Coming Clean Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Wild Weekend

Hello and welcome to my readers. In response to your requests, here is a sequel to my story ‘Coming Clean’. You may wish to read ‘Coming Clean’ first, as it tells how Melodie, Kat and Kitten first met. As always, I appreciate your votes and comments on my submittals. Thanks to tickledkitty for her incisive editorial skills and geekychick_76 for her detailed review and constructive comments.


“Hiya, we’re here to see Melodie. She around?”

Tiffany stepped back from the front door of Gamma House, startled by the two women standing on the porch looking at her with huge grins on their faces. The taller one had tanned skin, spiky blonde hair, deep blue eyes and thin lips. Her angular face, burgundy lipstick and dark penciled eyebrows gave her a sinister appearance. Her equally tanned companion was a head shorter and seemed waif-like next to the amazon. Her shoulder-length brown hair, pulled back and tied with a blue bandanna, emphasized her large brown eyes and full lips. Both were dressed in tight jeans, black leather chaps, tank tops with Harley-Davidson logos, black leather jackets and motorcycle boots with gleaming chains.

“I…ah…I’ll see if she’s in her room,” Tiffany stammered, even more flustered by the women’s obvious delight in her discomfiture. “If you would like to come in and…” she began.

A cry of “Kat, Kitten, hi!” made her turn to see her friend Melodie dashing down the stairs. Tiffany’s eyes widened at the clothing she was wearing. Mel was dressed as the women on the porch with her long red hair tied back. Saying “Hi Tiff,” she ran to the blonde who picked her up and whirled her around as they both laughed.

“Ain’t they cute together?” said Kitten, grinning at the increasingly astonished Tiffany. “Kat lost the arm wrestle though, so Red’s ridin’ with me today. We’re goin’ on a picnic up to Fire Lake. Wanna come along, cutie? We can make it a foursome.”

“Oh…um…thank you, but I have a paper due for Feminist Literature class,” Tiffany replied, backing away slowly, “Maybe another time.”

“Your loss, sweetness,” Kitten replied, holding out her arms to Melodie who Kat had stopped hugging. The women embraced and kissed passionately as Tiffany blushed and wondered for a moment if she was too hasty in her refusal. Then the three were climbing on two motorcycles standing at the curb, Melodie seated behind Kitten, clinging to her waist. With a thundering roar, they disappeared down the campus street leaving a flustered Tiffany standing on the porch.


“Where we goin’ again?” Melodie asked Kitten, slipping easily into a drawl like her friends. “Did you say Fire Lake?”

“Yep. Lotsa bikers hang out there and there’s some great spots for a picnic,” Kitten replied over the rumble of the motor. “Kat cooked up some fried chicken and I made biscuits,” she continued. “I hope you have an appetite.”

Melodie was getting wet snuggled up to Kitten’s body, memories still fresh of her seduction in the Laundromat earlier in the week. She had been frightened, then angry, finally succumbing to her simmering desires. They made love to her until she writhed in passion, cumming repeatedly. When they turned their attentions to each other, she watched avidly, joining them in a threesome culminating in her and Kat giving Kitten multiple orgasms. They had agreed to meet on the weekend and here they were speeding down the highway, returning the hoots and whistles of men in their cars and trucks with a smile and a wave.

“You feel good, Red,” Kitten said over the rush of the wind. “Kat and I missed you, sweetie.”

“Oh I missed you guys too,” Melodie murmured, rubbing her pussy against Kitten’s ass. “I played with myself every night imagining it was one of you eating me out.” She slipped her hand under Kitten’s top and cupped a firm breast, rubbing the erect nipple with her fingers. “I also have an appetite for something more than fried chicken.”

“Oh jeez, Red,” Kitten said with a moan. “If you as much as touch my pussy like that I may put us in a ditch. I am so fuckin’ hot for you I can’t stand it.”

“I’ll just play with these then,” Melodie replied shifting hands to Kitten’s other breast. She looked over at Kat and saw her grinning. The blonde pursed her lips, winked and wiggled her tongue at Melodie, showing that she was also aroused. Melodie couldn’t wait to get where they were going. The weekend was going to be so much fun.


“I can’t eat another bite.” Melodie sighed, wiping her hands on a napkin and lying back against Kat’s large breasts. “Of the food anyway,” she added impishly. Kitten put the remaining food back in the hamper as Kat nuzzled and kissed Melodie’s neck, making her giggle happily. Kitten knelt before Melodie, removing the redhead’s boots and jeans. Melodie eagerly kissed Kat who was fondling her breasts. Kitten licked her way up the inside of Melodie’s thighs, her fingers teasingly stroking the juicy aydın escort nylon-covered pussy. Kat and Melodie continued their open-mouthed kisses, tongues sliding against each other as Kat pulled up her tank top. Her large hands enveloped the pert breasts as her thumbs flicked the pink nipples. Kitten was sucking eagerly on Melodie’s soaked panty crotch, her fingers sliding past the elastic and pulling the pussy lips apart.

