Cyber Mom

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Looking into the full length mirror, she was surprised at what she saw. Her flowing brunette hair and green eyes and button nose stared back at her.

At 38, Mary was not bad looking at all. Her 5’4 frame contained her “C” cup breasts. She had some fat on her, but for woman in her 30’s, she looked damn good.

This was the pep talk that she constantly gave herself. Although every bit of it was true; there was one area that was to blame for her not getting any dates. Mary is a divorced mother of one. Her time mostly consists of work, and taking care of her 18-year-old daughter Angelina. This leaves very little room for romance.

Many men would find Mary attractive, but most would back off once they found out she had a kid. In the 4 years that she had been divorced, she went on only 4 dates. The last one being several months ago.

Being a woman, Mary still had sexual desires and needs. She contemplated going to a bar and bringing home a man. She knew that she could never do that. She could only make love to someone that she cared for.

Last June, Mary’s friend Jessica convinced her to buy a personal computer. Jessica, also a divorced mom, raved about her computer and specifically the Internet. She would tell Mary of the many interesting people she has gotten to know online. Knowing the state of Mary’s love life, Jessica also mentioned that it was a good, safe way to meet men.

Mary at first didn’t know anything about computers. They were like a foreign language. Her daughter Angelina knew about computers from school and taught her mom.

Angelina was begining her senior year in high school. A smart student, who was not the most popular kids in her class. The main reason for this was that she was considered a nerd. She wore glasses, dressed conservatively and hung out with other unpopular kids. Regardless of what others thought, she was the apple in her mom’s eye.

Angelina was a tall lanky girl, already the same height as her mother. She had long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her face was pretty, and she had a friendly personality.

Mary soon found that she enjoyed going online. It wasn’t as hard as she thought it was, and she was getting to know some really interesting people. Mary subscribed to many single mothers lists and got to share her story with others. She soon realized that she was not the only one with a lag in her love life.

The analogy goes something like this: The Internet is like a big city. There are some really good areas that offer a lot of positives, and there are some bad areas where you do not necessarily want to go.

Mary quickly in her Internet experience wandered into the seedier side of the World Wide Web. She began viewing pictures of men.

She would fantasize about touching their enormous cocks and running her hands all over their defined muscles. This form of release grew Beylikdüzü escort old quickly. She soon found the world of chat rooms.

Mary liked them because you could talk to people in “real time”.

She got to know many more interesting people in addition to the ones she corresponded with via e-mail.

There were some pretty sick people she got to know too. Various men would IM Mary and ask if she would have “cyber sex” with them.

At first she was appalled by this, but every so often in the middle of the night, she would get that itch. She would think back to these proposals and decided to give it a try.

Mary logged on one Friday night. It was 11:45pm by the clock on her computer. No sooner did she get on, a man IM’ed her asking her age, sex, and location. Mary typed in her name, age 38, and Arizona. Mary added that she was also a mother. She was sure this man would have none of that and ignore her. To her surprise, he responded back. They talked for the better part of an hour discussing fantasies, and typing in suggestive comments. Mary was hooked.

Night after night Mary would go into these chat rooms and talk about sex with these men. She would tell them how wet she was and that she was playing with her pussy. She learned how to “role-play”.

This meant that she would pick a part and so would he. They would act out a situation. Most of the time it led to hot sex. Many of the men sent her their pictures and she would finger herself while looking at them.

One night, one of the men asked Mary if he could call her. He wanted to hear her play with herself. This was called “phone sex” and Mary was feeling especially horny tonight. This man and her had “cybered” on a couple of occasions and she thought he was quite good.

Mary logged off and waited for his call in her bedroom. She was ready for a hot session. Her panties were off and she was only wearing a bra. The phone rang and Mary and this man talked and pleased each other audibly for over an hour. Her fingers were sore after it ended. Her bed was soaken wet with her pussy juices. Mary called it a night.

Mary soon grew tired of “phone sex” and “cyber sex”. She was still horny as ever. She would linger in chatrooms and deny any men calling for “cyber sex”. As she was navigating the screen she accidentally clicked on a lesbian chat room. She was going to exit, but something in her told her to stay.

As Mary was reading the conversation in the room, she got an IM.

She thought it was from a man and was going to cancel it when she realized it was from a woman.

Mary’s heart raced as she typed a simple “Hello”.

The lady was named Wendy. She was a single mom in her early 30’s. Wendy asked if Mary was a lesbian.

Mary, didn’t know what to say. She had never been with a woman and had never felt the desire to. She replied, “No”.

Wendy Beylikdüzü escort began to say that she discovered that she was a lesbian soon after her divorce. Men were only interested in one thing. They treated you like crap and she had enough.

Mary noticed that what Wendy was describing about men, was exactly the same thing she felt.

The two women continued to talk and Mary finally admitted that she was “curious” about being with another woman.

