Curvy Aunt Gives Nephew a Gift

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First off let me describe myself. I am 6″1 and very well built from years of football and i am packing. With a cock a 9 inches in length and 6 in girth it is truly irresistible to all cock lovers, including my aunt.

It was a Sunday morning and i was off to college next week. After turning 19 last week i was spending most of my time out in the pub with some friends until the early hours. But today i was visiting my family because college was in Florida, 7 hours away, and i had to say goodbye.

When i entered my house i was greeted by cousins, friends and neighbours; but my eyes instantly fell on my aunt. At 40 she still had a body that any 21 year old would die for , with d cup tits a slim figure and a perfect ass, (i mean this ass was not only big but firm and all real) and a devilish look in her eyes i felt a tent growing in my pants. She was wearing a knee length dress that hugged every curve on her perfect body. I then forgot about her for a while as i started talking to an old friend from high school and some neighbours.

We were there until about 4 o’clock before everyone left was just me my close relatives and my aunt. I stood by the rad and asked my mom to turn on the heating, but before i finished my aunt walked over and pressed her ass against me, Heres some hot crossed buns to warm you up she said and laughed, but the joke was on her when she felt my raging hardon touching her ass. She took a deep breath and let out a quiet moan. She then whispered in my ear that when everyone left to come to her house.

Everyone left an hour later but for me it felt like days and my cock still hadn’t decided to go down making it extremely uncomfortable. The second the last person left i ran to my car and began driving to my aunts house. The door was wide open and i was instantly up the stairs and into my aunts room.

She was standing by the wardrobe but when she saw me sat down on the bed, the mattress dipped slightly as she tucked her legs underneath her. She was wearing a tight white tank top that had lace on the shoulder straps and around the neckline, which was cut very low, and I could see a large amount of her exposed breasts. The new shorts covered her bottom half, or as much of the small amount of fabric could cover her. I could see her taut tummy peeking out beneath the clingy fabric of her shorts, and if the legs were any shorter, I would have been able to see the junction where her thighs met the rest of that long, lean body. I pulled my eyes away from her body and felt my privates throbbing. She patted the bed and beckoned me closer.

You know, Jake, you have grown up a lot in these years I’ve known you,” Her hand trailed slowly up and down my leg, and I felt like I was on fire. I pressed the pillow more firmly into my lap. “and you have really filled out that body of yours,” she said, her eyes looking me up and down, an approving look on her face. She gave me a cat like smile and leaned a little closer.

Her other hand was rubbing my lower back now, and my cock throbbed painfully. I hoped she didn’t feel it jump when she continued to caress my naked skin with her hot hands. “I really want you to enjoy college. I know your mom just threw a great party, and we gave all our gifts already, but…” She snatched the pillow off my lap and threw it to the floor, “I want to give you one more”

My eyes must have been as big as saucers, at least that’s what it felt like, and I know my mouth was hanging open. She pushed me back flat on the bed, and my legs followed. Swinging a leg over my waist, she sat down, straddling me. I know I was blushing again, because I was sure she could feel my erection through the thin Beylikdüzü escort fabric that was our sleeping clothes. “please” i tried to get out a sentence but I was cut off as her hot mouth pressed into mine. My cock throbbed beneath her, and she must have felt it because she moaned a little, and pressed her mouth harder against mine. Her lips slid gently across mine, and then she took my bottom lip in her mouth and sucked on it, gently nibbling the tender flesh. I growled in frustration, although it sounded more like a whine. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and mine lashed out in response.

While we were making out, she was slowly grinding her hips against mine, pressing my erection hard between her legs, and I swear I could almost feel her wetness on the head of my cock. I thought I was about to cum in my boxers, but then she stopped kissing me and lifted her hips off mine. A well defined tent was visible now, and you could see where the precum had leaked out and soaked a wet spot on my boxers. I was about to beg her not to stop, I was so incredibly horny and my cock was rock hard, but instead of getting up to leave, she slid down the length of my body and whipped my boxers off.

She settled herself between my legs and took my hard cock in one of her soft hands, stroking it. I groaned and clenched my teeth, “God, that feels good.”

