Claustrophobic Climaxing Pt. 02

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**** Best understood as the continuing of claustrophobic climax part 1, but could probably be read on it’s own as well/all participants are 18 years old*****

Part 2:

In Hunter Thompson’s parents bedroom, Chelsea, clad in a Little Bow Peep costume including pink capped sleeves and a petticoat, stared Mariah down in her Hooter’s costume utterly at loss for words. Yes Mariah was a sporty dykey loser, her hair was too long and thick, her freckles too pronounced… her eyes were too bright, and she filled out the Hooter’s costume like she owned the place.

Chelsea had kissed… a lot of guys. And actually quite a few of girls. She’d only slept with one, that would be Trevor, not like he offered her the same courtesy she was just a notch on his belt. But she was a cheerleader and homecoming queen, things had up until this moment just kind of fell into place for Chelsea.

And yet the way Mariah had grasped and held and treasured her… it was like nothing Chelsea had ever experienced in her entire life. She had entered that closet with every intention of ripping Mariah’s head off; to have the drunken throw down she had been craving, and instead her own heart had been ripped out and offered back for the taking.

Mariah fought the urge to wring her hands as she stood under Chelsea’s inspection. Even in that ridiculously stupid costume complete with thigh high stockings and crooked bows, with her rosy cheeks and glittering blue eyes and heaving chest from breathlessness, Chelsea was the most gorgeous person she had ever laid eyes on. And Mariah was terrified she was about to be punished for realizing that.

“Uhm, so… this is the thing Chelsea. I’ve like, never kissed anyone before? Like, EVER… in my life.”

Chelsea felt her mouth drop open and was sure she looked like a stupid ventriloquist doll. How could someone who kissed like, that….

“Uhm, yeah like no that was completely unexpected… ” Chelsea stammered back.

But as they were both searching for words they were also both taking slow tentative steps toward each other. Like two magnets that suddenly had their poles realigned to gravitate towards instead of against.

“Would it be crazy, to ask you to teach me?”

“Well if you want someone to practice with…”

Though they spoke at the same time, interrupting each other, excitement and adrenaline became palpable in the room.

Jumping into her usual role of bossing everyone around, Chelsea took the lead.

“Umm… why don’t you go sit over there, on the floor on the far side of the bed.” Chelsea pointed to a spot in front of the night stand, with a wall on one side and the king size bed on the other.

Yes, it was fucked up. They were in a locked room and there was no way anyone was walking in on them again. Besides, they had already been discovered wrapped around each other in the closet by God knows who…

But if she was going to kiss a girl again, if she was going to do more than kissing a girl which she definitely intended to do….. she didn’t want to be easily discoverable. It was instinctual, she couldn’t help it.

Mariah was more than happy to follow orders and dropped to the ground near the wall, her legs tucked underneath her to the side. Chelsea delicately lowered herself facing her, in a mirror position with her legs tucked under her as well.

“I’m just going to kiss you and I don’t want you to question anything. Just keep doing what you did in the closet, but also… this doesn’t mean anything and I’m strickly dickly. I’m straight, got it?” Chelsea’s tone was a little gruffer than she would have preferred, but some ground rules needed to be established given how quickly things progressed between the two of them.

Eyes as wide as fried eggs, Mariah visibly swallowed as she nodded. She looked just as freaked out as Chelsea felt. Before either of them could bring up a reason to question this or a reason to not do this, Chelsea leaned forward, placing her hand on Mariah’s neck at the back of her head, and covered her lips with her own. The sigh that escaped from Mariah… or was that Chelsea sighing, was one of relief.

But sitting on the ground in a little bow peep costume was slightly awkward to maneuver, Chelsea placed her other hand on Mariah’s neck and rose to her knees. Mariah’s shaking hands reached to wrap around Chelsea’s wrists, she hungrily drank Chelsea in, savoring their exchange of pressure and moisture like a slowly melting ice cream cone. As Chelsea opened her mouth to allow Mariah’s tongue in, the need to be closer became overwhelming.

