Daddy’s Amazing Amanda Ch. 02

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At the end of the first installment, Amanda was ready for her Daddy to ‘sex’ her. . .Amanda looses her virginity, both of them. . . Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Mf, Inc.

“Okay then” Tom said as he helped her to dry her body. “But we have to be careful not to hurt your arms.” When she was dry and all warm wrapped in her robe Tom said “Come then, let’s go to the bedroom and Daddy will show you what sex is all about.”

Amanda followed her father to his bedroom. Before now she rarely had the opportunity to even catch a glimpse of her parents’ bedroom. Paula made sure that Amanda knew it was off limits to children. Amanda walked through the door behind her father. She looked in awe at the deep red color of the walls, the room felt so soothing and erotic. On the walls, she saw beautifully framed prints of nude women posing salaciously. Some of their poses felt as though they were inviting acts of self debauchery. Amanda felt the moisture building between her legs as she gazed at the most intimate parts of the nude women.

Tom walked over to the king size bed and plopped down onto the fluffy comforter. He motioned for Amanda to join him. Amanda climbed up onto the bed beside him, and Tom slowly slipped her robe off her shoulders and threw it aside. He pulled the spread back and positioned her on the silky sheets. He reached over to pressed his tremulous palm against her pert breast, gently kneading her young flesh. He felt a moan escape from deep within his body.

Amanda leaned back on the fluffy pillows, allowing her head to sink deeply into the comforting folds. Her body was alive with erotic sensations. She relished the feeling of silk against her skin, and the feel of her fathers’ warm hand covering her entire breast.

“Oh, Amanda, I can’t tell you how beautiful you are. Your body is perfect.” He said as he gazed at her beautiful body, taking in every gentle curve.

He positioned himself on top of her, being careful not to put his full weight on her. He stroked her hair with his hand as he leaned in to gently kiss her supple lips. He kissed her softly at first, savoring the feel of her, the taste of her. He trailed kisses over her forehead and down her cheeks. When he returned to her tender lips, he slipped his tongue between them. Amanda instinctively opened her mouth to receive his probing tongue. He let his hand travel over her body, caressing her shoulders and arms with his big warm hands. He paused his exploration of her body to pay heed to her small breasts, gently rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb.

Amanda moaned into his mouth in response. Tom felt her squirming beneath him. He lifted his head and said “Daddy needs to taste you Baby. Is that all right? He asked.

“I, um, I guess so.” Amanda replied, not know what he meant by ‘tasting her.’

“I promise you’ll like it Sweetie. Just lay back for Daddy, put your arms on the pillows so you are more comfortable. I will stop any time you want. You just say so and we don’t have to do this. Okay?” He asked, hoping and praying that she didn’t change her mind.

“Okay Daddy.” She said. But she knew she wanted it. She wanted her Daddy to touch her for so long, it was like a dream coming true. The sensations that her body was feeling were incredible.

Tom waited until she was comfortable before he placed his hands on her breasts, gently kneading the little mounds. “I want you to tell me if you like or don’t like something I do, okay?” he asked.

He wanted her to enjoy it as much as he did, and he needed to hear the words out loud to assuage the guilt he felt for taking his pure virgin angel and turning her into a lust-filled imp. Tom needed to make sure that she would want to share his bed from this day forward. His little girl was finally his for the taking, and take her he would. But, he had to be slow and gentle with her, for her first time anyway.

“Okay Daddy, but I like it so far.” Amanda told him. She already knew she was going to like what her Daddy did to her. He was gentle and loving with every part of her body.

Tom kissed the soft curve of her neck, trailing wet kisses all the way down to her breasts. He flicked his tongue over her nipples, deliberately evoking the response he wanted.

Amanda pushed her chest toward him, she didn’t know why, but intuitively her legs spread open a bit. She needed him to touch her.

Tom took his time with her breasts. Kissing and suckling each one, rolling his tongue in small circles around each nipple delighting in his new found feast and arousing feelings, he had kept buried for so long.

“More Daddy.” Amanda moaned, moving her hips at him.

Tom gave her nipples a little pinch, just enough for her to squeal in delight. He trailed wet tender kisses and softly licked her flat belly as he traveled to his ultimate destination.

Amanda was squirming under him. She lifted her hips to his mouth as he kissed her. “Do you like it so far, Honey?” he asked.

“Yes, yes I do.” Amanda moaned Beylikdüzü escort wanting the feeling to never stop.

