Control Geek-Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

By Randy MacAnus

Copyright 2018 All rights reserved by the author

Trevor told Mitch that coach hung out at the local coffee house after school. Figured. A lot of cute guys came there after school. Mitch figured coach would likely follow Trevor into the men’s room. Mitch would be in one of the stalls when they came in. As coach passed his stall, Mitch would stick the needle in his ass.

This would give Trevor a little information, namely that Mitch was injecting something rather than using hypnosis or blackmail or some other form of coercion. As it would not give him critical information, and Mitch felt he could trust his good friend, he decided to go for it.

The plan worked like a charm. Coach only had time to say, “Hey!” before is eyes glazed over and he slumped to the floor. Trevor left the men’s room and stood guard outside as Mitch gave the coach his instructions.

When coach woke up, Mitch and Trevor were gone and Coach didn’t remember a thing about his indoctrination. Coach just thought he passed out. Then he began to have very strange thoughts. (For him.) He suddenly felt tremendous shame for what he had done to the slender teen boys that turned him on.

He had preyed mostly on nerds, because they represented the opposite of football players to him, and were therefore not real men. They could and should be used by real men like him. Now, as he thought about it, he decided that it was really the nerds who were the real men. They were the ones who were smart, and should be in charge.

Football players and ex football players like him were obsolete in the modern world, hanging on to the illusion that strength and size made them better.

He now realized that he better make amends with those he had used, and especially with Trevor who was not only really really smart, but had had the balls to stand up to him! Now that kid was a real man!

Coach got up from the floor and walked out of the rest room. He wanted Trevor to take total charge of him. He would do whatever the boy wanted. Coach felt small and insignificant now. He should belong to and serve Trevor, if the boy would have him. He desperately hoped that Trevor would not only use him but punish him for his evil ways. If not, Coach would find another teen nerd to use him. He just had to!

Coach left the coffee shop and headed for Trevor’s house. He knew right where the boy lived, as he had spied on him numerous times, hoping to see him naked through a window, or swimming naked in his back yard pool. He had planned to take pictures with a telephoto lens, but he never caught the slender teen naked.

He walked up to Trevor’s door after checking that his parents’ cars were gone. He found he was really nervous, because he so wanted Trevor to take charge of him! Coach rang the bell and waited.

Trevor and Mitch were sitting on the living room sofa. When the bell rang they both grinned and giggled. Trevor composed himself, walked to the door and opened it. Coach swallowed hard and hoped he wouldn’t mess this up.

“What do you want?” said Trevor, in his coldest voice.

“Sir, I am so sorry for constantly tormenting you and hitting on you. I was wrong to do that, and I now realize the you ner… I mean you really smart men are the real alpha males in this day and age. I should be serving and servicing you!”

“And…” said Trevor.

“And I was hoping you would accept me as your slave. I know you’re gay, and I’m hoping that, even though I’m not worthy you will let me serve you. I’m yours to use as you wish. I’ll serve you the best I can, and if you get bored with me you can give me or sell me to anyone you want and I’ll serve them.”

“You’re right, you don’t deserve this. But if you promise never to come on to anyone ever again, and accept the fact that you will be severely punished, I’ll allow you to be my slave. And trust me. You will be sold at some point.”

“Thank you Master!”

Trevor instantly slapped the coach hard across the face. “You will not call me Master until I decide you have earned that right! You will call me and every other nerd you ever meet ‘sir’. And if a nerd hits on you, you will say ‘thank you, sir’ and service him in any way he pleases. You will then report to me and describe your use in detail. One exception. If anyone ever wants to bottom for you, you will respectfully decline. You will explain that your Master doesn’t allow you to top.”

“Yes, M..Sir! Thank you Sir!”

“You will strip naked right where you stand, place your hands behind your back and assume the parade rest position while I inspect you.”

“Yes Sir!”

As humiliated as he felt, the coach complied at once. After stripping down, he assumed the position, his face beet red with humiliation, which of course, resulted in his now useless 8 inch cock becoming hard as a rock.

Coach didn’t know it yet, but his conditioning included orders to never cum again. He would always be horny and in need of an orgasm, but unable to achieve one. Mitch didn’t know if that would work. So why not find out? If it did, it would be the ultimate version of edge play! And a whole lot better than a cock cage.

Trevor Ankara escort examined Coach’s body with his hands as well as his eyes. At times his hands would gently brush over Coach’s rock hard hairy body, feeling the sculpted muscles and enjoying the tight defined ass. Trevor was in heaven! When he got to a sensitive area, Trevor would suddenly grip hard causing the Coach to wince and whimper in pain.

