College Affairs

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This an experience which happened 10 years ago when I was studying for Masters in Business Administration course in an Indian University.

I will narrate my experiences with only afew of the women at college that I remember. It was so long ago I might miss some details but I will try to mention as much as I can.

During those 18 months, I had numerous affairs, none serious or emotional but all physical not only with girls in my class but also with senior girls and junior girls as well and some on the side (I mean with girls who were not from my college, lol).

My friend and room mate Manish and I had a gala time with all the sexy willing girls around us. A few of them we still fuck today even after so many years (not the married female classmates though, that’s one rule we don’t break ever).

This incident is one of the most memorable and unforgettable sexual experiences of my life. This happened when I and a few of my classmates and seniors participated in an inter-college management program organized by one of the most prestigious Management colleges in Gurgaon, near New Delhi, India.

We were a group of 4 guys and 6 girls chosen to represent the college in the management program and its various activities. Among the guys 2 of us were of my batch and 2 were seniors. Among the girls, 3 were from my batch and 3 were seniors.

We started our journey in a train. The 3rd AC compartment was comfortable. We settled in our seats and started chatting with each other. Night fell and around 9 pm after dinner most of us were asleep since we had to reach Delhi at 6 am the next day.

We reached Delhi at 6 AM the next day and were picked up by a minivan and taken to the venue. We were shown our rooms by the supervisor. We rested a bit and then got ready for the exciting day ahead.

I and Tina (one of my batch mates) were to participate in a debate. The debate started and I and Tina were moving up steadily to the finals after winning tough rounds and one time almost got eliminated but bounced back when Tina threw a googly question to one of the points by the opposition team, they couldn’t answer and we were allotted crucial points and we won the round amid cheers from our college mates. Tina was especially going at the opposition hammer and tongs while I was the supporter, of course packing enough punches to score extra pointers with strong facts and supporting material.

We won the debate with 4 points more than the team from a prestigious college in Indore that took 2nd place and 10 points more than the team from Pune that came 3rd. When the results were announced Tina jumped in joy and hugged me and kissed my cheek. I was ecstatic too to win the first event of the day. That means that gave us a lead over other teams in the event in entirety. Our other team mates came running forward and we all huddled in together and shouted out our college motto amidst applause and congratulations from the crowd.

Let me tell you more about Tina. Tina was a good looking girl. Wore spectacles which presented her as an intelligent and studious girl. She wore her shoulder length hair in a ponytail whenever she was at class otherwise she sometimes left it open.

She had a good body.

The most beautiful part of Tina were her eyes and her mouth. Her eyes were a natural blue and her mouth was full, kissable and inviting lips. For me I was attracted towards her the moment she gave a peck on my cheek after we won the debate competition.

The rest of the day went by cheering and applauding our teammates on their efforts at the various events we took part in.

By the time we reached our respective rooms we all were really tired and hungry. We decided to meet over dinner. Many of us said they would skip dinner and go to sleep, but shashank, our team leader said that he wanted to speak with us on each team’s strategy for the group discussion event to be held the next day.

During dinner we chatted in excited tones about the day’s activities and also made plans about how to tackle competition the next day. We all made mental and even physical notes and discussed the strategy to follow for the next day’s group discussion in which our college had got a direct entry to the quarter finals as two colleges who didn’t make it to the event were relegated.

After the dinner and the planning discussion was over, we all disbursed towards our rooms. Zarine’s (One of the senior girls) room was right next to mine. (The allotment was such haphazard yet interesting that each individual team member had their own room. Usually that is not the case; usually we would have been either allotted a dorm or two people in one room).

Zarine and I walked towards our respective rooms and said our good nights. I entered my room for the 3rd time that day and I knew I would not be disturbed this time. All I could think about now was sleep, surprisingly I wasn’t tired. I wanted to read the interesting new best seller novel of James Michner that I had picked up from the Railway station last evening.

About ataköy escort an hour later, there was a knock at the door, I opened the door and there stood zarine, looking fresh and relaxed in her pyjamas and a pink colour cotton t-shirt, said, “Hi, did I disturb you?”

I am surprised to see her at this hour, it was about 11:30 in the night. “hey, no no you didn’t, is everything alright? ” I asked a bit concerned.