Melodie shivered with desire as her lovers continued to excite her until she could take no more. She pulled her lips from Kat’s and moaned, “Please Kitten, please. Eat my pussy. Ahhhhh…” Kitten pulled Melodie’s panties off and buried her face in the red furred pussy she had waited all week to taste. Melodie wrapped her legs around Kitten’s back, hips bucking as her lover sucked, licked and fingered her gushing pussy. Kat’s callused hands kneaded Melodie’s firm breasts, pinching and pulling on the stiff nubs as their mouths ground against each other.

Melodie felt light-headed under the dual stimulation as her orgasm built slowly within her. Kat and Kitten took her to the edge and backed off several times; wanting to give their new companion an orgasm she would long remember. Melodie’s body felt as if it was on fire as her orgasm struck with spine-wrenching intensity. Her cry of release muffled in Kat’s open mouth as her thighs closed on Kitten’s head, pulling her face tighter onto her flooding pussy. Kitten could barely breathe as wave after wave of warm juices filled her mouth, gulping and swallowing delightedly. Melodie’s thighs relaxed and she slumped back against Kat, panting.

Kitten lifted her cum-covered face from Melodie’s glistening pussy, licking her lips and fingers saying, “How was that Red? Worth waiting all week for?”

Melodie leaned forward and pulled Kitten to her, kissing and tasting her own cum. “That was wonderful,” she said, “I am so happy I met you two.”

“Hey, you lovebirds got any of that left for Mama Kat?” the blonde said in her deep contralto. “I’m gettin’ lonely here.”

In a second, her companions were kissing and caressing her, Kitten sucking on Kat’s thick brown nipples and squeezing her large firm breasts. Melodie tugged off Kat’s jeans and soaked panties, eagerly licking the shaved pussy. Kat quivered in delight as Melodie’s tongue explored the pink folds, her dainty fingers twisting in the wetness and rubbing the spongy g-spot. Kitten’s mouth was glued to Kat’s in a continual soul kiss; saliva running down their chins, her hands filled with her lover’s jutting breasts, palms rubbing the stiff nipples. Kat lifted her hips as Melodie’s white teeth began nipping and pulling on her engorged clit while her clenched fist thrust deep into her gripping pussy. Kat loved fisting and Melodie was eager to bring as much pleasure to her lover as she could.

Kitten filled her mouth with Kat’s breast flesh as Melodie’s busy tongue and fingers brought her blonde lover to a quivering, back- arching orgasm. “Ahhhhh…cummingg,” Kat wailed, her pussy squirting salty cum into Melodie’s open mouth. Kitten’s fingers joined Melodie’s in Kat’s pussy, giving the blonde more orgasms until she begged them to stop.

Melodie and Kitten snuggled up to Kat as she lay back on the blanket, breathing heavily. She encircled them in her muscled arms and said, “A mama never had two more loving almost daughters than you girls.”

“We love you too Mama Kat,” Melodie replied, kissing her. “We wanted to make it good for you.”

“You came so hard, Mama,” Kitten added. “I love it when you cum like that. It makes me love you all the more.”

“Speaking of cumming,” Kat said grinning, “Someone here hasn’t had any real fun yet.”

Melodie leapt over Kat, grabbing for Kitten as she rolled away laughing. Moments later Kitten’s laughs turned to moans of pleasure as Melodie sucked her nipples and kneaded her breasts while Kat stripped off her lover’s jeans and panties and tongue fucked her pussy. Kitten was already aroused from the previous lovemaking, so when Kat wiggled a wet finger in her lover’s puckered asshole and sucked hard on her aching clit; she came explosively into Kat’s mouth. Melodie’s full lips muted Kitten’s cries of ecstasy.

The three women lay on their backs on the blanket, watching the clouds drifting across the blue sky. The sun was warm on their bodies as they luxuriated in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Finally Melodie spoke, “I have never been so happy. You two are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Kat chuckled, “You sure made our lives a lot more interesting, Red. You’re a natural lover. We’re glad we found you.”

“That’s for sure,” Kitten said. “I hope we can continue to see each other.”

“Every chance I can get,” Melodie said with a sigh. “I do have to keep my grades up so I can stay in Gamma House and keep my scholarship, but anytime I’m not studying I’d like to be with you guys.”

