Corona Self-Isolation with Daughter

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Note: This story is purely fictional. It is also my first story on this website, so feel free to give me advice.


It’s the beginning of April 2020. The Coronavirus is all over the news, and we are all being told, to self-isolate and work from home. Therefore, I am stuck at home, with my 18 year old daughter, Emma. She’s mostly sitting with her Mac, continuing college through online studies and work-groups. She’s mostly sitting in the couch in our living room, with her feet kicked up. I usually sit at the dining table with my laptop working from home, trying to keep up with stuff piling up.

Anyway, I was sitting a Wednesday afternoon, overhearing my daughter talking with hey study group. They were doing some geography thing, but all spend the time, walking through Google Street View, exploring the world, but not really do something productive. I didn’t blame her, it was hard to focus on being productive these days. I caught myself watching her, seeing how she had grown these last years. She had a bit of a tomboy-ish look. Shoulder length brown hair, just above the shoulders. And when the sun was shining directly on it, it had a reddish tint as well. She had that from her mom, whom I divorced when Emma was 11. But her figure was a bit different. The small frame, B cup chest, and a rather “plump” butt compared to her thin body. She would stand a head length lower than me, so when we hugged standing up, she would have her head resting on my chest.

Oh, how she had grown, but in my eyes, she was still my shy little girl. She hadn’t really been dating much, although she had a thing with a guy named Charles two years ago. They didn’t go well together I thought, but they stayed together for a couple of months before breaking up. I never really knew how far they went in their relationship. I never saw them kiss, but since Emma was rather shy, she would never tell me if they actually did something. Even though I was rather close with her, she kept most of the relationship stuff secret, and some she shared with her mother.

I snapped out of the trance I was in, watching her as she spoke with her school friends. How wonderfully cute she was, but I had to get this work stuff done. But the admiration of her still lingered in my mind, and I admittedly struggled to keep up with work, as she was sitting there. That is when I overheard her mentioning prom night next Friday, how it was cancelled too, due to the Coronavirus and the school being close. She was wearing her earphones, so I couldn’t tell what her girl friends said, but they all seemed to be sad, that prom night was cancelled. Especially Emma was sad, since she loved every excuse she had for dressing up nicely. I heard a sigh, and she looked up from the screen. She didn’t look at me, but just out into nowhere. I could tell that she had really been looking forward to prom night. She shifted her look over at me and gave me a little smile before shifting focus back onto the screen of her laptop.

As a father, you can tell when your child is upset, and I could tell that she was upset about having her college prom night. I got the fantastic idea, of having a prom night here at home, with just her and me. Later that day, I spoke to her mother since she knew her size better than me, and I went out to do grocery shopping. At least that is what I told Emma. Some stores were still open this time, mostly grocery stores. But my main goal was to go to a fancy clothes store that was also open. I told the store worker that I needed a pretty prom dress for my daughter, and handed her a piece of paper, with the size numbers that my ex-wife had given me. Damn, girls don’t just have Small, Medium and Large, they actually have specific numbers. Anyway, 3 minutes later, the store clerk approached me with this lovely white dress, with beige highlights down the legs. It had shoulder straps, and was cut just above the chest, in a horizontal line. I had it wrapped in a present, and also received this plastic tiara, so I could crown her “Prom Queen”. Since it was made of plastic, I went to the jewelry store next door and got a pretty necklace that would really suit her.

Thursday went by as normally, and I had found a suit that would fit the dress I bought for Emma. The necklace was also gift wrapped, and I had found some balloons and made a big board that said, “PROM NIGHT”. Everything was planned out, and Emma had no idea, it was perfect.

Friday came, and we had both finished our school and work stuff for this week, ready to enjoy a weekend just her and me. She sat in the living room watching Netflix, as I watched her from the open kitchen we had, preparing food but also two drinks with some sparkling cider, with a slight bit of alcohol. It was all a part of my surprise to her, and the plan was made easy as she yelled “I’ll be in the shower!” and walked towards the bathroom.

This was the perfect opportunity for me, and I quickly placed the gift-wrapped dress in her bedroom, along with a note:

“Wear this and meet me in the living room. -Dad.”

