Close to the Edge

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“A year, already” he sounds surprised. “We should do something special to celebrate.”

“How about that hotel we drove past a few times recently?” she answers instantly, clearly having anticipated this suggestion.

“The former stately home, sure to be expensive.”

“I’m not worth it?”

“Of course,” he reassures her, “after all, with our busy lives, we could only stay one night.”

“Better make it memorable,” a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Have something in mind?”

“Not yet; let’s flip a coin. Winner leads, the other follows.”

Claire sits in a chair directly facing him, skirt lifted, legs blatantly open. One foot on the seat, hands between her legs, slowly and sensuously masturbating. Initially, over panties, a damp patch of incipient excitement gradually turns the filmy material translucent, exposing the ghost of lust-engorged labia.

Jason observes silently, transfixed by the erotic display. Drinks a glass of red, idly wonders what a sommelier might suggest as the best vintage to accompany your partner’s sex play.

Completely unabashed at the spectacle she presents, Claire unblinkingly returns his gaze. Flicks back wavy auburn locks, mouth slightly open, breath quickening as she becomes increasingly aroused. Simultaneously excited by both her lewd exposure and adept fingering. Slides the diaphanous knickers down to her knees, affording deft digits easier access. Dips them into her beckoning honeypot; pace increasing, almanbahis squirming agitatedly as her pleasure intensifies.

“You’re not allowed to come yet,” Jason cautions, as Claire’s sexual agitation becomes ever more acute. She regards him with a petulant expression, disappointed and frustrated, taken to the edge, teetering on the brink. Fulfilment momentarily denied. “Stand up, show me your breasts,” a deliberately objectifying command. Because he can.

Seemingly his to toy with at will, she complies. Squeezes and tugs her boobs until the nipples stand hard and proud; face and upper chest flushed pink with arousal. Claire’s hand surreptitiously creeps back towards her achingly empty quim.

“You do not yet have my permission…” Jason chides, guessing her intention. “I won’t tolerate disobedience, get up and bend over the chair.” With a mutinous look, she obeys, discarding her panties in the process. The position forces her firm buttocks into prominence. Unbidden, Claire stands on tiptoe, thrusting them even higher.

“How many do you deserve?”

“How many what?”

“Punishment strokes, don’t be obtuse.”

“Depends.” Not so easily caught out, Claire considers this question. It appears she is to be chastised. Choose too low a number and an additional penalty will likely be added.

“A dozen,” she suggests tentatively, hoping he’s not holding a cane. The gamble pays off, Jason delivers a series of stinging almanbahis giriş hand spanks to her bare bottom, pausing after a half dozen. “Thighs apart, no rubbing – there’s more.” He slaps her tender lower cheeks which quiver with each impact, eliciting a vocal response from Claire.

“You do understand I’m in charge?” Jason remains unrepentant.

“Only until I decide otherwise,” she responds tartly, “submission is my choice, not your entitlement.” In response, he pulls Claire upright and turns her to face him.

“You can rub that hot bottom now,” Jason says. “Well done for not coming, consider your obedience acknowledged. Can’t be easy to be kept in a state of denial when you’re so turned on.”

“True, but now it’s my turn.” Retaining her characteristic poise and dignity, despite blazing cheeks, Claire advances purposefully towards Jason and pushes him back onto the sofa, seizing the chance to unzip his trousers. Unsurprisingly, given her recent shameless exhibition, he’s already impressively erect.

“So stiff a cat couldn’t scratch it,” Claire murmurs with approval, applying a cool hand and hot mouth to the straining shaft. Deftly swallows the end, head bobbing. “My boy’s lollipop,” she whispers, adding with a wicked expression. Like to come, wouldn’t you? In my mouth, over my tits, onto my thighs. Imagine how good that would feel. No chance.” Ceasing her tender oral ministrations, she stands and straddles his almanbahis yeni giriş pulsing member, cowgirl style.

“Keep still,” she instructs him, easily reversing their roles, “I’m going to fuck you.” Claire slides up and down his slippery pole, inner muscles clenching, engulfing Jason’s straining manhood.

“Keep that up and I’ll come,” he says, breathing hard.

“You won’t, this is a test of self-control and stamina, like the one I endured.” Claire lifts herself from his cock, amused at Jason’s expression, denied the joys of her pussy, wet and gaping before him. Delicately anoints her rosebud with the slick juices of their congress and inserts the tip of his throbbing cock carefully into her bum. “Give me time to ease it in, this isn’t a porn movie,” Claire warns. Jiggling her hips, she allows Jason, struggling not to ejaculate, to gradually penetrate further.

“Ooh yes, stretch and fill me, baby, tight up there, isn’t it? Bet you’re getting close; can you hold out? You’d better. Work my clit, wait until I orgasm, then let go, jizz up my bum.” These words alone are almost sufficient to make him ejaculate, the withholding of sexual satisfaction almost unbearable. “Wait for it, not until I say,” she gasps, bobbing on his cock with reckless abandon, a million miles from her public persona.

“Now!” Claire’s climax is all-encompassing, body and soul orgasmically united. Even Superman couldn’t withstand such sublime sensations. Jason comes, noisily, tremor after tremor, like a series of earthquake aftershocks.

“As first anniversaries go, I’d describe that as memorable,” reflects Claire.

“Easier to arrange if we were actually married to each other,” answers Jason, with a conspiratorial smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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