Coming to the Seaside

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I had considered a well earned break in New York or some exotic beach with golden sands but alas neither time nor funds permitted that. Instead it would be two nights in Brighton, the home of fat drunks and a beach that disappears at dusk.

I wasn’t expecting too much as I arrived at the bed and breakfast. At just £18 a night this was not going to be the Brighton Hilton but as Brian, the owner, showed me the room, I was more than impressed. Two large double beds, en suite, kettle and a television that didn’t require coins every few minutes like the last time I had visited Brighton. Admittedly that was over twenty years ago.

‘This is great’ I remarked. Brian handed over the room keys.

‘I sleep odd hours so I may pop out front for a cigarette at daft o’clock.’

‘Oh I wouldn’t do that, it can get a little rough after dark, besides you can smoke in the room’ replied Brian.

I was in heaven. No trudging downstairs every hour or so for my nicotine rush, no hanging outside the building like some hopeful prostitute waiting for a client whilst puffing on a cigarette.

It was warm and sunny though now late afternoon as I strolled towards the promenade often referring to the street map I had printed out before arriving. I made a mental note of the attractions I had earmarked for the visit. Some I struggled to locate, others I noticed and smiled congratulating myself on my navigational prowess. Even with my mature years I still found it difficult reading a map.

It was on my way back to my digs I found Trading Hotel, in the next street to my own b&b in fact. The front door was closed but a patio door was open and I could see a man probably in his late twenties playing pool. I walked through the gate and stood at the patio door.

‘I hear this is the place to visit in Brighton’ I announced with nervous enthusiasm.

‘Maybe’ replied the solo pool player.

I approached the bar where another man appeared from the back.

‘What can I get you?’ he inquired.

I ordered a beer as the two men, clearly friends, chatted to each other.

‘Put some fucking music on’ the pool player said to the barman.

I spotted a large screen TV on the other side of the bar. While most bars showed sky sports on the big screen this one showed gay porn. I laughed.

‘I like your in house entertainment,’ I said to the pool player now sat at the bar. ‘so you can just wander around the floors upstairs, is that right?’ The pool player nodded and smiled.

I supped on my beer watching between the giant screen entertainment and the CCTV monitor showing several areas of the hotel. I watched a couple of people walk in, acknowledge the barman and then walk upstairs. I was unclear if they were residents or cruisers. I finished my beer placing the empty bottle gently on the bar. I almost tripped as I dismounted the bar stool either due to nerves, the fact it was my second beer of the day for a man almost religiously tea total but probably because the stool was so high. Well that would be the excuse I would use later.

The stairway was steep and the floorboards creaked with every step, probably a maintenance issue that worked well for the hotel. The idea was to wander the two floors searching out a room with the door slightly ajar. This was an invitation for the visitor to enter and make someone happy. A unique form of room service you could say. I wandered around the tight corridor looking for an open door. It was like a maze istanbul escort and he kept seeming to double back on myself. I was getting frustrated, all room doors were closed tight. I felt self conscious knowing the two downstairs were more than likely watching my movements on camera. Finally I passed someone in the corridor, one of the two men I had seen come in earlier.

I lingered as the man walked down the corridor behind me. I went into the toilet leaving the door slightly open behind me. I forced myself to pee. I watched the steamy piss shoot from his semi erect cock. Still facing the bowl I began gently caressing my cock. I felt the presence of the man behind me as he entered the small toilet shutting the door as he entered. The man moved close. I felt the man’s hard cock pressed against my leg. I turned around coming face to face with the slim, middle aged man. His crue cut hair gave him the look of an ex army man. We kissed as the man began fondling my hard cock. I loved the man’s tongue batter the inside of my mouth. I felt the bulge in the man’s tight trousers. The middle aged man pulled down his trousers revealing his hard, thick, uncut cock. I fell to my knees. It was smooth, already with a trace of pre-cum as I worked my tongue from his tight balls, along the thick shaft to the foreskin. I worked the foreskin back and forward sucking the man’s ball end each time. The man began moaning quietly at first before begging me to speed up. It had only been a few minutes but I could tell the man was close.

