Conference Call

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Image is important at R.H. Bank. My name is Bob Ramsey, operations manager of R.H. Bank’s fraud department. One night in particular stands in my mind as a testament to my abilities as a competent manager, protecting the bank’s image in the public eye. It was late on a Friday, and the department was winding down. I sat in my office putting the finishing touches on a report to corporate.

An employee named Helen walked into my office, one of the best fraud assessors we had. She wore a white buttoned vest and a black skirt, cut off at the knees. That’s company policy, you know. People might call it old fashioned, but back in the day, women were expected to wear skirts in the business place, and I’m not one to buck tradition. Helen had an air of confidence that I don’t normally see in her.

“Good evening, Helen. Have a seat.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ramsey.” When she sat down, she adjusted her glasses. They definitely gave her appearance a nerdy, librarian flavor.

“What can I do for you?”

“Well,” she paused. “You know times are tough, with the economy and all.”

“Of course.”

“And I know R.H. Bank’s policy about having second jobs.”

“That’s right. Our associates must maintain R.H. Bank’s quality image at all times.”

“I’ve been thinking lately… about getting one.” Her face became pained.

“I see… I hope you’re not in any financial trouble.”

“No, no. I just have the opportunity to make some decent money on the side, but…”

“Well tell me! Let me know what you have in mind and I’ll consider it.” Helen made stern eye contact. I’d never seen her so serious. Her lips formed her next words in a way that I’d only seen in movies. It was sultry. It made me notice her hot red lipstick. How did I not notice it before? Her lips pursed.

“Phone sex operator.”

I could hardly stifle my chuckle. The idea was preposterous.

“There’s no way an R.H. Bank associate can be employed as a phone sex operator. What would that say about our company?”

“No one would know! But it could make me a lot of money! And I’m good at it!” That last bit made me pause. The thought of Helen talking dirty late at night… A hand slowly hiking up that skirt that our company expects so much… I had to shake myself. How could I be overcome with such thoughts? Some responsible manager I am!

“S… sorry. There’s no way, Helen. If any of the higher-ups found out, it would be my ass on the line.” I was starting to sweat. Was it getting warmer? “We just can’t have our associates peddling smut.”

“It’s not just smut! It’s something beautiful.” She seemed so sincere…

“Beautiful! I doubt it.”

“I’ll show you.” So matter-of-fact!

“Sh… Akbatı escort show me?”

“I’ll lock myself in the conference room and give you a call. I guarantee that I’ll make you feel a way that you’ve never been felt before.” She stood and walked out of the office. Not even a discussion! On the way out, her ass swayed, telling me things in its own language. It said, “I’ll show you.” We’ll see about that.

I forced myself to chuckle. If we go through with this and someone finds out, I’ll be fired for sure. What a scandal. On the other hand, what’s the harm in humoring her a little? I leaned back in my leather chair. The blinds on the windows were wide open. If only those people could only hear what I was in store for…

The office phone rang. I smiled to myself as I picked it up. “R.H. Bank. This is Bob Ramsey, how can I help you?”

A soft moan floated from the phone. I have to admit, it caught me off guard.

“Bob.” One word uttered, filled with lust. That image of Helen late at night forced itself back into my mind. I’m not so quick to dismiss it this time.

“Wh… who is this?” I decide to play along. What’s the harm?

“My pussy is dripping for you, Bob. Let me come in there and sit on your lap. I want to grind it into your cock and show you how wet it is.”

I leaned forward.

“Oh…? What would you… do next?”

“I’d pull my shirt open and press my firm, full breasts against you… God, my nipples are so hard just thinking about it.”

I sat quietly for a few moments. Her voice… it sounds so different now. Was this really Helen? I slowly got out of the chair and closed the blinds. The floor looked busy. People were running back and forth, hoping to hit deadlines. They’ll be fine without me for a few minutes. I sat back down and felt my erection against my leg. I wonder how long that had been there?

“What would you do to me?” she asked.

“I’d grab your ass and squeeze it, hard.”

Where did that come from? It was like my subconscious was answering on its own at this point. My subconscious continued. “I love your ass. I love seeing it every time it leaves my office.”

“Are you hard?”

I felt my cock pressing against my pants, urging to be free.

“Rock hard.”

“It would be a shame to let that go to waste. I’m not wearing any panties, you know.”

Was she telling the truth? Was she in this office just a moment ago with her pussy open to the world? Does it matter?

“What should I do?”

“Stroke it. Unbuckle that belt and stroke your rigid cock.”

