Cynthia Seduces a Student Pt. 02

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“Cynthia, what are your thoughts?” The pointed question brought her out of her daydream. She had been fondly remembering Steve waking her this morning by slowly sliding himself inside her. To wake up with a thick cock easing into her had been…scintillating.

“Look, strong AI isn’t close yet – and it’s probably not going to happen on current hardware. It’s also probably not going to happen on the newest hardware until the kinks have been worked out. Again, no one has really figured this out. We either need to open the R&D pocketbooks a bit and take some risks in the cloud…or risk falling behind our competitors.” She may have been dreaming through the presentation, but she had prepared for the meeting by reading through Bill’s slides after Steve had left her house. Besides, Bill had earned himself a bit of a reputation: he had strong opinions about AI. In his mind, it was coming tomorrow, it was coming on new hardware, and everyone should immediately shift focus accordingly. She knew his angle before even reading his slide presentation.

Jeff, the CEO, was wise enough to seek a balanced council. Always one to tease out the nuances of both sides of an issue, Jeff followed up with “But we’re already spending a large chunk of our budget shifting to the cloud. I just hired 30 new developers last quarter. Am I hearing you suggest we hire more to work on science projects that may not pan out? You already know that the board is getting antsy with our newfound cloud adventure.”

Bob smirked at the pointededness in Jeff’s voice. Cynthia knew Jeff well enough, though, to know he was only playing devil’s advocate. He had already made up his mind. “Yes, that’s correct. Look, we’ll need that cloud expertise anyways. Let’s assume that strong AI *is* around the corner. It’s going to happen on the cloud, regardless. The new hardware will make it onto the cloud sooner than later. We may as well kill two birds with one stone and build that expertise.”

As Jeff considered her response, she sat at the conference table, studying him. Dignified, tall, and around 50 (like most CEO’s, she reflected), Jeff was quite handsome. If it wouldn’t so-obviously conflict with her professional life, she would consider seducing him.

“He’s probably married with kids”, she mused, “but also likely spends small fortunes on high-end escorts.” Powerful men tended to do those things, she knew…and she couldn’t blame them. Those escorts were easy on the eyes – maybe she should look into trying such a service herself… She supposed that when the dust settles at work she should treat herself soon to the services of two girls – at the same time.

“Okay, thanks. Let me consider everything. I’ll have my decision by tomorrow’s morning meeting.” The tone in Jeff’s voice signaled the meeting was over.

Arriving in her office, Cynthia plopped down on her chair. The stress was palpable lately. The company was now in a winner-take-all race to achieving strong AI, and her future hinged on the company’s success. Bob – a brilliant software developer who had risen to CTO – was not making her life easier. “He has such tunnel-vision…”, she reflected as she rubbed her temples. She kicked her feet up on her desk, hands still on her temples, and studied her black heels as if to find wisdom in them.

Luckily, she had some ways to relieve that stress. For one, yoga after work was always a good way to relieve stress. And Steve…sex with him had been better than she could have hoped for. As if on queue, she felt a throbbing ache in her pelvis. It was a good ache – a reminder she had had quite the night (even if she had had to get up very early this morning…) Pushing those thoughts from her mind, she walked over to her personal coffee machine, poured her second cup of coffee for the day, and girded herself for the day ahead.

The following day was much the same. In the morning meeting – with no small satisfaction – she studied Bill’s reaction as Jeff announced they were to move forward with Cynthia’s plan. With that announcement, she knew was in for an even-longer-than-usual day at work.

Being chief scientist, she had her own suite complete with her own restroom. She glanced at its door, and decided to get comfortable. Much like yesterday, she poured herself her second cup of coffee after the morning meeting. While the coffee dripped into her cup, her glance found her restroom door. In for a long day – and even having to teach class tonight – she decided to get comfortable in the restroom.

Locking the door on her way in, she slipped off one heel and then the next. She was dressed in full-corporate fashion: cream heels, nylon stockings, and a matching cream skirt and business jacket. Lifting off her jacket and shirt, she unfastened her bra. With her bra off, Cynthia reflected men probably could not understand women’s love-hate relationship with bras. They made a woman feel sexy…but they could be so uncomfortable!

