Chronicles of Footer

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We are the cursed. We are the condemned. The medicine to our ailment is in the system of Gacrux. Many of us believe they can get there in their lifetimes, only to end up at a candle light nearby. We can only reach the illusions of our fantasies, the projections of them on the screen, or common acts sauced up to the point of incongruity. The diamonds we reach out and grab turn to dust. Truth is we will never reach the prize under the rainbow and we will end up taking our unfulfilled fantasies to the grave.

But we can pretend. This is the story of how I had my first real satisfaction; heavenly and mesmerizing. Sometimes your best partner is your reflection; yourself in the opposite sex. Yes, sometimes the best way to correct the jacket sleeve turned inside-out is to wear it. Thus was my experience and I am grateful to Her.

We all have vague memories. Family friends coming to our homes, taking off shoes. There, in our own domain, women from the outside world were showering us with praises and affection. Maybe they really found us cute or maybe they just did their part as guests. Either way, we had no clue about what conversations were happening while they chatted with our parents. But a part of them was looking at us and talking to us: their feet! Sometimes those feet talked to us through smell also, and when that aroma reached our noses it was ours. We could take it to our rooms.

Then we started school and our fetish intensified. We saw our teacher dangling her shoe, we felt the feet of our classmate on our leg during circle times, we saw a secretary air her feet in the office. Everywhere, everywhere we could see aromatic, precious feet. But we were not aware that we even looked at, tried to sniff or touch them.

And then came high school. Our friends started dating girls. They started talking about how they penetrated their girlfriends on the sofa or in the restroom, they talked about doggy style and this and that. These didn’t excite us nowhere near to seeing our classmates pop their heels off during class. My best friend used to buy Playboy and we went to the restroom to jack off together. He was looking at the pussies and tits, I was focused on the feet. He never knew.

Of course that was before internet. And then came internet. When I found out a website dedicated to my fetish, I was shocked. Up to then I was thinking I was an anomaly but then others had the same kind of fantasies; stinky feet, giantess feet, dangling, trample, toe sucking, etc. Perhaps the feeling is akin to what we will experience when we find alien life that is similar to ours. So, this made my fantasies official. I was officially a foot fetishist. Hooray, I guess.

Then I found about in college. How many of us have been there? The first world-renown fetish chat room. Needless to say, I was addicted. My grades took a toll but it couldn’t be helped. My fetish was now fully grown. I chatted voraciously. Some of my chats were incredibly real.

One time, a girl hundreds of miles away chatted with me for an hour. It was a brief chat, but she told me how she was barefoot at that moment and how she liked her feet to be licked and how she would like to do it with me. Then she asked for money to buy a plane ticket. She gave me her phone number and I promised to send her the money but when I called a guy picked up. When I emailed her about it she told that was just her friend. That’s when I started to realize at least half of those whom I chatted with were fake.

That slap in the face made me focus back in the real world. I needed to find a girlfriend. There was no remedy online. But the real world offered me a dull face, boring conversations, group hangouts, and a lot of expense. I finally started dating a friend’s girlfriend’s friend. Her feet were the only attractive part for me but in our conversations her feet were left out. They simply were not in the picture. She might as well could have been having wheels instead of feet. Our relation stalled after a year.

I got back into chatting online. I chatted with a grain of salt, but when I got into it I did not think much. The other side might be a male pretending to be a female, but either way I enjoyed the chat about making me lie down and standing on my face with smelly nylon stockings etc. At this point, my fetish had turned into an itch and I just had to scratch it, until..

Until I finally arranged to meet with a domme who was local! I was super stoked. I made images in my mind: long shiny black hair; blue, penetrating eyes; long smooth legs, perfect ankles etc. I waited next to the bus stop we had agreed on. Soon she came, and she was nothing like how I imagined her. Yet, I was still excited. This was my first time meeting someone who knew about my fetish. I could have loved her just for that.

