Daddy and Daughter’s Perspectives Ch. 01

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Daddy and Daughter’s Perspectives Part 1

An 18 year old and her father’s views on why they committed incest

Author’s introduction.

This is an unusual account of a taboo topic; incest between a father and daughter. What makes it unusual is that both parties have written this from their individual perspective.

Kelly is 18, Bill her father is 45.

This is their story of how their relationship changed from that of a parent daughter to one of lovers.


November 28, early evening.

Although technically still a virgin, as I hadn’t yet been fucked I had been quite active with a few boys. That had started a few months ago, which was the time most of the more adventurous girls I knew got things going. So having that experience under my belt, above it as well actually for my little tits saw quite a lot of action, at eighteen and a half I felt fairly grown up, but not yet a woman.

I was in with two groups of girls. One was the more ballsy girls in my class in the sixth form of the rather posh, but still State all girl’s school I attended and the other was the mates I had grown up with in my neighbourhood.

In both groups we talked about boys and sex a lot. Out of the ten or so in the two groups there were four who said they had done ‘it.’ One of those was Holly a fat girl who was in my class and was my age and the other three were older. The rest were about as active as me.

We had all been titted up of course and most of us had been fingered. Some of us claimed to have had climaxes as we called them, we weren’t yet familiar with orgasms. I had let one boy undo my school blouse and with another I had taken my tee off, but I had not yet been naked with anyone.

I had got to point where I wanted to go all the way. I wanted to find out what it was liked to have a dick in me and be fucked, but my social conditioning made me feel scared and so far I had resisted. Another restraining factor was of course the horror that I might catch something or in many ways worse would get pregnant. They were both holding me back from going all the way.

I knew of girls my age having babies and I was petrified of that. However, I knew full well that if such a disaster happened that my dad, though angry and disappointed would support me; he was always there for me. Of course I suppose I loved him in the way that most girls love their father. But at times I felt a little uncomfortable for my attraction to him verged on going beyond ‘typical’ puppy love.’ I sometimes looked at him and wondered what he would be like naked, whether he had a big dick or not and what it would be like to be in his arms, my bare tits squashed against his hairy chest. I tried to banish such thoughts from my mind, but they always returned. I wanted someone to discuss that with, but there was no one, not my classmates or my friends at home. I tried finding more on the web and got into chat rooms, but that was insane so I kept my Oedipus complex inside me.

Mum was a different kettle of fish. Beautiful though she was on the outside, with hair as blonde as mine and a great figure, she was a bitch inside and I am sure that she was playing away from home. I can’t say why I felt that, woman’s instinct I suppose, despite my lack of womanhood! Dad was so patient with her and let her get away with so much. She was out at least two evening a week with ‘friends,’ bits on the side I thought, but he never questioned her or asked where she went or what she got up to most evenings of the week. He is, I thought, a bit weak. But then mum is a tough old bird and she would give him hell if he did anything wrong or forgot something. She and I had gradually grown to dislike each other, although I hoped that my tits would grow over the next few years to be like her full. C cup beauties.

As long as I could remember I had felt more comfortable with girls and boys older than myself. I had been like that for a few years. When I was younger that wasn’t a problem, but now I was well of an age where I could have full sex, older Beylikdüzü escort boys, men really became dangerous.

That became the case one evening when it was parent’s evening at school. Mum couldn’t make it, probably being shagged in the back of some young tennis coach’s car I pondered, but of course dad could, he always did. I had arranged to have dinner at my friend Sara’s house and dad had said he would collect me around nine when he would drop Sara’s parents off.

Whilst I like Sara, the big attraction was her brother Cal. He was handsome, well built, a great footballer and twenty two, an older man! And I knew that he fancied me ‘something rotten.’ He had told me that a week or so ago when I was in his bedroom, my school blouse was undone, my tits were bare and at least two of his fingers were up my cunt.

I was beginning to think that I would select him to take my cherry, but I wanted that to happen in perfect circumstances and not in the back of his Mini or in his bedroom with Sara and his mum downstairs; I’m an old romantic at heart really.

The evening of the parent’s meeting Cal’s mate Brett and Sara had gone to her bedroom in her bedroom. Sara was a quiet one, rarely telling the rest of us what she got up to and it would not have surprised me if she had done it, and several times!

“Come on Kel” Cal had said taking my hand and leading me to his bedroom which was really cool with great photos, play stations, iPad and laptop and a terrific sound system.