Coach was now dripping pre-cum—the only jizz he would ever produce again, if Mitch’s orders had taken hold. As he moaned, in need of release, Trevor gave the Coach’s nut sac a good hard squeeze. Despite his orders Coach doubled over and yelled in terrible pain.

“Did you deserve that?”

“Yes sir!”

“Beg me to do it again!”

Coach looked up at his owner, his eyes wide. His considerable sense of self preservation tried desperately to kick in—but it was no use!

“Sir please, I’m begging you! Give my balls another hard squeeze. I deserve to be in pain!”

Trevor smiled and said, “Stand up straight and resume the parade rest position, bitch! And don’t you dare flinch when I squeeze, or you will be punished!”

With great effort, fighting back tears of humiliation, the coach managed to resume the position. He had to take deep breaths just to hold himself in place. Trevor slowly ran his hand over the coach’s toned, flat belly down to his cock and finally to his nut sac. He slowly and gently squeezed as the coach whimpered between gasps of air and kept his eyes closed.

“Open your eyes, cunt! Did I give you an order to close them?”

“Sir, no sir!”

“Look down at your nut sac slave. See my hand ready to give a good squeeze?”

“Y-yes sir,” the coach whimpered.

“Keep looking. Watch, as I squeeze your useless balls! And you better maintain the parade rest position this time, or else!”

“Yes Sir!” said the coach with a resigned sigh. He knew the chances of his remaining upright were pretty close to zero. But he was damn sure going to give it his best shot, because he wanted to please his owner so badly!

Trevor felt a delicious tingle down his spine. He had never envisioned having this kind of control over anyone! He would have been perfectly happy negotiating scenes, as long as he got to fuck his slave and discipline him enough to at least leave his ass red.

In fact, he would have felt guilty about doing this to a nice guy. But Coach was not a nice guy! He had this coming. And Trevor was thrilled to make him pay for what he’d done to who knows how many teen boys.

Trevor savored the moment gently kneading the Coach’s balls for over a minute. By that time Coach had broken out into a cold sweat. He was moaning as he waited for the terrible pain to come and his dick was a rock hard eight inches once again.

Trevor squeezed—hard! Harder than he had the first time. The coach wailed in pain, and through sheer will managed to hold the parade rest position for nearly two seconds before he crumpled to the ground and assumed the fetal position, holding his savaged ‘nads and his now limp dick.

“Nice try, but not good enough! Get in the house. Leave your clothes where they are!”

“Y-yes sir!” The naked slave said in a hoarse whisper. Holding his throbbing balls, the Coach managed to get to his feet. He briefly glanced over his shoulder at the street wondering if anyone had seen any of this. The thought made him hard again, despite the pain.

Coach couldn’t get himself completely upright, but he did manage to get his torso to about a thirty degree angle. His legs, however, were still bent at the knees. He hobbled into the living room and was startled to see Mitch sitting there with a big smirk on his face.

“Having fun, Coach?”

The new slave couldn’t answer as he had still not recovered from the two attacks on his nuts.

“He’s my slave now, Mitch. Seems he’s had a change of heart about his evil ways, and wants me to make him pay for all he’s done. And I am going to do exactly that!

Isn’t that right, Coach?”

“Yhess, ssir” the Coach managed to wheeze.

“Well then, it looks like Trevor has you off to a good start,” Mitch said, with an evil grin on his face.

Trevor said, “You ever sucked cock, dick breath?”


“You ever been fucked?”


“You know that’s about to change, don’t you?”

Coach finally managed a big breath and was able to say, with a little bit of volume, “Yes Sir.”

“Lean your hands against that wall and spread your legs wide, bitch!”

“Yes sir!”

The 54 year old gray fox leaned against the wall, but his arms were too weak to hold him up so his head was against the wall as well.

“Did I tell you to lean your head against the wall, slut?”

“No sir, but I can’t quite hold myself up with my arms!”

“Your list of punishments is growing by the minute. Beg for it, pussy boy!”

“Please sir, take my cherry! Pound my virgin ass hard! Make me suffer for all I’ve done!”

Trevor didn’t want his dick to suffer, so he had lubed it up as the bitch begged. His new slave received no such courtesy. After dropping trou, Trevor grabbed his 54 year old boy’s hips and rammed his seven Ankara escort bayan inch man meat home with one brutal thrust. It hurt him despite the lube, but he didn’t mind in the least. The howl of shame and pain emanating from his property was music to his ears!

