Comp Tickets

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From Behind

He was walking the concourse, helping people find their way in the huge stadium. He watched for the anomalies, particularly anyone that didn’t appear to be interested the game, especially with a backpack. It hadn’t happened, fortunately. What he had learned to spot were patrons not wearing team colors. They were usually newbies. The well dressed were looking for the suites, and the access was intentionally not obvious. Sometimes there was a couple looking for a good place to eat, not easy to find among the hot dogs and burgers.

He easily spotted Rob when he entered. Rob looked like someone had grabbed his red hair and stretched him, making him tall and skinny. When they were close, they high-fived, “Go Crocs.”

Rob smiled, “Hey, thanks for the tickets.” He turned, “This is Sherry,” indicating the girl with him.

She only came up to Rob’s shoulder. She had shiny, black hair, green eyes, bright red lips and a wonderful body that her Crocs T-shirt and torn jeans did nothing to hide. Seeing the wear on the knees made him wonder.

He looked her over and said, “How do you ugly guys get all the beautiful girls? I guess you have a huge…” he spread his hands apart, “…Bank account.”

She smiled, “Did you get the tickets for us?”

“Yeah. I’m glad to see that you used them. It ticks me when I give tickets to someone and they give them to someone else, or just don’t show up at all.”

“I would never do that. I want to thank you.” She put her arms around his neck, pulled him to her and kissed him. Her mouth opened and her tongue explored his. She pressed her full body against him, grinding her pelvis against his. He was certain he could feel her nipples through her T-shirt and wondered if ataköy escort she could feel his sudden erection.

When she stepped back, he could see a nipple dotting the center of the ‘C’ in Crocs.

Turning to Rob, “I never get a thank-you like that from you.”

“Oh, well.” And Rob puckered up and started for him.

He stopped him.

“You don’t love me anymore,” pouted Rob.

“You’re not my type.” They laughed.

“Well. Tell you what,” said Rob. After the game we’ll be at McCaw’s. Meet us there and I’ll buy you a drink.”

She stepped up to him again, gave him a hug and whispered in his ear, “Hope to see you there.”

They walked away and he considered going into one of the men’s room stalls to handle his erection. But he was stopped by a couple looking for cotton candy for their kids, then three girls who couldn’t find their seats, and then a couple asking about restaurants.

He didn’t forget about Sherry, but at least part of him relaxed.

The Crocs won and he celebrated with everyone as they left. “One down,” “See ya next week.” “We are awesome.” “We’re Number One.” He smiled, knowing at lot more guys were going to get laid than if they had lost. Celebration was always better than commiseration.

He cleared his paperwork and left the stadium. Heading for McCaw’s, he felt a stirring in hopes Sherry would still be there.

And she was; right beside Rob at the bar. He got a beer and Rob found them a table. They sat with Sherry between them.

“Linver won it for us.”

“How can you say that? What about all the guys protecting him? He couldn’t do it alone.”

“Well, no. But that’s their job. They’re supposed to protect him.”

“And bakırköy escort he’s supposed to score. Everyone does their job, we win.”

Sherry had her hand on his thigh and he wasn’t really interested in Rob, the game, or his beer. He was faking it.

Rob shrugged, “Gotta go drain the snake.” And headed for the men’s room.

Sherry snuggled closer, “Do you get to go all the games?”

“Yeah, and all the concerts. Do you go to all the games?”

“No, I can’t afford tickets. I usually just come here and watch.”

His first thought was, beer and nachos still cost, but then he realized, she probably never had to buy a drink.

“Do you always get free tickets?” she smiled.

“Not always, but often.”

She stood, pulled him up. “I never got to thank you for the tickets.” She led him down the hall, past the men’s and ladies’ and through an unmarked door. It was dimly lit but he could see boxes and cartons of beer and whiskey. She turned, embraced him as she locked the door. She wrapped her arms around him, pressed her body to his, her lips on his, her tongue searching.

Her hands unbuckled and unbuttoned his pants and she knelt on those well-worn blue jean knees. She pushed his pants and shorts down and his erection popped free.

She wrapped one hand around his cock as she kissed the tip. This was not her first rodeo. Her tongue went round the tip, pushed into the slit, popped the tip in her mouth. Ran it to the back of her throat, then back up, letting the tip pop out noisily. One hand stroked back and forth and the other massaged his balls. He felt himself growing, getting ready to shoot.

And she stopped, stood, pushed her jeans down, turned and bent over a stack of cartons, her ass sticking out. It was a narrow lovely ass and below it her lips were swollen and wet

“I am so hot, so wet. Fuck me.”

He was hard, she was wet, and there was no problem entering. He placed his hands on her hips, found her wet hole and pushed. He was surprised that she was so tight. But once he was in all the way, she relaxed. And tightened again. She was loose when he pushed in, then she would tighten as if to hold him there. When she relaxed, he would withdraw and then drive deep again.

He looked down at the little rosebud of her asshole and ran his thumb across it.

“Stick a finger in my ass.”

He obliged and she shook with what he hoped was an orgasm. He felt her hand come back under her and grab his balls and that was all it took for him to begin shooting deep inside her. Shot after shot as he pumped until he pushed in as far he could and held it, feeling her shake beneath him.

He held her hip, withdrew his finger, and felt his cock soften and slip out.

She turned, pulled up her pants, put her arms around him. “Thank you. I really appreciate the tickets.”

“Any time.” He pulled up his pants.

“Yeah. Anytime you can get tickets, I would appreciate it.”

“I like the way you appreciate.”

“I only need one.”

“I might be able to do that.” Free tickets were rare, but maybe.

“But if you can get two, that would be better.”

“For Roy?”

“No, for Leanne. She loves the Crocs, too.”

“Oh. Will she be appreciative, too?”

“You betcha,” She smiled.

“Is she like you?”

“You mean bisexual?”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” His imagination went into overdrive.

“That she likes to eat pussy and suck cock like me?”

“Yeah. That’s what I thought you meant.”

“And she likes it in the ass.”

Hell, he would buy tickets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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