It turned out she had 4 other slaves. One was a gourmet, another a pilot, another a lawyer, another one, I forgot. She used them each for different purposes. She used me to do bursa escort research for her master’s thesis. I obliged. Finally the grand day came. She asked me to rent a room. She would come in and we would do some photo shoot of her feet, followed by whatever the moment brought. I got my black and white film ready. I had a good camera. She came a bit late and then told me she only had an hour and a half before she met with the next slave.

Quickly I set up some decor while she lay on the sofa with her brown ankle-boots on. It was a chilly autumn day. She was short and her shoe size was around 6. That excited me as I like small feet (big ones have their charms too). Finally I set up the camera and we were good to go. She said “Take off my boots.” I knelt beside her feet and took one boot in my hands. She saw that I was shy, asked, “Have you taken off boots for anyone else before?” I shook my head while looking with penitent eyes.

“Untie it,” she ordered. When she needed to, she was firm, but she could also have a regular conversation with me at a cafe or restaurant. I liked that. I untied her boot and started pulling it. “You are going to pull of my foot you silly!” she said and she ordered me to loosen the laces first. I finally managed to slip off her boot. I pulled the boot out, put it on the floor, and then turned to her foot and trembled with excitement. Her foot was extremely shapely inside grey socks.

I stuttered, “They a..a..are gorgeous!”

She said, “You haven’t seen my foot yet, silly. Take off my socks.”

I slipped her socks down her ankle and then across her sole and finally over her toes. Her foot was really beautiful. If I had to rate, they were 5 out of 5 while her face was like 3. I was falling in love. We did not play. Instead we got to the photoshoot. I took two rolls of pictures of her bare feet in different poses. I had bought grapes, so we took some with grapes between her toes. After that shot I asked her if I could take the grapes off her toes with my lips. She said yes. I bent over and took her toes in my mouth and pulled the grapes with my lips. That was the first ever time my mouth had touched feet.

After the photo shoot she asked me to wash her feet, so I got a big bowl of water and washed them. The session was almost over. She said she needed to pee. I told her the restroom was there. She said, with an expecting voice, “But the floor is tile and will be cold.” I asked if she would like me to carry her there, she said no with a disappointment and walked to the restroom.

When she came out she looked upset. “Drop me off,” she said, so I did. That was the last time I saw her. After that we texted each other a few times but the intimacy fizzled away. I started to understand I messed up in that room. She was expecting me to either become her carpet on the floor to the restroom, or she wanted me to become her toilet itself. I beat my own head. How could I be so stupid! I missed the chance to serve a magnificent Mistress! I could have swallowed her pee or been trampled under her soft feet. What a loss of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

College years came and past. The curse was following me everywhere. I had not a decent real time experience with a girl other than the incomplete experience I had. Being submissive and shy did not help. I had to wait for them to approach me and I was slowly realizing that this was against nature.

I envied those men who just wanted to stick their cocks in a vagina. That idea did not interest me. Instead I had fantasies of being taken by a massive woman twice my height, going to a room, and her squatting on my head, taking it all in and masturbating with it just like in Namio Harukawa’s art. I also had the fantasy of being trampled or a foot stool.

I closed the chapter of college years with that single incomplete experience. Now my challenge was finding jobs. My shy personality made that challenging too but I managed to get into a moderate-sized company in an entry role. There were several cute girls in the office. One of them in particular was very interested in me. I liked her but she was not a BBW and I hadn’t seen her feet yet, so I wasn’t sexually attracted yet.

Eventually we started going out on dates. Finally we went to a park to sit and chat. She took off her shoes and then her socks. To my disappointment her feet were unattractive. Not only that but she was chatting about movies and places and this and that and probably was hoping I would take her home and bang, yet she had not noticed my interest in feet at all. That was a turn off for me as I expect to be teased with and alluded to feet.

Our relationship stalled at friendship with me not taking the extra step. Meanwhile I returned to internet, determined to find another domme. I hit many ladies but most were into foot fetish only superficially.

Then I found a profile with only one picture of crossed feet. The soles were sooo beautiful in that pic and there were bursa escort bayan dirty socks next to them. I fell attracted right away. Could this be it? Could I attract her?

