Coupons Ch. 03

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This is the final chapter of this series. It’s been a long time between chapter two and three. I recommend taking in the first two chapters before reading this one. I appreciate all the positive feedback from the first two chapters, and I wrote this one finally with a sense that I owed the fans of this series some closure on Simon and Courtney. I hope you like it.


– 3 –

Mom slid up and down on me without offering any explanation for what just transpired. I decided to just go with it and have some fun with her. I pulled her tightly to me and stood up, carrying her to the kitchen. She giggled along the way and told me how strong I was.

“You’re light, Mom,” I told her. “This is easy.”

I set her on the counter and pushed my cock inside her again. She tossed her head back as my entire length filled her. When I began to move in and out, she locked eyes with me.

“You’re wondering what Dad meant?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Keep going slow and I’ll explain. We were presented with all the same details and rules about the game when we were your age. The problem is, it didn’t work with then and it’s not working now.”

I put my hands on her hips and continued pushing deep inside her as I considered what she just revealed to me.

“So, the rules are kind of out the window?” I asked suspiciously.

She pulled me closer, burying my cock deep into her pussy. She pushed my head up with a finger under the chin and looked me dead in the eye.

“No. The coupons are still the game. They are the fun part. You want to fuck your sister at the dinner table? That requires a coupon. You want to fuck me during family movie night? You better have a coupon. Got it?”

I smiled as I nodded my head, “But what about this?”

“You mean having sex in the kitchen when nobody is home?” she asked as she looked around.

“Yeah. This seems like a coupon type encounter, doesn’t it?”

Mom smiled widely, “You’ve got it! Now that we’ve got that out of the way,” she said before pushing me away until I slipped out of her, “take me to my room.”

She offered her hand and I helped her off the counter. We walked hand in hand down the hall, went into her room and closed the door behind us. We made love until minutes before Dad came home. In between sessions, we talked about our future. She asked my thoughts on my future with my sister, my plans for school and work and all sorts of other questions. Her hand never left my cock as we talked. She enjoyed touching it, even when it was soft.

Dad came home and playfully kicked me out of their room. I let out an exaggerated sigh and began to leave the room. Mom was giggling at me as I left, and I turned to shoot her a grin when my Dad grabbed my arm.

“Did you wear her out?” he asked with a wink.

I looked at Mom and she was overzealous with her nods. I smiled widely and responded, “Probably!”

Dad laughed as he began to change from his from his work clothes. Mom slithered out of the bed and dragged Dad into the bathroom while he was in the middle of changing. I showered as well and waited for my sister to come home.


Courtney moved into my room and we lived like lovers did. Some nights we cuddled until we fell asleep, other nights we fucked into the early morning hours. It went like that until Christmas Eve. Courtney and I had nearly forgotten about the coupons until we sat down to open our Christmas Eve gifts. Ever since we were small kids, we would open a present the night before and it would always be pajamas. The last few years, Courtney got coupons from Mom and Dad privately. That year, we both received envelopes instead of packages to open.

“Oh!” I said excitedly as I remembered about the coupons.

Courtney nudged me with her elbow, “How could you forget about these?”

I shrugged as I opened my envelope and counted twenty-five coupons. I wasn’t expecting so many and asked if that was the usual amount.

Dad chimed in, “Yep, that’s what everyone gets. We all have the same amount and can use them whenever we like just as we said when you both learned the rules.”

As I looked through the coupons, I could tell Mom and Courtney made them together. Courtney drew hearts all over while Mom put sexy comments on the back of them. As I was looking through them, Mom left the room and came back with four small glasses, each filled with white wine. She passed them out and held hers up.

“Every year, we toast to a great year passed and welcome a year full of fun adventures. We’re happy to finally have you as a part of the family we always wanted. Cheers!”

The rest of us held our glasses up and took a sip. I didn’t care much for the wine, but I was looking forward to being able to spend my coupons. Mom sat next to Dad and they both looked at us expectedly. It izmit escort felt awkward to me. I didn’t know what to do next. Courtney was aware of another tradition I had not been privy to. She stood up, dug into her envelope and pulled a coupon. She kissed me softly on the cheek before handing the coupon to Dad.

