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Avery and I have been friends since we were in diapers; our parents are childhood friends and have been neighbors for most of their lives as well. As kids we were inseparable and where you saw one, the other wasn’t too far behind. We listened to the same music, we liked the same style of clothes and shoes, even our personalities were almost the same. But freshman year of high school, Avery’s family had temporarily moved to stay with her grandmother in the city, about thirty minutes away. Despite her parents making that long thirty minute drive to work, Avery transferred schools. And since we both didn’t have the means to travel that distance, we barely got to see each other during that year.

I was extremely excited when she called to tell me the news that they were going to be taking residence next door once again. Except when they moved back, well, Avery was a little different.

But what was three years ago and now she’s a mixture of old and new Avery. I supposed I can’t really talk. I’ve done quite a bit of changing of my own when she was gone— fell into the wrong crowd and all that. I have a real penchant for making bad decisions and getting into trouble. I guess maybe that’s why I didn’t bat an eyelash when she admitted that she worked as a prostitute on the weekends. She had been worried that my opinion of her would change and that I wouldn’t want to be friends with her anymore; that she felt guilty for not telling me. I shrugged it off. After all, the things I’ve done… Well, let’s just say I have absolutely no room to judge. So, I don’t.

A while ago, she booked a room in a seedy hotel that was located in a really bad neighborhood. She had to spend that weekend alone. While making a run to a convenient store next door, she got jumped by six girls. Outnumbered, they beat the shit out of Avery and stole her money, cellphone, and mp3 player. It was nearly an hour before she was able to get help. If it weren’t for a stranger walking home, who knows what would have happened. In the end, Avery suffered multiple bruises, contusions, lacerations, and a few fractured ribs. I’ve been spending the weekends with her ever since. I’m no stranger to violence and I’ve taken up a habit of always having a knife on me. So, I’m not worried about being able to defend myself. All that aside, I’m also her eyes and ears for anyone familiar that we might run into since she didn’t want her family to find out how she was spending her weekends.

“Where are you going to go while you wait?” Avery asks her voice full of concern. Tonight, we did the same thing that we’ve done for the last three months— it’s a routine now. We got ready, we packed up, and we came to the same two-star hotel, in the same crappy neighborhood to spend the weekend. Luckily my older brother was able to swing by the liquor store for me because having a few drinks honestly makes the waiting that I have to do a lot easier. I’m not as restless when I’ve been drinking.

“I’m not sure and it’s not like I can drive around since I’ve been drinking. How many do you have anyway?” I question as I hide the bottles that we brought with us.

“Well, I’ll be with this guy for two hours and then I have two more scheduled after him. I won’t be done until four in the morning. Are you sure you’re okay with waiting that long?” She takes my phone off of the charger and hands both items to me.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” I wave a dismissive hand as I check to make sure I have everything I need. “Be careful and call me if anything. I don’t care what for.” I say with a pointed look. After a couple of jokes about the different types of trouble I could get into— like finding a willing body so that I can get laid while I wait— we finally say our good-byes. I wobble my way outside and take a seat on a bench that is in the middle of the hotel’s outdoor courtyard. Getting myself situated, I pull out my cellphone and headphones. I mentally cursed myself out when I realized that I forgot my car keys upstairs. Oh well, there isn’t anything I can do about it now and it’s not like I can go anywhere anyway, I thought to myself. I’ve got everything I need; after all, browsing the internet can provide hours of entertainment.

I’ve been watching brain numbing videos for at least an hour and noticed that I’m no longer alone. A guy in his mid-twenties is pacing near the hotel exit with a phone to his ear. I was so focused on my own phone that I didn’t even see him there. I figured that since it had been a while since anyone came out here and how late it is, I wouldn’t be seeing anyone else for the rest of the night, so his appearance is a surprise.

Looking at him from under my lashes, I take in his height and size. He is extremely tall— well over six feet— and bulky compared to my petite and slender frame. His features are rugged; making him appear to be the brooding type. From where I sit, I can see his dark military-cut hair and I assumed that his eyes are equally as dark. Even in the dim lighting istanbul escort I can tell that Mr. Yum’s skin is only a shade or two darker than my own.