Tom kissed her the top of her soft mound, rubbing his nose into the little tuft of blonde hair, taking in the musky scent of her untouched pussy. “Ohhh, you smell so good Baby, Daddy needs to taste you down here.” He told her so as not to startle her with what he was about to do.

Amanda propped herself up on her elbows and said “Okay Daddy.”

Tom lifted her legs and moved them apart. He placed his hands on the backs of her thighs, pushing them open to him. He felt Amanda hesitate, he stopped and looked up at her. He saw that she was watching him “Are you okay Honey? Do you want Daddy to stop?” He asked, again hoping that she would let him continue.

“No, I’m okay Daddy, I just wanted to watch what you were doing down there.” Amanda said with a tremulous smile on her pink lips.

“Okay then Sweetie.” He said. “Daddy needs to spread your legs open really wide so I can get between them.”

Amanda relaxed her legs so Tom could open them to his view.

“Open them all the way, yeah, that’s it Baby, open wide. Let me see that pretty little pussy that I’ve been dreaming about.” Tom said, looking at her beautiful, almost hairless little twat. He put his hand on her belly, and gently flicked her clit with his thumb. Amanda’s reaction was everything he hoped for, she moaned and pushed against his hand. Her need for him was building.

Tom used both hands, gently massaging the puffy lips on her mound, keeping his thumb on her clit rubbing in a circular motion. He couldn’t believe how beautiful a pussy could be. Spreading her cunt lips apart he maneuvered them around until her little clit was sticking straight out of her fleshy folds. He bent his head down and took it into his mouth, sucking ever so gently so he didn’t over stimulate her tender little bud. He could feel it swell in his mouth, he continued sucking it until Amanda was bucking her hips up at his face.

He lifted his head and said “Tell Daddy you like it Baby. Daddy needs to hear you say it.” Tom said almost pleading with her to say the words out loud.

“Oh, I do like it Daddy, please don’t stop! Please suck on me again” She begged as she writhed underneath him.

“You want Daddy to lick your pussy and suck on your clit?” Tom asked teasingly.

“Yes Daddy, please lick it and suck it!” Amanda moaned.

“Tell me what you want me to lick Amanda.” Tom said in a husky voice.

“My pussy, Daddy, please lick my pussy!” She cried, bucking her hips at him.

Tom lowered his head to her pussy and sucked her little clit with fervor. With one hand he reached up and kneaded her breasts squeezing them in his big hand. The other hand explored the folds of her cunt. He slowly worked his thumb into the opening of her tight hole. He needed to fuck her pussy with his fingers, he felt like a mad man, his desire was all consuming.

From where Amanda sat she could watch everything he did. She felt the impending invasion into her virgin hole and bucked wildly at the intruder. She wanted it so badly that she thrust down hard against him and he had pull his thumb away to caution her. “Baby, you’ve got to slow down. Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you.” Tom told her lovingly.

“But Daddy it feels so good. Put it back in Daddy!” She pleaded.

“Honey, if it goes in too far, it will hurt you. Daddy doesn’t want that to happen. I want to make you feel good.” Tom told her.

“But, why will it hurt?” Amanda asked quizzically.

“Because you are a virgin. You’ve never had anything inside your pussy before, and you have something called a hymen. It will hurt when your hymen gets broken unless we go really slow.” Tom explained.

“Okay Daddy, I’ll try.” She said with a pout.

“Are you ready for Daddy to get rid of your hymen so we don’t have to worry about it anymore?” Tom asked.

“Yes, Daddy, get rid of it!” Amanda said excitedly.

“Okay Baby, now we have to decide how you want it done.” Tom said, then explained “Daddy can get rid of it with his fingers, or, . . .” He sat up and reached into the night table beside the bed, pulling a small box from the bottom shelf. “Daddy can use his cock, or any of these.” He said opening the box and showing her the assortment of sex toys that Paula always kept beside the bed. Picking one up to show her, he said “You tell me how you want me do it and, we will do this any way you decide.”

“What do you mean?” Amanda asked, sitting up in the bed to explore the strange looking things in the box. She lifted one in her hand, it felt smooth and supple, another one had little bumps all over it. Curiously, she played with them.

Tom was taken aback by the sight of his adorable daughter exploring the assortment of imitation cocks. He felt his own cock spasm within the confines of his clothing begging him for release.

“Okay, well, Daddy can use his fingers and put them way up in you and Beylikdüzü escort break your hymen like that. Or, ” he continued. “Daddy can use his cock, and put it way up in you to break it that way, or I can use one of these toys to break it.”