Relaxed with her bra off, she remembered Steve’s glance ucuz escort as her bra came off two nights ago. It had been a look of hunger. The memory turned her on. Also remembering that she had gotten Steve’s phone number the morning before, she decided to set aside some time for play. Forgetting work for a moment, she texted him “Hey sexy…I’m looking forward to teaching you physics tonight…”

His reply text came back quickly: “I can’t wait to see what tonight’s lesson includes.” Perhaps fitting for his age, the text was finished off with an eggplant emoji.

“I can’t wait, either. Here’s a taste to get you excited tonight.” Cynthia did not typically do this, but she snapped a selfie in the mirror of her restroom with her arms across her breasts and sent it to Steve. She felt quite powerful and sexy when she did – she could see why all of the younger women did it so often… Cynthia took a moment to study the picture she had sent to Steve. Frankly, she felt she looked quite good for being in her late 30’s – even if a slight bit of weight was beginning to accrue. Cynthia then sat down on the chair of her suite, and waited for his response text.

“Holy shit, that’s hot. But I want to see what’s under those arms!” Steve’s reply text had come quickly – she expected it would. Cynthia knew that he had probably already-grown erect just from her unexpected picture. She decided to torture him a while by waiting some time to reply with “You’ll get to see what’s under after class. And after you study…”

The thought of another evening with Steve turned her on. Society would probably expect her to feel shame, but she felt only exhilaration. She had a handsome man almost 20 years her junior in her thrall. Men like Jeff did it all the time with young women – why shouldn’t she?

She began to fantasize what tonight had in store. Would it be gentle? Would she perhaps hire an escort? Maybe one of those other boys from class might be interested in joining… or maybe she was going to introduce Steve to the kinky side.

Suddenly, Cynthia realized her hand was between her legs, slowly circling her clitoris. She did not even realize her hand had moved there. When she did, though…she lifted a leg on to the arm of her chair and slid a hand under her panties. With the tender, smooth, skin of her clitoris pressed firmly between two fingers, she began to pleasure herself.

With thoughts of what she was going to do with Steve consuming her, Cynthia became quickly aroused. That’s when she decided to record with her phone the wet sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her…and to send it to Steve. In those moments, Cynthia got more than a few ideas of what she was going to do with Steve. After a shuddering orgasm quickly took her, she pressed the phone’s “stop” button.

She quickly reviewed the video before sending it. She smirked to herself thinking that Steve may be in for some embarrassment if he opened the video in the wrong place. If the wet squishing sounds were not enough to give away what the video was, then undoubtedly her moaning would. Come to think of it, she was surprised about the moaning. Caught in the moment, she had not heard herself…but the recording did not lie – she had been enjoying herself loudly. With a grin, she sent the video to Steve.

His reply came back after she had cleaned up and resumed work at her desk. “Holy fucking shit that was hot! You’re so sexy Professor Patterson!” Nothing in the text hinted at any embarrassment.

“Well Steve, I was thinking about what we’re gonna do tonight.”

“What are we going to do? I can’t wait to find out. I’m so hard already…”

“Well, I need to finish some work before class, so you’ll have to wait until tonight to find out.”

“Okay. I don’t think I’ll be able to pay attention in class…”

After all the complexities of work, she found she enjoyed the simplicity of a young man. It was about sex. Simple. Done. Honest. They weren’t interested in much else, and she didn’t have to pretend otherwise, either. Frankly, she loved the idea of him being turned on and knew at his hormonal age, even a simple text would work wonders. She decided to torture him just a bit more. “What do you want me to wear tonight?”, she inquired.

“Umm, in class or after?” Came his unsure response.

“How about before – I don’t imagine I’ll wear much of anything after class.”

“Oh, I want you to dress like a sexy teacher for class – obviously! But maybe without a bra…you looked hot without a bra last time.”

“Hmmm, okay. Well, I’ll see you tonight. I need to finish up a few things here…”

Surely enough, the day flew by. Work hard, play hard, as they say…and Cynthia had worked hard today already. Even so, she had yet to teach class tonight, so it meant she was going to have to play extra hard tonight. Per her ritual, Cynthia put down her work as the time approached, and began to ready herself for class.

Tonight’s ümraniye escort shower was quicker than usual – she had to make up for spending ever-so-slightly more time than usual working. Even so, she found enough time to shave herself smooth. She wanted to feel extra-sexy for Steve. It was pure eroticism to have a young man under her control – she wanted him to think her perfect.