In one smooth motion Chelsea gently eased one one leg over Mariah’s, followed quickly by her second one on Mariah’s other side, wrapping around her from the kurtköy escort front, in a similar position they had assumed in the closet this time on the ground. Mariah welcomed Chelsea into her arms by wrapping both of hers’ around Chelsea’s back, one arm at her lower back to wedge her in place, the other running up her spine to grip onto her hair.

Press, suck, breathe, repeat. Press, lick, slurp, repeat. Did they really need to breathe anymore, this pesky oxygen was so unnecessary. Chelsea had never realized it was possible to want to drink another human, and yet isn’t that exactly what she was searching for? She wanted to drink all of Mariah, every inch of her… as her body followed where her mind was going, her hips once again began to move against Mariah’s stomach. She couldn’t get enough, of the delicious press of the front of her, against the hard solidity of Mariah’s six pack.

A whimper escaped Chelsea as she rolled her body over and over against Mariah’s front. Wanting to extend the closeness, and use gravity to their advantage, Mariah began to lean back with Chelsea in her arms, until she was flat on the floor, pelvis to pelvis and chest to chest with Chelsea.

The elongating of their positioning meant as Chelsea straddled Mariah, instead of gyrating against her stomach…. She was gyrating against the front of her pubic bone, that was making Mariah cry out as well. Mariah was sucking on Chelsea’s tongue when she cried out, as Chelsea urgently rubbed against her, one thin piece of underwear against a slippery bike short. The *swish, swish* of the materials started to form to huge moist spots at the forefront of their panties, Chelsea’s legs around Mariah tightened as her gyrations became more frantic.

And then suddenly… Chelsea was gone. In the span of a high pitched cry into Mariah’s neck, Chelsea abruptly pushed away like she was on fire and rushed into the bathroom. Mariah lay on the ground out of breath and in shock. What had she done? She was on the bottom… if anything she was allowing this to be done to her, but isn’t the person on the top, if not the initiator– someone willingly complicit? In shocked silence Mariah brought one knee up so she wasn’t splayed on the ground like she was trying to make a snow angel, threw her hand over her eye to hide from herself, and attempted to catch her breath.

In the bathroom…. Chelsea was freaking out. Bent over the mirror staring at her reflection, with her pink cheeks and messed up hair and tits nearly popping out….. WHAT WAS SHE DOING? Her vagina *THROBBED.* She wasn’t sure if she had come, that was something she had never done before, and she didn’t want to stop but she was SO afraid of continuing.

She splashed some water on her face, then hopped up onto the huge counter with her back against the mirror, she couldn’t even look at herself anymore.

But the thing was…. She needed to touch herself. She couldn’t fucking stop. To the right she spotted a pair of electric tooth brushes plugged in next to the medicine cabinet. Scooting her bottom to the edge of the counter, with her feet propped up on either side open like a turkey on Thanksgiving, she slowly reached for the toothbrush and then turned it on.

Mariah watched Chelsea on the edge of the counter, bring down the top of her dress, and tilt the buzzing tooth brush to her nipple. Her mouth fell open and head fell back, as her hips jumped forward, she had placed her own hand on the outside of her underwear, but was making no attempts to move it or go underneath. She then brought that hand her chest again, lowered her top so her second breast could be on display, stuck her fingers in her mouth, and dragged a trail of drool to the waiting breast. Rolling her nipple between her sticky fingers she gingerly tugged, while the look on her face was contorted in near agony.

Chelsea could feel her presence approaching but refused to open her eyes until Mariah was right in front of her standing between her legs.

In Mariah’s hands was a…. fucking strap on?

“Oh my God…. Where the fuck did you get that?” She breathed, dropping the tooth brush and taking the strap on into her hands.

Saying nothing Mariah maintained eye contact as she stepped forward, reaching out to take both of Chelsea’s breasts in each hands. Pressing them together she brought them to her face and breathed, before wrapping her full lips around one nipple, rubbing her tongue back and forth across its pebbled peak, first keeping her tongue flat and smooth and moist then just the tip circling, then just sweet suction. Chelsea made no move to encourage her, but she made no move to stop her either. Kissing across her chest to the other nipple, sucking it into her mouth she looked aydıntepe escort up at Chelsea with big hazel eye before pulling away her mouth away to speak.