She smiled and stopped stroking me, but kept her hand on my shaft. “Oh, that’s not the end of it, honey. This is your real present,” and she took the head of my cock into her mouth. My hips jerked involuntarily, as I was not expecting this, accidentally forcing my cock further into her mouth. She just smiled around me and worked on the head of my cock, the tip of her tongue tracing the grooves of the head of my penis, her other hand caressing my balls gently.

A flicker of common sense went through my mind, and I tried to control myself. “Aunty, ahhh, you can’t…it’s…oohhh…my …shit, what if…what if your daughter walks in?” I barely choked the words out as she took me further into her mouth. “Oh, fuck…”, I hissed, then layed back down on the bed, stroking her hair and taking my present in good grace. Her head bobbed up and down, working gently on my cock, as her tongue teased the bottom of my shaft, and her hands gently squeezed my balls. It was all too much.

“Oooooohh, Aunty, if…if you keep that up, I’m gonna…gonna cum in your…mouth…ahhhh,” I warned her. She heard me, but didn’t pull back. Instead, she started going faster, taking my cock deeper inside her throat, and massaging my balls heavily. I tried really hard not to press her head down as she went up and down on my cock, but when I was about to shoot my load, I pushed her head further down, until her lips reached the base of my cock.

She didn’t protest, just started milking my cock with her throat muscles. I could feel the cum rushing up the length of my shaft and hit the back of her throat. Amazingly, she swallowed all of it, and didn’t stop sucking on me until I was limp.

Gently she let go of my depleted cock, a big grin on her face. Crawling back up to me, she kissed me on the lips briefly. “that is one of the best cocks I’ve ever seen Jake” she whispered in my ear.

Let’s see how much i can fit.

What’s taking you so long. You BAD girl. I’m going to have to teach you a lesson and spank your bum. Now lay across my knees and make it quick.” She had a contrite look on her face as she draped herself over my knees. “Now, pull up your dress.” I find it a lot more erotic to get the girl to unveil herself. On cue, she pulled up her pink chiffon dress exposing her perfect small, tight butt Beylikdüzü escort cheeks covered by matching pink bikini panties with a sweet band of embroidered flowers ringing the top. It was a gorgeous sight. “Now pull those panties down so I can give you your punishment.” She pulled them down below her snow white ass-cheeks and brought her hand back up to beside her shoulder. Her head was turned to the side closest to me and I could see her biting her lip nervously. Good. I put my palm in the center of her ass. It was as smooth as a baby’s bum. I could feel the crack of her ass splitting the two orbs. I gave it a good rub all over and even dipped my middle finger down to her cleanly shaved pussy lips. They were slick with love juice as I ran my finger up and down her slit as she gave a low moan. I withdrew my hand and gave the far cheek a half-hearted slap, barely enough to make a pink mark. I didn’t want to have her making enough noise to have her man coming to the rescue. This was just erotic play. I could feel my steel erection against the fabric of the waist of her dress. I gave her a tap on the other cheek and then another on each. There was a slight rosy hue. I dipped my fingers back to her girlie parts and they were even more wet. She moaned even louder this time. The little minx loved it. Nice, but it was time to get my rocks off.

I leaned forward and buried my face in her crotch while putting my feet between hers. I licked the smooth skin of her pussy. Then, I reached around and grabbed a firm ass-cheek with each hand and pulled her closer to me. The sweet smell of her pussy was intoxicating. As I pulled her towards me, her knees parted around my legs. Now with better access to her clit, I twirled the tip of my tongue around the little hard bud. She tilted her pelvis to give me better access and I could hear her moan deeply. I lapped her pussy from stem to stern and slurped up her pussy juice with gusto. Her small butt cheeks were only a handful each and I could feel them flex as she rotated her hips to get more friction on my tongue. What a horny bitch. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me forward. I could feel her getting close to an orgasm but I wanted her to cum with my dick planted deep. I love the feeling of a tight pussy having spasms on my cock while I look down at their face as they cum. So I leaned back and looked up at her tits and face, with its look of disappointment that I had left her on the brink of ecstasy.

straddled my waist, took her right hand and parted the lips of her cunny and lodged the wet head of my cock in the entrance to her love canal and slowly slid down until I was balls deep in the sweetest, tightest pussy I ever fucked and i have had my fair share of pussy . The poor thing let out a huge squeal of pleasure that rang out across the room and she had a devilish look in her eyes

She panted, “Yes. Yes. YES, Oh fuck, that feels soooo fucking good.” in a deep baritone, almost manly voice.