I stood up and the man now crouched to his knees taking my cut cock deep into his mouth. I moaned with pleasure as the man licked my balls. I began wanking myself off staring at the man’s thick cock. I spat on my own cock for lubrication and sat back on the toilet seat. I lifted my legs and while we both jerked off the middle aged man slipped his tongue into my tight arse. I helped by raising my legs higher and slumping back on the toilet seat. Again I moaned with pleasure. I leaned forward collecting the man’s pre-cum to use for lubrication. The man worked hard on his thick meat, his Calvin underwear supporting his tight balls. The man too moaned as he drew closer to climax. He licked his finger before working it into my arse. I wanked hard on my own cock completely turned on watching the man wank his own meat.

‘Make me cum, make me fucking cum’ I cried louder than I had meant to.

The man stood up, his eyes fixed on my eyes as he shot his thick, creamy load onto my balls and into my thick black pubes. I scooped the cream onto my hard dick rapidly working my hand along my cock. I groaned each time my clasped hand reached the tip.

‘Make me cum you fucker, watch me shoot my load’ I moaned.

I lifted my shirt ready as my creamy spunk shot onto my hairy belly. I watched the middle aged man dry his thick, uncut cock with toilet roll as I rubbed my seed into my belly. I watched as the man pulled up his Calvin’s. I was amazed a bulge so big could be contained inside the underwear. I stood up, my cock still hard but now wet too. We both smiled and kissed briefly before the man left the toilet closing the door behind me.

I walked down the corridor and downstairs to the patio exit. The cute, blonde pool player smiled and I smiled back. I wished it had been him in the toilet but hey I’d still enjoyed my visit to Trades.

‘See you later’ the pool player shouted.

‘Will do’ I replied.

Part two

My esenyurt escort return to Brighton was some six months later in mid-winter. Fuck it was cold, and windy as I got off the train and headed for my bed and breakfast. It was way before official check in time but I hoped I could just drop off my bag and check out the town. The wind blew heavy into my face. What I needed was somewhere warm and friendly, like maybe a sauna.

Brian, the b&b landlord was as friendly as last time and even this early had no problem in allocating me my room. This time it was room five on the top floor. I put my case in the corner of the room and headed out into the seaside wind. At least it wasn’t raining. The streets were pretty empty, the summer tourists obviously sunning themselves in the Caribbean at this time of the year. Most of the gift shops and amusement arcades were closed for the winter. The lack of fat, loud tourists and tat shops actually improved the place.

Aqua sauna was just a ten minute walk from the b&b. I stopped on the opposite side of the road and waited a few minutes whilst finishing my cigarette. I looked around before crossing over the road. As if I was likely to see somebody I knew around here. The manager was opening the door returning with milk and coffee as I approached.

‘Hi there, I’ll let you in’ he said smiling.

I followed him up the winding stairs to reception.

‘That’s 750’ said the manager handing me a clean white towel. I smiled back, partly out of courtesy, but mainly as I was pleasantly surprised at the price as it had stated ten pounds at the entrance. As I headed towards the lockers I heard two more people arrive. At least the place wasn’t empty.

I undressed placing his countless layers of clothing into the locker. I was surprised everything fitted. I had been kitted out for the arctic. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed inside. The whirlpool on my left was the first stop. There was already somebody inside and I climbed inside like a man three times my age. I was terrified of slipping inside. I lay back and let the warm water flow across my chilled body. My cock was tiny, I blamed the cold weather with some justification. The tall man opposite began talking to me. We exchanged pleasantries, he was up on a day trip from Preston but wasn’t sure if he was staying overnight. I wondered if he was fishing for an offer of a shared bed.

