Closet Heterosexual Ch. 01

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Dildo Deepthroat

Edited by Literotica’s Snooper

Ch. 1 – A Woman Gives Him What He’s Looking For

Jay was getting dressed in his room when a low knock on his door caught his attention. Throwing his pants back on the bed, he sluggishly walked to the door, wearing only his boxers. Opening the door, he saw his dad standing there with his hands on his hips.

“Do you want to talk about it?” his dad said, giving a routine expression of pity.

“Talk about what,” Jay said as he walks away from the door towards his bed. He knew this was just going to be the same ole, ‘there’s more fish in the sea talk.’

“The break-up, what else?” his dad said.

“No I don’t, it’s just the same ole story with a different guy, that’s all.” Jay said as he started putting his pants on, “How did you know anyway?”

“Come on, it’s Saturday night, Philip hasn’t been here and you’re getting dressed to go out, what does that tell me?”

“Well, I guess I just haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, Dad.”

Jay finished getting dressed and made his way to the living room where his Dad and George were sitting watching television. For a brief moment he found himself envying the contentment in the two of them. They have been together for over ten years and seemed as happy as ever.

‘Why can’t I be happy like that?’ he thought before stepping in front of the television.

“So, how do I look?” he said giving them a quick turn to show off his simple choice of clothing.

“You’d have all our friends sneaking a peak, that’s for sure.” George said while giving a quick node and grin.

Jay really didn’t expect anything less of a comment because he’d always been the pride and joy of his father when all his gay friends came over for parties. Jay was very confident in his appearance and liked to reassure himself by having his dad’s friends, and lover for that matter, compliment him on his looks. He was as manly as it gets. He didn’t have to workout or even tan because his construction job kept him in good shape and tanned year round.

“Well thanks,” Jay said as he pulled his keys out of his pocket, “Don’t wait up, I’ll probably be late!” he shouted as he walked towards the door.

“I wish I had his courage when I was his age,” his dad said to George as the door shut in the distance, “Then again, if I would have been into men at his age, he wouldn’t exist, so I’m thankful for that.”

Jay made his way to the local gay bar. Truth is, he never really thought much about being gay, it was normal in his household. As far as he knew, his father was always gay; he just didn’t know it until later. And being he played with dolls more than G.I. Joe, his mother assumed he was gay also and ran off with a military officer, leaving Jay with his father. So when high school came around, and sexual interest hit its peek, Jay had a limitless supply of horny guys hitting on him. Being gay was just his way of life. He certainly wasn’t ashamed of it.

As Jay entered the bar he could see that things looked about normal. The bar was mostly filled with guys and the girls were, like usual, hanging out in small groups. He gave the universal hello node to the common faces, and took his seat at the bar.

“What are you drinking?” a voice screamed out over the music.

“Crown and Coke please,” he said not even looking towards the server.

Probably not five minutes after he sat down, his first invite of the evening came. He found humor in it because they all start the same way.

“Hey, haven’t I seen you in here before?” or “Hey, do I know you?”

Then in less than two minutes, they were saying, “Well, do you want to come over to my table?” or “Do you want to come join us shooting pool?”

In normal circumstances, he would gladly take an invite to have some company, but not tonight. He just wasn’t up for it. He could feel his irritation growing as the third guy now took a seat next to him. The guy just wasn’t taking the hint that he didn’t want to talk. As he neared the point where he didn’t know if he could take it any more, a loud voice called out catching both their attention.

“Excuse me,” the voice yelled, “You think you can give me a hand?”

As they both turned and looked, Jay noticed a young woman standing directly in front of him.

“Me?” he pointed at himself not knowing what she wanted.

“Yes,” she repeated mockingly.

“Sure,” he said getting up from the bar stool.

“I’ll help too,” the guy sitting next to Jay called out.

“No, that’s ok, I can’t have more than one person behind the bar,” the lady said turning quick to Jay, waving him behind the bar.

As Jay approached the barmaid, she started walking down a short hall-way at the end of the bar. He had no idea what she wanted. They approached a small dark room and before she entered she turned and looked him in the eyes.