I watched him take the paper and felt a slight tinge of jealousy as he read it. He folded it and set it next to him and motioned with his finger for her to come to him. I expected them to start going at it right then, but they had another idea. Mom stood up and stood in front of me with a coupon in her hand. I slowly took it feeling a little confused at to what was happening.

“We like to spend a coupon the first night and we’ve planned something nice for you,” Mom told me. She winked at me before pulling my sister close to her.

They began dancing slowly in the middle of the room. Dad got up and turned down the light a little. I was mesmerized by what I was watching. They were seductive in their movements and passion filled their eyes and they looked at each other. I thought it was going to be just something to get everyone in the mood, but Mom took it to the next level.

Mom’s hands began to roam over Courtney’s body. They eventually gripped the bottom of my sister’s shirt and began to lift. Courtney raised her arms and Mom pulled the garment off her and tossed it into the corner of the room. They danced a bit more before Courtney’s hands found the button to Mom’s pants. That went on until they were both swaying their hips together wearing only their bra and panties. My sister dipped her hands into the back of Mom’s panties and squeezed her butt.

I couldn’t ignore my stiff cock any longer. I opened my zipper and pulled it out. I began to gently stroke it as I watched the women drift slowly around the room. Mom eventually stopped everything and got on her knees. She pulled Courtney’s panties down.

“Holy fuck, what is happening?” I thought to myself.

I stroked myself a bit faster as I watched what I thought was going to be a live girl-on-girl show. I waited for Courtney to spread her legs and Mom to dive right in. Instead, she stood up and turned my sister around. I looked at Courtney and she winked at me as Mom unsnapped her bra. I’d seen her naked a hundred times before that day but in that moment, she was beautiful. She was Aphrodite and I wanted her.

They switched positions and Courtney removed the rest of Mom’s clothes. They danced naked for a few minutes longer. Dad had his cock out just like me. When the girls were done dancing, they kissed passionately. Their hands wandered far and wide; caressing, squeezing and pulling. Eventually, my sister turned to face Dad and Mom turned to face me. They got on their knees in front of us. Mom reached out and replaced my hand on my cock with hers.

“Are you ready?” she asked with a smile.

I nodded slowly without being able to conjure a single word. She winked and lowered her head to take me into her mouth. I watched Courtney do the same. Her head bobbed enthusiastically up and down on Dad’s cock. Any jealousy I had before was gone. It was nice to be together as a family that way. I nearly laughed when the thought came in my head as it was not something I would have ever thought would happen before it was all revealed to me.

Mom was giving me an amazing blowjob and I knew I wasn’t going to last.

“I’m going to cum soon if you keep that up,” I warned Mom.

Her hand continued flying up and my cock, “Cum in my mouth, baby.”

She took me back into her mouth right away. I thought I had more time, but hearing Mom say those words to me triggered it sooner than I wanted. I grabbed a handful of her hair and warned her it was coming in case she changed her mind. Her lips tightened around my shaft while she slowed her up and down motion.

“Here it comes!” I grunted as I felt the first blast of cum shoot into her mouth.

Mom released her lips’ tight hold on me to allow the cum to flow out of her mouth and run over her hand. Spurt after spurt went into her mouth, dribbled out and landed in a pool at the base of my cock. I always thought watching a woman swallow a load of cum was the hottest thing, but watching it dribble out of her mouth kept me hard. I finally finished and went to push her hand away because of how sensitive I had become.

“No, I want you to stay hard. You’re going to fuck me next,” she informed me.

I looked over and saw that Courtney had already mounted Dad. Watching a cock slide in and out of her from behind was hot. I was being treated to a very memorable family fuck session.

“What did you think, Simon?” Mom asked me.

I exhaled loudly, “That,” I said taking in a deep breath, “was amazing, Mom.”

