Daddy’s Little Fuck Toy

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I still remember the first time I saw my stepfather Billy. I had just turned 18 and was finishing up my senior year of high school. My mom had brought him home from a bar on a Friday night while I was watching TV on the couch.

“Claudia?” Her voice filled the house as they stepped in the front door.

“I’m in the living room, mom!” She walked down the hall to greet me with a handsome, muscular man following behind.

“Hi, Claudia. This is Billy.” The man stepped quickly across the room to shake my hand. As soon as we touched, I knew that I had to have him.

Laying in bed that night, I could hear him roughly drilling my mother in the next room. I didn’t feel the usual resentment or anger that I usually did when my mom brought guys home, and I hoped that Billy would be more permanent. Also, I really wanted him inside of me.

My first wish was granted a few months later, when my mom excitedly called me at college to inform me that they would be marrying in October, barely a month away. As excited as I was, I suddenly realized how much time I was spending fantasizing about a man that would soon be my step-father.

Oh well. It wasn’t my fault he was sexy as hell, and everything would be okay as long as nobody found out. The wedding was a small affair, and as I watched the two of them walk down the aisle I finally got the full gravity of what I was desperately longing for: I was going to fuck my step-father. And I was going to love it.

I went back to college later in October, and spent most of my time devising a plan. I had to find a way to get to Daddy without my mom around, and seduce him into jamming his cock inside me, holding me down and pinning my arms to the bed…

Yikes. Without realizing it, one of my hands had crept downward and started rubbing my clit through the yoga pants I was wearing. Not that I had any inhibitions about pleasuring myself, but a quick glance around reminded me that I was in Economics 101.

But I was in the back of the class with no one around, and it felt so naughty that I had to keep going. I propped a book up on the desk to pretend I was taking notes and pressed my hand to my stomach, sliding it gently inside my panties.

I snaked my fingers through my shortly trimmed hair and pressed one to my clit, gently pulling it upward and toward me. As it strained, I began to work my finger in a light circle around the edge, massaging myself and fantasizing about what my Daddy was going to do to me.

I slid down in my seat, rubbing myself with one hand while making note-taking motions with the pen in the other. What was he going to do to me? Grab me by the pigtails and fuck my ass? Push me down to my knees and make me suck his cock? Spank me like a bad girl?

I moved a finger into my pussy, knowing that I was indeed a bad girl and hoping Daddy would punish me accordingly. I pushed two fingers deep inside myself, quickly glancing around to confirm that no one was watching. When I knew I was safe, I sped up the pace and fucked myself until I felt an orgasm oncoming.

For the last time, I looked around and committed to the act. Plunging my other hand down into my panties, I fingered myself roughly while I rolled my other hand gently around my clit. Pushing my legs against the seat in front of me, I felt the first wave of pleasure begin to ravage my pussy.

I shuddered as it spread, tensing and relaxing my body. I bit down hard on my lip, doing my best not to cry out from the pleasure. My fingers moved on their own, thrusting in and out as I reveled in the climax.

Eventually, I felt myself beginning to come down, and settled back into my seat, much more relaxed. As I returned to taking notes, I slowly realized that everyone, including the professor, was staring at me. He cleared his throat and broke the silence. “See me after class, Miss Brown.” Oh no. Surely he hadn’t seen?

The remaining 20 minutes of class flew by, and I found myself awkwardly picking up my books and walking down to the front to speak with the professor. “Ah, yes. Miss Brown.” The rest of the students had left, and it was just the two of us. “Would you mind telling me what exactly was so important that you felt the urge to distract the other students with it?” So he hadn’t seen me masturbating. Counts for something, I guess.

“I’m sorry, professor. I just heard about a party and wanted to tell my classmates. I’ll be more quiet and respectful in the future.” He looked at me, then jerked his head to the side.

“My office, now.” He walked away quickly, and I felt like I had no choice but to follow.

He sat down behind a large mahogany desk, gesturing to a less-comfortable-looking chair on the other side. I nervously sat, trying to figure out what was going to happen. He pushed the phone on his desk over to my side, and eryaman escort gestured dramatically at it.

“I’d like to speak with your parents.” Oh no. How was I supposed to seduce Daddy if he felt I wasn’t even mature enough to not get thrown out of class? Maybe that’s the trick, though…

I took the phone and dialed Billy’s number. “Hello?”

