Coming Hard

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“I don’t know,” she stammered, pulling her lips away from his. “It seems kinda … risky…”

He slid his hand further up her thighs, brushing the bottom edge of her boy shorts beneath her short skirt. His denim clad thigh was wedged between both of hers, the fingers of his right hand running just underneath the edge of her boy shorts at her ass. She’d worn them knowing her skirt was short and wanting full coverage, but even with it, his fingers left her feeling naked.

“No one will know…” he breathed into her lips as he slid his fingers along the curve of her ass.

She wriggled against him, feeling a tingling twitch deep in her belly. Their tongues, tangled together between breathes, lapped at one another’s mouths. They tasted and tested each other, exploring each other just as their hands wandered.

She slide her hands down her own back, grabbing his by the wrist and pulling them both in front of her. “Maybe we should… you know, go somewhere.” She pulled back from his lips long enough to bat her eyelashes at him. He smiled down at her, cheeks dimpling.

“We could, yeah.” He murmured, watching as she turned and pulled him down the hall toward the door.

“You paid our tab, right?” she looked back over her shoulder. He nodded at her and she continued pulling him toward the exit.

Hitting the cool air of the spring night, she shivered. He wrapped both of his arms around her waist, pulling her high, tight ass against his crotch. The walked to his car with him wrapped around her, and she snuggled into him, blocking the chilly breeze with his arms. As they approached his car, he pushed her against the driver’s side door gently. Willingly, she leaned against it, letting her cheek rest against the window pane as he ground his hips against her ass an stealthily lifted her skirt to feel her ass through her boy shorts.

“mmmm” she whimpered, cheek pressed against the car.

“You like that?” he whispered into her hair, again running his fingers below the seem of the boy shorts. His fingers were sliding from the outside of her right hip between her legs. With each back and forth movement, his fingers grew closer and closer to her pussy, which made her squirm and wiggle, hoping and wanting him to touch her, but also not wanting him to. “You do like that, don’t you?” he teased, just as his fingers brushed against her swollen outer lips.

Pushing her hips back, she made enough room to swivel herself around to face him. “Don’t tease me like that,” she pouted, looking up at him beneath her eyelashes. Her brown eyes were wide and guileless, rendering him breathless a moment.

“Don’t tease you like what?” he asked. He captured her pouting lips with his and plundered her mouth ataköy escort with his tongue. Their tongues tangled a while, their breathing coming heavier. When she finally broke away, his right hand was up her shirt, his left up her skirt, again toying wit the hem of her boy shorts. “Let’s go,” he said, as he pulled away from her and unlocked the door.

Instead of walking around to the passenger side, she crawled, ass in the air, from the driver’s side to the passenger side of his car. He watched as crawled over the seat, savoring the vision of her ass in the air, savoring the thought that it wouldn’t be the last time tonight it would be.

On the ride home, she held his hand in her lap while he drove to her place. She had her legs spread just enough for him to fit his hand against her pussy. He’d slid her shorts aside just enough to toy with her wet entrance. It was distracting to him how wet she was, but he kept his eyes on the road, his middle finger sliding smoothly between her moist lips. Every so often he slid it all the way inside of her, as far as his angle would allow him, and then back out. Her breathing hitched each time he did, and he felt her tensing and bucking against his hand.

By the time they made it to her apartment, her shorts were sopping wet. He adjusted them clumsily back into place before turning off the car. She sat panting for a minute before she hopped out of the passenger door. “You coming inside?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder.

Without answering, he got out of the car and followed her. Her skirt was a hitched up a little, he noticed, as she bounded up the stairs to her second floor apartment. He could just barely see the bottom of her shorts. Lifting his hand to his nose, he could smell her sent on his fingers. Smirking, he followed her up the stairs.

At the door, she fumbled with her keys. As she struggled to fit the key in the lock, he came up behind her, sliding both of his hands beneath her skirt. She giggled as his fingers found her moistness and he rubbed against her swollen clit above her shorts. Finally getting her key in the lock, she twisted it hard and opened the door. Both of them tumbled inside the door and he spun her around, shutting and locking the door as he pressed her against it.

She fumbled with the zipper on her skirt, tugging at it. She brushed his hands away and let the skirt drop to her feet as after she pulled the zipper down. She stood against the front door in a tank top and boy shorts, skirt pulled at her high heeled feet. He looked her up and down once before leaning down to capture her lips in a rough kiss and wrapping his arms around her, lifting her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and he carried her toward the living room couch.