Drying off from her shower, Cynthia dabbed some drops of perfume on her wrists, breasts, and clitoris. Each cool drop reminded her of the night in store for her – she just had to make it through teaching class.

Afterwards, Cynthia padded barefoot to the closet of spare clothes she kept in her office. From the drawers beneath the closet, she began to rifle around for a good thong to wear. Her office wardrobe was bare compared to the one at home, but she kept a few sexy items in stock for occasions like this.

She settled for a blue, lacy, thong. Thongs weren’t as comfortable as the alternatives, but the discomfort reminded her of her femininity – and that more than made up for any discomfort. Cynthia began then to rifle for a bra, but quickly decided against it. Instead, she would teach class bra-less. Instead, she simply put back on her corporate outfit: cream jacket, skirt, and heels…but with nylons held in place by garter straps fasted to her waist.

She then pulled her hair into a bob and decided she didn’t have time to apply the normal amounts of makeup. Rather, she gathered her items and hurried off to class. Bra-less under her jacket and with garter straps, she couldn’t help but feel a little devious as she went off to class…

As the students streamed into class, she silently-noted the longing glances several of the young men shot her way. “Perhaps they were hoping I would dress as I did last class…” Cynthia reflected.

Cynthia had long ago realized she enjoyed the male gaze – so long as it was on her terms. But when she caught Steve’s eyes fixated on her, she almost-instantly felt herself growing moist. She had known she would get turned on…but not this fast…not this much.

As she gathered her materials, she couldn’t help but again noticed Steve’s chiseled cheekbones; his slender-yet-muscular frame. That disheveled brown hair…And, strangely, she liked his rather-juvenile wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts. Men like Jeff wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those clothes. She found Steve’s youthful wardrobe choice endearing, even if she was mystified as to why.

One thing had changed since last class, though: Steve’s hungry glances. Where he had gazed upon her with an almost-sulky lust, his gaze was now a hungry confidence. Almost as if he was going to eat her… “I hope he decides to eat me all night long” she mused to herself.

“Ahem”, she coughed, signalling for everyone’s attention. “Last class’s quiz was hit and miss. Look, I want you all to do well, and a fair amount of you aren’t. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t feel as if quizzes don’t result in much learning. So, I’m going to offer some extra credit -” before Cynthia could complete her sentence, the class erupted in cheers.

“- but it’s going to be hard work.” The cheers died down at that. As she explained the level of effort required, the cheers morphed into glazed-over stares. Even so, she knew the students would grudgingly do the extra credit – and they would learn the material.

At break, she texted Steve “Come straight over to my place after class – I just cant wait any longer. I am so wet…” Steve’s reply was simply an emoji: a red-skinned, devil-horned, smiley face.

Somehow, class eventually ended. With a dull, wet ache between her legs the whole time, Cynthia felt it an eternity, but apparently even eternity ends. Cynthia rushed home in a blur as class ended, but even so, Steve had beaten here there and was waiting at the door.

With a smirk, he said “Hey professor.”

“Why hello Steve…come on in.” As Cynthia unlocked her door and pushed it open, she grabbed Steve’s hand and led him in. Shutting the door behind them, Steve spun her around and placed his hands on her hips, and began kissing her.

“My! You’re much more confident tonight!” Cynthia seductively noted.

“God… Professor Patterson, I’ve been thinking about you non-stop…” Even as he said it, his hands seemingly explored her entire body at once. Without an ounce of shyness, as the last word came from his mouth, he pulled her hips into his. Even through several layers of fabric, she could feel his hard cock pressing into her.

Cynthia, of course, loved when a man took control in the bedroom. But she already formulated her plans tonight – and they didn’t involve Steve taking control.

“Oooh, Steve, you sexy stud…you’re already hard. Our deal was that you have to study physics first, before we do anything.” She pulled herself away from his grip – but seductively, lest he think she wasn’t enjoying üsküdar escort herself.

“Awww, c’mon…” Suddenly, he looked his age again. The confident body language of a man had given way to the pouty, slumped body language of a boy.

“That’s our deal. But we’re going to make it a game, okay?” As she said that, a hand of hers trailed from his shoulder down to his rock-hard cock – which she playfully squeezed.

With a confused half-grin, Steve replied “Heh. Okay. Sounds fun…?”