“Daddy? It’s Claudia.”

“What can I do for you, sweetheart?”

“I got in trouble today at school. I was a bad, bad girl.” Oh my God. Just talking like this was turning me on so badly. I could only hope that it was working as well on him.

“Well, I think you know what happens to bad girls.” I could almost hear his arousal through the phone. “Call me back tonight. Late. Like, 2 am late.” I heard my mother’s voice in the background as he hung up with a sharp click.

“Okay, I’ll behave in class. Love you.” I spoke to the dead phone line for the professor’s benefit. I hung up, smiling at him. “I’ll do better in class. Sorry.” I was walking on air as I left, excited to talk to Daddy tonight.

The hours flew by as I walked back to my dorm. I had always dreamed about being taken by an older man, but this was more than I had hoped for. I was too nervous to eat dinner or study, and managed to fill most of the time simply sitting on my bed, wondering what Daddy was going to say to me when we talked.

I had my own dorm room, so it was easy enough to not be disturbed as I picked up the phone at 1:59 am. It was Friday, so I wasn’t worried about staying up late. As soon as the numbers flashed over to 2 am, I dialed Daddy’s number in a flash. He picked up on the first ring.


“Hi, Daddy.”

“Claudia. I heard you were a bad girl today.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I was so turned on I felt like I was going to explode.

“Where are you right now, bad girl?”

“I’m at my dorm, Daddy. Nobody else is in the room.”

“Good. You deserve a spanking, and since I’m not there you’re going to have to do it yourself. What are you wearing, Claudia?”

“Just a black bra, Daddy. And a black thong that’s so wet for you.” Maybe I was laying it on a little thick, but I didn’t care.

“Take them off, Claudia.” I set the phone down on the bed and unclasped the bra, shrugging it off. Slowly, as if I were teasing Daddy right here next to me, I pulled down my thong, eventually dropping it to the floor next to my bra.

“I did it, Daddy. I’m naked.”

“Good girl.” Hearing him call me his good girl turned me on even more. I was at the point where I would do anything he ordered me to do. “Put a finger in your pussy, good girl.” I shuddered with pleasure as I squatted slightly, pushing my index finger all the way inside myself and held the phone with the other hand.

“It’s inside, Daddy.”

“Pull it out, Claudia. And clean it off with your mouth.” I was so aroused that I didn’t even think of disobeying. I stuck the finger deep into my mouth, licking its entire length until it was completely clean. I didn’t know if it was because of Daddy, but my juices tasted amazing.

“What now, Daddy?” I could hear the slick noises of him stroking himself as I listened, and I wasn’t able to resist laying down on the floor, spreading my legs and rubbing my clit.

“Tell me what you’re doing, Claudia.”

“I’m laying down and rubbing my hot clit, Daddy. It wants you so bad.”

“Didn’t I say you deserved a spanking? What makes you think you can pleasure yourself instead of getting punished? Get up to your feet.” I hurriedly did as he requested. “Do you have a belt, Claudia? Preferably a thick, heavy one with studs.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll get it.” It wasn’t as huge as he was hoping, but I did have a pretty thick belt.

“What now, Daddy?”

“Put down the phone and spank yourself with the belt. Hard. You can pick the phone back up once you have a nice set of red marks on your ass.” I shuddered with pleasure and anticipation and picked up the belt.

Folding it in half, I stood with my legs spread slightly and whipped it over my shoulder, hitting myself square on the butt. I yelped and jumped. Walking over to the mirror, I saw that I had indeed made a solid red mark. Now to do the other cheek.

I held the belt again, taking a deep breath before snapping it against my butt. Again, I shouted softly, but managed not to make any sounds that my housemates in the next room could hear.

With one hand pressed against my bruising cheeks, I picked up the phone again. “Daddy…?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“I spanked myself.”

“I want a picture. And put a finger in your ass while you take it.” I hadn’t ever done that, but anything for Daddy. I walked back to the mirror, bending over slightly and facing away from it. Taking a deep breath, I pushed my pinky eryaman escort bayan finger slowly into my ass, gasping at the pain. For Daddy, I reminded myself.

