College Swingers Ch. 04

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“So, crazy naked sex orgy next Saturday?” asked Scott with a grin.

“Is it really an orgy,” Julie wondered out loud, “if it’s just the four of us?”

The cashier at the student café, wide eyed and blushing, declined to offer an opinion on the issue as Scott and Julie paid for their meals. Together, the lanky, shaggy-haired young college student and his attractive blonde lunch companion made their way to a quiet booth in an out of the way part of the dark, underground café.

As they slipped into their seats, Julie found herself singing along to the music playing in the background. One of the reasons she enjoyed the café so much was that they played good music. It certainly wasn’t the food. As she finished up the last verse, Julie saw Scott smiling at her and doing a credible job of pretending he wasn’t looking down her blouse.

“You’re pretty good,” he grinned.

“Thanks,” she said, “I always loved that music.”

“Well,” Scott replied, “if you like them have you listened to…”

He launched into a lengthy discussion of his favorite obscure alternative rock bands. It was a topic Julie found she could embrace warmly. For a time, hesitant at first, then gently probing, growing in vigor that finally turned fiercely passionate, the pair discovered their shared love of music.

“Thanks for meeting me for lunch,” Scott ventured during a contented pause.

“No problem,” Julie answered. “I thought it would give us a chance to talk. Glen and Ann had their lunch together, so I thought we should too.”

“Yeah, Ann told me all about that,” Scott said. Julie heard the unvoiced question and saw the searching look in his eyes.

“Glen told me ALL about it too,” she said with a smile.

Actually Julie personally felt that Glen’s description of his lunch date had been rather unnecessarily detailed. She really hadn’t needed to hear about every moment of her husband’s encounter with the young coed, whose boyfriend was currently sitting across from her. On the other hand, Glen had seemed to find recounting the event rather inspiring and Julie had quite enjoyed the things it had inspired him to do. Suddenly, she felt a little warm. Looking at Scott, she saw something else starting to form behind his eyes.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Julie smirked as she playfully wagged her fork at him, then turned her attention to finishing off her salad.

“So,” Scott ventured again a few minutes later, “what do you think about next weekend?”

“I think it should be a lot of fun,” Julie said honestly.

Strange as she knew it seemed to others, Julie had no problem with the notion of Glen having sex with another woman. What’s more, she knew Glen enjoyed watching her with another man. Julie thought Scott and Ann were a nice younger couple. Their last encounter had been very pleasurable. Unfortunately, a lack of condoms had prevented the couples from doing more than what Scott had called “soft swapping.” Julie had been a little disappointed, especially since she was on the Pill and so wasn’t all that worried about getting knocked up. Still, she hadn’t felt it fair to let Scott inside her when Glen couldn’t do the same with Ann. Glen and Ann had gotten past that point during their little lunch date, and Julie was ataköy escort frankly looking forward to a chance with Scott.

“You know,” Scott was saying, “We’re really glad to have hooked up with another swinger couple.”

“Swingers?” Julie said curiously, wondering who Scott and Ann had hooked up with. Despite their distinct lack of monogamy, Julie had never thought of her and Glen as swingers. She’d never really thought of them as anything but Julie and Glen.

“Yeah,” Scott was talking quickly and obviously enthusiastic about his topic, “it’s nice to have found you guys. It’s hard to find another couple that’s serious and comfortable with each other, who are OK with having sex with other people. No strings, no emotional ties, just casual sex between people for fun. I mean, you work out the rules for your relationship and how you’re going to handle messing around with other people and you enjoy it. Mostly, we’ve just found guys looking to cheat on their girlfriends or people who aren’t willing to go beyond watching or maybe some soft swapping.”

Julie just blinked. She was having trouble taking in everything he was saying, but somehow it didn’t sound quite right. Certainly, it sounded a lot more thought out and defined than her and Glen’s vague notions of non-monogamy. All she could do was nod.

“Of course,” Scott continued sliding around the booth to sit beside her, “it’s also a great way to have sex with hot women like you.”

Julie couldn’t help but smile at the complement.

“Is that what you want next weekend?” she said with a teasing note in her voice, “Sex with a hot woman while her husband and your girlfriend watch?”

“Hell, yes,” Scott’s voice was suddenly husky. He was so sitting close, she could feel the heat of his body. “I’d also like…” he trailed off.

“Yes,” Julie grinned, “What would you like?”

“I’d like to see you and Ann getting it on,” Scott whispered passionately.

“Oh, yeah,” Julie put all the sultry tease she could muster into her voice, “you’d like to see me kissing her?”

“Yeah,” Scott almost groaned, “I want to see you two kissing…” Julie felt Scott’s hand brush against her side, “…and caressing…” his hand slipped under her loose blouse and started to slide across her skin “… and licking…” he reached her bra and gently cupped her breast in his hand “… and sucking…”

Whatever might have come after “sucking” was lost when they kissed. Julie wasn’t sure later if she had moved first or Scott had, but suddenly their mouths were locked together, their tongues struggling against each other. Scott’s hand gripped her breast firmly. His thumb circled her nipple, teasing it to hardness and flicking over it in a way that made Julie jump and squeal even through the kiss.

Julie sighed a little when his hand suddenly relinquished its hold on her breast and slid back down her side. His other hand was holding her head, stroking her hair while holding her tightly in the ongoing kiss. She wrapped one arm around him and with the other found herself reaching under his shirt to touch his firm, young chest.

