Cinnamon Schnapps

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Vince Polito raised his son to be a giving person, and as Vince Jr. grew from a boy to a man, he proved to be most generous to his father.

Your mother won’t like this.

“What the fuck?” Vince Polito said as he looked at his son’s bed with a combination of pride and shock at the mess that Vince Jr. was displaying with a wicked grin. “These sheets looked like you gutted a freaking deer on them.”

“Lily was a bleeder, wasn’t she?” Junior snickered. “At least she wasn’t lying about being a virgin.”

“Your mother won’t like this,” the boy’s father told him. “Looks like a crime scene.”

“The only crime was that she had to get home by 10,” Junior gloated. “Otherwise, she would have gotten it again. You’ll love the film. I want to see it after you two are through with it.”

“What’s this?” Vince’s father asked, going over to the night table and picking up the bottle of liquor.

“Cinnamon schnapps,” Junior chuckled. “Used it to get her in the mood. Here, check this out.”

Vince took the little cloth tag and brought it up for inspection, and although it was faded from numerous washings, Vince the elder was finally able to make out what it read.

“34A?” Vince said, handing back the tag to his son, who put it in the drawer of his night stand along with the other dozen or so that he had collected since he had started having sex.

It had become sort of a trophy – like mounting deer heads on a wall – this ripping off of the bra size tags from his various girlfriends, and while the father thought it was childish in a way, it seemed harmless enough. The fact that his son could name the girl associated each tag was amusing as well.

“Padded too,” Junior said. “Her tits are really small, as you’ll see.”

Vince took the camera off of the dresser, where it had filmed the action that had taken place on that bed earlier, and after nodding to his son he said good night and headed for his bedroom, locking the door behind himself.

“Movie time honey,” Vince told his wife, who was reading a magazine as she lay propped up on the bed, and she cast a dour look at her husband while peeking over the rim of her glasses at him.

“You two,” Barbara said as she shook her head with dismay.

“I know,” Vince said with a wave of his hand while putting the tape in the player and turning on the TV. “We’re both disgusting and perverted.”

“You are,” Barb said. “That poor girl. She didn’t look more than 15.”

“She was 18,” Vince protested. “The boy is no dummy. He got your good looks and my brain.”

“And your sex drive,” his wife said.

“All of this posturing, and you’ll be watching right along with me,” Vince said as he climbed into bed with his wife.

“We’ll see,” Barb Polito said. “Maybe I’ll surprise you.”

Movie time.

Vince Polito smiled as the movie started, having glanced over to see that his wife was looking over the top of the magazine as the screen came to life. Soon the magazine would izmir escort be set aside, if the past was any indication.

“Let the thing play,” Barb said, showing annoyance at her husband’s habit of scanning forward to get to the good parts.

“It’s over an hour and a half long, and I have to go to work in the morning,” Vince declared.

“Well, the seduction is the most erotic part,” Barb complained.

“Okay, here,” Vince said, slowing the tape back to normal as his boy started to play with the girl’s breasts outside the blouse. “That’s it boy. Work them little titties.”

“They don’t seem all that little to me,” his wife suggested.

“Padded bra,” her husband said knowingly.

“Vince, if you’re going to make me watch, please don’t ruin the movie for me,” Barb said sternly, her eyes intently staring at her son in action.

“He did a good job of getting them both in the right position this time,” Vince said, complimenting his son on getting Lily to sit next to him on the bed perfectly so the camera could catch as much as it could.

“Oh-oh,” Barb muttered as she watched her son pull the girl’s blouse off. “Poor girl needs to put on a little weight, doesn’t she Vince?”

“You can fatten her up with your cooking,” Vince told her, observing the bony shoulders and collarbone of the girl who was necking with their son while having her bra unhooked.

“They never stick around long enough,” his wife complained. “What’s he trying to do? Screw every girl in the school?”

“Of course,” Vince boasted. “Must be something he learned from me. Come on Junior! I can’t believe it’s taking you that long to undo those bra hooks.”

“There it goes,” Barb noted as Lily’s harness came free and was pulled off my her son. “Oh my, Vince. You’re right. Her breasts are small.”

“Anything more than a handful is a waste,” Vince the elder declared as he watched his son start squeezing Lily’s breasts, which were about the size of lemons. “Of course, you are the exception to that rule, my love.”

Vince leaned over and squeezed Barb’s breasts though her nightie, kneading the large globe and feeling her nipple respond like always.

“He’s going in for the kill now,” Barb observed as she watched the action unfold on the screen. “Poor thing. She looks petrified.”

Vince Junior was taking Lily’s panties down, quickly rolling the pink undies down the girl’s skinny legs, and as he eased the frightened girl onto her back he began quickly stripping off his own clothes, and within a minute he was naked.

“Look at Lily’s pussy – hell – her whole crotch!” Vince declared. “That girl has one hairy muff on her.”

“My word! That girl’s bush grows all the way to the insides of her thighs! And she must not have been expecting this. Look under her arms. She hasn’t shaved her armpits in quite a while.”

“Good idea to be ready at all times when you get near a Polito with a boner, but I think the pit hair is kind alsancak escort of cool. Like a throwback to the sixties or something,” Vince said, watching his son’s erection bobbing in front of him as he climbed up onto the bed.