Mentally shrugging, I turn back to my cellphone to look up more videos. Checking the time, it’s just after one in the morning and I sigh at the thought of how much longer I’m going to have to wait before I can head back upstairs. “May I sit here?” The deep timbre voice causes me to shiver. Looking up to address the speaker, I wasn’t surprised to see Mr. Yum standing before me and waiting for my answer.

“Yeah, help yourself.” I respond and turn back to my phone. If I thought he was good looking from afar, his looks were damn near devastating up close. It took all I had to not drool all over myself. And fuck did the man smell fucking good! He took a seat at the opposite side of the bench and his scent drifted to me on the breeze- like pine, leather, and musk. All male. My tummy fluttered as I discretely inhaled his aroma. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, sweet smelling colognes are stupid, and there isn’t anything sexier than a man who smells like a man should.

We sat for a while, I watched videos and he tinkered on his phone as well. I was worried at first that it would be an awkward silence, but it wasn’t. It was a companionable silence shared between two strangers. “Aren’t you a little young to be out this late?” Mr. Yum asks. His question was so random that I couldn’t help but jump a little.

“I’m eighteen.” I answer with a smile. I know what he sees when he looks at me. The same thing everyone sees: a girl who appears no older than sixteen, at the most.

“Are you really?” He prods incredulously with both of his eyebrows raised.

“Yeah.” I shrug. “It’s because I’m short.”

“That might be it.” He nods in agreement. “I’m sorry if I offended you though.”

“Oh, no!” I say with a laugh. “It’s okay. I get that all the time.”

“I’m Sid, by the way.” He says and offers his hand to me.

“Hi, Sid.” I take his hand in my own. “I’m Belle, but everyone calls me Tink.”

“Tink huh? Well, it’s nice to meet you, Tink.” His grip almost felt intimate and he was warm to the touch. Sid didn’t drop my hand or simply let it go. He slid his hand out of mine very slowly, gently running his thumb over my knuckles and his fingers over my palm before releasing me.

After our introduction, we fell into easy conversation and I lost track of time. He explained that he was here on leave to visit family and his cousin ditched him to get laid. He said that he was in the military and had just come back to the states after being deployed for sixteen months. He shared all of the places that he’s traveled to over the years and which countries he’d like to visit again someday. He revealed that he was twenty-five, single, half Irish and half Asian.

I discovered that Sid’s personality was almost a direct contradiction to his looks. While his height and mass made him appear intimidating, I detected a little bit of nerd in the undertones of some of his comments. Was it an act? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. Talking to him was helping to pass the time. He also asked a lot of questions like where I’m from, what ethnicity I am, if I’m really eighteen, and what I was really doing out this late and all by myself. I didn’t feel the need to lie about it, so I told him the truth. If he was shocked at my reason, his face didn’t show it.

For me, it was all in fun, innocent flirting. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my jacket with me and I found myself shivering in the cool night air. “Are you cold?” He asks.

Nodding and rubbing my arms to take away some of the chill, I answer, “Yeah. I didn’t think it was going to be so cold tonight.”

I was a little surprised when a light flush started creeping up his cheeks and he started avoiding my eyes. “Well, would you like to come to my room?” He asks almost sheepishly. Rising his eyes to meet mine, he rushes on at my expression, “We can just sit and talk. Or we can sit in the lobby if you want.”

I didn’t respond immediately I just sat and looked at him. He’d been so open and friendly since he sat and his actions now were threatening to make the situation awkward. I mentally scolded myself for entertaining the idea of actually going to his room. I didn’t know him and it probably would be a really stupid idea. Then again, I have a track record for doing really stupid shit. Like the time I threw paint on the principal’s car. Or the time I busted the laundromat’s window. Or the time I set a field on fire. Then there was the time I picked a fight with a girl who was nearly five times bigger than me. I’d certainly had one night stands before. My friends even joke that I’m actually a boy trapped in a female’s body. Then again, all of those things happened when I was recklessly drunk. You know the fuck-shit-up type of drunk… “Sure. We can go up to your room.”