She replied, “Haan yaar, everything is alright, bore ho rahi thi. Sab log so rahe hain, reema bhi, aur shashank is talking on phone with his girlfriend and doesn’t want to be disturbed, so I thought shayad tum uthe hoge, so I took a chance”.

“Yes yes please come in”, I moved back and held the door open for her. She came inside. I could smell the fresh faint scent of mild perfume / body lotion or something. I closed the door behind her and asked her to sit.

She said, “nice very nice. Very few guys I know who keep their rooms neat, clean and tidy”. She said that with a smile looking at me.

I replied, “Thank you”. There was a pause for a moment from me and I asked again, “Would you like something to eat or drink?”

She nods, “sirf paani”. I got her water in a glass and offered her a seat. She sat in the chair crossed one leg on the other. I had a look at her feet and boy they were cute, white, well-manicured and pedicured, red nail polish on the nails. For a moment I felt like licking and kissing them all over, they looked soft and sexy.

She snapped me out of my lustful dream by calling out my name, “Rajeev, kahaan kho gaye.” I shook out of my gaze and said, “no no nothing, he he he”.

She gestured, “hmmmmm”. Smiled and said, “ok… so what do we do. I am bored Rajeev, please talk to me”.

I sat down at the edge of the bed and said, “ok, what do you want to talk about”.

She looked at the novel on the bed and asked, “oh nice, tum james michner padhte ho. I like his novels too. Can I borrow it please?”

“Sure, ok. Take it”. I said with a smile. Leaned back to the bed and picked up the novel and handed it over to her.

She thanked me and kept the novel on the table next to her. And looked at me for sometime and asked, “Rajeev, I always see you alone at college, I mean, tumhari koi girlfriend nahin hai kya?”

For a moment I was quite and then said, ‘zarine, aap jaisi koi mili nahin isliye abhi tak akela hoon”. Winked at her.

She looked shocked to hear that, but smiled and said, “Rajeev you seem to be a charmer, but I am not gonna fall into that trap again. Giggle”.

“Again?” I asked, faking a surprised expression.

“Giggle, nevermind that. Tell me na, why don’t you have a girlfriend”. She asked me again.

I smiled and said “Well, I do have girlfriends, but no one serious”.

She looked straight into my eyes and said, “hmmmm, I see…. Ok I will help you make a girlfriend in college. Tell me which girl do you like, I promise I will fix her up with you”.

I said to myself, ‘yeh toh seedha seedha line dene parr aa gayi hai, thoda khelta hoon iske saath, phir dekhte hain kya hota hai. Jo bhi hoga sambhaal lenge’.

“Hey thanks so much for your offer, well, I can manage by my self. Waise, if you seriously want to know which girl I like the most in college, then I must tell you, I like you a lot. You are one of the most beautiful girls I have met in college. Honestly I do not care if you are my senior, if you agree then we can have a beautiful relationship together.” I said that with such conviction, confidence and enthusiasm that it left her stunned for a moment.

She said with a stammer, “ah, ca.. can I have some water please”.

I said, “Sure”. I took her glass and poured water from the jug and handed it to her. She had a quick gulp and said, “thoda aur please”. I smiled cunningly (not intentionally cunningly), I poured her glass with water and she gulped it down again in one go.

I asked her then, “are you ok zarine?”

“Haan I am ok. Jo tumne kaha took me off guard. My goodness, I did not know ke I had such an effect on men”.

I assured her ‘Zarine, you definitely do. I mean look at yourself. Those sexy feet, I would love to kiss them forever. Your face is like an angel and you look like straight out of a fashion magazine cover”.

She stared at me and gave a smile, “chal flatterer, I know yeh sab jhoot hai, main aisi nahin hoon”.

I took her hand, pulled her from the chair gently and made her stand infront of the mirror and said, “iss chaand mein ek bhi daag bata do, I will take back my words”. Now there was no going back, I wanted this girl right then in my bed making love to her; I made a vow that I will, if not today then, before we left back for college in 2 days.

I watched her as she stood infront of the mirror looking at herself with a stunned expression. I think she had not thought before that things would go to this level in such a short time, maybe she was undecided then, maybe she was angry, I have no ways to know. But what happened bakırköy escort next was spontaneous and heavenly.

“Perfect, just perfect”, I had said, and she turned to look at me in amazement.