“Take it all slut! And you’d better get used to it, because your boy pussy is gonna get reamed more often than a jail house bitch’s!”

Between his moans, the new bitch managed to say, “Thank you sir!”

Trevor pulled back slowly, then rammed it home once more, bringing another delightful howl from his new pussy boy.

“Listen up, slut! Whenever I ram it home you have your pussy as relaxed as you can make it so I know how much you want it inside you. When I pull back you squeeze as hard as you can to show how much you want to please me!”

“Yes sir! I want to please you so bad, Sir!”

Mitch giggled as he watched his friend finally get what he’d always wanted. Trevor continued to pull back slow, then ram it home, but never with the same rhythm, so his slave would be caught off guard (and so Trevor would last longer!)

Sure enough the slut did his best to have his tight little hole open for his Master’s thrusts and squeezed tight as his owner pulled back. After a wonderful fifteen minutes of playing with his new toy, Trevor decided it was time to fill him up. He picked up the pace and established the rhythm that suited him, pounding as hard as he could.

The 6 foot 4 inch pussy boy was moaning and wailing, saying “Oh Gawd, I’ve got to cum so bad!”

“You are forbidden to cum EVER! Is that understood slave?!”

“Oh, Gawd, yes sir! I’ll do my very best sir!” The stud moaned.

“NEVER! Trying your best is not good enough! If you cum, I may just decide to crush your balls, and then cut them off!”

“Oh crap! Please don’t cut them off sir! I want you to have the pleasure of torturing them!” wailed the hapless naked slave.

Trevor and Mitch grinned at each other. Then Trevor turned back and finished with a massive load in his bitch boy’s twat. “On your knees cunt and lick your owners cock clean!”

The exhausted slave crumpled to the ground, scrambled to his knees as best he could took the cock that now ruled his life into his mouth, and desperately sucked and licked it clean.

“My balls and taint too, bitch!”

The slave promptly obeyed. Coach’s cock was rigid and dripping with pre-cum, but he had not shot his load. Mitch wasn’t sure if that was his conditioning or the fact that his nut sac was a lovely shade of purple.

“What does this make you?” asked Trevor. Coach knew the answer. He had asked the same question of every boy he’d deflowered.

“I’m a pussy boy, sir!”

Trevor slapped the coach and said,“Whose?”

“I’m your pussy boy sir! I’m your fuck toy and your property.”

The middle aged hunk hung his head in shame. He knew he deserved all of this and much more. And he knew much more was to come!

“And what are you about to become?”

“I’m about to become your cocksucker sir!”

“Bet your sore ass you are! Get over here and get to it!”

“Yes sir! Thank you sir!”

Trevor was a bit startled by the sincerity of His slave’s response. Whatever Mitch was doing to these guys was just amazing. The Coach greedily swallowed Trevor’s cock whole. He’d never sucked one but he had trained a lot of cocksuckers in his time and he knew exactly what was required.

He’d expected to gag when he took Trevor’s cock down his throat, but it didn’t happen because Mitch had told him that with cocks it wouldn’t happen—just as he’d done with Darrin. The kneeling hairy hunk was happily deep throating his new owner, but Trevor wasn’t going to let him off that easy.

“Stop sucking, bitch. You’re not in charge here, I am. Hands behind your back and knees well apart. If you fail to obey in any way I just might kick your balls this time instead of squeezing them!”

The slut instantly complied. Trevor could see real fear in his eyes. Good! With that, Trevor began face fucking his muscular naked property.

“I’m going to use your throat bitch. You may use your tongue on my cock head if and when I choose to pull it out of your throat and into your mouth.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Trevor force fed his cock down the willing throat with a slow steady rhythm. At times he would allow it to remain all the way in, cutting off the air supply until he could see his slut’s eyes begin to lose focus. To his credit, coach would have rather passed out than disappoint his new owner.

Whenever Trevor pulled his cock back into Coach’s mouth the eager slut would lick and slurp greedily all around the head. Trevor had to admit to himself that it felt damn good, but so did his bitch’s throat muscles, when they spasmed around his seven inch rod.

Finally, Trevor was ready to unload. He picked up the pace ramming harder and harder into his prey’s tonsils.

“Hold my cum in your mouth, slave. You swallow only when I say you can!”