The next night, Mary logged on and signed on to that same lesbian chat room. She waited for her friend Wendy to arrive. An IM came on the screen asking if she was horny. Mary had heard this line used by the many men she “cybered” with. This time it was a woman. Feeling very daring, Mary replied, “yes”.

This launched a hot, steamy chat session that Mary had never experienced. She typed how she wanted to tongue this girls tits and finger her hairy pussy. She read how this strange girl wanted to shove her red hot tongue into her wet snatch. Mary had her hands in her panties playing with herself through out the whole conversation. The girl abruptly left and Mary was almost glad. She was exhausted. Then popped on Wendy.

Mary told Wendy of the hot cyber sex she had just had with this girl. She wanted to know if Wendy had ever done that before.

Wendy of course had. She then revealed that she was into phone sex. Mary’s pussy began to get moist again. Wendy offered to call her and have some fun. Mary quickly typed her number and ran to her room.

The phone rang and Mary picked it up quickly.


“Mary, hello, this is Wendy.”


“You nervous?”

Mary just mumbled yes. She couldn’t believe how different and sexy Wendy’s voice was. It was a little bit deeper than hers and had a throaty quality to it.

“What are you wearing?”

“I’m on my bed, completely naked.”

“Hmmm, sounds good. Describe you body to me Mary.”

“I’m 5’4 and 130 pounds. I have round 34c breasts. I’m a brunette with green eyes, nice full lips, and a cute face.”

“Hmmm, sounds delicious. I would love to have your hot pouty lips around my big tits.”

Mary was hot; her hand was caressing her thigh. She didn’t want to come to soon. She wanted it to last.

“Tell me about you sweet little pussy, Mary.”

“It is dripping wet. It’s nice and hairy.”

“Nice, stick you finger inside and suck your fingers dry. Tell me how it tastes.”

Mary, slowly shoved her index finger in her hot cunt. She flicked her clit and moaned into the phone. She took her wet finger and slurped the wet juices from it. The noise made Wendy moan.

“Oh, Mary, that is so hot. Tell me how it tastes, tell me how it tastes!”

“Sweet, very sweet.”

“Hmmm, I’d love to taste it. Mary, what kind of women do you like?”

Mary never thought about Escort Beylikdüzü it before. She told Wendy she hadn’t decided yet. Wendy proceeded to tell her about what kind of woman makes her hot.

“I like all women, but I really like young ones.”

Mary agreed. Some of those hot 20 something girls were gorgeous.


“Yes, there is something so hot about a young girl and her hot firm body.”

Mary was silent as she imagined a hot college girl with her legs spread wide.

“Tell me about your daughter, Mary.”

“What do you wanna know?”

“You ever look at your daughters teenage ass and just wanna jump her?”


“What does she look like?”

“She is a cute blonde. She’s the same height as me.”

“How are her tits?”

Mary thought and realized that her daughter, Angelina had some really perky breasts. She relayed this to Wendy.

“Hmmm, when was the last time you saw her naked?”

Mary told Wendy about the time last summer when they were on vacation. It was a hot night, temperatures in the upper 70’s. Mary and her daughter walked together to the ocean for a late night swim. It was 3am and nobody was around. Angelina had the idea of skinny dipping. The both tore their bathing suits off and ran into the ocean. Mary remembered admiring her daughters thin, athletic body. Her eyes spied her daughter’s pussy. Not much hair at all.

They both laughed and played in the water. Their naked bodies wet and glistening from the moon light. They splashed water at each other and Mary remembers hugging her naked daughter. Their tits touching. The rolled around in the sand together, tickling each other’s body.

“Then what happened?”

Mary, her fingers pumping her snatch, continued her story. “Nothing happened sexually. We washed the sand off our bodies and got dressed. Back in the hotel, Angelina laid asleep in her bikini. I was so horny, that I fingered myself for 30 minutes in the bathroom. That was it.”

“That is hot! Were you thinking of your daughter?”

“No, I was thinking of my ex-husband.”

“Ahh, but you know it was your daughters body that got you all hot and bothered?”

“Maybe, I guess it did.”

“That was HOT! I don’t know if you noticed, but I came while you were telling your story.”

Mary laughed, so had she.

“I’m going to have to go now, remind me to tell you about me and my little girl. We did a bit more than play in the ocean. Bye.”


Mary was spent. She had two orgasms in less than 2 hours. She felt guilty getting off by thinking of her daughter. Before she went to sleep, she peeked in Angelina’s room and admired her daughter’s pretty face. Angelina was a very beautiful girl. Mary had thoughts of how her daughter was growing up to become a very beautiful woman.

The next day, Mary checked her e-mail box. She browsed through all the spam and read messages from her friends. She then came upon an e-mail from Wendy. It was entitled, “My Daughter Sara”.


I love comments, it encourages me to write more. So give me ideas on future stories. Thanks.

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