Claiming Her Ch. 06

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The door opened and there was Aunt Clair dressed in the finest garments money could buy. The ash blue dress complimented her snow blonde hair perfectly and were she not a woman in her seventies, Aiden would have loved nothing more than to have her hand on his arm everywhere they went. She was truly extraordinary.

“Aiden, where have you been?” A hint of annoyance lingered behind her calm tone. “We’re all waiting for Amelia and you at dinner. Were you not my favorite nephew I’d have started dinner without you. Let alone not come here personally to fetch you.”

Etiquette wouldn’t allow Aunt Clair to even dare peek in the bedroom. But curiosity got the best of her and her eyes travelled past him.

“Amelia is not feeling well. I came to put her to bed. Hopefully she will be better and join us tomorrow for breakfast. I’m sorry timing was bad. I should’ve tucked her in sooner.”

Being a very understanding woman, Aunt Clair nodded and asked no further questions. Family gatherings are always tough on someone who’s recently been in mourning.

They made there way down the stairs and into the dinning room were all seven courses were served and jokes were made. Madeleine would not stop glancing at him through the corner of her eye and he knew then she was at his disposal.

Morning came and Millie woke up in a room that clearly wasn’t hers. Her head pounded and she tried very hard izmir escort to remember last night but after the second glass of champagne everything became a blur. She made her way to the bathroom and her eyes widened as she became aware of stickiness and lack of panties. There was no other explanation and so with much despair she drew her knees to her chest and sobbed.

A few rooms down the hall, Aiden found himself on the verge of exploding. Madeleine had been bent over his bed, her feet fallen on the floor, her legs spread wide apart, hiding her moans as she trembled on the verge of pleasure. He thrust into her more fiercely and that’s when he heard it, a sob. Had he been too rough of Maddie? No. She desperately wiggled her hips. He’d stopped his thrusting altogether and heard it again. It was a faint, almost inaudible sob.

“Aiden, please.”

“Be quiet,” he barked. The sobs followed one another faster as if the person crying were becoming hysterical. Why did he care? If it was Millie then it should more than please him. Teacher her a lesson was the plan all along. But what he’d done wasn’t designed to make any woman cry.

He went back to fucking Madeleine but damn it all to hell if he wasn’t back in Millie’s room two minutes later.

He opened the door and didn’t see her in the darkness. The sun had still not risen and the heavy curtains blocked alsancak escort any source of moonlight. He lit the night lamp and still didn’t see her.

“You’re going to wake everybody up,” he said crossly.

“Sorry,” she said. “I’ll stop right now. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

He had to round up the bed to find her sitting on the floor, her knees drawn, crying into her teddy bear. He didn’t know why it should affect him, why she should affect him — It had been his intention to make her learn a lesson. There was something about her wordless desperation that made him hurt. “What’s wrong, Amelia?”

She looked up, her eyes filled with renewed tears. They rolled down into her already wet face to disappear into the bodice of her gown.

He gently picked up and set her on the edge of the bed, instead of tossing her. He bent down and removed her shoes. He didn’t remove her dress but he knew she must be uncomfortable. Still, he waited for convulsive hiccuping to seize and asked once more what was wrong.

She bit her lip and struggled to form words. “I don’t – I don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember what?”

“I don’t remember the party and -” fresh tears formed and she drew her knees again, rocking herself back and forth as a child would comfort herself. “I’m sorry.”

The apology was curious. Why did she feel a need to apologize? buca escort

“I’m sorry,” she repeated more desperately this time. “I’m sorry, Uncle Aiden.”

Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped her face —carefully. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, Millie.”

“But I – I woke up all sticky.”

Their eyes met. Really, she had ridiculously beautiful eyes. Even when red and puffy from crying. “Where are you sticky?”

“Somewhere I shouldn’t be.”

He shook his head briefly. Then he reached behind her to unhook her dress. “You must be very uncomfortable. Will you not allow me to remove the dress?”

She looked away in shame. “No.”

“And why is that? Surely you’re wearing underwear and I promise to make no advances.”

“I – I can’t find any of my panties.”

He frowned and then remembered. “You’re sticky. You can’t find any panties. You can’t remember anything. I’m sorry, Amelia. Would you like for me to check between your legs?”

He didn’t wait for an answer but removed her from her dress. He tossed that on the floor, pressed her shoulder motioning her to lay back, and spread her legs. “You do look rather wet.” He wiped her lady part while reassuring her that nothing happened.

“But what about my panties?”

“That escapes me. Perhaps, you had to use the bathroom and left them there and forgot to pack extras in your night bag.” He looked down at her little pussy and smiled. “You’re all cleaned up now. You didn’t flinch at the feel of my handkerchief and that shows you’re not sore. You can close your little legs now.”

She did, sniffling as she made herself comfy under the covers. “Will you stay?”

“I don’t see why not.”

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