“Is me not having this dick what you have a problem with? Because it looks like I found a solution, I’ll fuck you like a guy nothing has to change.” Mariah’s voice was low and hoarse as she kissed down Chelsea’s stomach, picking up her breast to fully lick from underneath to the nipple. Small kisses and bites on her ribs as she wrapped her arms around Chelsea’s small frame. Of her own accord Chelsea’s leg’s spread wider. Chelsea was speechless but there was no way in hell she was going to be able to stop.

Lower and lower Mariah kissed, until she was finally right between her open legs, face to face with that slippery juicy pussy covered by a stretch of fabric, she leaned forward and breathed in, but refused Chelsea the satisfaction of anything more. Chelsea was holding her flimsy skirt out of the way and leaning forward, refusing to break eye contact with Mariah while she dragged her full bottom lip between her teeth. All she could do was whimper as Mariah let out a warm breath and rose to meet her face to face.

“If we do this, we’re doing this because YOU want to do it, not because it was something that was done to you. I’m going to go out there and put it on, and you’re going to come outside, and sit on my face. But this is something we both have equal parts in, do you understand?”

Chelsea’s voice had been reduced to a breathless whine, completely at the mercy of what her pussy wanted when her pussy wants it.

Turning to pick up the still buzzing electric tooth brush, Mariah then wrapped her arms under Chelsea’s legs again to scoot her bottom almost off the edge of the counter. Placing the toothbrush between them, on Mariah’s stomach and Chelsea’s clit, Mariah returned her arms to under Chelsea’s legs behind her knees, to keep her remaining in her open positioning while their bodies pressed up against each other. The moan that escaped from the back of Chelsea’s throat was completely involuntary as she began to move. Leaning forward, Mariah whispered in her ear:

“If you can’t handle this, you want to leave me with a strap on completely unsatisfied, understand there are girls lined up out there who would love to replace you. I’m not the one who will be embarrassed.”

The end of her sentence was a growl, as she wrapped her arm around around Chelsea’s waist to thrust her harder into her middle where the toothbrush continued to buzz.

“Oh my God no…. I want, I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me.” Chelsea blurted out, through gritted teeth as she hovered so close to the edge…. so, so, close.

Needing no other encouragement, Mariah kept her arms wrapped around Chelsea’s legs, causing Chelsea to cling to her like a monkey being carried to bed.

After being settled into the pillows, Chelsea laid back and closed her eyes. She had never in her life been so incredibly turned on, and so CLOSE to finally learning what a release was. Feeling movement next to her on the pillows, she opened her eyes and turned to her right. Mariah was lying next to her, on her back just staring at her face.

They continued to hold each other’s gazes for a moment longer, allowing the tension and frantic energy in the room to build. This close, able to pick out the golden flecks of Mariah’s eyes, and zero on the fullness of her lips, Chelsea was unsettled with how beautiful Mariah was.

“I want you to take off your panties, and I want you to sit on my face.”

Chelsea’s stomach dropped to the bottom of her feet, like being on the Superman ride at Six Flags. Without bothering to sit up, she reached under her skirt to slide down her useless thong, lifting her hips while maintaining eye contact with Mariah the entire time.

“And I want your titties out.”

Slowly, not breaking their staring contest, Chelsea slid down her Bo Peep sleeves, all the way down to her waist. Refusing to give Mariah time to give her one more order, Chelsea rose up on her knees, and then swung one over Mariah’s head to be positioned directly over her face. Gathering up the skirt of her costume, to be able to see Mariah clearly underneath her, she slowly lowered herself down, bracing one hand against the bed frame behind Mariah.

She was immediately met with soft, moist suction, right at her clit and shock went through her entire body with a jolt. She had expected Mariah to slide along her slit, that’s what she would have done, but this gentle suckling suction was so. Much. Better.

Bringing both arms to her skirt to pull it up so she could better see her, Mariah continued to suck at that same perfect spot, with her eyes blissfully tuzla içmeler escort closed, and a motion happening somewhere behind Chelsea. Chelsea was vaguely aware that Mariah was wearing the strap on, and that Mariah was currently also stroking the strap on from the slippery squishing sounds, but all Chelsea could do was attempt to control her hips as they began to involuntarily buck into Mariah’s mouth.