“I can tell you’re just not up for conversation tonight so I figured I’d give you a hand and get you away from that dork who couldn’t take a hint.”

“Oh,” Jay laughed istanbul escort finally realizing what she wanted with him.

“So, since I did you a favor, I need you to do one for me,” she looked up at him matter-of-factly.

“Yea?” Jay said inquisitively.

She turned and stuck her hand in the dark room and flipped the light switch on. “See that stack of Bud Select? There are two cases of Samuel Adams at the bottom of the pile behind it. It’s almost time to close and I have to restock for tomorrow. So if you could get those for me, I’d be most thankful,” she said as she pranced off down the hall way back to the bar.

Jay turned and watched her walk away. He felt impressed with her smoothness and confidence. Besides she had plenty to be confident about. God knows she would make some girl a hot prize. She had the figure of a professional dancer. She was gorgeous.

He thought, ‘Wow that makes me wish I weren’t gay,’ but he was certain that if he was straight, he was in the wrong place to be admiring women anyway.

Jay placed the two cases of Samuel Adams on the floor behind the bar. He was sweating pretty heavily after moving all the boxes around in the hot storage room. The barmaid walked over and handing him a towel to wipe off and a fresh glass of Crown and Coke to refresh.

“Something tells me I got the raw end of that deal,” he said laughing as he wiped the towel over his forehead.

“Well, at least Mr. Relentless has lost interest,” she said motioning with her head toward the other end of the bar.

Jay looked and realized she was right; the guy who had been blabbing none stop had moved on to someone else.

“Thank god,” Jay said giving her a sigh of appreciation.

He turned and exited from behind the bar and took the first seat at the end. He actually had a better view at the television anyway. While he was watching television, the lights all the sudden came on in the bar. When he looked around he noticed the barmaid at the door waving people out.

“Two o’clock already,” he mumbled looking down at this watch.

He grabbed his glass on the bar and started drinking down what was left. He waited for the bar to get almost empty before he got off his chair and started walking toward the door. As he started to exit the barmaid grabbed his arm.

“Wait a minute,” she said pulling him back into to bar. After the last couple customers left she closed the door and locked it.

“Oh no, does this mean I have to move more boxes to repay my debt?”

“No” she said, “I just don’t want to be in here alone counting my register. You seem like a nice enough guy, so if you’ll give me like ten minutes, I’ll get you another drink.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said turning around walking toward the bar.

“Oh, by the way, my name’s Jay,” he said as he sat back down.

“I’m Tosha,” she said as she rounded the bar and walked past him towards the register.

“So you had a bad day huh?” she blurted.

“No, why would you say that?”

“You barely uttered a sentence, most guys in here are like horn dogs trying to pick up their next date,” she said looking over as she counted her money.

“No, I just broke up with someone,” he said using a monotone voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Was it a long relationship?” she stopped counting her money.

“No, they’re never long, two months at the most,” he said shamelessly looking at his glass.

“Well, maybe you just haven’t found the right guy yet,” she said resuming her count.

“I guess,” he took another swallow of his drink.

“Don’t get so upset, you’re a good looking guy, it’ll happen,” she threw a wink his way, never missing a beat counting her money.

He watched her a few seconds as she counted, he liked her immediately. She was open and down to earth, and that was rare, especially for someone so beautiful.

“You know, I’m kinda bothered because I just can’t seem to get close to guys I’m dating. I mean, the first few weeks are good and all, but then they want to get more serious and I just can’t do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” he said without even realizing he was being so open with her.

“Really?” she said looking at him in disarray.

The next few moments were spent in silence with only the occasional number sounding from Tosha’s counts. Jay was watching television, but couldn’t help but wonder if he had made her feel uncomfortable by speaking so openly with her.

“Well, all done,” she said as she closed the register drawer and dropped a white envelope in a slot under the bar, “You want to get out of here and go grab a bite and have another drink?”

“Sure,” he said not expecting such an invitation. Only moments earlier he was thinking she wasn’t going to speak to him any more.

“Good, I’ll ride with you,” she said as she opened the door to let him walk out first.

She set the alarm and exited, locking the door behind her.