Then she did something that made it clear what she wanted then. She gave me a not so casual friendly hug, infact that hug was more of lover’s cuddle like thing than just a casual hug.

Her one hand behind my head and the other on my back, her body crushing mine so close that I am sure she could feel my erection, no doubt about it.

She disengaged herself from me and walked briskly out of my room, leaving me dazed and surprised. Nothing happened that night contrary to what I had planned.

I was thinking to myself, ‘marr gaye, shit, Rajeev beta tu to gaya’.

Sad and feeling down I slept. (Sleep is something that comes to me naturally no matter what the circumstances are. Even if the world is coming to an end nothing can get me away from a decent sleep. So I slept, slept like a log, without fear, a calm sleep.)

The next day I woke up at 6.30 (my usual wake up time since I was 15 years old), showered, dressed and joined the others for breakfast. I was looking for Zarine but to my surprise she was no where to be seen. I asked others about her and I was told that she wasn’t well.

I knew something was wrong then and I decided I will go look her up after breakfast. As it is that day I had no events I was participating in and so was Zarine, so I could take an opportunity to meet Zarine and see how things go from there.

After breakfast I asked Tina to take some breakfast for Zarine if she can. She said all of them had events that day and I and Zarine were the only ones that didn’t and she was getting late so I had to take breakfast for Zarine. Which I gladly did.

I knocked at her room door for almost 5 minutes when she opened the door. She was looking really unwell or lacked in sleep or crying. “Good Morning, I got you breakfast”. I said with a smile.

I remember her staring at me for a few moments and then took the breakfast from me and said “Thank you. Didn’t you go for the events today?”. I replied, “No, mera koi event nahin hai, yesterday was the only one I had”.

She turned back to the room and said “Andar aao please, baitho, main fresh ho ke aati hoon”.

I came into the room, I still remember the faint scent of a room freshener in the room. I sat at the chair while she busied herself in getting her bed tidied up and excused herself to go to the bathroom and freshen up. I didn’t have anything to do but to wait for her to come out so I took an opportunity to doze off for a while.

I was woken up when I felt I was shaking or someone was shaking me. “Utho, so gaye tum, tabiyat theek hai na?”. I woke up to zarine’s cute and sweet voice waking me up and I gruffly reply, “haan I am ok, baas kuch karne ko nahin that oh aankh lag gayi”. I stretched my arms and stood up.

“Main chalta hoon, aap breakfast karr lo, aur agar kuch bhi aapko chahiye toh bata dena, ok?” with that I started to move towards the door.

Zarine stooped me, “ruko please, main akele kya karoongi, baitho baatein karte hain, aao na”.

I reluctantly stopped and accompanied her to the table where she sat and had her breakfast, she offered me to share her breakfast which I refused because I already had my breakfast.

“Thank you for getting me breakfast. Really appreciate it”. She said.

I replied, “arre not a problem”. I smiled at her and she smiled back. We sat in silence while she finished her breakfast, got up and disposed off the plastic plate and the rest of the stuff, freshened up and came and sat infront of me. She pulled her chair closer to me and sat down.

“hmmm toh ab kya plan hai, kya karna hai saara din”. She asked.

I replied, ” pata nahin, baaki sab ne toh raat ko 11 baje se pehle toh aana nahin, tab tak kuch na kuch karr lenge”.

We became quite again and then she got up from her chair and stood infront of me. I remember the look in her eyes that told me to get up from my chair, which I promptly did. I was a half foot taller than her and as I stood up she looked up at me, stepped forward and hugged me tight. The next thing that happened surprised me nonetheless but also made me so happy and it led to the next 18 months of a beautiful and exciting relationship.

She hugged me and started crying, I was stunned at first, then I wrapped my aroms around her gently and asked, “What’s the matter Zarine? Kyon ro rahe ho?”

Between soft sobs she said, “Kuch nahin, mere saath aisa kabhi nahin hua. Every guy in college thinks that I am easily available and an easy lay. Which is not the truth. Mujhe yehi laga ke tum bhi yehi sochte ho mere bare mein. I was expecting u to make an advance like everyone else does. But you have been so polite and so respectful, which is intriguing. That’s why I was crying.”

I held her close, caressing her cheek and gently wiping away her tears with my handkerchief and said, “Look Zarine, I don’t care what your reputation is in college and I care less about the fact that you are one year senior to me in college, what I care about is you, ok? So don’t worry and relax”. Just when I stopped talking she leaned up and kissed me.