A smile that defied words appeared on her face. She was so happy that she pleased yahya kaptan escort me. She kept stroking me until she was sure I would remain hard.

“I’m glad you liked it, but it’s my turn now,” she told me as she straddled my cock the same way Courtney did to Dad.

She slid me inside her pussy and rested for a moment when I was all the way in. She interlaced her fingers behind my neck and began to rock gently back and forth.

“This is nice,” she whispered to me.

I looked her in the eyes and smiled, “I think so, too, Mom. It’s still hard to believe this is all happening.”

“It’s different, for sure. I don’t know what I would have done if you couldn’t accept us this way.”

I shook my head and told her to not worry about such things. She leaned down and planted her lips on mine and kissed me. Our lips parted slightly, and our tongues met. She began to bounce on my cock harder. We made out like teenagers for a while and fucked in nearly every way you could imagine. Courtney and Dad did the same. It was a long night, but we were all satisfied in every possible way. Mom and Dad went to their room at the end of the night and Courtney followed me to ours.

After a quick shower, I asked her about the show she put on with Mom.

“Have you two had sex?” I asked.

“No, actually. That was the closest we ever came to it.”

“Would you if she gave you a coupon?”

He thought for a moment, “I’m sure I would. I’ve not been really into girls, but I think I would enjoy being with Mom,” she told me.

I kissed her softly all over her face as she giggled. We talked some more that night before we drifted off to sleep to cap another day together. It wouldn’t last forever though.


A couple years went by with everyone enjoying our new family traditions. Despite Mom’s original assertion that we would never have sex together except that one time, we remained intimately involved for years. Courtney and I were more romantically involved until once day we had a discussion. We were both in our mid to late twenties when we began to feel our relationship on a romantic level wasn’t really for us.

We made a day out of a discussion we both knew was coming. I took her to lunch, and she made me dinner. We both knew we wanted more. What we agreed on, however, was that we need more. We weren’t meant to be separated but we wanted to have the normal life, whatever that was anymore. We made love again that night knowing we would never be married, never have children together and that we it wouldn’t be the last time we would come together like that again.

A couple years later, I met my future wife. I fell for Roseanna instantly. She was an innocent but dirty girl that rocked my world. She was everything I wanted in a life partner which is why I proposed to her only six months after we met. Mom and Courtney were over-the-moon happy for me. Mom, justifiably so, stopped our sexual escapades in their tracks but only after one last romp in the sack. Courtney surprised me by taking in my new lover as a sister. It was like they were instant best friends. I could not be happier…

…or so I thought. Months after the wedding, I began to learn how innocent my little angel turned out to not be.

Sex with her was amazing and she went out of her way to try new things. One night, she was riding me hard and fast when she suddenly slowed and began to lay out a fantasy.

“I masturbate sometimes when you’re not here,” she offered.

A confused look crossed my face, “I don’t blame you for that. I do, too.”

She smiled wickedly, “Do you know what I think about while I rub my pussy?”

I looked at her suspiciously as she slowly leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I imagine my legs open, my hands grasping a full head of brown hair and your sister’s eyes looking at me while her tongue dances across my clit.”

When she was done whispering to me, she quickly sat back up and wiggled her hips; burying my cock even further inside her. Scenes of me and Courtney fucking for the first time danced in my head. Seeing her tears flow down her face as I entered her that day on the couch filled me with emotion that I tried to hide.

Roseanna didn’t notice anything except a lack of a significant negative response. We refer to that night as her coming out night, in that I didn’t know she fantasized about women. We developed those thoughts over time. I asked questions to explore not only her thoughts about other women, but also about my sister. I learned that my sister’s immediate acceptance of her was mutual and her feelings began to grow since then.

In the middle of her awakening, I was with Courtney. I was aggressive with my sister in her bed. I fucked her slow but hard as I began to reveal my wife’s fantasy. As I told her about Roseanna’s fantasy, I felt her gebze escort energy increase and passion rise. I knew she was onboard with it.

“Do you want her, too, baby?” I asked her.