Jay and Tosha drove to a twenty-four hour restaurant and had something escort bayan to eat and a few beers. They talked about any and everything. Before he knew it, Jay looked at his watch and it was approaching half past five. He couldn’t believe how fast time had passed. He didn’t want to part from Tosha. She was comfortable to talk to.

“It’s getting late isn’t it?” she said, motioning at his watch.

“If you call five-thirty late then I guess it is.”

“Five-thirty, wow I have to get going, I have to pick up my little girl in a few hours,” Tosha said as she started gathering her purse and things.

“You have a little girl?” Jay said curiously.

“Yea, my angel, she stays with my mother while I work and I pick her up the next morning.”

“That’s cool,” Jay said as he grabbed the check and went to pay for their meal.

On the drive back to get Tosha’s car, Jay felt somewhat sad that they had to part ways. He very much enjoyed talking to her. “Well I must say, the lady you end up with will be very lucky.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Tosha said, putting her hand over her mouth and giving an embarrassed look to Jay, “I’m not a lesbian. I got that job at the bar because it pays very well. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you.”

Jay felt his face turn blood red. For some reason he felt very embarrassed. It didn’t matter that it was still dark, he felt like his face was sending off a red glow. But the strangest thing was, he didn’t know why he was so embarrassed. He’s never really blushed around people before. And if being around horny old gay men didn’t make him blush with their comments, he wondered why he was blushing now. Something about Tosha made him unsettled. He felt antsy. Several seconds had passed and nothing was said.

“Are you ok?” she said putting her hand on his armed. She was turned facing him now, “I feel so bad.”

“No, its ok, I just… I just feel stupid for assuming that. I should have known. You are so beautiful and nice – and down to earth. I felt like something was different about you. Now I know what it is I couldn’t put my finger on.”

Tosha just sat staring at him. Several more seconds passed. She put her hands down in the seat and started to turn her self to face forwards. “Thank you for the compliments. That was very nice.”

“You ok?” Jay said concerned he had just blown this whole evening, “Look, I’m sorry, I’ve had the best evening I’ve had in a long time and I don’t want it to end bad. If I upset you I’m sorry.”

They pulled in the parking lot where Tosha’s car is parked.

“You didn’t upset me at all. That was … I … look. I had a great time, thank you.” She turned to get out of Jay’s car.


She turned and looked at Jay. “Um… um… do you want to… well… you think maybe I can give you a call sometime or something?” he finally uttered.

Jay felt his heart racing. He was breathing heavy and very nervous.

‘What is going on with me?’ he thought, ‘I haven’t felt this nervous since high school when I asked my first boyfriend out.’

Tosha turned back towards him as if they were going to continue the conversation. “Sure,” she said, looking into his eyes with sort of a gaze.

Neither one of them even looked for a pencil and paper to write down the number; they just stared at each other. Jay couldn’t help himself. He wanted to be close to her. He raised his hand slowly and put it on the side of her face, running his fingers into her hair so he could rub the side of her face with his thumb. Her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly towards the hand that brushed her cheek. When she opened her eyes slightly, he leaned in towards her. She emulated his movements and finally their lips met.

When Jay closed his lips on hers he let out a deep breath. He began kissing her repeatedly, no tongue, just deep heart-felt kisses. After a few minutes they broke apart and stared each other in the eyes.

“Oh my God,” Tosha said putting her hand over her chest as if she was trying to suppress her deep breaths.

Jay’s heart was about to pop out of his chest it was beating so fast. He couldn’t believe how good it felt kissing her; it was different than anything he had ever felt before. The warm softness of her lips felt perfect to him.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to stop doing that with you,” he said looking at her straight in the eyes. ‘What is this feeling?’ he thought.

Tosha put both of her hands on the back of Jay’s head and pulled him forward. She planted a deep aggressive kiss on him. Her breathing was very noticeable at this point and she continued to pull him as if she wanted to feel him closer to her body. Getting caught up in the moment, Jay let his hand fall from resting on her shoulder. He put it on her side and ran it all the way down to her hips, then back up until it met her arm. He put his other hand on her knee and ran it down her thighs to her hips.