The kadıköy escort layout of his room was no different than the room Avery and I were sharing. The only difference was how neat he kept it. While our room had clothes, shoes, jewelry, and make-up strewn on damn near every available surface since Avery is like a hurricane when she gets ready, his room was orderly. He actually had his clothes hanging in the closet, his suitcase tucked away, and shoes were neatly lined up against the wall. From where I stood, I could see that even his toiletries were in order. “Are you hungry? I think this place as twenty-four hour room service.”

“They do.” I answer absentmindedly as I part the curtain to check out his view.

He’d been silent since we entered the room, just watching me intently as I inspected his space. He sat on the bed and scooted himself back so that he could lean on the headboard. “Want to watch TV?”

“Yeah, sure.” I closed the curtain and sat in a chair next to the desk that all hotels seem to have. He turned on the TV and started flipping through channels after making a comment about how annoying the on-screen TV guide is. His ‘I don’t know why it always resets itself. I already had it on the channel I wanted,’ comment made me chuckle and eased some of the tension I was feeling. After choosing a corny comedy movie, we shared some good laughs as he and I commentated on the ridiculousness of it— like ‘he can a red cup a second ago and now his cup is blue’, ‘handguns don’t have that many bullets!’, ‘look, you can see the cameraman in the reflection’. I was completely relaxed again.

My back and butt had gone numb half way through the movie and I started squirming in the uncomfortable hotel chair. Sid must have noticed because I heard a soft, ‘Come here, Tink’, While he held up an inviting arm. I honestly didn’t even question it and walked over to the bed, situating myself next to him. I barely held back a squeak of surprise as he put an arm around me and pulled me flush against him— any closer and I’d end up in his lap. Without thinking, I leaned into him and placed my hand on his chest. I managed to suppress the shiver that threatened when I felt the hard muscles hidden beneath his shirt. To distract myself, I started to absentmindedly fiddle with the chain that held his dog tags— a bad habit I have, that’s almost like counting the beads.

He shifted a few times and eventually his leg ended under my own. It hadn’t escaped me that if someone were to see us, we’d look like lovers. I had a hand on his chest, my leg thrown over his, completely plastered to his side. He had his arm around me, almost possessively resting against my hip. His body was deliciously warm, plus his scent surrounding me, and his thigh had rubbed against my sex a few times. I’m not sure if he did it on purpose or not, but I was nearly beyond the point of caring. I was getting horny. And I was known for taking what I wanted. And at that moment, I wanted him.

As if reading my thoughts, his hand downward to the top of my ass and squeezed. A cascading array of butterflies and heat pooled in my belly once I made my decision. Before I could talk myself out of it, I undulated, purposely rubbing my sex against his thigh. Once, twice, three times. “Tink?” He questioned hesitantly. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” I answered and moved again, this time softly nudging his balls with my knee. A soft moan escaped me at the friction.

“I didn’t bring you up here for that.” He stated as he tilted my chin up with his fingers.

Meeting his eyes, “I know. But I want it.” There was nothing else that I needed, or wanted, to say. I couldn’t make it more clear what my intentions were. He searched my eyes for so long that I almost felt ashamed for being so brazen. But then he cautiously leaned in and touched his lips to mine. It was just a brief and gentle meeting. But I wanted more. He searched my eyes again before kissing me with a little more pressure. I brought my hand to his hair and slightly tugged, bringing him closer. He took my lead and leaned into me so that I ended up flat on my back with him hovering above.

His tongue traced my seam, asking to be let in. I parted my lips and the taste of him exploded in my mouth. It became a dance of seduction between our tongues— like we were dueling for dominance. He deepened the kiss, rolling himself and I opened my legs to position him beneath my thighs. He met my fervor and our movements became nearly desperate. He pressed himself against me and rocked his hard length on my center. I moaned in his mouth in want, needing the delicious friction. My dampened panties uncomfortable, my nipples hardened points and the material of my bra irritating. My heart was racing and I could feel his slamming against my chest. “Sid.” I whispered his name as a plea.

He sat up and tore his shirt off like it offended him, tossing it away; my top and leggings immediately kağıthane escort followed all the while keeping eye contact. Laying beneath him in just my bra and panties, I shivered at the hunger in his eyes and knowing that it matched my own. I ran my hands over his shoulders, his chest, down to his toned abs before reaching to remove his belt. I managed to unbuckle him and unbuttoned his jeans before he crushed his lips to mine once again.

