Coming Together

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Big Tits

Dear Reader: This is not like my usual stories. There is no back-story, no descriptions of the characters (age, etc.). It is just a romantic moment in time and I hope that it will perhaps entice you put yourself into it, Thank you for any comments you might leave, I do appreciate them. And the story is dedicated to a beautiful lady who gave me support and suggestions in the writing. She is my friend and my muse and has helped me so much with my recent efforts. Enjoy… Ed (CanadianM)

He was a few minutes late as he let himself into the apartment. The room was dark with just the flicker of the gas fireplace providing a bit of light. As he took off his jacket he saw the two big chairs positioned across from one another by the hearth. He smiled, knowing what was to come. He walked toward the bedroom, and found it dark as well, just the sliver of light coming from the bathroom. He opened the door and saw her luxuriating in the big tub, candles providing the only illumination. She glanced at him and smiled as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt, rolling them upward. He took the big ceramic pitcher from the vanity and filled it with warm water and then knelt beside the tub. She leaned back, closing her eyes as he poured it over her head. Then he took the shampoo and poured some in his palm. His hand moved to her hair and he began washing it. She almost purred as his fingertips worked the shampoo into those beautiful tresses. He loved pampering this amazing lady, loved giving her pleasure. He took his time, soaping her head, then rinsing it off. When he finished he leaned in and gave her a soft kiss.

Standing he said, “Take your time, I will be in the living room waiting when you are ready.”

He returned to the bedroom, turning on the small lamp on the bedside table. He removed his clothes and smiled as he saw that she had laid out the silk robe she had given him for his birthday. Fully naked he put on the robe and moved to the living room. He lit the candles on the mantle of the fireplace then moved into one of the chairs to await her. He smiled as he saw she had placed small towels on each chair. He heard her moving around in the bedroom, and wondered how she would dress for their encounter.

Then she appeared at the doorway of the bedroom, the long black peignoir clinging to her beautiful curvy body. As she walked closer he could see that she was naked under the sheer garment, save for the pair of thigh high stockings that she knew he loved. She came to him, leaning close, and he caught the scent of her flowered soap. Softly she brushed her lips against his and then smiled, that dazzling smile he so adored.

She moved to the chair across from him in the darkened room. Flickers of light from the fireplace and the candles the only illumination. As their eyes met, her hands moved, undoing the tie at the front of the sheer garment, letting it fall open, one of her breasts becoming fully exposed. He watched as her fingers moved to her mouth, and she seductively wet her fingertips. Her other hand lifted that breast and with those fingers she began slowly circling the dark areola. Slow concentric circles until her fingers pinched bostancı escort a taut nipple.

He smiled and said, “Yes, touch yourself. For me”

She did not respond but moved slightly so the other breast was exposed to his eyes. She wet her fingertips again and then teased her other breast, both nipples now shining with the wetness from her saliva. Her hands moved over those wonderful globes of flesh, caressing, lifting, squeezing, as she sensually massaged them for him. All the while her eyes never left him. Who was the exhibitionist, who was the voyeur? Tonight it would be interchangeable. For now, there would be no touching one another, no kisses, no caresses, only their own hands caressing themselves until they both were self-satisfied.

She had taken the lead, but he was not far behind as his hand instinctively moved down his body, until it was touching the hard flesh between his legs. He left himself covered at first, just his fingertips moving lightly up and down the outline of his shaft over the silky robe. He saw her smile, run her tongue around her lips. Their eyes locked for just a moment. Her garment was completely open now; he could see the swell of her belly, the tuft of hair. She moved again, her legs spreading wider as she brought one finger to her mouth, sucking it and then bringing it down between her legs. She let it linger in that silky hair for just a second before slipping it down and untucking those beautiful lips below. Those lips he knew so intimately.

His robe was now open and his arousal so apparent to her eyes. With just two fingers he teased his shaft and then watched her smile as it gave an involuntarily twitch. A drop of wetness appeared at the tip. His fingers moved slowly, up and down the length and as they did he saw her mimic his rhythm as her fingertips caressed the length of her glistening slit.

His thumb rolled around the head as she lifted her fingers and little strands of wetness stretched between fingertips and those glistening nether lips. She took her eyes from him for just an instant, looking at her fingertips and then bringing them to her mouth and sucking on them erotically. He could feel a drop of pre cum drip from the tip and slide down his shaft as he watched her. He smiled and wrapped his fingers around the hardness and gave himself a squeeze.

Her fingers moved back between her legs, this time two of them slipping inside as she splayed herself wider. Her soft moan of pleasure broke the quiet of the room as she pushed them deep. His hand moved now, a nice steady rhythm, the veins of his shaft bulging as he stroked himself. He watched her other hand move down, one finger now teasing that delicious nub of flesh he so loved. Her hips raised as she touched it, and small whimpers of pleasure began escaping her lips.

Both were lost now, in their own pleasure and yet intimately together in their mutual pleasure. They took their time, enjoying the touching and the watching. Fingers probed and rubbed, hand stroked. Bodies flushed and soft sounds of pleasure filled the stillness.

He slowed occasionally, just edging as he waited for her, wanting to enjoy the bostancı escort bayan fullness of the pleasure with her. His fingers left his shaft and moved lower and caressed his balls and his cock twitched. He saw her fingers moving more quickly, heard her soft moans increase in intensity.