Knowing that she enjoyed long showers, beyoğlu escort I went back into our living room and hung up the “PROM NIGHT” board, inflated some balloons, dimmed the light, and had some other fancy decorations hung up. I turned the stereo on with some classic romantic songs, the mood was just perfect. I heard the water from the shower stopped running, and I mentally prepared for this little surprise. She opened the bathroom door and went down the hallway into her room. Quickly, I had put on my own suit, a white shirt, a tie, black pants and a fitting black jacket. I could feel my heartbeat quicken a bit, as I anxiously waited for her to walk into the living room, wearing her new dress. The music continued for a bit, as I heard a gasp of surprise behind me.

“WOW!” Emma said, and came running up to me and gave me a hug.

She was so beautiful, and the dress fit her perfectly, not too tight but still highlighting her little curves across the chest and her plump butt poking out ever so wonderfully. The shoulder-strapped dress revealed her shoulders and upper part of her chest so beautifully, like I have never seen on her before.

“Did you… really do all this?” Emma said.

“I overheard you talking to your friends from school and thought we could just throw our own little prom night,” I said.

She gave me a big smile and another big hug. The next song came on, I can’t stop loving you by Ray Charles.

“Would this lovely lady care for a dance?” I said, holding out my hand.

“Cheesy, but cute,” Emma said with a giggle and took her hand in mine.

We held each other like they do in a waltz, taking some steps from side to side in our living room. Emma smiled at me, and had a little blush appear on her cheeks as I smiled back. The song ended, and the next one queued up, this time You are so beautiful by Michael Bolton. I released my grasp of Emma, and led her into the kitchen, where the Prom Queen crown was sitting on top of the gift wrapped necklace.

“I think that’s for you dear, I’ll get us something to drink,” I said as I opened the fridge to take out two glasses of sparkling cider I had prepared earlier.

I left my jacket and tie on the kitchen table and we walked back into the living room. I placed the two drinks on the table next to us and I noticed her. She almost stood frozen, waiting for anticipation if she was going to get the prom queen crown. I took it in my hand and looked around the room jokingly.

“Hmm, who’s the prettiest lady here tonight…,” I said, while trying to avoid eye contact with Emma.

“Me dad!” Emma said.

I gave her a big smile, before placing the crown on her head, and I gestured her to open the wrapped gift. Another gasp came from Emma as she saw the necklace. She stood almost stunned in place, as I picked up the necklace and placed it around her neck. Oh, she was so beautiful, my little girl.

“Thank you dad, this is the perfect surprise. I love you,” Emma said, as she leaned up and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

We started dancing again, this time we were dancing close, with our arms wrapped around each other. My special someone by Neil Diamond played on the stereo. We danced slowly throughout the song, moving a bit from side to side, holding each other close.

“You are my special someone dad,” Emma whispered.

“And you are mine, princess,” I replied as I received yet another kiss on the cheek.

We danced for a bit, as she whispered again, “I haven’t seen you like this since you were with mom, dressed up pretty and dancing too.”

“Yeah, I never really had the chance to find someone to share this experience with, until today,” I replied.

Emma giggled, and pressed her arms a bit tighter around me, imitating another hug. She rested her head on my chest, and I am sure she must have noticed how my heart was beating a bit faster, as it felt like a newfound romance. The next song up was When you kiss me by Shania Twain. Emma stood on her toes again, and I bowed down a bit allowing her to rest her head on my shoulder, as we continued to dance slowly.

I sensed her breathing pass by my ear, as I gave her a kiss on her cheek, the perfect moment for this song to play I thought.

“Do you not miss my mom some days?” she whispered.

“No, we grew apart from each other. It’s not your mother I miss, but I miss having a special someone like I had with your mother. You know, the kind of someone special I can also kiss,” I replied, as I felt a little bit of air past my ear as she sighed. I knew she was feeling bad for me for being by myself, and had even tried to hit me up with the mom of one of her girl friends.

We stood silent, slowly rocking back and forth, and I felt Emma’s breathing increase, as if she was thinking of something.

“But now you are my special someone,” I whispered.

“But not that other special someone, right? I couldn’t be both,” she asked.

I placed a kiss on her cheek, and I whispered back, “You can be whichever you want to be.”

Emma moved her head backwards, sarıyer escort so our forehead and noses were touching as we now stood still.