He playfully flicked his tongue against mine before kissing me along my jaw and neck. I reached to the front clasp of my bra and removed it, tossing it to the floor. He ran his eyes over my exposed skin. “Beautiful.” He said softly. He moved downward and wrapped his lips around my hardened peaks making me I cry out at the sensation. While he licked one, he pinched the other rolling them between his thumb and index finger. He alternated between the two and it heightened my arousal.

He trailed kisses down my body, over my ribs and abdomen, before sitting up once again. Removing my panties almost reverently, he stared at my moist cleft. “Fuck.” He whispered as he took in the slight of my intimate flash. “So fucking wet.” There was no warning, no preamble. One minute he was staring at me, the next his mouth covered my swollen pussy. His tongue stabbed into my entrance, causing me to yelp in surprise. Then He licked and flicked and circled my sensitive bundle with his tongue— lapping up my juices then back to tongue fucking my entrance. But damn, the man was good. I mewled and moaned. I sighed and keened. Wrapping my legs around his head, I buried my hands in his hair and I fucked his face, wanting—no, needing— to cum.

But I felt there was something missing. I just needed one more sensation to send me over the edge, yet I wasn’t sure what it was—my brain too foggy in the sex-induced haze. He must have read my mind because one hand reached up and pinched my nipple and he pushed a digit in me with the other.

I jolted and moaned, ‘ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck’ as he had just given me the finale push that I needed. My world exploded, vibrating and iridescent. I was overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of lust and sensation as my orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave. I bucked and thrashed wildly beneath him, but he didn’t relent, determined to make the feeling last as long as possible. He stopped his assault just before I became too sensitive. But he gently lapped up my cunt juice, slowly bringing me back down to Earth. Giving one last kiss to my clit, he propped his head up. “That was fucking beautiful, baby.” Trailing kisses up my body until his lips reached mine, he took advantage of my parted lips and I could taste myself on his tongue.

Settling his dick at my entrance, he didn’t enter me in a rush. Ever so slowly, he pushed his cock into my body at a torturous pace. I could feel every ridge, ripple, and vein— every fucking inch. “You’re too big.” I moaned in surprise at the pinch of pain when I realized that he wasn’t done yet.

“I’m almost in all the way, baby. Just a little more.” He said in a strangled voice. I could see the strain in him as if he was fighting the urge to slam home. Once he was fully seated, I could feel him butting against my cervix. He stilled his movements allowing me to adjust to his length. In fact, he held still for way too long. “Stop moving.” He hissed when I wiggled and purposely clenched my pussy muscles around him. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m good now.” I panted. “Fuck me, Sid.” His answer was a series of shallow thrusts almost like assuring himself that I could handle his size. “Mmm. More. Please.” I begged. He obliged, pulling out so that only his tip remained and slammed back into my body. He threw my legs around his shoulders, and then leaned back into me; the position allowing him to get deeper into my sheath. He gripped my legs and fucked me hard. “Fuck.” I hissed out as he set a brutal pace— a pace that had me all but screaming.

“Do you want to come?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“Pleasepleasepleaseplease!” I chanted to him although I wasn’t sure what I was asking for— more or less? Harder or faster? Please let me come? Please stop? I had no idea at that moment. I didn’t think it was possible, but the big bastard started fucking me straight through the mattress. Turns out the mother fucker was holding back. White flashes of lights danced behind my closed eyelids at the force of his thrusts. Add that to the heat that his body was giving off like a furnace and it felt like the sun had taken residence in the room. His guttural groans and grunts mingled with my own moans and whimpers, the mixture scents of our arousal hung in the air like a thick fog. Our bodies became slick with sweat and his grip became nearly punishing to hold onto my hips.

“Fuck, so wet.” He grunted out in sync with the pounding that he was giving to me. “So.” SLAM! “Fucking.” SLAM! “tight!” SLAMSLAMSLAMSLAM! The bed started shifting as he rammed his cock into my body. Once again, I felt the tension building and I was a little scared. I had never come so much in the past, but then again I’ve never been taken so aggressively either. Maybe it was because he was older, I’m sure he had a lot more experience than I do, but either way, tonight I discovered that I like rough sex.

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