She was a little startled when she felt his free hand start to slide up her thigh. She tried to pull away, but he held her head firm and kissed bakırköy escort her even more passionately. Only when Julie felt his fingers slip under the elastic of her panties did she really jump. With a loud squeal, she started to pull away. After all, quiet booth or no, they were in the student café at lunch time, making out, with her hand on his chest and his up her skirt. Suddenly, Julie felt very, very warm.

Somehow, in trying to push away, she found she had shifted and now his fingers were truly inside her panties. In fact, they were now resting on the hot, slick folds of her pussy. Scott had fairly talented fingers, Julie remembered. Not quiet as talented as his tongue, she also recalled, a line of thinking that did nothing for extracting herself from this situation.

Scott, clearly feeling her pulling away, released her mouth from his. Still so close their lips were almost touching he asked, “Should I stop?”

Given the circumstances, Julie felt the question was both highly appropriate and very appreciated. However, she did feel that Scott’s chivalry was being slightly undercut by the fact that his fingers were still gently stroking her pussy, eliciting shivering sensations throughout her body. It made it a little hard to just ask him to stop, which Julie felt was probably the point. As she thought about what to do, Scott’s fingers slipped between the outer folds and started to stroke her warm inner lips.

Making up her mind, Julie pressed her mouth against Scott, pausing only long enough to moan, “No, don’t stop.”

Their bodies were pressed close together, mouths locked once more in a fierce kiss. Julie knew that, if anyone happened to glance into this booth, they would see a college couple passionately necking. She kind of hoped they wouldn’t notice that one of Scott’s hands was under her skirt. She did her best not to move too much while Scott’s fingers danced between her wet folds and brushed teasingly against her clit. Her whole body was shivering and kept unconsciously trying to shift her hips to bring those searching fingers into sustained contact with her most sensitive parts.

Julie found herself wondering if anyone was watching. She had had her eyes closed for a while now. She usually closed them when she was kissing. Was someone really seeing this, she wondered. Did they know how far things had gone? Could they tell she was right on the edge? The very thought fed her passion, bringing her closer to the brink. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked. For an instant, she caught sight of a strangely familiar blushing face. Surging passion forced her eyes shut again as her whole body tensed. She was glad Scott was still kissing her, because she was sure her groan would have alerted the entire café.

As the aftershocks of her orgasm faded, Julie released Scott’s mouth and leaned back against the back of the booth.

“Well,” she said breathlessly, “that was fun.”

“Glad you liked it,” Scott panted.

Julie smiled, “Your turn.”

Glancing around, Julie didn’t see anyone watching at the moment. She wondered briefly who it was she had seen before, or if there had really been anyone. It didn’t matter, she decided. There was no one now. With a sultry look at Scott, she slid down under the table. His eyes grew wide as he realized what she had in mind.

Without hesitating, she knelt down under the table in front of Scott. She reached up and quickly unzipped his fly. His rock hard dick was straining against his boxers. Julie shook her head. She just couldn’t leave him like this, she thought to herself. It wasn’t fair to him. As it was, the front of Scott’s boxers were wet with pre-cum. He’d never get through the day like this, Julie thought as she reached in and pulled his hard shaft out from under the damp fabric.

Above her, Scott groaned as her fingers wrapped around him and the cold air hit his hardness. He was doing his best to look nonchalant and pretend that a hot blonde wasn’t kneeling under the table holding his dick in her hand.

Julie wrapped her fingers tightly around Scott’s shaft and pumped her hand up and down a couple of times. She could hear his stifled groans in response. Then she leaned forward and gently ran her tongue around the head of his dick. The taste of his salty pre-cum filled her mouth. Scott’s hips lifted, pushing his shaft toward her. With another playful lick, Julie lowered her mouth around his head, sucking it in and then releasing it. Scott’s hips quivered as he thrust at her. Julie licked down the length of his shaft and back up. She alternated between rolling her tongue along his dick and sucking it into her mouth.

Scott’s hips started to jerk rhythmically, thrusting in time to her sucking. Julie could tell he was too turned on to last long. Suddenly, he tensed and groaned above her. Scott’s shaft hardened and surged, pumping spurt after spurt of cum across her lips and tongue. Thick, salty semen filled her mouth and Julie swallowed. She would rather not have, but she knew most guys preferred it for some reason. Glen always had and, judging by his stifled moaning, Scott did too. Besides, she reasoned, she really didn’t have anything handy to spit it out into.

When she was sure he had finished, Julie gently slid Scott’s slowly deflating dick back into his boxers and squeezed out from under the table. They smiled at each other, both a little shaky after their recent exertions.

Finally Julie said, “So, I guess I’ll see you next weekend.”

“Yeah,” Scott said, still a little breathless, “I’m really looking forward to it.”

With a final smile at Scott, Julie stood up, straightened her clothes and walked out of the café.

At the door, a voice stopped her. “Excuse me, miss.”

Julie turned to see the cashier from earlier. Suddenly Julie recognized the young woman’s face as the one she had seen just before she came. Shit, Julie thought, we’re busted. She wondered what was going to happen.

“You have something there,” the cashier said, pointing at her.

Blushing a little, Julie wiped at her face.

“No,” the cashier said, stepping closer, “here.”

The young woman quite suddenly reached out and brushed her fingers along the edge of Julie’s cleavage. Julie stood stunned, but she felt her body warming again as the other woman’s fingertips traced the edge of her breasts. Julie looked down to see the woman’s fingers scooping up a line of shiny semen which must have escaped her lips when Scott came.

The cashier wiped the incriminating cum on her work apron and smiled.

“Have a fun weekend,” she said.

“I’m Julie.”

“I’m Ivy,” the cashier offered.

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