Once it was all the way inside, I reached behind me with the phone and snapped a picture. Turning around to see how it looked, I was impressed at how well I had handled Daddy’s demand. I sent it to his phone with a heart attached.

“I sent it. I hope you like it, Daddy.” There was a silence, and I imagined him looking at the picture.

“It looks great, Claudia. You deserve a reward.” Fantasies ran through my mind. What could he have in store? ” You get to make me cum. And if you’re a good girl for the next week, I’ll do the same for you. Your mother is out of town next weekend; you should come home.”

I nodded frantically. “Yes, Daddy! How can I make you cum now?”

“Start with another picture. Put your hair in pigtails and shoot from the waist up.” I was nervous about a naked picture with my face in it, but I trusted Daddy.

I pulled my hair into pigtails and set them out to the side, smiling for the camera as I snapped a naked picture of my face and breasts. A moment of hesitation later, I was asking Daddy’s opinion.

“You look beautiful, Claudia. Now moan for me as I cum, but you don’t get to yet.”

“Okay, Daddy.” I massaged my clit with two fingers, squeezing and rubbing it. I was careful not to cum, but did my best to moan to help Daddy. I heard a gasp on the other end of the line, and could tell he was about to climax. I moaned even more loudly, and managed to gasp out, “Oh, Daddy!” before pulling my hands away, desperately convincing myself not to cum.

The breathing on the other end of the phone slowed, and I could tell he had finished. “Did I do okay, Daddy?”

“You did great, Claudia. See you next Friday at 7?”

“Absolutely, Daddy!”

“Good. And remember, don’t you dare cum before then!” What? I didn’t know if I could last another ten minutes, let alone a week.

“Daddy, I don’t know if I can wait a week!”

“I didn’t know Daddy’s little girl was such a slut.” The words stung, but he was right. I didn’t deserve to be his toy if I couldn’t follow his instructions.

“Okay, Daddy. I’ll wait, for you.”

“Good girl. 7 pm Friday. My house.” The phone clicked. I was excited and scared. I had no idea if I could go a week without getting off, but I had to try.

I managed to last until Wednesday night, when I inadvertently picked up a magazine that offered “50 hot sex tips” and I couldn’t get the thought of doing everything with Daddy. I sent him a text when I got home:


The response sent chills through my body. “BAD GIRL. IS YOUR MOTHER GETTING A HOLD OF YOUR PICTURES OK?”


He didn’t reply, but I knew that I didn’t dare cum without his permission. I went for a jog and slept early, hoping to make my body forget about sex until Friday. The night and Thursday passed without any more incidents, but the panties I put on Friday were soaked within an hour. This was killing me. I managed to last through the day, though, and put on a fresh pair before getting in the car to meet Daddy.

He lived about an hour from college, and I spent the time in the car trying to figure out what he was going to do to me. Anything he wants, I hoped. The journey was a lot shorter than I figured it would seem, and I pulled up to the curb. Stealing a glance at the mirror, I inspected my face. I had applied makeup and done my hair in schoolgirl pigtails, knowing that this turned Daddy on.

I stepped out and walked to the door, my short skirt flapping above the knee-high socks I wore.

My white blouse was unbuttoned just enough to invite Daddy to rip it off. I knocked quietly, then loudly. Eventually, I heard footsteps scurrying within the house, and the door opened.

Daddy was bigger and stronger than I remembered, standing in a tight t-shirt and jeans. He opened the door completely, inviting me in.

“Welcome home, Claudia.” It certainly felt like home, feeling Daddy welcome me in. He walked backward and sat down in a chair, inviting me to lay across his knees. I felt so helpless and vulnerable that I couldn’t hide how aroused I was. Daddy flipped my skirt up, revealing my bare butt.

“Daddy’s good girl doesn’t wear panties? Not classy at all.” I started to murmur an apology, but Daddy’s hand silenced me with a sharp slap on each cheek. My ass burning, I spit out the words.

“Sorry, Daddy! I’m sorry.”

“Get on your knees, bad girl.” I knelt, hands behind my back. He bent over and ripped my blouse open, revealing my bare breasts underneath. After a week of teasing and denial, my nipples were firm and escort eryaman my perky breasts longed for attention. He unzipped his pants, dropping them to the floor and revealing his thick cock making an outline against his black boxers.