Suddenly Mariah’s tongue switched from the suction, to lazy lapping and licking along her entire slit, with a few wiggling dips up inside of… there. Then like a mind reader understanding exactly what Chelsea wanted, Mariah flattened her tongue making her face a perfect runway for Chelsea to fuck. Up and down Chelsea slid her drenched pussy, to her nose to that sweet slippery smooth tongue, to her chin. Wet squishing sounds meshed with Chelsea’s own muffled whimpers as the pressure started to build and she couldn’t stop herself, faster and faster she slid using just her lower abdominal muscles to control herself. Mariah continued to know exactly what she needed, she didn’t grasp ahold of her and keep her in one place, she allowed her face to be used as a fuck doll to be humped on, never tiring of the juices pouring around her mouth.

“I’m going to.. oh my God, I’m so close, fuck I’m cold all over, fuck I’m numb, oh my GOD…. No I can’t!”

Terrifed of that precipice she was about to go over Chelsea threw herself to the side and off of Mariah. Grasping her leg and pulling her back and underneath her, in an instant Mariah was hovering over Chelsea, strap on positioned exactly over her entrance, one leg bent at her waist.

“Baby you’re okay, you’re okay baby just let go….” Mariah whispered, the arm not holding her leg cradling her head. Gingerly she pressed, just the tip right at Chelsea’s entrance… and Chelsea prepared herself with in intake of breath. But that was all Mariah did, she didn’t thrust straight in and bust her open, she pressed an inch, checked in, then leaned a little further in, pushing her leg back as they became chest to chest, allowing Chelsea’s body to acclimate as she became slowly filled.

“Oh my fucking God you feel so good though” Chelsea slurred, fighting her eyes from rolling back in her head, but positioning her hips to take more of her in. “Fucking fill me up, please….”

And that’s what got Mariah. Well… it was also probably the little vibrate-y thing positioned over her clit as she entered Chelsea, but witnessing her surrender –Mariah couldn’t hold herself back any longer. In she slid, to the hilt, and they both shared a gasp. Slowly she began to inch back out when Chelsea raised her hips to meet her, staring right into her eyes. Mariah dropped her hand to between Chelsea’s leg’s, to rub her thumb softly around Chelsea’s clit as she began to thrust in and out.

Chelsea reached behind her to grasp onto something for stabilization, found nothing, and surrendered herself to being ragdoll thoroughly and luxuriously fucked. Bringing both of her legs up to allow Mariah better/deeper access, one of Mariah’s hands went to Chelsea’s waist to anchor her body as she continued to fondle her clit.

Up and down Chelsea was bounced, with the biggest most perfectly formed cock she had ever been filled with, while someone else rubbed on her clit like it was a musical instrument and they were the composer. As her titties jiggled up and down with every thrust and creek of the bed, the pressure inside her had become a ball of light, spilling out from her body and into her limbs. She was hot, she was cold, she was numb, she couldn’t see…. She was drunk from bliss. As the explosion rolled from her body in waves she lost full control and just let them take her over, spasms rocking through her core as she was expelled so much moisture it could have been urinating… but she knew it wasn’t. And then suddenly Mariah was collapsed down over her, now fingering her own clit–thank God bc Chelsea’s was sensitive as fuck. As Mariah buried her face in Chelsea’s neck and succumbed to her own spasms, Chelsea wrapped her arms around Mariah’s head, moved her hips along with Mariah….. and fucking came again.

As Mariah slowly stopped spasming, and was able to gain control of her limbs, she pulled out to lay on her back beside Chelsea. From the cheers coming from the other side of the door…. It appeared they had been discovered and who knows how loud they had become. As their eyes remained locked while they both fought to catch their breath, Chelsea was struck speechless by Mariah’s beauty.

Mariah was the one to catch her breath first, and first able to articulate a coherent sentence.

“So what now princess? Do we go back to being enemies when we walk out that door?”

Chelsea paused to take all Mariah in. This gorgeous, muscled, smart, incredible, orgasm giving human.

“No way in hell soccer girl…. Next time I get to wear the strap on, and you’re the one getting your brains fucked out.”

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