I couldn’t resist. I’ve masturbated in the office before, sure. Things get stressful from time to time, and I Aksaray escort bayan would need a release. This was different though. I felt a lust that I couldn’t describe. I held the phone against my shoulder and began to caress my shaft.

“Are you wet?” I had to know.

“I’ve been wet since the moment I walked into your office. Ohh Bob… I’ve had dreams about you. Night after night, I would lay in my bed, running my finger up and down my pussy. I would picture myself underneath your desk with my lips around your cock… I have to touch myself now just thinking about it.”

The thought of her mouth wrapped around my cock fueled my fire. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes. I started talking back to her.

“I want to lick your pussy. Up and down. Over and over. My tongue needs to touch against your lips, taste your wetness… I’m hungry for it.”

I heard her moan again. Could she really be touching herself a mere room away? All for me?

“Let me fill my mouth with your cock. Let me hold your balls in my hand. I won’t stop until I feel your warmth trickle down my throat.”

That was it. I couldn’t stand it any longer. The orgasm was so intense, I had to stand up. My cum shot forward, hitting the floor. A few drops managed to land on my black slacks, but I didn’t care. I only had one thought on my mind., that Helen was in a conference room nearby, fingering herself, and I don’t want anything more than to take her right there on the table.

I left the phone on the desk and zipped back up. As I left the office, I noticed that there wasn’t a single soul that looked up. They were all working intensely. Good. I knocked on the door to the conference room and she let me in. Helen stood by the door, still holding the phone. Her face was flushed and she seemed short on breath. The look on her eyes told me that she didn’t expect me to show up, but hoped I did. Then she noticed the stain on my slacks and smirked. I shut the door behind us, locking it.

“Can I take the job?” she asked, tilting her head to the side.

“You can have any job you want. Just… Please… Let me…” I walked to her with my arms outstretched. My body had to have her. Her words on the phone were a magic spell, and I was charmed.

We met each other in an embrace kissing like we were in the back seat of a Toyota on prom night. I wrapped my arms around her ass and lifted her onto the conference table. She spread her legs. Seems that she wasn’t lying after all. Her shaved pussy glistened in the fluorescent light. I kneeled and tasted her. A shiver of delight traveled briefly through her body. My tongue traced her slit, stopping to tease her clitoris ever so slightly. Escort Ankara She placed her hands on my head, motivating me to continue. I spread her lips with my fingers and licked deeper, penetrating her with my tongue. I could feel her muscles tighten around me, not wanting me to escape.

All these sensations reinvigorated me. My cock grew firm, once again shackled by my slacks. Still, I paid attention to Helen’s needs. She began to moan. If anyone walked by the conference room at that moment, they would hear us for sure. None of that mattered to me, however. For now, the only two people in the world were us. I sucked gently on Helen’s clit as I worked my right index and middle fingers into her. The moans were louder. I could feel her warm flesh from the inside. I fingered harder and harder until I couldn’t contain my passion any longer. I stood in front of her, stripped my pants, and presented myself to her. She looked at my manhood, her glasses slightly askew, and soundlessly moaned at the anticipation. I could feel the heat from her pussy against my cock.

Normally, I would have teased her with it for a little bit to get her really excited, but today, I couldn’t help myself. I thrust myself into her, leaning over her body. This time, the moans were mine. She fit around me so tightly. It was incredible. My mind raced over all the times we spent with each other professionally and now it’s come to this. I would have never believed it. With both hands, I grabbed at her shirt, ripping it open to expose her bouncing breasts. I grasped them like my whole existence depended on them. Her nipples were firm, ripe for play. I slowed my pelvis’ movement for the chance to wrap my lips around her left nipple. I nibbled on it to her delight. Partially satisfied, I stopped and slid myself deeper inside her.

At this point, we may have well been screaming. Again, it didn’t matter. Our piston movement intensified. Her wetness covered my cock completely. I could feel her rhythm change. It was faster now. I knew that she was close to orgasm. The thought filled me with excitement. I pushed into her harder, quicker. She arched her back as the muscles in her pussy began to contract, spasming as she came. I withdrew with an answer, spurting my cum over her body. The ropes draped over the clothes that this bank loves so much. Helen laid back, sprawled on the table as her chest heaved. I slumped back into a chair, my cock slowly falling to the side.

I knew then that the company’s image was in good hands. I figured that if an associate was going to be a phone sex operator, they may as well give a performance that the bank could be proud of! Of course, Helen and I had a different sort of relationship from then on. She would service me underneath my desk during conference calls, making the discussion much more interesting than normal. And, from time to time, I’d get a phone call from the conference room. Like any responsible manager, I would be there to listen when an employee had something to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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