I messaged her. I praised her feet. She responded positively. We got in a private chat room. I asked her if she liked her feet being licked, sucked, and pampered. She said she loved them. My heart was throbbing at the possibility of meeting her. I had no clue how she looked like except for her soles, which had captivated me already.

She was 3 hours from where I was. Initially she did not want to meet because she did not want a long-distance relationship. I told her it would just be a meal, nothing more. We made an appointment at a sushi restaurant.

Those three hours of driving were like a month for me. Questions kept appearing in my head: Long black or light brown hair? Slender or plump? I had no idea. I had not even talked to her on the phone. What if she flakes? Will something happen today? I was nervous like going to an important interview.

I got there a little early, waited in front of the restaurant. It was a sunny day. I looked around. There was a middle-aged blonde woman who was dressed classy with a blue shirt, black pants, and black high-heel sandals. She looked at me once and turned away. Not her. There were two playful college girls with shorts and sweaters looking and giggling at my awkwardness. They did not indicate anything so it was not them either. There was an older lady around 60. No way those feet belonged to her.

Then came a very relaxed woman in black knee-high skirts, black shirt, sunglasses, lots of necklaces with various symbols, slippers, and a size double of mine; a BBW! She turned to the side and the moment she saw me she asked “Footer?” I smiled and said “Yes, that’s me.” She then walked straight to me with quick steps and without saying anything gave me a big hug as if we were old friends.

Her hug was the best hug I ever had in my life. She was soft, like a pillow, and she pulled me to herself. I felt sinking in her. It was as if she was a mother planet pulling me the satellite to herself. I felt so at ease and so relaxed after that hug, I wanted to stay like that for an hour. It was as if she had identified all my pain from decades of torture and had given me the painkiller for it. I was so happy at that moment.

We then proceeded to go inside and take a seat. The table was a wooden bench. Although I was much more relaxed, my excitement returned when I sat face to face with her. She took off her sunglasses and put them on the table.

Her small eyes, with dark brown iris, looked wise and friendly. She had a round face with pink cheeks, a small chin, and a button nose. While she looked like in her mid-30s her face had the youthful energy. Her chin and lips, when she smiled, looked like a cute child’s. She was very self-confident and relaxed. Her moves were very much at ease. I was sitting with a lady who could be my aunt, whom I would be afraid to even talk to normally. She made herself comfortable, took the menu in her hand and ordered her favorites: tuna rolls and salmon rolls with side of Miso soup.

It was a good restaurant and I was happy to have met her there. I ordered something simple for myself. She asked, “Why aren’t you ordering more?” to which I replied I was there to meet and treat her. She shared some of hers with me, which embarrassed me a little.

We talked about who we were and what we did. Then the subject came to my fetish. She said, “You were talking very bravely on the chat. Why are you so silent about it now?” I replied that I never talked to anyone about my fetish in real, that I am afraid that would excite me to the point of wanting to get under the table and kiss her feet.

I was glad to have made that bold move but I blushed. She noticed my blushing and smiled naughtily. She leaned back. For a moment I felt like she wanted to end the conversation. I was worried. But then, suddenly she said “Here..” and I felt something on my crotch. I looked down. It was her foot!

I blushed still furthermore. She asked, “Does that make you more comfortable?” I said it made me more excited. Then she started tapping on my bulge with her toes. I got aroused and blushed even more. She laughed and said “Tell me, did you ever kiss a woman’s foot before?”

“I have. I had a Mistress long time ago. I did some photo shoot for her. Actually, I brought her photos with me.” I said. She was visibly pleased with that. “Show them to me,” she said.

I opened the folder I was carrying and took out the photos. They were b&w. She took and looked at them. I couldn’t tell whether she liked them or not. She had a poker face. That got me worried. After few minutes of examining them she said, “She has very pretty feet.”

I was relieved and replied “Yes, her feet were gorgeous. Very nice toes.” She looked at me with a serious face and said “I told you I do not engage in any escort bursa physical activity with my date the first day.” I said, “I did not expect it. I came here just to meet you.”

She looked into my eyes for a minute, grinned, and said “You are going to be a lot of fun. Come with me.”