“Mmm-mm” bakırköy escort she murmured against his lips. “The bed” she breathed. He turned mid-step and made his way toward her bedroom at the back of the apartment. Without turning on the light, he found his way to her bed, dropping her and letting her bounce on the mattress. She giggled, covering her lips with her hand as she hiccuped.

“Are you drunk?” he asked, smirking.

“Nope,” she smiled goofily. “I just need water!” She leaned over to grab the water bottle she kept on the night table, taking a deep drawn on it. Setting it back down, she looked up at him beneath her lashes.

“You look so delicious,” He said as he sank to his knees. She giggled, watching as he lifted her legs above his head, pulling her boy shorts over her hips and down her thighs. He left them tangled at her ankles, pulling her legs around his neck. He spread her thighs wide and began nuzzling one and then then the other, working his way up them. Her breathing caught in her through as she watched him work his way up her legs to the crux of her body.

Reaching the apex of her thighs, he breathed deeply of her sent, loving how aroused she was without him having even tasted her yet. Leaning forward, he brushed his lips against her inner thigh. Turning his head slightly, he flicked his tongue out and licked gently at her folds. He breathed deeply of her sent once more before burying his face between her legs.

He took his time lapping at her wetness, sucking on her clit, and moving his tongue in and out of her. As her hips bucked against his face, he used one arm to hold her hips as best he could while he moved his other hand up to her folds. Gently, he slid one finger in and out of her, enjoying the way her breath hitched with each of his movements. Once her breathing evened a bit, he slid a second finger in her, causing it hitch again. Once it evened out again, he slide a third finger inside of her, watching as she rocked her hips up and down on his hand and against his lips.

Looking down her body at him, she smiled crookedly. “Please…” she moaned.

“‘Please’ what?” he asked, smiling back.

“I … want … you…” she breathed, hips rocking against his hand. He bent his head to flick her clit with his tongue.

“How do you want me?” he asked, lifting his head to look at her up her body.

“Inside of me…” she whimpered.

Shifting, he removed his left arm from her hips and used his left hand it to loosen the buttons on his jeans. He shimmied them down his hips, stepping out of his Vans shoes and jeans. He grabbed his hard dick with his left hand. It jerked with his touch and he closed his eyes, head falling back slightly, as his hand closed around it. She watched hungrily as he slide his hand down and up his own length.

“Ooooh…” she breathed. Eyes opening, he looked down at her, fingers of his right hand still moving in and out of her. “You want this?” He held himself in his left hand, slowing moving it toward her slick opening.

“Oooh, yes… please.” she breathed.

Slipping his fingers from her, he slide them up and higher, pressing more firmly on her swollen clit. He fit the head of his cock against her opening, loving how wet she was from his previous attentions. “Like this?” he asked as he pushed the head of his penis inside of her.

“Yeeeesssss….” she breathed.

He anchored her hips to the bed with both of his hands, holding her down so he could slide his way inside of her at his leisure. She tried to buck against him, but he held her steadily with his weight and hands. When he was sheathed fully inside of her, he bucked his hips until he could feel himself hit the end of her.

“Do you feel that?” he asked, smiling down at her?

She opened her eyes wide, nodding as she panted. “Uh-huh. You’re so … deep inside of me.” Her eyes slid closed as she shifted her hips, seeking friction against him.

Slowly, he pulled back and out of her until the head of his cock almost slipped out. Looking down at her, he waited until she met his eyes before slamming his hips down, pushing himself hard back into her. On the bottom of his stroke she shifted her hips up, grinding her pubic bone and clit against him, seeking greater purchase. Together, they found a rough rhythm until her body was shaking with exertion. He could feel her body going ridged with the beginning of her orgasm, but before she came, he pulled out of her completely.

“Turn over” he whispered hoarsely, and she immediately flipped onto her stomach, pushing her ass in the air.

Grabbing her hips, he slammed himself inside of her, barely giving her time to adjust to the new position before he was shoving himself in and out of her. Pushing her ass back against him, she reached her left hand between her legs and toyed with her clit, using her own wetness to flick her fingers across her sensitive bud.

He slammed harder and harder into her, riding her so hard that she couldn’t keep her ass in the air. As her hips hit the mattress, her left hand was trapped between it and her hips, and she continued to wriggle against her own hand as his cock made its way in and out of her.

His rhythm became more erratic and she frantically fumbled with herself, building the edge of her orgasm. Just as he mad his final thrusts, she pushed herself over the edge into a deep orgasm.

Minutes later, panting, he pushed himself off of her and rolled on his back. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

“That was … good…” she said, before falling into a dreamless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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