“Um, I don’t know Daddy. Can I see your c-cock?” She asked sweetly.

“Of course you can” Tom said excitedly, as he stood to remove his shirt and pants.

Amanda watched her father remove his clothing, Tom was quite an attractive man at 36. Amanda couldn’t help but notice what a nice body her father had. His broad shoulders were tanned and muscular, his hips were narrow but flared out at his well-developed thighs. His cock jutted out from between his legs and he heard Amanda gasp when she saw it. He looked up and, and his daughters’ lusty gaze was almost more than he could take.

He stroked his cock with his hand and said “I can’t wait until your casts come off so you can touch my cock for me like this.”

“Show me Daddy, can you show me what you want me to do when my arms are better.” Amanda asked so innocently looking up at him with her big green eyes.

“Yes, Baby.” He said stroking his hard dick. “I want you to hold it in your hands and stroke it like this.” He showed her how he likes to flick his thumb back and forth over the head of his dick.

“Oh, I can’t wait Daddy!” Amanda said staring at his cock. “Is there anything I can do with it right now Daddy? Can I touch it just a little?” She asked.

Tom felt his cock throb, his balls were tensing up. The need for his sweet daughter was building and he knew he couldn’t stop now even if she wanted him to.

“There is something else you could do for your Daddy to make him feel good.” Tom explained “You can suck on Daddy like I sucked on your pussy earlier.” He continued as he kneeled on the bed. He gently pushed the box of toys aside and leaned her back on the pillows. He maneuvered himself over her small form until he was straddling her chest. He touched her lips with his finger while he continued to stroke his hard dick. “You just open up your mouth and Daddy will put it inside.”

Amanda did as she was told and opened her mouth. She looked into his eyes and got the reassurance she was looking for. She opened all the way to receive his hard cock.

“Ahhhhh.” He moaned as his cock slipped between her soft warm lips. “Yeah, Baby, just like that, now suck on it, and flick your tongue over the big top part of it and try to keep your teeth from touching it.” Tom moaned, gently pumping his cock into her warm willing mouth.

He looked down and the sight of her pink little lips wrapped tightly around his big cock and her big green eyes looking up at him so innocently. A moment later the angelic vision sent him over the edge. Before he could even pull it out, his balls tightened, his entire body went stiff. He gave one last pump shooting his hot cum into his daughter’s mouth. Amanda started to gag, choking on the warm goo her father just ejected into her mouth.

“Auughhhhhh! Ohhh, yes!” Tom screamed “Swallow it for Daddy!” he yelled as he pumped another stream of hot goo into her mouth. Amanda did the best she could, but cum was dribbling out the corners of her mouth. She swallowed again, but Tom kept cumming. “Yea, that’s it, swallow it Amanda, swallow it all. Eat your Daddy’s cum!” He ordered.

Amanda swallowed as much cum as she could, but much of it oozed out the sides of her mouth. Tom pulled his cock from her mouth and squeezed one last stream of cum onto her face.

Amanda closed her eyes tightly trying to keep his spunk from hitting her eyes. When she felt her Daddy sit back and his body relax she looked up at him and exclaimed “Oh Daddy, that was messy!” as she tried to swallow the last of it in her mouth.

“Yes, Baby, when Daddy cums it makes a big mess. But you did really well at cleaning it up.” He said as he wiped droplets of cum from his daughters innocent face. “Did you like doing that for Daddy?” He asked her.

“Yes, I liked making you cum Daddy.” She said with an impish grin.

“I bet you thought it tasted funny, didn’t you Sweetie?” Tom asked.

“Kinda, but, it wasn’t bad. It tasted okay I guess.” She replied hesitantly. “But Daddy, how come I don’t make a big mess like that?” She asked.

“You will Baby, Daddy will show you how to make a really big mess, but we have to we break your hymen first.” Tom told her, then moved to sit beside her on the bed still recovering from his orgasm.

Amanda sat up and said “Show me now Daddy, break that hymen thing and show me, please Daddy.” She implored spreading her legs for him.

“Okay Sweetie.” Tom looked down at her puffy little slit and asked “How do you want me to break it?”He asked, feeling his cock swell again.

“I think I want your fingers, no, your cock, um, I don’t know Daddy! You decide!” She said excitedly.