“Works for us don’t it Kitten?” aydın escort bayan Kat said sitting up. “You know all that lovin’ gave me a powerful thirst. The Golden Keg’s just a few miles from here. What say we drop on by and get the dust out of our throats?”

Kitten and Melodie nodded in assent. They dressed, packed up their belongings, mounted the cycles and rode off, unaware of what perils awaited them.


Kat was first through the door of the two story wooden building, an elaborately painted sign proclaiming it was ‘The Golden Keg’. Printed below was the motto, ‘Drink your fill, pay your bill, and don’t worry about tomorrow.’

“Whose ass do I have to whip to get a drink around here?” she bellowed, hands on hips as her piercing blue eyes scanned the room.

“Kat, you better not start any trouble,” said a tall man behind the bar, his long grey beard, shoulder length hair and bushy eyebrows giving him the look of a cave dwelling hermit. He followed this pronouncement with a hearty laugh. “First one’s on me, beautiful,” he continued, “What’s your pleasure?”

“Two beers, Eddie,” Kat replied, walking to the bar and perching on a stool, Kitten and Melodie sitting on either side of her, “What’ll you have Red?” she asked.

“Ah…do you have any white wine?” Melodie asked as Kat and Kitten looked at her, smiling indulgently.

“I think we may have some in the back,” Eddie replied. “We don’t get a lot of calls for that in this dump.” He turned on his heel and walked through an open door at the end of the bar, appearing in a moment with a dusty green bottle. “Hope this is still good,” he muttered, removing the cork and pouring the wine into a whiskey tumbler. “I don’t have none of those fancy wine glasses,” he said apologetically.

Melodie took a sip. “It’s just fine, Eddie, thank you. And so is the wine.”

“A toast,” Kat said, “Friends and lovers forever.” Eddie’s eyebrows waggled when the three clinked glasses and downed their drinks. “Set ’em up again. Hey Kitten, let’s have some music.”

Kitten rose from her stool and ambled over to an ancient jukebox standing against the wall. She looked at it for a second then kicked the side. It lit up and began playing a mournful country song. Ignoring the stares of the other patrons, she resumed her seat at the bar, swigging her beer.

Melodie could hear the buzz of conversation behind her and looked in the bar’s mirrored wall at the other drinkers seated at the tables. Most were ignoring them. However, four rough looking men were staring at them, talking among themselves. Melodie felt safe with her friends and forgot the men as Eddie, Kat and Kitten began telling stories about their adventures on motorcycles.


Several hilarious stories, draft beers and glasses of wine later, Melodie asked where the bathroom was. Eddie pointed to a hallway across the room and resumed his conversation. Melodie was a bit unsteady from the wine she had consumed as she walked to the bathroom. As she passed the table where the men who had been watching them were sitting, she shivered at their leering smiles, one man licking his lips and winking. When she returned, one of them said, “Hey cutie, why don’t you join us for a drink?”

“No thank you,” Melodie replied politely, “I am with my friends.”

A tall man with black hair and a thin moustache stood up and grabbed her arms. “Whassamatta, sister, you prefer those dykes over some real men? We’ll show you a good time, won’t we guys?”

“Take your hands off me,” Melodie cried, twisting in his grip. “Leave me alone. I’m not interested in drinking with you or anything else.”

Black Hair tightened his grip and growled, “Now you be a good little girl and have a drink with us. We’re just as good as your butch girlfriends, maybe better.”

“Leave her alone, scumbag,” Kat’s voice barked. “She’s with us, not you. Now let her go, or you’ll regret it.”

Kitten appeared next to her, eyes narrowed to slits. “If you guys are looking for trouble, you’ve found it. Turn her loose now.”

“No dyke tells me what to do,” said a second man, standing up, beer gut covering his belt buckle.

“That’s right,” said a smaller man, his short wiry body clad in overalls and a checkered shirt. “You bitches are dead meat.”

The fourth man was standing too, saying nothing, his stocky body and round face reminding Melodie of wrestlers on TV.

Kat turned to Kitten and said, “Two for each of us. Seems about right. Which ones do you want?”

“Fatso and the thin one,” Kitten said in a low voice. “I want to see how far my fist will go into that belly.”

Melodie had had enough of Black Hair’s grip on her arms. Her self-defense training from last spring when a rapist was attacking girls on campus came rushing back to her. She brought her foot down hard on the man’s instep. He howled in pain, releasing her as she chopped upward with the flat of her hand, striking him in the escort aydın throat. He stumbled backward, choking, and she kicked him in the crotch, doubling him over as he fell. She kicked him again in the head, and he lay still.