We kissed standing up. He was a good kisser as I thought I was; I practiced often on my hand using my thumb and the side of it as lips and I watched xhamster to get tips. We both used our tongues and quickly the embrace and the kiss became very passionate. I was thrilled when I felt his erection pressing into my tummy and excited when he firstly squeezed my bum through the thin cotton of my blue, gingham school skirt and then cupped my tit through the white blouse.

“God Kelly you are fantastic he moaned” kissing me even harder.

I didn’t know what to say so I kissed him back and squirmed my mound against his erection.

I felt his hand leave my breasts and go to the front of my blouse. Still kissing I felt the buttons open one by one until the sides parted and my chest was bare. He slid it off my shoulders and dropped it on the bed where we had kissed and cuddled in the past and where he had fingered me to a climax. He stood back and looked at me; I felt shy.

“They are lovely Kelly” he sighed stroking my breasts and then softly pinching and pulling my little nipples.

I felt his hand go up my skirt at the back and he stroked my bottom through the white, lacy panties with which I had replaced the school ones in the toilet, where I had also removed my bra, before leaving school. Pulling me towards the low sofa in the corner he gently eased me down and settled me in the corner. He lay beside me and we kissed again. His hands were all over my tits and his erection was pressed against the side of my leg near my hip. My legs were dangling over the edge of the sofa and he was half lying and half kneeling alongside me if that makes sense. He had his left arm round my shoulders pulling my face against his as we kissed. I felt his right hand move downwards from my boobs, across my stomach and down my bare legs. Sliding under the hem it slithered slowly and excitingly up again until he cupped my mound. That made my body jerk and I let out a low grunt. It felt good. He pressed right on my clit and ran his fingers along the lips of my pussy.

“Oh Cal” I couldn’t help groaning so extreme were the feelings.

“Yes baby, yes, is it good?”

“It’s marvellous” I groaned as his fingers fumbled inside my very grown up panties. They found my bare, wet pussy, ran round my lips and then two or three, I wasn’t quite sure, slid into me. It was fucking amazing. He started pumping them up and down giving me the most incredible feelings. I moaned and groaned and jerked and jumped as such fantastic sensations roared through Beylikdüzü escort my body.

“Oh god Cal I am going to cum” I blurted out as he took my hand and pulled it towards him.

I assumed that he was going to place it on the bulge in his jeans and I was surprised when I felt the bareness of his naked, erect cock.

“Yes Kel, cum, cum for me” he moaned pumping faster and deeper as I rubbed his cock.

The physical feelings were sensational, but the emotional ones were hard to cope with. I started to cry. I don’t know why, but as he finger fucked me to a strong climax the emotional outflow was of such a pressure that the tears just streamed down my face. He cuddled me to him squashing my breasts against his shirt that I realised was open as open in fact as his zip. It felt lovely and so grown up.

“Oh Kelly” he whispered right into my ear you are so gorgeous was that good for you?”

“Yes Cal it was wonderful” I whispered back feeling his finger trailing across my bare bottom for unbeknown to me he had fiddled my panties down round my thighs. I was still holding his cock and I started to stroke it involuntarily; the feelings that shot through me made me shudder with something, want or desire probably.

As we kissed he moved his hand round to my front and after gently rubbing my pubic mound and lightly running his fingertips along my wet lips I felt him hold and then pull on my panties. He broke the kiss, but kept his lips on mine.

“I think I am falling in love with you” he whispered. The words crashed into my mind, they were the most wonderful and welcome words I think I had ever heard.

“Don’t be silly” I retorted as the pressure on my panties increased and they started to slide further down.

“I mean it you are wonderful” he groaned slowly pumping in and almost out of my clenched hand.

We kissed again as he eased the panties further down. They were around my knees. As his tongue probed deep into my widely opened mouth I felt them slide over my knees. I realised I had two options; open my legs to stop them sliding down or keep my knees together. It didn’t take long to reach a decision. The sensation as I felt my knickers fall to my ankles and as I slid them off my feet was awesome.

I felt his fingers fumbling for the button at the top of the zip on the side of my skirt. I grabbed his hand for I felt I should stop him even though the skirt was bunched round my thighs and several times he had stared at me up there.

“What Cal?”

“I want to see you naked.”

“No” I replied feeling excited but scared.

“Yes Kelly please.”

“We can’t……” I started.

“Yes I know you are still a virgin and we can’t do it.”


“It’s ok Kel” he said kissing me again. “I understand, I just want to look at what will be mine when you are ready” he said so considerately. “Please baby” he went on pushing his cock more firmly in my hand. My resistance vanished, there was no way out, but then I didn’t really want there to be for I realised I wanted to be naked for him. I wanted him to see me, yes I wanted to flaunt my nakedness at him.