We hurridly started taking off each others clothes, but she stopped me and said, “We have all the time in the world, unless you have to go somewhere”. She said with a naughty smile and a wink.

I replied, “yes we have all the time in the world”. I smiled at her.

She gave soft kissed on my neck and relaxed me. I let her be the initiator of our love making rather than me being the aggressor. I wanted to understand the full extent of the sexiness of this girl so I relaxed my attitude and allowed Zarine to take charge.

I can’t remember the last time someone had undressed me. Certainly I can’t remember anyone having spent so much time doing so, lingering as much as Zarine did. Her fingers worked slowly, lingering here and there as I slowly shed my clothes. Her mouth trailed behind her hands, nipping and kissing.

Finally I am naked and Zarine disengages from me and moves sexily towards the bathroom, I realize then that she wants to shower.

“Come,” she says, extending a hand to me.

Zarine fiddles with the shower nobs and I take stock of the situation. Actually, that’s a lie; I take stock of her butt and the dimples of her lower back. Soon the hot water cascades over us as she leans her back against my chest.

I wash her first, running my soap-slippery hands over the fullness of her breasts, tracing their contours, kneading their softness, strumming the hardness of her nipples. My hands trail suds down to the well of her stomach, and then between her legs. I cup her mons and tentatively insinuate a finger within her. With a moan, she presses her ass against the growing hardness of my groin.

She finally turns in my arms and reaches for the soap. Lathering up, she repeats the process with me — chest, stomach, legs, and finally up to the part of me that is by now aching for her attention.

She kneels and her dainty hands encircle my cock and wash it with firm strokes. I lean against the wall.

Her tongue flicks out and runs up the underside of my cock while her delicate hand firmly holds the base. She kisses the cockhead and then parts her lips to welcome the glans. Her lips tighten around it and I feel her tongue dancing on the taut surface of my head.

Zarine is a magician and my cock soon disappears into her mouth. Her tongue undulates on the underside of my cock and my head eventually presses against the back of her throat. When her lips encircle my base, I can no longer restrain the moan of pleasure that’s been building in me.

She works unhurriedly. I watch as her as her lips descend repeatedly on my saliva-slick length. Her hand works in exquisite counterpoint.

“I want you,” I whisper.

She disengages her mouth from me and stands. “Then we should dry off.”

“I want you now.”

The corners of her eyes crinkled when she smiled. “I think we can do that.” She lifts her right leg to my side and rubs it up and down my flank. “Be a darling and grab my ankle, would you?”

I do so.

“Now raise it. That’s it. A little higher.”

I lift her leg. Though it moves easily, I wince inwardly. But she’s flexible and soon her calf rests on my chest.


She winks at me and reaches beneath her leg and grasps my length, positioning it beneath the delta of hair that crowns her pussy. She places her hands on my shoulders and pushes down. I read the signal and bend my legs a little.

“That’s better,” she says.

She circles her hips, the head of my cock nestled in the softness of her labia.

Zarine lowered herself onto me with a tantalizing deliberateness and I breach her.

“Mmm. You feel good,” she whispers.

She wraps her hands behind my neck and leans back. The hot water sluices between her breasts and down her torso toward where I am joined with her.

“Fuck me, Rajeev.”

I need no more encouragement. Her leg slips off my chest and I catch it and cradle it in the crook of my arm. I thrust slowly, her labia parting to embrace the length of me. She tightens herself around me, exerting the most delicious pressure.

My universe collapses into that part of me that occupies her. She whimpers with each thrust and grinds herself onto me. Our movements are perfectly synchronized and we meet each other with a slap of wet flesh.

Her whimpers grow louder and she digs her fingernails into my shoulders. Her head is thrown back and her breasts sway with each thrust.

Her strangled cry is accompanied by a convulsion and her fingernails dig furrows into me, but I’m beyond caring. She heaves and shudders, uttering a shriek that morphs into a low moan.

I’m not far behind Zarine; already I feel that tingling swell that presages climax. My motions grow erratic and I moaned out “Zarine I can’t hold on much longer”. Zarine quickly drops to her knees and takes me into her mouth as I erupt. She drinks me thirstily while I jet my essence into her. Her motions slow as the spasms abate.

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