“Do you want me to fuck you with this, my bad girl?” I nodded frantically. “Good. Start sucking it.” I moved at a rapid speed, yanking his underwear to his ankles and taking the first bit of his head into my mouth. He tasted incredible, and I knew that waiting a week had been worth it. I gently pushed my tongue in a circle, swirling it around his head.

Inch by inch, I took more of his shaft into my mouth until it was full, but there was about two inches of his cock left.

“Claudia? Do you want to be Daddy’s good girl?” I did my best to nod. “Then put the rest of my cock in your mouth or I’ll do it for you.” While the thought of Daddy aggressively yanking my head down on his cock was a major turn-on, I thought I might choke.

Slowly, I strained to take the last two inches of Daddy’s cock into my mouth. I could barely breathe, but I was proud of myself. Suddenly, he pulled away and yanked me up to my feet by the pigtails. “Finish undressing, then meet me in your bedroom. I’m getting some toys.” What could he have planned?

I laid naked on my bed, assuming he want want me to lay spread-eagle with my pussy, shaved just for him, showing. When he walked in, he smiled at the sight before taking my hand and pulling me up to sit.

“Do you trust me, Claudia?”

“Of course, Daddy.”

“Close your eyes.” As I did so, I felt him wrapping something around my head. I opened my eyes and could tell I was blindfolded. I shuddered, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly I felt what must have been an ice cube across my nipples, and I jumped and shrieked.

“You make one more noise like that, bad girl, and I’ll lock you in a chastity belt for the next month. Maybe two.” I didn’t know if I could stand another hour without release. The thought of two months made something inside me go absolutely crazy, and I sat perfectly still and silent.

He brushed the ice cube across my other nipple, and I bit my lip and held still. His strong, warm hands each cupped one of my breasts and pushed backward, leaving me laying across the bed again. I felt him working his hands gently up my shoulders and neck, pulling off the blindfold. When I looked up, he was standing completely naked in front of me, holding his massive cock.

“Ready to please your Daddy, Claudia?” I had never been as ready for anything in my whole life.

“Yes, Daddy.” He took my hips in his tight grip, sliding my body slowly toward him. I shuddered from head to toe, quivering as I felt him slide gently inside me. The foreplay had left me soaking wet, and despite his massive size, there wasn’t any problem as I felt his cock inside me for the first time.

The feeling was pure ecstasy. He had teased me for the last week, and it was all worth it. As he thrust in and out, my entire body was bounced back and forth. He leaned over me as he fucked me, flicking my tits with his fingers. I closed my eyes again, loving the feeling of him playing with me.

My eyes jolted open when I felt his mouth against mine, jamming his tongue inside. I hadn’t expected this, and it felt wrong. But I couldn’t deny how wonderful it felt, and I accepted it, rolling my tongue around his. He continued to fuck me as we made out, jamming his cock deep inside me.

It wasn’t long until I was ready to cum, and I gripped the sheets tightly as my body began to shake. The pleasure started in my pussy, where his cock was pounding again and again. It spread slowly through my body until I felt like I was on fire with pure ecstasy.

My body shook and I felt my heart pound rapidly. I could barely feel my legs as my body slowly came to rest. He was relentless, though, and kept on thrusting into me. My clit was extra sensitive as he pounded against it, and it hurt for a moment.

But I slowly returned to a normal feeling, and I started enjoying the feeling again. “Ready to make Daddy cum, Claudia?” I nodded, and he leaned over and started playing with my breasts again, pushing his cock into me even harder. I felt him fuck my pussy violently and saw him close his eyes as he started to orgasm.

He shot his seed deep inside me, filling me with his dirty, naughty Daddy cum. I felt completely humiliated and aroused, knowing that I had spent almost a year lusting after my Daddy and he had finally fulfilled my wish of using me as his little fuck toy.

As he finished, he leaned over and laid a kiss on my forehead before pulling out of me. He stepped back, pulling my hand to help me back to my feet.

“Thank you, Daddy! Thank you so much.”

“So, Claudia? Planning to stay the night? I think I could figure out a couple ways to help you wake up in the morning…” He winked and I nodded. “Go get cleaned up and meet me in bed.”

I ran off to take a shower, thrilled that I had finally accomplished my goal and eager to meet Daddy in bed.

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