“Maybe I should let my armpit hair grow too,” Barb suggested, running her fingers through her moist, smooth underarm as the movie played on.

“Up to you, babe,” Vince said. “As long as you keep those thighs spread for me I don’t care what you do.”

“Look at her eyes,” Barb gasped. “She looks like she’s going to cry. Either that or jump out the window, but look at the way she’s staring at Junior’s cock!”

“She looked like she was going to chicken out there for a while, but now she’s his. Once my boy gets that tongue going, they all give in,” Vince said with confidence.

“He is one hell of a pussy eater,” Barb agreed. “Maybe you should take some tips from him.”

“Here it comes,” Vince said, ignoring his wife’s ribbing while on the TV his son was lubricating both his erection and Lily’s pussy. “Hard to believe there are still 18 year old virgins around. What I wouldn’t give to be Junior right then and there. Damn!”

“At dinner Lily said that her parents are very strict and religious, and Junior is only the second boy she ever dated,” Barb said. “I think poor Lily’s is going to have enough trouble taking care of Junior’s six inches. You? Hell, you might just have split her in two with that thing of yours!”

“And now she’s a woman,” Vince said, watching the view from the side as Lily’s mouth opened wide upon Junior pushing his cock through her previously intact hymen. “That’s it son. Give her a minute to recover and then get that dick working.”

“He does seem to be good,” Barb said. “He always gets them to cum at least once.”

“You know what we ought to do?” Vince continued. “Get another camera. Sound too. Love to hear the action too.”

“Hear it? I could hear Lily cry out downstairs when Junior popped her cherry,” Barb noted. “Oh my. Look at those sheets. How am I going to clean them?”

“Relax. I’ll replace them. It’s worth it to see this. Look at her now. She’s going half out of her mind,” Vince proudly crowed. “That’s it.”

Junior pulled himself out of Lily’s pussy for a moment, letting his stiff prong spring up and down wildly so that camera could get a good view of what he had just done, before plunging back into Lily.

Vince and Barb watched silently as their son thrust into Lily with both a speed and savageness that was mind boggling, and to Lily’s credit, she was not wilting under the onslaught but instead was scratching and clawing at Junior while her legs wrapped around his hips.

“Harder!” Vince hissed, not even feeling the iron grip that his wife had on his thigh as they watched their son humping his girlfriend like an animal.

Lily was cumming, and then Junior was as well. After it was over, their son got up from the bed and walked buca escort across the room, letting the camera get a good look at the spent girl on the mattress and the mess that they had made before posing in front of the camera so that it could capture a close look at his now-flaccid cock coated with Lily’s fluids.

“Good boy,” Vince said as his son helped Lily get to her feet, the cocktail produced by their lovemaking now oozing out of her ravaged pussy and hanging on the profuse growth of hair that covered her crotch, and after the two got out of the camera range and headed to the bathroom to clean up, the proud parents clicked off the TV.

“Enough movies,” Barb said, her hands moving over her husband’s body.

“Got you horny, didn’t it?”

“What do you think?”

“Want me to get Junior in here and warm you up with that talented tongue of his?” Vince suggested.

“That’s sick Vince. Let him rest, poor boy” Barb said. “Besides, you’ve got something that Junior doesn’t have. Something I want.”

“I think I know what that is,” Vince said, kneeling on the bed and yanking off his boxers.

Barb licked her lips as her husband’s huge cock swung lazily in front of him, almost fully erect as a result of the movie watching. She leaned over and grabbed the massive organ in her fists and began sucking on the bulbous head of the cock, while her husband sighed with approval.

“Just imagine what little Lily is going to think when she gets a look at mine,” Vince said. running his hands through his wife’s blonde hair.

“Oh Vince!” Barb gasped as she pulled her mouth off of the cock. “Don’t tell me that you’re actually going to…”

“Of course. Why not?”

“It’s just that she’s so – I dunno,” Barb mused. “She’s not very attractive, at least not like most of the others Junior brings home. I just figured that you wouldn’t be interested.”

“Not interested? Me?” Vince asked incredulously, clearly amused by his wife’s unintentional sense of humor. “I’m salivating at the thought of letting her experience an older man, and when I do, you’ll want to watch? Right?”

Barb shrugged before nodding.

“I suspect that you might even want some of that yourself too,” Vince suggested, the thought of watching his wife and Lily together making his cock surge as his wife went back to sucking on his member.

“How did you know?” Barb said after taking her husband’s massive tool out of her mouth for a brief respite, but still kept her fist pumping the thick shaft. “She reminds me of this girl I seduced back when I was Junior’s age. She had run away from home and I let her stay in a loft back in our barn, and every night I’d go up there and mess around with her.”

“Aren’t you the compassionate one?” Vince chortled as he moved Barb’s mouth back on his cock. “Thinking about you with Lily really turns me on. Gonna cum soon.”

Barb’s mouth went up and down the puffed ridge of the head of Vince’s cock while her hand spun up and down the pulsating shaft, and she could sense his approaching orgasm surge through the veins of his hot member a second before he sent ropes of cum into her waiting mouth and throat.

They snuggled up in the bed, both of them dreaming their own sweet fantasies as they drifted off to sleep.

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