Tom took a moment to think about it. He didn’t want to hurt his daughter, or her little pussy. He had an overwhelming Escort Beylikdüzü desire to ram his cock into her up to the hilt in one hard thrust. But, he knew that he’d be doing that for himself, and it might make her want to stop all together. He couldn’t risk that, so his cock was out of the question. He also thought about the sex toys, those would hurt less and oh, how he wanted to shove the big red one into her tight little hole. He pictured it in his mind, that big red dildo protruding lewdly from her tiny little puss while she writhed around on the bed. He so wanted to fucked it in and out of her tight hole. The thought caused his previously half erect cock to spring to full attention again. He must get on with it. He finally decided that it would inflict the least amount of pain if he used his finger.

“Okay then, lay back and spread your legs for Daddy again.” Tom told her. “Now close your eyes and just concentrate on how it feels. Remember Honey, I want you to tell me what you like and don’t like.”

Amanda leaned back, she felt her father spreading her legs open again. She couldn’t wait to have him touching her down there again.

Tom opened her to his view, he rubbed back and forth on her clit until it began to swell. He opened her little lips again to make her little nub stick out. Taking her little clit between his finger and thumb, he squeezed it and rolled it around until Amanda was moaning and bucking her hips at him. Tom lowered his head to her open pussy, he slowly licked her hole. It was so small that he knew he would have to do some stretching before he’d ever be able to fuck her with his cock. He fucked in and out of her pussy with his tongue, squeezing her clit with one hand and trying to hold her still with his other hand. When she was really wet, he slowly inserted his finger up to the second knuckle.

“Am I hurting you Honey?” He asked her.

“No, Daddy, it doesn’t hurt, it feels good when your tongue is inside me.” Amanda sighed.

“Good, now Daddy is going to suck your clit again, and this time, I’m not going to stop until you cum, okay?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy, suck it, suck my clit, please.” She pleaded.

Tom sucked her clit into his mouth, rolling it around his tongue. His finger began working its way in and out of her pussy. He could feel her tight hole clamp around his finger while he fucked it in and out of her. He sucked harder on her clit, until he could barely hold her still. Amanda started to pump her hips up and down with her fathers finger inside of her “Oh, yes Daddy, it feels good!” She cried.

Tom had a mouthful and couldn’t reply, but he was satisfied that Amanda was nearing an orgasm. He increased the tempo, staying in synchrony with his daughters humping pussy.

He heard Amanda cry “Oh, Daddy, it’s happening again! Yes, Daddy, suck my clit!”

He knew it was time, he sucked harder on her clit, she thrust her hips up at him and he shoved his finger all the way inside her.

Amanda screamed a scream that was half ecstasy and half agony “Augghhh, . . . Ohhhhh, . . . Yes, Oh Daddy, I’m cummmmming!” Amanda’s body exploded. It was only her second orgasm, but it was even more exquisite than the last. Her body shook from the intensity, she felt disoriented and weak collapsing onto the bed exhausted. She lay there wondering why her Daddy hadn’t done all of this sooner.

Tom pulled his finger from his daughters convulsing cunt. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back Honey, you just rest, and Daddy will clean up this mess.” He told her.

Amanda was still panting trying to catch her breath when Tom returned with a warm washcloth to clean up the mess.

“Daddy, that was so good. I’m sorry for all the mess” She said when she looked down and saw the evidence of the incestuous act that took place only moments before.

“That’s okay Sweetie, Daddy’s taking care of it, and it won’t ever be messy like this again.” He reassured her as he gently washed away the blood.

Amanda sat up and looked into his eyes and said “I love you Daddy” and threw her arms over his shoulders to give him a hug.

“I love you too, Manda.” He said before lowering his head to give her a long, deep probing kiss. His cock was as hard as it’s ever been and instinctively he reached down to stroke it. When he lifted his head, he asked “Did it hurt really bad Honey?”

“No, well, yes, but it felt good too. Will it always hurt like that?” She asked so innocently.

“No, Baby, it only hurts like that once. It will never hurt like that again.” He told her.

“So what do we do now Daddy?” She asked.

“It all depends on you. What do you want to do?” He asked while still stroking his hard member.

Amanda smiled and said “Daddy, I think you need to make a mess again.” She reached over and touched the pre-cum that was oozing from his hard dick. She made gentle circular motions around the top of his cock with her finger. His cock jumped at her, and she giggled.

“Will you kiss it again for Daddy?” He asked her as he stood up beside the bed.

“Yes, of course I will Daddy! I’ll do anything you want me to do, you know that silly!” she said to him with a mischievous grin.

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