“Cum with me!” he heard her whisper

His hand moved faster now, gripping tighter, feeling the sensations build. He saw her eyes fixed on him as her fingers danced against her flesh. Both were near the point of no return. He saw her body quiver and heard her cry out, making those wonderful sounds that were music to his ears. His own deep growl escaped his throat. Leaning back he felt the sweet release and ropes of his cum splashed on his chest and belly.

Both just sat there for a moment, savouring the sensations, no words spoken, none needed. It had been perfect.

Then she got up, moving across the few feet that separated them. She knelt down, her soft breasts and hard nipples brushing his thighs. Her lips found his manhood and she softly sucked him, her tongue swirling slowly around his flesh. Her eyes were on his as she suckled him and then she she let him fall from her lips as she began kissing up his body, licking the little globs of his cum. He let out a long soft moan as her tongue, slick with his seed rolled around his nipple.

“Kiss me,” he pleaded, “I need your kisses!”

Then their lips were together, sharing one of those long delicious open-mouthed kisses that they loved, one that went on and on and on. His hand stroked her hair and feathered down her back as their tongues softly played. Her body felt wonderful on him; her breasts against his chest, the silky patch of hair rubbing sensually against his now soft cock. He held her tight, totally lost in her, loving the intimacy.

When the kiss broke, she ran her tongue slowly around his lips and then said, “I need more of you, take me to the bedroom and make love to me!”

Together they stood, her hand finding his, fingers interlocking as they walked slowly toward the bedroom. She leaned into him, her one breast pressing against his side.

They kissed again as they stood at the foot of the big bed, a place they had shared intimacy so many times. She moved onto the bed, lying down, spreading her legs invitingly. He took a pillow and as she arched her back placed it under her, tilting her hips at a perfect angle. He smiled at her and saw her bite her lip in anticipation. He knelt then, between her legs, taking his fingertip and running it up between those already glistening lips. He loved how wet she got and he so wanted to taste her.

His head dipped and his lips found the soft smooth flesh of her inner thigh. He kissed and licked it. As he moved his lips to the other thigh he blew lightly over the pink valley between. His lips then caressed the flesh of her other thigh, slowly moving upward toward the sweetness he craved. He stopped for a moment and inhaled the scent of her hot sex. Her fingertips found his hair, guiding him to her.

He was in his happy place, totally enjoying her, the scent, the taste, the feel of her against his escort bostancı lips and tongue. That tongue moved, up and down, side to side, his lips now coated with her sweet nectar. She was already sensitive from their play and when his tongue flicked against her extended clit she squirmed and let out a whimper of pleasure. He moved down again, this time pushing his tongue into that slick sweet tunnel of pleasure.

He felt her hands grip his hair a bit tighter as his tongue pushed in and out. Because of their play in the living room, it did not take as long to bring her up again. “Yes, oh yes!” he heard her moan as his lips now encircled that sensitive nub of flesh at the top.

Gently he sucked it and the tip of his tongue teased against it. She was more animated now, her hips rising, the sounds of her pleasure increasing in volume. He knew she was getting close and he slipped two fingers into the hot wetness and began moving them in and out as his lips and tongue ministered to her clit.

His fingers pushed deeper, hooking up, finding that special spot that would push her over the edge. And he was rewarded, she cried out his name, her body quivered and one hand gripped his hair and the other the bed sheet.. He kept going, giving her as much pleasure as he could. Her second orgasm more powerful than the one she had in the living room. His tongue flicked and she quivered as little aftershocks pulsed through her body.

He was grinning as he lifted up, his face awash with her wetness. He nuzzled his nose in that silky hair. He kissed her belly. He kissed each breast, rolling his tongue around her taut nipples. He kissed her neck. And then their lips were together in another long delicious kiss.

His own body had revived and his hardness nestled against her throbbing and swollen mound.

“I need to be in you!”

They moved in unison so that his manhood slipped into her. He pushed nice and deep as they kissed again. They established a slow steady rhythm and he felt her hips rise to meet each deep thrust. Her hands found his shoulders, nails raking his flesh. It felt so good to be inside her, her flesh around his, clenching him. He lifted up, his eyes meeting hers as he felt her legs wrap around his.

“Oh god, yes!” she moaned, “Fuck me hard!”

His throbbing flesh moved like a piston in her slickness. He so wanted them to cum together, but was now lost in his own need. As his body flushed, he heard her moans become tiny yelps and he could hold back no longer. Thrusting deep he felt his cock pulse and he growled at the sweet release. They kept going, locked together in this dance of passion. Her hand slid between them, touching that magical button of flesh and then she too was pushed over the edge into the abyss of pleasure.

They held one another tight, savouring the wonderful sensations, their lips together in a passionate caress. It was a moment neither wanted to end. The room was quiet now and it was a time they both loved. Clinging to one another, not wanting to let go, skin on skin, still completely together.

Then, as he softened, he slowly slipped from her. She clenched his flesh one last time, so reluctantly let him go. Together they moved into that wonderful position they both loved. He cuddled into her; his soft flesh now nestled in the crease of her bottom, his arms around her, one hand cupping a full breast. He softly kissed her neck and whispered, “Happy Valentines Day my love.”

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