What a fucking incredible horny sight as she was sitting on my cock. I reached up and took a handful of tit in each hand and rolled the hard nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Her blue eyes opened wider when I did this and she look down at her chest at the erotic sight of me, her own nephew, pinching her nipples as jolts of pleasure hit her primal brain. I couldn’t help myself, I gave her nips a very hard tweak and she took a deep breath and stifled a groan and then purred deeply. My God, she loved that little sensation of pain. I felt like I was driving a Ferrari for the first time and discovering all these new buttons.

She put a hand on the back of the bed on each side of my head Escort Beylikdüzü as she leaned forward for better traction and started grinding her pussy on my dick. I grabbed her ass and held on as she rode me like a rodeo champ. My entire world was simply the delicious feeling in my cock as her hot, tight pussy was sliding up and down. All of a sudden she started screaming, “I’m cumming. Oh fuck, I’m cummimg. Ahhhhhh. Oh NO. AHHHHHHHH. Oh fuck. Yes YES. MMmmmmmmm.” I felt her pussy throb up and down my happy dick. She was cumming so hard there were farting noises coming out of her vagina. I could feel the puffs of breeze on my wet balls. And then she froze and fell forward onto my chest in a limp heap. I guess the sensation was too intense but…WHAT THE FUCK! I need to get off!

I tumbled her off me with her head at the end of the bed and her on her stomach. I am fond of doggie style and I lifted her legs onto the sofa and then lifted her waist up so she knew what I wanted. This girl had been fucked often. But there was no mistaking the rosy red slip in the center of engorged pussy lips under the crack just waiting for my cock. From this position her plump ass was sticking proudly in the air ad I moved into position between her knees and put a hand on the side of each cheek. Her glutes were so hard they reminded me of when my older brother used to proudly flex his bicep to get me to feel it. to put it into context my Aunt is like a Porsche whereas my other experiences were a classic Cadillac.

I always like to get a wench to direct my dick to the target so I said, “Take your hand, aunty and guide my cock into that hot pussy of yours.” She was quick to slip her delicate hand under and expertly guide the tip of my weapon to her vaginal entrance. Her pussy was so tight that even though she was well lubricated with love juice, it took a bit of effort to lodge in head-deep. This is where I always hesitate to let them feel my manhood getting ready to fuck them and then I ram in hard, balls deep and then hold still while the end of my dick feels the end of their love canal. Here goes…WHAM. As hoped for, she whipped her full head of blonde hair back and let out a huge moan.

“AHHHHHHH. Oh fuck! AHHH. Ohhh. WOW.” She was panting breathless for a minute or so until she calmed down. I was enjoying the wondrous sensation of her hot womanhood wrapped around my staff. AHA! Wenches are all alike when you ram a hard dick into their wet ready-to-fuck pussies.

I felt like a king kneeling there fucking Miss America from behind. I puffed up my chest and proudly looked around the room to the front of me. I put my hands on my hips and started grinding my hips so my cock was making small circular motions deep in her pussy. She backed up beautifully to keep our connection firm. I broke into a big, shit-ass grin. I couldn’t help it.

I looked down at my Aunts back end and slid my cock out half way and back in again. It was a snug but great fit. The tight, big cheeks of her ass were opened so that I could see her quarter size pink asshole with my member solidly embedded in her pussy below. This was an incredibly erotic sight that I will never forget. I couldn’t hold back any more. My primal brain took over and my entire world was simply her twat and my cock. I was drilling her like I was trying to lodge the end of my dick in her brain through her pussy if that makes any sense. But there is no logical sense when you are as horny as I was that lucky night. As I try to remember the next period, it is just a red and orange blur of carnal passion, animal sounds and the feel of bodies humping skin to skin. I suspect I must have spanked her ass since it was beet red when I finally came in a roaring, breathless frenzy and rolled onto the sofa in a sweat-covered heap. She lay at my side with her back to me equally as exhausted and panting.

She then laughed and rolled of the bed “have fun in college”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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