After a good fifteen minutes in the pool I wandered around the maze of rooms on the ground and upper floor. Although the radiators were working it was cold. I headed for the sauna room. The room was not large, benches on three sides could accommodate probably no more than half a dozen people. A large pillar separated the room into two. I went to the furthest side and, placing my towel on the bench, leaned back and soaked in the heat. Within a few minutes I was joined by a much older man. We both stared at each other without any inhibitions. Shit his cock was small I thought. I, by now, had achieved a decent erection.

I moved to the old man and we kissed. I loved the feel of rough stubble against my own face. The man kissed without his tongue at first until I began moving my tongue around his mouth. The other man then began returning the favour. I moved his hand between the old man’s legs and began gently stroking. His cock was now getting harder and I knelt down on the floor taking his semi hard cock into my wet mouth. It was etiler escort still not overly big but enough to fit it all inside his mouth. I began working my tongue along his shaft and then into his foreskin. I felt his tight balls as the man caressed my nipples. A few moments later another slightly younger looking man entered the sauna room and sat on the bench on the other side. It was quite dark inside but still light enough to see. I didn’t stop. The younger man got up and moved over sitting next to the older man. I leaned over taking his already hard member into my mouth. He too was uncut and much bigger as I took all he had to offer deep into my throat. I began to alternate between the two men sucking one and wanking off the other as I did so. Suddenly a third man entered the sauna. He dropped his towel onto the floor and I turned around to see his huge cut cock. ‘Fuck that’s a monster’ I thought. I opened my mouth wide as the guy stood tall forcing as much as he could into my wet mouth. I almost choked as the third guys meat touched the back of my throat. I instinctively pulled back as the guy pulled my head hard forward almost choking this three cock slut. As the first guy squeezed my nipples, the third guy filed his fingers along my arse crack. I knew the guy wanted a fuck but I wasn’t into that. He was just a cum loving oral guy.

I continued wanking off the first guy who was now close. I could hear him groaning. I turned around to take his cock into his mouth. I carried on wanking him off as I took his juicy uncut dick into his mouth.

‘Shoot your load, let me taste that hot cum’ I whispered.

‘Yeh, take it, fucking take it’ moaned the old man.

I wanked him off faster tonguing the inside of his foreskin as the guy shot his creamy load into my welcoming mouth. I swallowed his tasty deposit hungry for more. I turned to the second guy taking his thick load into my cum ready mouth. I jerked the man’s cock hard and fast forcing out every last drop of the juice. I swallowed all he had in his mouth and, using my tongue, pulled out any excess from the guys foreskin. The man jerked forwards moaning and smiling. I smiled back, I’d never blown three cocks in one session before. Fuck it was good.

I almost passed out from the heat of the sauna and moved out to one of the booths. A large screen was playing a movie featuring British boxers. I lay back and lubed up my hard cock. I soon had an audience as I pumped his own meat. I loved people watching me jerk off. The man with the huge cock climbed up next to me and we performed a sixty nine. I felt his soft lips move along my long shaft and onto my cock tip. I tried again to take the guy’s huge dick into my mouth, I thought I would choke again. I remembered reading that you should pretend you are yawning and tried it. It did seem to work. The guy licked his own fingers before working them into my arse hole. I moaned in pleasure, my arse filled with fingers, mouth filled with cock. A crowd watched, some of them wanking themselves off as the guy sucked hard on my hard balls. I knew I was close.

I stood up and began wanking my cock. The guy wanked his own huge cock as he sucked hard and squeezed my balls tight. I stood over monster cock watching him wank off and the spectators wank their hard dicks. I moaned with pleasure as the guy begged me to cum over his hairy cock. One last squeeze from the guy and I let out my creamy juice over the guys hard cock and hairy balls and into his pubes. I smiled, the guy smiled back as I exited the booth, cum splattered around the floor.

I dressed and contemplated a visit the next day. I hadn’t had so much pleasure in a long time, three cocks, two loads of tasty cum and all for just seven pounds fifty. Bargain.

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