“I love you dad…,” Emma said and paused nervously.

“And I love you Emms,” I whispered, as we stood still looking into the eyes of each other. Emms was a nickname I had used for her since she was little.

My love by Lionel Richie played on the stereo as we stood silent and still. Then Emma moved forward and gave me a kiss on the lips. She lingered there for a bit before I kissed her back. It started out as little pecks at first in rhythm of the song. But the kisses grew slowly more intense, and slowly more forbidden as our lips started to open, allowing for more intimate kisses. It did occur to me, that I was standing in my living room with dimmed lights, kissing my daughter while Lionel cheered us on, but I did nothing to stop it. In fact, I loved it, and I could tell that Emma did too because of how fidgety she was.

It has admittedly been a while since I had experienced this kind of hot romance, and it made something start to stir in my pants. I wasn’t sure if Emma could tell, because I tried to hold it back well knowing it was a bad reaction to have, towards your own daughter. Emma let go of the kiss and went down flat on her feet again. She looked at me with a smile, and her cheeks were glowing red. I returned the smile, as she gathered her breath to stand tip-toed again and we continued the kissing. But this time, as she went to stand on her toes, her body brushed upwards against my crotch. What before was just a slight stir, had now become a bulge, a bulge I could no longer hide as I felt it start to poke her. She didn’t react to it, but I knew she must have felt it poke her lower stomach. Emma then let go of the kissing again and went back down flat on her feet. Again, brushing her body against my crotch. I smiled at her and held the necklace I gave her in my hand. Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding now played on the stereo.

“This fits you so perfectly princess,” I whispered, letting go of it, watching it settle above her chest. I noticed how the dress had fallen on her just slightly, revealing a bit of cleavage from her small B cups. She had a coy but shy look on her face, as we stood holding each other closely.

“I want to be both of them, by the way,” she whispered in her reply, as to which special someone she wanted to be.

She took a step back, and peeked quickly down at me, seeing the tent forming in my pants. She didn’t want it to be an obvious peek, but I knew where she was looking. She grabbed my hand, and walked backwards, leading me out into the hallway. She continued down the hall and opened the door into her room. The light was dimmed, as she brought me to the side of her bed. She made me sit down on her bed, as she let go of my hand and took a few steps backwards.

Her hand moved behind her back, and I heard her move the zipper behind her dress. Her hands, slightly shaking moved up to the shoulder straps of the dress, as she slowly moved them down over her shoulders. She slid the dress down her body, first over her light pink bra, down her flat stomach. I was dying to loosen my pants, since my cock was pressed hard against my pants, it hurt like hell, but I wanted everything to be her own pace, so sat still watching my daughter slowly undress. Emma moved the dress over her hips, and let the dress fall to the floor revealing similar light pink colored panties. She moved forward and grabbed my hands again pulling me up.

Her hands moved up my arms, over my shoulders and towards the buttons of my shirt as she undid the one by one. My breathing got deeper, as her hands moved downwards and was almost touching me as she undid the last button. She slid my shirt backwards as I let it fall to the floor. She took a deep breath and grabbed my forearms, as she led my hands around her back towards the back of her bra. I knew what she was gesturing me to do, and I slowly undid the clasp of her bra. Her arms were now down her sides, so I took initiative and moved my hands up to her shoulders, as I slid each shoulder strap of her bra over her shoulders. I led the straps down her arms, and I saw the most beautiful breasts. They stood perky and proud. B cups aren’t the biggest, but they suited her small thin frame just perfectly.

“Touch me,” Emma whispered, looking up at me.

My hands moved up her arms, and I then cupped her breasts in my hands, kneading them tenderly I felt how firm yet soft they were.

“You are so beautiful,” I said, as I felt how her nipples started to harden a bit.

Emma moved her hands, and I inhaled deeply as she was now undoing the belt in my pants. Her hands were shaking more, having me believe that this was her first time.

“Have you ever…?” I said and paused, watching her struggle a bit with my belt.

“No…,” Emma said, now looking up at me.