She pushed her hips up to me as if I wasn’t pounding her pussy hard or fast enough for her. I smiled widely at her as I told her what I wanted her to do, “If you want me to fuck you so bad, you’re going to tell me what you’ve imagined my wife doing to you.”

That set her off. She began to spill her guts as I pressed all of myself into her, physically and emotionally. She confessed a reciprocal attraction to my wife and proceeded to describe the things she wanted to do to her. I didn’t say a word to her. We matched perfectly that night as my physical energy manifested itself into her fantastical energy. The more I pumped into her, the more into her fantasy she became. She was all in. I finally injected my load inside her and collapsed on the bed next to her.

“I can never give this up!” I announced.

She turned over quickly and narrowed her eyes playfully at me, “You better not!”

I kissed the tip of her nose.

“I want to tell her about us,” I admitted plainly.

Surprisingly, and without hesitation, she told me, “I think you should. Could you imagine the three of us together?”

I had and I wanted to, but another question plagued me.

“What if her fantasy was only that, a fantasy. Not everyone is like us, Court,” I reminded her.

She kissed my lips gently and said, “You have a way with people, Simon. You’ll be able to know what’s in her heart.”

I smiled warmly at her and pulled her close, “Thanks, Court. I’ll be sure to let you know.”

I spent a lot of time over the following months continuing to learn about my wife’s fantasy and learn how far she was willing to take it. I introduced myself into her fantasy and it made her engine purr. She enjoyed the idea of a threesome with my sister.

One night, I was thrusting into my wife from behind while she lay flat on her stomach on the kitchen floor. We had worked each other up so much, we didn’t bother going to a more comfortable place. I used that moment to be duplicitous with the introduction of what my sister and I had been doing all those years. Just as she did with me, I leaned down and whispered the bombshell in her ear. I was prepared to call it fantasy and move on with our night.

“Would you like to see me fuck my sister?” I whispered.

She groaned loudly in approval as she turned to look at me, “Damnit, Simon, that is so fucking hot. I could cum five times in a row watching that.”

I wasn’t convinced she was genuine about seeing it.

“What if I told you I’ve been fucking Courtney since I was eighteen?” I whispered again as I pushed my cock deep inside my wife.

She raised her ass up slightly and put her arm underneath so she could rub her clit as she imagined me fucking my sister. She kept her eyes on me, trying to read my sincerity. I knew my wife and I knew what she was looking for. I raised my brow slightly and nodded affirmatively while I waited for her reaction. She watched my eyes while she rubbed her pussy. Her stare was intense, and I saw the moment her orgasm took control.

“Keep it in me, Simon!” she grunted.

Her body shook beneath me. I watched her other hand claw at the kitchen floor while she attempted to release the power inside her. She finally collapsed and let her muscles release control of her. She her breathing normalized, she pushed me off her and flipped around to face me. I was prepared for the worst.

“You mean it?” she asked softly.

I nodded again. I watched her nearly melt while she continued to process the new information. I watched her stand up and reach her hand out. I took it and stood. I wasn’t completely balanced in my new position when she nearly tackled me.

“You have no idea how turned on I am still,” she told me.

I was relieved.

“You’re still having sex with her?” she asked almost immediately.

I nodded, “We used to share a bed together. Since I met you, though, it’s only occasionally.”

“Have you had sex with me the same day after her?” she asked.

I wasn’t sure where she was going with that line of questions, but I went with it.

“I did on almost every occasion,” I truthfully admitted.

Her face lit up which confused me.

“I would never have known. Know what that tells me?”

I shook my head.

“That I believe you love me as much as you do her,” she told me with watering eyes.

“Why not the other way around?”

“Because you knew her first. I came along and you gave me that same love,” she said.

She took me by the hand and led me to our room. I spent the rest of the night telling her how it all transpired starting with my eighteenth birthday. I told her about the coupons and everything that took place with Courtney that day on the couch. We explored that relationship together and ended up taking the next day off work to fuck and tell. I neglected to tell her about my relationship with Mom, but I suspect that issue will come up eventually.

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