Coach moaned as the load was deposited in his waiting mouth. He only just managed to hold it without swallowing or losing any. If Trevor had taken his mouth first, he wouldn’t have had a chance!

Trevor Escort Ankara pulled his cock out and slapped his new boy’s face with it. “Very well, you may swallow my cum.”

Coach swallowed the load in one gulp, then said, “Thank you sir!”

“All right cocksucker, lick my cock clean!”

Coach willingly complied. When coach was done, Trevor pulled his cock out and the big stud whimpered at his loss. His first impulse was to look up at his owner but he quickly thought better of it and looked down.

“Your looking in the right direction, bitch. Pull up my pants fasten them and zip up the fly. Then bend down and lick my shoes clean.” Trevor had made sure to get mud on them as he walked into the house.

“Now the soles.”

Though his tongue was dry and gritty from licking the tops of the shoes, Coach quickly degraded himself further by thoroughly licking his master’s soles clean, one at a time.

“Put your forehead on the floor and spread your legs wide, pussy boy! You want some of this slut, Mitch?”

Mitch was so turned on from watching the proceedings that he thought he might blow a load in his pants if he didn’t get relief. So, even though he wanted to fuck his new property Sean tonight, he decided to go for it.

“I’ll take pussy boy’s ass.”

“He’d better be pleased with your efforts slave. You’ve already got a ton of punishment coming your way!”

Mitch lubed up and slammed it home. The slave grunted, whimpered and started breathing heavily, but he didn’t scream this time. Shame about that. But Mitch was sure Trevor’s punishments would have the pervert’s voice wailing like Joe Cocker! (For those of you who are younger than forty, he was a pop singer with a voice that sounded like a frog and he wailed a lot.)

Mitch held back for a while by trying to think of anything but sex, but it didn’t take long, as horned up as he was. He picked up the pace and shot a nice big load where the sun don’t shine!

Mitch pulled out and slapped the kneeling naked bitch with his Santorum covered cock a few times then wiped it clean on the bitch’s face. “You look good covered in cum and ass juices, pussy boy.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Did he do a good job, Mitch?”


“There’s another punishment coming, slave.”

“Cripes, there must be a dozen of them coming by now,” thought the kneeling submissive. “I hope my owner enjoys giving punishment.”

Mitch said, “I’m going over to Hans’ now. Any more plans for your new toy today?”

“Yeah,” said Trevor. “Bitch has a lot to learn. For openers I’m going to let him burn his clothes in the backyard barbecue. Then he’s going to walk home naked. How far is that, slut?”

“Two miles sir,” whispered the panicked, antique boy toy.

“I’ll allow you to sneak around as much as you can. But if you get caught by the cops, I expect you to offer them your body if they don’t run you in. If you’re arrested call me and I’ll bring you your wallet so you can pay your fine.”

“Thank you sir,” said the grateful slave.

“You get caught, I have a special punishment lined up for you. Trust me, you won’t like it. Once you get home, call me and I’ll come over to administer your punishments. My parents will be home soon, and I don’t want them to see a pig like you dripping pre-cum all over their floor. Which reminds me—lick it up.”

Mitch stayed to see the hairy naked stud burn his clothes while trembling uncontrollably. Trevor made a note to himself to ask Mitch whether he had, or knew of a permanent hair remover. Trev loved hairy men, but decided the coach didn’t deserve his.

The two teen nerds watched Coach leave through the front door at a dead run for the nearest patch of trees. The two teens laughed hysterically at the pervert’s plight. Then Mitch left to pay a visit to Sean and Hans. It would be interesting to see what Hans was doing with him!

Trevor sat on the sofa, exhausted, but as happy and horny as he’d ever been!

The new teen master pulled out a note book, and began to make a list of all the toys and restraints he was going to have his new slave buy. He would set up a dungeon in Coach’s basement (if he didn’t have one already) and use him there.

In fact, he might just have Coach sell him his house for a dollar, then let the slut live there until Trevor sold him, and the slave didn’t need it anymore.

Trevor found he wanted to jack off, which was pretty amazing considering how many times he’d already cum today. But he decided to save it for his slave.

He wanted to spit roast the bastard tonight, so he decided to call one of his former classmates who was now home from college. They shared a passion for using daddies. Though now that Trevor thought about it, Coach was just about old enough to be his grandfather! That thought made him even hornier!

“He damn well better not get caught,” thought Trevor, “I don’t want any delay in punishing his ass—and the rest of him too!”

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