Daddy’s Little Angel Ch. 03

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3. Angelica watched as her nieces and nephews played in the back yard of her parents’ home with Jerrie; he was trying to teach them the ins and outs of softball.

A soft noise brought her out of her thoughts and she smiled at her mother.

“Are you alright?” Claudia asked, going to Angelica; sitting beside her at the kitchen table.

Angelica smiled and nodded; looking out again. “Yeah, just watching Daddy playing.” she said. “Thinking of going out for a swim.”

Claudia nodded. “That new swimsuit you bought is upstairs.” she said. “I’m sure Daddy would like seeing you prance around in it.”

Angelica giggled and blushed lightly. “I’m not good at teasing, though.” she said. “I need a lot of practice.”

She stood, her smile growing. “But, I think I can do something, if you don’t mind still.”

Claudia shook her head. “Go ahead, I don’t wanna get in the way of his family’s traditions. He’s told me before he’s missed it.” she said.

Angelica smiled and left the kitchen; going upstairs to the guest bedroom.

She changed quickly into the tiny lavender bikini and admired herself in the mirror for a minute.

Satisfied she went to the linen closet and grabbed a towel before going back downstairs.

Claudia passed her as she eryaman escort went through the kitchen; ushering the four little ones through the house, having bribed them out with a trip to the park.

With a quick check of her hair; Angelica stepped out onto the back porch, trying to seem like she didn’t see Jerrie sitting in the swing, feeling his eyes on her as she strode out to the pool.

She laid her towel on a lounge chair and sat down, her back to Jerrie still; reaching for the baby oil her eldest sister left on the ground from earlier that morning.

She smiled to herself as she rubbed the oil over her body, rubbing over her thighs slowly; moving up over her stomach and chest, her hand dipping into her top and rubbing over each breast lightly.

Jerrie stood, his growing erection paining him a little as he walked. He plopped down in the other lounge chair and squirmed a little before leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

Angelica watched him for a minute, noticing he was only laying there; not sleeping like he seemed to be.

She stood and went to him, straddling his lap and tapping his chest.

“I know you’re awake, Daddy.” she said, swiveling her hips slowly; making him squirm and moan lightly.

Jerrie smiled and eryaman escort bayan looked up at her; holding his arms around her waist. “What?” he asked.

Angelica shrugged, pressing against him for a moment before standing and jumping into the pool.

She resurfaced and swam to the edge; smiling at him. “I wanna play, Daddy.” she said.

Jerrie stood, taking off his shirt and sitting on the edge; Angelica moving to stand between his legs.

“But, the neighbors might see.” he said, running his fingers through her wet hair; his erection growing as her breasts rubbed against his thighs.

Angelica giggled, moving her hand and rubbing him through his shorts. “I don’t care, Daddy.” she said. “I wanna play.”

Jerrie chuckled, looking up startled when he felt arms wrap around his shoulders; seeing his middle daughter Joy, sitting on her knees behind him. She too, wore a skimpy bikini.

Joy smiled and kissed his cheek before moving over to Angelica, pulling her away from Jerrie and holding her face; kissing her deeply.

Angelica giggled, her hands roaming over Joy’s sides slowly; giving a soft moan as Joy lifted her from the pool and laid her on the cold concrete.

Jerrie stared dumbstruck at the two; grinning foolishly.

His escort eryaman eyes roamed over Joy. Her ass up in the air; the small string of her bikini going down and between her cheeks, moving slowly around in a circle.

He looked around, they seemed to be alone; he didn’t see any nosy neighbors peeking over fences. His smile grew as he stood and went to one of the lounge chairs; freeing his erection from his shorts.

He leaned back, stroking himself slowly as Joy moved down Angelica’s body; moving her top aside and rubbing her breasts firmly, earning an excited squeal from the younger woman.

Jerrie closed his eyes after a minute; concentrating on relieving himself, stroking firmly.

Joy sat up after a minute and looked over her shoulder at Jerrie then smiled down at Angelica; pulling her up to her feet and going over to him.

The girls kneeled down on either side of the chair; both smiling at each other.

Joy moved Jerrie’s hand and they leaned forward, licking and kissing Jerrie’s erection; occasionally leaning in and kissing each other.

Jerrie watched the two; his hips moving slowly, quiet groans escaping his throat; feeling himself closer to climax.

The three were stopped suddenly when a voice rang out in the back yard; Jerrie and Claudia’s eldest daughter had arrived for the weekend.

With a sigh, Jerrie fixed his shorts as Angelica and Joy covered themselves again before standing and starting for the house; all three anxious for when they could resume their fun.

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