Curiosity – Emily’s Diary

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Cum On

These are stories from the diary’s that were left when Emily moved out.

Friday 22nd April 2016

I’ve started a habit and it’s a bad habit, I know, I know, I need to really stop all these bad habits but this is one that I really can’t itch.

I really want him so bad, I mean so, so, so, bad want him inside me, pumping his cum right inside me. Feeling his arms holding onto my body, touching me, grabbing me, pounding me.

Feeling his sweat drip down onto me, watching him just become an animal, and get what he wants and I want that. I want to be used.

Fuck I need to stop writing this. I’m twitching so much, I really need to think of something else. Fuck!

The vision of just his hard pulsating cock to ready to slide into my very wet pussy now is making me rub my clit while I’m sat here at my desk writing this, I thought it would help but I’m at work writing this down, get everything out of my head but I’m just wanting to know what he wants. I just want to feel it all again with him, if he feels the same and it wasn’t just a one off.

Just so wet I think my skirt is getting damp.

I know he does it as his job but knowing that he has regular and new clients in his room everyday being tied up, humiliated, naked, spanked, fucked and most of the time dripping from sweat, cum or just juices from her. Just being used and abused until they are completely satisfied just gets me going, wanting to know more and more.

I’m so glad it’s 4:30 I really can’t wait to get back home and cum. türbanlı escort I’ve tried fingering myself in the toilets but as it’s unisex, there are a lot of manly smells that I just don’t want to smell and doesn’t really get me in the mood to finish myself off. Also there isn’t any guys just to take to oneside, they are all old and really not that great looking, or that kinda weird guy who is a bit psycho.

Fuck no one around in the office though. I might just slip a little vibe down there and sit here until I cum just thinking about his hands around my hips as I’m tied in on all fours to that bench, just waiting for him to cum. Squirt is load right inside me. Mmmmmm oh fuck this is good… 4:50… should I wait, Mmmmm, I’ll cum twice… Once just isn’t enough, especially when I’m feeling like this, with all these mental… OH FUCK…!! I’m cumming…

Shit, I really hope no one is watching.

Right, compose and off I go.

I arrive back at home. It’s quiet and no one around.

I decide to give him a little text.

“Hey, just got back feeling hungry for a takeaway. Would you like anything? Don’t think you’re home? Exx”

I open his rooming knowing he’s not there. In front of me is the bench, the walls full of toys and things you’ll pleasure yourself with Female and Male.

I’m instantly naked and try out the bench with a the magic wand attached and on low, my phone goes as I start to strap in my legs. I look over to what has come tüyap escort up on the screen.

“Home later than I thought, I’m fine, don’t know what time I’ll be back. Sorry.”

Looks as if I have some time to kill, so I can have a little play here.

I carry on strapping myself into the bench feeling the vibrations on my clit as I lot my hand in. It’s pretty tight on my wrists but I’m liking the firm hold.

I know I have time and start to slowly ride the vibrator, shivering and shaking I feel my wetness sliding.

One thing I didn’t realise is that with all the rocking I had tightened myself even further in the bench locking myself in.

I start to rock even harder on the vibrator knowing I’m about to cum and so intensely. Fuck I’m cumming I can’t help it, and so quickly there isn’t anything else right now that I want but to cum, fuck it’s so good. I let myself go and start to scream out and start to shiver and shake. I couldn’t believe it, it felt so good, too good.

Oh my, I can’t get out! I can’t get out! Oh fuck I’m stuck and the vibrator is getting faster and faster as I knock it while I try and jiggle around out of it’s way.

Shit the time has gone really quick, I notice from my phone clock, he might be.

Click as the front door opens and I hear his foot steps down the hall, I don’t care now the vibrations have taken me again to bliss, I’m cumming.

I let out a massive squeal and scream out load as I start to squirt on the tuzla escort floor and as he gets to the door.

He stands there watching as I shiver and shake.

“Oh fuck” I say out loud, the vibrator now on the highest setting right on my clit.

He walks slowly as he watches my body jump around, in a painful bliss. I hear him bend down and then turn off the vibrator and then remove it. He walks to the wall as he wipes it down and places it back in it’s rightful place.

“Hey, hey, sorry, so sorry.” I say in a sleepy cum drunk state.

He turns as I look at him and notice he’s hard. I giggle and still very turned on say.

“Fuck me, please, please fuck me, I want your cum inside me.”

I feel his presence come behind me and press against me, as I hear his belt buckle unfasten and then feel him hand on my pussy stroke down as he unzips himself and then places himself slowly inside my dripping wet pussy.

He slowly pounds me grunting. The feel of him slamming into me, feeling his cock just hit my sides and pulsate inside.

Not being able to move is intensifying the feeling of him fucking me, getting me turned on so much. I feel his cock swell once more, knowing he’s going to cum.

“Cum in me, please!”

I feel it slow as he orgasms.

“Yes please, oh yes!” I beg him and feel his warm sticky mess inside me.

He withdraws and then loosens my hands from the straps, zips himself up as I slowly get up with cum now running down my legs mixing in with my juices, dripping to the floor.

I hear his heel turn and walk away and close the door. I feel weak and shivering. Fuck that is what i needed.

I unstrap myself and walk to my room naked collecting up my clothes as I do.

I’m so ready to sleep and just lay on my bed in complete satisfaction and falling to sleep.

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