I took my hand away.

“Ok Kelly?” He asked undoing the button.

“Yes Cal” I breathed wondering whether I would have the resolve to stop him from fucking me and taking my virginity?

“Thanks baby” he whispered into my ear as he slid the zip down. He pulled on the opened skirt so the top slid down to around my hips the top of my pubes poking out above the waistband. I lifted my bottom up to help him and with a quick yank my school skirt slid down my legs. I lifted my feet so he could remove it completely.

I was nude with a boy for the first time. As he sat up and looked at me, running his gaze up and down my body I thought I would be embarrased. I wasn’t. I felt exhilarated, I enjoyed him looking at me and it turned me on.

“God you are beautiful.”

Our eyes met and we both smiled. I wanted to say ‘your turn now’ but didn’t have the nerve and was scared that Escort Beylikdüzü if I did I was giving him the green light to enter my red tunnel.

“Stand up for me Kelly, please.”

It was an amazing feeling for me as I stood before where he was sitting. His eyes never left my body for a second.

“I so want to make love to you Kel” he whispered. “Turn round for me slowly please. Jesus what a delicious bum you have” seared into my brain. No one had ever told me that before, but then nobody had seen it naked.

As I turned round for him several times and then with my back to him bent over and touched my toes at his request my resolve was fading. I was near to saying that he could have me, but somehow I hung on to my fragile resistance and instead revelled in putting on a show for him.

“Kelly, sit down now” he said quietly.

I did as he suggested. “Pull your feet up onto the sofa” was his next request. I did that so my knees were pressing against my boobs. He kissed me and whispered as he placed his hand on my. “Open your legs Kelly, let me see you. Let me see your cunt.” That word crashed into my mind and his request made my nerves jangle.

That did it. As I slowly opened my legs and saw his eyes boring into my most feminine place, my resolve left me. I was as good as prepared to say. ‘Let’s make love Cal’ when my mobile rang. Glancing at my watch I saw that it was later than I had imagined for it was after nine and I knew before I even looked at my iPhone that it would be my dad. I closed my legs and put my feet on the floor

“Sorry Cal” I said sitting naked beside him answering my dad.

“Be there in five minutes Kelly.”

Smiling I said to Cal. “I guess I was saved by the bell.”

Kissing me and stroking my breasts he joked back, well I think it was a joke.

“For the time being.”

I went to the door and called out to Sara that her mum and dad would be home soon. Shutting the door I went back to the sofa to get dressed. Picking my blouse up from where it had been dropped on the floor I noticed that Cal had put his cock away. I put on my blouse and skirt and shoved my lacy, non-school issue panties into my blazer pocket. My regulation school knickers and bra were already in my little rucksack. I rolled the waist of the daft, gingham skirt over a couple of times to turn the drab, knee-length school skirt into a mini and checked myself in the mirror. My hair was a bit messed up, but I knew I could get away with that, but apart from that and being naked under my blouse and skirt I was ok.

“Gotta go Cal” I said kissing him as I heard the beep of my dad’s car outside.

“Do it again soon Kel?” He said slipping his hand up my skirt and stroking my bum.

“Yes” I said leaving the room and almost bumped into Brett and Sara going downstairs.

“Have fun did you?” She asked giving me a knowing smile.

“Yes and you?”

“Mmmmm” she said in her secretive way as we pecked each other on the cheeks.

“Hi dad” I said leaning across the central console and kissing him. “How are you?”

“Fine thanks” he replied looking at me in a lingering manner.

“In trouble am I?”

“No of course not, you got glowing reports from all of the teachers.”

We were home in no time.

“Straight to bed for me dad” I said standing on tip toe and kissing him.

As I did my breasts brushed against his chest and his hand momentarily rested on my hip. We stayed like that. It was only probably for a few seconds, but it seemed an age that my boobs were squashed against him and that his hand was near to my bottom. Our eyes met and we held the other’s gaze.

He broke first, thank goodness.

“Good night darling” he said.

“Night dad.” I replied running up the stairs.

I did my teeth, undressed and got into bed

In the dark one of my hands squeezed my breasts and pinched and pulled my nipples whilst the other went between my legs where Cal had visited so much this evening. I was quickly climaxing and my befuddled mind had me on my back with a man between my legs fucking me. My arms were round his neck holding that down on my shoulder so I couldn’t see his face. After my climax had exploded with me grunting and writhing the man lifted his head and my dad said.

“Was that ok Kelly?”

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