gasped, “rub your nipples on my cock!”

She stopped for a moment, looked at me with puzzlement in her big, liquid, brown eyes, shrugged, and did what I asked. As soon as I felt the long, thick, hard/soft nubs meet my straining cock; I erupted with a geyser of cum, hitting her forehead, cheek and nose. She sat back, startled and then fell on her ass as the rest of my spunk spurted harmlessly out of the end of my dick, running down on her legs. She sat there for a minute, stunned and then started laughing. She laughed hard for a minute and then tried to say something, but her thought obviously struck her as funny and she started all over again. I knelt, took her in my arms and held her as she laughed. She started to calm and her laughter finally wound down to fitful giggles.

“Teddi?” I asked, “What was so funny?”

She snorted, trying to hold back another laugh and choked out, “It just struck me that I’ve never had a guy cum so hard it knocked me on my ass!” Then she was laughing again.

I just shook my head as I helped her to her feet. I grabbed a washcloth and cleaned up my mess from her face and legs, Teddi giggling the entire time. I wasn’t sure I was OK with causing so much laughter in women during sex. It was a little unsettling. Joni was one thing; she found humor in everything. But, Teddi? She had never struck me as having a particularly raucous sense of humor. We got out of the shower while I was pondering this development. We dried each other off and then Teddi took my hand and pulled me back into the bedroom. She crawled onto the bed, lay back and held her arms out to me. I crawled in after her and lay down between her legs as she hugged and kissed me.

“Chris?” She whispered, “Are you ready? Do you think you could make love to me now? Do you need a minute?”

I grinned, “I do need a minute, but I know what will help things along.”

I slid down her body and buried my face between her tits. Wow, what a feeling. I pulled my head back and looked up at her. She rolled her eyes and smiled. Obviously, she had seen this before. I found each of her nipples and gave them a swirl before proceeding down. Her navel was an outtie and I took a minute to examine it before she smacked me on the head. I looked up, she was glaring at me, and then she bumped me with her pelvis. I took the hint and proceeded down to her pussy. I hadn’t taken the time the first time I had been down here to see that the lips on Teddi’s pussy were quite full. I pulled the light pink flesh to the side to find that the inside was ruby red and Teddi’s thick pussy juice spilled from inside. I lapped up the thick fluid and spread it on her clit. She seemed to like the application and started writhing around on the bed. I slipped my thumb into her opening and wormed my middle finger into her rosebud and she grabbed both my shoulders and squeezed. I gently and delicately licked at her clit while rubbing my thumb and finger together through the thin membrane between her ass and increasingly sloppy cunt. Her juices were running down her ass onto the bed like a waterfall. In my limited experience, I had never seen anything like this. She started that animalistic keening whine from earlier and was rubbing her cunt all over my face. I kept trying to find her with my tongue, but I couldn’t keep up.

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