Tosha broke the kiss suddenly, as if being interrupted. She looked around quickly then escort istanbul climbed over the console in between them and sat in Jay’s lap, facing him. He had to slide the seat back and square-off the tilt steering to make the limited space as comfortable as possible. Tosha started kissing him again before he got everything situated. Before he knew it, her hands were at the bottom on his shirt pulling upward. He broke the kiss giving her the room she needed to take his shirt off. As soon as the shirt got over his head she had her lips back on his. After a couple deep breaths she broke the kiss and started kissing down his neck. She rubbed her hands up the center of his chest then across his pecs.

Jay could only look up as Tosha ran her hot lips all down his neck and her hands all over his built chest. He arched his back off the seat and before he knew what he was doing he plunged back into the seat and gave a hard thrust upward into Tosha with his pelvis. She threw her arm around his neck and pressed her mouth right in front of his ear letting out a loud moan. Hearing her satisfaction made him trust again, almost as if it was a reflex to her sexy lust-filled moan. Her voice hit a higher pitch and she let out a pant.

Jay continued to trust against her harder and harder. Up until this point he was working on pure reaction. He hasn’t had so much as a conscious thought since it all started. But now he was confused. Millions of thoughts started running through his head.

‘What is going to happen? I’ve never been with a woman before, what do I do?’

As if to since his nervousness, Tosha let loose of her grip around his neck and looked him straight in the eyes. “We’ll take this slow ok?”

She started kissing down his neck again; slowly making her way to his chest. Not being able to scoot back any further because of the steering wheel, she moved back over to her side of the seat and continued kissing slowly down his chest. Jay knew she was taking control because he wasn’t really sure what to do. She was amazing.

In Jay’s experience, guys would treat him like a piece of meat. Like dogs in heat they just wanted to get straight to business. Not Tosha, she gave him the feeling that she really enjoyed his body and not because of its tone and fitness, what they were doing meant something to her. All the sudden he felt like he has been missing out on an important part of relationships, and now he wants more.

As Tosha made her way down the center of Jay’s chest, he continued to thrust upward wishing she was still on top of him so he could feel her. He put his right hand on the back of her head and placed the other on the window seal, as if to brace himself up. Out of nowhere he felt her hand slide over his penis. He was so caught up in what was happening he didn’t even realize he was so hard. Tosha let out a moan of approval when she felt his stiffness.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this,” she said, giving him a devilish smile then pressing her lips back on his chest. Her hand gripped his rock hard erection and squeezed. Letting out a loud moan, Jay threw his head back on the head rest and thrust his cock hard in the air, not letting it fall for several seconds.

“AAHHHH,” he sighed as he continued to thrust upward almost aggressively. He was getting to the point he couldn’t take it any more, he needed relief.

Tosha broke her kiss and let go of his throbbing cock and used both hands to start unbuttoning his pants. Jay raised his hips giving her easier access to the button and zipper. It didn’t take her long and she had her hands around the waist band of his pants pulling down to give herself full access to his now dripping cock. When she got his pants down to his knees, she wrapped her hand around his cock and squeezed moving her hand up towards the head, a steady stream of semen ran from the head. She rubbed it all over his cock making it very slippery. Then she started moving her hand up and down masturbating him. He started groaning constantly at the pure ecstasy he was in.

Jay could feel the shaft of his penis getting dry. Before he knew it Tosha leaned over and took him in her mouth. She went straight to the base of his cock. All eight inches disappeared with no problem. He could feel her tighten her grip with her mouth as she pulled back up to the head. She took her mouth off him and looked up at him, pumping with her hand aggressively.

“How did that feel?”

Jay’s head fell off the head rest like he had no control over his movements. “I can’t believe how good this feels,” he confessed.

He watched as she lowered her head back on his now pulsing cock. She sucked the head in and out of her mouth almost as if teasing him before she sank down real fast letting him feel the back of her throat again. He gasped again as he felt to head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She started bobbing her head up and down real fast and used her hand in between deep throats to give her mouth a break. She used the other hand to rub his balls. He knew she was focused on giving him the best blow job he had ever received, or at least the most erotic.

Jay’s thrust got stronger and he started holding his hips up longer. He was getting close to climax. “I’m about to cum,” he said through his heavy breathing.

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