Yes, we are the cursed, but just as water turns thirst into a pleasure and sleep turns sleepiness into refreshment, this curse can be turned into a blessing by the right person. And that right person had finally appeared and when I went out into the sunlight behind her, I felt like in another world. This was like a dream. My fantasies were about to turn into reality!

She did not say anything until we came to the parking lot. Then she said clearly and firmly, “Follow my car. It is that Honda Civic there. Do not park where I park. Once we get there, stop and wait for me. Did you understand?”

I nodded, my heart pounding. We got in our cars and started driving. I was in a dreamy state all along. I just followed her like she were the queen bee. When we got to a mobile house community, she slowed down and waved at me. I stopped. She went and parked in front of a house. I stayed. She came to my car and explained in detail, “Park over there behind that car. Come to the house in five minutes. Do not enter until I tell you.” I said, “Okay.”

I went to the house. She opened the door after few minutes. She was barefoot now. She had been collecting around. “Come on in,” she said. I went inside. It felt like I was a visitor at first. She seemed conscious about the tidiness. Of course I did not care at all.

She said, “Go have a seat at the sofa,” hurriedly, as if not to make her visitor wait. After I had a seat she sat next to me. We had an awkward moment when we were sitting and smiling at each other but she knew exactly how to dissipate that. She lifted her feet off the floor and put them on my lap. I had thrills. Now that famous pair I saw in the profile picture was right in front of me!

“You can rub them,” she said warmly. I placed my hands on them timidly and started rubbing. I felt I was being too woody, therefore, to liven up the mood, I told, “I love how your soles are pinkish on the heels and balls.” She raised her eyebrows and nodded as if to say “Duhh”, and then she said, to my surprise, “Now these feet are yours to play with. You can do whatever you like with them.”

I looked at her feet. They were there on my lap like a delicious pie. However, I preferred to be told what to do and not do what I liked. I told her that and she told she was ordering me to do as I pleased. I asked, “Can I kneel in front of you and massage them?” She nodded.

So, I knelt in front of her. A surprise was to happen in a few minutes. I held up one of her feet with both hands and started rubbing. This was exciting but surely I wanted more. I was not going to let the opportunity slip again. I asked her if I could kiss her foot. She nodded dismissively like saying “What are you waiting for?”

I lifted her soft foot with its smooth, sexy sole to my face and kissed it once. Her sole felt like a boob against my lips. I planted 10 or so kisses on it, then I closed my eyes, took out my tongue, and I licked it from heel to toe, toe to heel, and then several times again in circles. I ended up wiggling them under her toes.

As I was doing this she started hissing. I was worried at first, thinking she was mad or something but no, it was arousal. It seemed she was craving for this as well. I licked her sole up and down again. My tongue had finally felt a woman’s sole and a gorgeous one. We had met less than 2 hours ago and now my tongue was cleaning her sole. This was hot!

I knew I wanted not to miss one more important fantasy: sucking toes. I took her toe in my mouth one by one. When I came to the big toe and sucked it, something strange happened. Her toe went in deep and I almost gagged. In the ecstasy state I did not think of it much and continued. I took her toes in my mouth in couples and my tongue licked between them. I cherished every moment.

Licking sole, check. Sucking toe, check. What was next? Oh right, sucking on the heel. I licked down her sole to the heel and opened my mouth wide. To my surprise, her heel got stuffed into my mouth by itself! That’s when I realized, she had been pushing her foot into my mouth! So, she was not being passive after all. She was stuffing my mouth!

Her very round heel in my mouth was like a gag the size of a small apple. I sat there suckling on it for a minute. Then she withdrew. I was startled like a baby who just had his pacifier pulled out. I was up for better surprises though. “I do not feel good like this,” she said, “Come back to the sofa.”

I went back to where I was sitting. In the meantime, she got up and turned on some music. Pink Floyd! With psychedelic music in the background and after she returned I continued licking her soles and sucking her toes.

It was about to get different. As I was sucking her big toe, I suddenly heard her say, “Take it all in!” With that I felt all her toes being thrust deep into my mouth! I was shocked! They were half way in when her pinky toe got caught on the side of my lip, like what happens with socks!

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