“Hey, she can’t do that to Dan,” cried Beer Gut as he and Checkered Shirt rushed forward. Beer Gut swung a meaty fist at Kitten, catching her on the cheek, sending her slamming into a table. He swung again, but she ducked and delivered an uppercut to his chin. Blood pouring from his mouth, Beer Gut attacked again as Kitten pivoted on one foot and planted her boot solidly into his flabby stomach. Face turning purple he crumpled to the floor, wheezing like a wounded buffalo.

Checkered Shirt dashed at Kat, fists jabbing like a boxer. He landed two solid blows to her midsection, throwing her off balance. He attempted to hit her again, but Kat struck him in the face with her forearm, knocking him towards Melodie who slammed his face into the wall. Bleeding profusely, he slid down in a heap.

The Wrestler had watched silently as the women defeated his three companions. He scowled and lumbered towards Kat as she eyed him warily. Kitten and Melodie stepped back as the man attempted to pull Kat off balance and throw her to the floor. She was too quick for him and sent him stumbling back with one blow to his jaw. Recovering quickly, he charged toward her, knocking her against the wall. Stunned, she barely ducked a blow from his fist and landed another punch, this one squarely in his sternum, stopping him in his tracks. His face darkened and he lunged forward, his stubby fingers closing on Kat’s neck. She hammered his face as blood spurted from his nose and mouth, but she could not loosen his grip. Kitten pulled frantically at his hands until an up thrust elbow knocked her sprawling, blood running from a split lip.

Kat’s vision blurred as The Wrestler’s grip tightened and her blows became weaker. Then Melodie was behind him brandishing the wine bottle. She struck the man’s head with all her strength with no effect. A second blow brought a gush of blood from his scalp but he still had Kat in a death grip. Melodie swung a third time, there was a sickening crunch and the bottle shattered. The Wrestler released his grip and stood still. Kat staggered back, red faced and gasping for air. Kitten steadied her, slapping her back to help her breathe.

Melodie looked at the motionless Wrestler in amazement, the neck of the bottle still clutched in her hand. She drew back and kicked him squarely in his broad ass. He teetered for a second and fell forward, face smashing into the floor. There was a moment of silence broken only by Kat’s wheezing breaths. Then a cheer arose from the patrons who had gathered to watch the fight.

Melodie picked up a shard of bottle with the label on it, “1982, a good year for Chardonnay. And bottles too it seems,” she said with a smile.


When Kat awoke she was in a bed, Kitten and Melodie seated on the mattress on either side of her. “Man alive, that was one tough fight,” she said hoarsely, “What am I doing here?”

“You sorta faded out on us,” Kitten replied. “Eddie, Melodie and me carried you up here so you could rest.”

“What about those guys…? Kat began.

“One in jail, three in the hospital,” said Melodie. “The Sheriff had twenty witnesses that those guys started the fight, so we’re in the clear. How you feelin’ Mama?”

“Neck and throat are sore, but I’m okay.” She lightly touched Melodie’s bruised arms and Kitten’s bruised cheek and split lip. “Looks like you two have been in a fight. How you doin’?

“Lip hurts a little,” Kitten replied, rubbing the bandage, “But I think I’ll live.

Our Red here is quite the little scrapper. You saved Kat’s life. We won’t forget that.”

“Too bad it took three hits to put him down,” Melodie said in a low voice. “I saw him hurting you Kat, and I just went wild. I am so glad you’re alright.”

Kat stretched and held out her arms to her friends. The three cuddled on the bed exchanging kisses and shedding tears of relief.

“How long do we have this room?” Kat asked.

“As long as we need it,” Kitten replied, nuzzling Kat’s breasts.

“Mmmm…seems like we all have the same idea,” Melodie purred, her hand unzipping Kat’s jeans and rubbing her pussy.

Moments’ later clothing and boots littered the floor as they quickly stripped, the contact of their skins heightening their arousal. Kissing and stroking, they arranged their bodies in a circle, Kat’s face at Melodie’s pussy, Melodie’s at Kitten’s and Kitten’s at Kat’s, the companion’s first daisy chain.

Melodie inhaled the aroma of Kat’s hairless pussy, licking and sucking on the outer lips, tongue darting in the wet cleft to taste the salty juices. Kat’s mouth was busy on Kitten’s bare pussy, her tongue burrowing deep in the gooey folds, a cum soaked finger pumping in her lover’s asshole. Kitten filled her mouth with Melodie’s engorged pussy lips, tongue whipping between them, savoring the warm juices. Melodie moaned as Kitten’s finger probed in her asshole, twisting around. She had never been touched there before and liked it immediately. She slid her finger into Kat’s puckered hole, enjoying the deep moan it elicited from her lover.

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