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Chronicles of a Cockfighter

By BW Custom Stories

Cockfighting. The purest form of male vs male sexual combat. Whether it’s a slapping sword fight to try and make your opponent go soft, or an erotic grinding to try and make him cum first. Either way it proves who has the stronger cock and who is the alpha male. I’ve been in several cockfights over the course of my life. I’ve won and lost one on one and in front of a crowd. This is the story of my fighting career to this point and how I became known as a cockfighter.

I was 18 years old and brand new in college. As a standout on the football field in high school, I was recruited hard by several colleges and finally decided on my destination. One of the powerhouse programs in the south and I was more than ready to get started. I knew I had my work cut out for me to see the field as a freshman, but I was determined to do so. After all, they didn’t recruit me to ride the bench.

I had just finished my first spring practice in the blistering sun and everyone had moved to the showers as typical after practice. I chatted with a few of my teammates as we stripped down in the locker room and headed into the showers. I started soaping up in the large room as showers poured water rinsing off my sweat, dirt and grime along with several other players in the room.

Tyrone walked in the shower room and grabbed the shower next to mine. He was the alpha male of the team. A junior linebacker that was every bit of 6’4 and 245 pounds. He ruled the team and kept everyone in line, but it was all about respect for him. He demanded it, and he got it. We chatted a bit as we showered and then he looked at me and grinned.

“Come on rook. Time to initiate you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll see. Let’s go.”

I knew better than to say anything to Tyrone. His word was law on the football team and we all knew it. He called out to the rest of our teammates in a loud thunderous voice.

“Initiation time for the heralded rook! swinger seks hikayeleri Circle up boys!”

Our teammates quickly made a circle around us as we were all naked in the shower room. I figured out pretty quickly that I was going to have to fight Tyrone. I never expected what came next. Tyrone moved in front of me and I looked over his black body that seemed to be sculpted out of clay. His naked cock, bigger than mine, hung between his legs proudly.

“Ok rook. You want your spot on the team? You want to be a part of our crew. We’re going to fight.”

“Fight? Are you serious? I thought that was against the rules?”

Everyone laughed. I felt more embarrassed than I ever had in my life.

“Not fist fight fool. We’re fighting with our cocks. Our dicks. Cock on cock combat.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about Tyrone.”

“Dick fighting! Cock fucking. What ever you want to call it. I guess you’ve never heard of it in the small town you’re from. But we all do it here. All rookies get initiated this way, and since you’re Mr. 5 star wide receiver, you’re first up on the chopping block.”

I turned and looked at my teammates and they were all excited and cheering Tyrone on. Some of them already had hard cocks, some semi soft, but it was clear they all enjoyed it. I clearly had no idea what to do because I had never heard of such a thing in my life. But one of my teammates pulled me aside and started telling me how to fight and what took place. It all seemed strange and weird to me then, but looking back on it I was excited about it.

“Come on rook! Stroke that white cock of yours and get it ready for battle. My black beast is ready for another win!”

Tyrone grabbed his cock and started to stroke it and I watched as it quickly came to full attention. My God he was huge. He looked to be 11 inches or more, and my 8 inch cock failed in comparison to his. I quickly grabbed my cock and started stroking it, getting it hard and ready to fight this monster cock that was right before me.

I finally got my cock rock hard and ready for battle, although I didn’t have a clue what to do. The rest of the guys made a circle around me and Tyrone, all of them sporting hard cocks as they prepared to watch this fight. Tyrone smirked at me and stepped up, his hard cock waving at mine ready for battle.

“Ok rook. Here’s how it goes. We battle with our cocks. Slapping them together, rubbing them together, until one of us goes soft or loses their load. Looks like your white cock is ready to fight, but I’ve never been beaten. I’ve got the alpha cock here and I’m about to show you.”

I just nodded my head. I had no idea how to cockfight but I wasn’t about to be made a fool of in front of my new team. Tyrone moved towards me and I moved towards him with our cocks as hard as they could be. Tyrone swung hips hips to the right, then quickly back to the left. His hard cock slammed into the side of mine and I grunted from the impact. My cock snapped to the side and just as it came back around to face him, he sent another slap to the opposite side of my cock just as hard.

I took a step back to try and relieve some of the pain shooting through my cock, but Tyrone moved with me, stalking me like a predator would it’s prey. He snapped his hips again and my cock was pummeled a 3rd time by his rock hard dick, making me wince in pain. I knew that I had to do something, anything, so I wouldn’t lose in complete domination. I swung my hips in desperation and my cock slammed against Tyrone’s and he gave out a small audible grunt. I think I felt more pain than he did, but I was determined to give it my all, especially in front of all my teammates. Tyrone grinned at me as he felt my cock battling back.

“Oh yeah rook. Let’s go. Sword fight!”

I stepped back in with Tyrone and we started snapping our hips left and right in opposite directions. Our cocks were banging and slapping together with the guys cheering us on. I was giving it my all and trying my best to keep up with this enormous black cock fighting mine, but was clearly starting to lose. His cock was incredible and felt as hard as steel. I swung my hips as hard and as fast as possible, and I could hear him grunt a few times from how my cock was slapping his, but his grunts failed in comparison to mine as he was battering my once proud cock around with ease.

Tyrone finally lunged in and pressed his hard cock against mine. With his strong hands he grabbed my ass and gripped it tightly, then started humping his hips up and down. The electric sensation of his cock rubbing against mine was something I still remember to this day. I could feel every massive vein in his shaft working against my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I had never felt another cock on mine like this, and it thrilled me to no end. I had no idea men even competed like this, but God was it ever erotic.

“Yeah Tyrone! Cock fuck him! Fuck the rook down! Make him cum!”

I grabbed ahold of Tyrone’s strong ass and could feel his muscles tensing up. I tried to match his movements of fucking his cock back with mine, but soon felt the intense sensation of an orgasm welling up inside me. My legs started to shake and tremble and another 3 hard grinds of his massive cock against mine made me cum hard. As soon as my seed started to spill, Tyrone pulled back and snapped his hips, making his cock slap mine sideways and my cum shoot a couple of feet across the room. He smirked as he pulled off his signature move, one that I still find as hot as any move I’ve ever seen. My cock continued to spurt cum as my balls tightened until just the small drips of cum came out of the head. I had been defeated by a much better man.

“And still the cockfighting champ! TYRONE!”

The guys all cheered him and I slumped back, thinking I had been not only bested, but also dominated. Tyrone moved back in and pressed his hard cock to mine which was starting to soften and grinned.

“Nice fight rook. You might have the makings of a great cockfighter, if you can learn to hold that load.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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