I took her hands in mine and gave her a kiss on her lips again, trying to make her a bit calmer. She took a deep breath and gave me a nod, before maslak escort returning attention to my belt. She brushed her hand against my bulge a few times, she then undid my belt effortlessly this time. Her hand moved to the button and zipper of my pants. My cock was freed and sprung up inside my loose underwear, as my pants fell to the floor. Emma looked up at me, she was leading me on all this time, but it was clear that she was unsure where to go next. I grabbed her hands and placed her on her bed.

“Lay down dear,” I said.

Emma lied down on her back, looking up at me, as I sat beside her. I gave her a nod, and she acknowledged by nodding also. I moved over and kissed her lips, before having my lips wander down. I kissed her above her chest, right where her necklace hung. I could see her breathing faster, as her chest moved quicker up and down, in pace of her breathing. My lips moved down to her chest. Right above one of them, I could feel how her breast moved softly under my lips. I moved my lips further down, reaching her nipple, making it harden immediately. I let my tongue play with her nipple a bit, and I heard little sighs from her mouth. I moved to her other breast and continued to let my lips explore her. Her hand was now in my hair, as I could tell how much she loved this.

My lips continued the exploration, down her flat stomach. Emma was a ticklish, her stomach muscles spasmed as I moved across it. I reached just above her panties as I stopped and looked back up on her. Emma gave me another nod, telling me to continue. My hands were on either side of her hips, as I guided her panties downwards slowly. I was rewarded and a bit surprised by a cleanly shaven pussy, as I moved her panties down her legs and completely off. My lips began their kissing around her pussy, as Emma still held her legs kind of close together, but slowly she loosened them up, giving me more room. My lips finally reached the destination, right on top of her pussy lips, as I heard a big sigh from Emma. I gently kissed her at first, before letting my tongue out again. She was so damp already, and I could feel the heat almost radiating on me, as I explored her pussy. Her breathing increased and she made little audible moans now.

Emma then moved, pulled me up and almost shoved me back into her bed. I was laying on my back and looking up on my naked daughter catching her breath.

“Not yet… but… together…,” she said between her breaths.

I gave her a smile and nodded, as she moved down towards my bulge. She grabbed my underpants and moved them down my legs. This time my cock was truly freed as it sprung up, longing for my daughter. Emma sat for a few seconds looking at my cock, and gave me a shy smile before wrapping her fingers around it. I inhaled deeply in pleasure, as she started to move her hands up and down my shaft. I watched her proudly, as she was truly my other special someone. Emma moved her head down and let her lips touch the head of my cock, sending a surge up through my body. Her lips parted, and she moved down on my cock. The view was nothing like I had ever imagined, seeing my own daughter with her lips wrapped around my cock.

“You will always be my special someone, both kinds Emms,” I said, as she made a slurp sound that made her giggle.

Her lips had let go of my cock, but her hand was still moving up and down the shaft slowly until she stopped. We were both silent for a while and looked at each other, we both knew what the next thing would be. The thing that would forever change our father and daughter relationship. The thing no others could know of. The thing that is forbidden.

Emma took a deep breath, as she moved up, straddling me. My cock was pressed against her butt cheeks, and her hands placed on my chest. This was it, there was no turning back.

“Lift yourself up a and move back a bit dear,” I said.

She did just that, and I grabbed my cock guiding it towards her entrance. We gave each other another nod of acknowledgement. Her pussy touched the head of my cock and wrapped around it. Slowly inch by inch, she lowered her inexperienced pussy down on me. Wow, she was perfectly tight, as she almost took me all the way before lifting her body up again. A short break before lowering herself again. This time she was determined to move all the way, and I was proud when she did. I was now all the way inside of my daughter, as she started to ride me. Emma moved up and down in her own slow pace, and I lied there in her bed, watching her take every inch of me.

The view was again nothing I had seen before. No longer my daughter sucking my dick, but this time she was riding me. Her tits bouncing a little in front of me. My cock showing a second before being welcomed inside her again. Her shoulder long hair moving in rhythm to her. Her determined face as I remember when she was doing homework. Her nude body rising and falling on top of me. The scar on her thighs, that she got when she was just 9. This truly was my Emms, taking care of her father like a loving daughter could ever do best. Emma quickened her pace riding me. Her tits now bouncing more, inviting me to grab them both in my hands. She let out little high-pitched moans, every time she lowered herself onto me. I felt a tension start to build inside of me.

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