“Alright. So you’ll play?” She playfully asked.

“Do I have a choice?” He croaked, throat dry from desire.

“It doesn’t sound like it to me. First thing is first – follow me.” Again grabbing Steve’s hand, she led him to her bedroom. When Steve noticed the stripper pole in the room, he stated “You have a stripper pole in your bedroom…” – as if to ensure he wasn’t imagining things.

“Frat boys aren’t the only ones who get to have fun.” she purred, before sitting on the bed and crossing her legs. After sitting down, she continued “Here’s how the game starts. First, you need to strip to your underwear – ” before finishing her sentence she gestured to a nearby plush chair near ” – and sit in that chair.”

Steve, uncertain-yet-eager, did as instructed. As he pulled off each article of clothing, she lusted over him. His toned, slender body. His carelessly-ruffled brown hair. And those cheekbones… With each article of clothing he peeled off, she encouraged him with seductive purrs: “Mmmm, yes…very nice…”

When he finally pulled off his pants, she noted that he was wearing crimson boxer-briefs – and that an erection was already raging beneath them. With nothing more on but his underwear, he gave her an awkward grin and plopped down on the plush chair.

“Alright, next part of the game.” Cynthia sat up, reached under the bed, and produced a pair of Velcro restraints. With them in hand, she sauntered over to Steve who watched her curiously. Without any hesitation, she rested her body weight on Steve (making extra sure that her breasts brushed over him), grabbed his wrists, secured the restraints over the wrists, and finally secured them to the wall behind the chair. Steve’s arms were now hanging from the wall, his wrists fastened together so that he had little freedom to move his arms.

“Alright, what do you think?” Cynthia quizzed, peeling her body weight from Steve to stand adjacent to him. It was intensely erotic seeing him vulnerable in only his boxer-briefs; wrists fastened to the wall above his head.

“I’m enjoying it so far”, he wryly replied.

“Good…stay here, I need to get out of these corporate clothes…” She pulled off her jacket to show off her silk shirt underneath. The fine material clearly showed the shape of her nipples underneath. Steve hissed lustily, and slightly shifted against his restraints.

Throwing her jacket on the floor, she studied Steve studying her. “Like what you see?”

“Uhhhh…yes…” Cynthia then deftly pulled off her shirt and skirt, standing only in her heels and nylon stockings held up by her garter straps. Steve again drank her in. Watching him admire her turned her on more than she cared to admit. “Okay, time for me to go change…” she purred, darting off towards her walk-in closet.

Entering her closet, she moved swiftly. She had already planned the outfit she was going to wear, so she was able to find her clothes quickly. From her drawers, she pulled out a stripper outfit she had bought for special occasions. It was a neon-pink set of thong, miniskirt, bra, and stilettos. The bra’s fabric was very sheer, clearly showing everything underneath. She unceremoniously dumped her garter and nylons on the floor, and began putting on her new, more-adventurous outfit.

With the outfit on, she double-checked herself in the mirror. Satisfied, she unfastened her bun and let her hair tumble freely. Again scanning herself in the mirror, she teased her dark, shoulder-length hair into place. Clothed, she sprayed a bit of perfume on herself. Finally, she grabbed a candle, a match, and lit the candle before walking out of her closet.

At the sight of her, Steve again shifted in the chair. No smile; nothing other than a hungry look in his eyes. She watched his glance scan her, up and down, only stopping to focus on her breasts. His eyes were more transfixed on her breasts beneath a sheer bra on than they had been earlier, without a bra.

“Here’s the game Steve. I quiz you questions. If you get them right, I strip out of a piece of clothing. You get it wrong…well, you get some hot wax…”

Apparently eager to start, his reply was short: “Okay.”

“Good. So, what’s a weber?”

“Ummm, a unit of magnetic flux?” Steve answered, seemingly unsure.

“That’s correct…” Cynthia was sure he would get this incorrect, but he didn’t. She set the candle down, sauntered over to her stripper pole, and began gyrating. She began to notice a red flush appear over Steve’s cheeks.

Towards the end of her gyrating, she put her thumbs under the skirt and slipped it off to reveal a sheer, pink, thong. Steve’s glance immediately darted to her shaven kitty, clearly visible from beneath the thong’s fabric. “Okay, what’s the term for the lowest level an electron state can be in?”

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