Dakota’s Surprise: Part 5 – Thorns and Roses

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Dear Reader, I hope you enjoy this piece. If you like it, please check out my other works.

You know, dear reader, this is not like an episode in the Star Wars saga where there is an opening crawl informing the moving goer what has been going on and getting them up to speed. Please, if you have not yet done so, go back and read the earlier parts.

Special thanks to my reviewers, both to he who wishes to remain anonymous, and NaughtyDragon, who helped me slay many beastly errors. I am sure a few errors still exist, and those are all on me. If you would like to be on my team of editors, please let me know.

I consider feedback a gift, so I do read your comments and PMs. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcomed.



Dakota’s Surprise: Part 5 – Thorns and Roses

We ran by the water on the wet summer lawn

I see the footprints

I remember …

Tried to believe but you know it’s no good

This is something that just can’t be understood

Neil Peart, Afterimage


“Two days ago, A drunk driver hit Mr. Gordon while getting some early morning PT. Some other nearby agents and Marines tried to save his life, but the damage was too great. I’m sorry.” Dakota slumped into her chair and wept. She only sort of heard the agent say something about they didn’t have her contact info since that was turned in before they started dating, nor did Cody’s mom. It was at the insistence of Cody’s dorm mate that they find her number. Cody never quit talking about her and had expressed to him Dakota’s importance in his life and future. The dorm mate knew they talked daily, and he had her picture tacked to his bulletin board at his desk. It took them a bit to hack into his phone, and then they found all her texts and messages. Since Agent Thorton was from the Springfield office, they had sent him personally to tell her the news on behalf of the Agency.

Her boss sent her home after HR explained the firm’s generous bereavement policy and told her not to come into the office until she was ready to come back. Her mom, Linda, and brother Dan joined her at the small church in Cody’s hometown across the state for the memorial service two weeks later. Roger sent flowers since he was at sea and could not be there. Mrs. Gordon insisted that Dakota sit next to her during the service, with Cody’s sister on the other side.

Dakota recognized many of the people there since the university’s head coach had organized the school’s bus charter to provide transportation for as many teammates and university staff and faculty who wanted to make the 2-hour trip north from campus. The University Provost and Business School Dean both expressed their condolences to her. Leslie and Karen were both there and hugged their friend while she had a good cry. Dakota had recomposed herself and was talking with Cody’s high school football coach, listening about some of Cody’s off field funny antics in the church’s fellowship hall following the service when she felt a hand on her arm.

“Hi old friend,” Dakota turned to find Hailey standing there. She threw her arms around her bestie and lost it. Hailey just held her as she sobbed and unleashed the floodgates of grief. They moved to the side of the room and talked for hours. Hailey listened as Dakota processed her situation and talked about the dreams she had for a future with Cody that will now never be filled. It made her sad to listen to her friend and former lover talk about a future without her. There was a small part of her that wanted to get them back together with her first love, but knew that was unlikely.

For her part, Dakota was happy that Hailey had found a job working in the university accounting department as a staff accountant. It was a good situation for her, close to home and the support of her mother and with the free on-site day care the university provided. She was going to be moving into a small one-bedroom apartment near campus and next to a small shopping area and playground.

“There is something else Dakota, I’m not sure if I should bring this up today, but I been wanting to tell you but held off with everything you have been going though the last few days. But I am not sure when we will see each other again face to face.”

“Um, ok.” Dakota braced herself with the possibility of being reminded of another painful situation she had worked hard to move on from.

“My boss had me over for dinner recently, and well, I didn’t realize it beforehand, but it was a setup. She had a new assistant Geology professor there as well, and we’ve sort of hit it off.”

“That’s great Hailey, in fact, that is the best news I have heard in a while.” Dakota breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, Nick is pretty cool, in a nerdy way. In addition to his rocks, he loves medieval history and renaissance fairs. He showed me some reenactment costumes he has. You would love them. And he just loves playing with little Michael. Those two have a lot of fun together. Which is good since Michael’s father wants nothing to do with him. At least he pays his child support on time.”


When she returned to work, she buried her pain in her tasks. It was not uncommon for her to work 80–100 hours a week. Her work and skill were showing, and she received a lot of praise from her coworkers. When she passed the CPA exam, they gave her a $5,000 bonus, which she used to open a special account she called her Boob Job Fund.

Given that she had been working so much and studying for the exam, Dakota’s social life was almost nonexistent. About the only thing she did for fun was run. She was building some endurance and sometimes ran with a group of other women from the office. It was a great way to clear her brain and kill some stress from work, but she often thought of Cody as she ran and often used his memory to push herself a bit further in his memory.

She did consider going to the comic convention she had attended years before as her first foray as a woman, but that morning she was so tired, and images of Cody in his Green Lantern suit came to mind and she got depressed. So, she just rolled over and slept instead. She was able to take a few days off at Christmas and hang out with her Mom and Linda, but other than that it was all work.

In the spring she was invited, along with many other women in the office, to a wedding shower for one of the senior associates she frequently worked with. It was an evening of silliness and drinking way too many margaritas. Near the end, the bride to be passed out little goodie bags to each of the girls with a variety of gag gifts. Novelty flavored condoms, a pair of edible panties among other items. But it was the lotto scratch card that made Dakota’s day. She was just going to ignore it, but many of the others were scratching of theirs. A couple won a few dollars here or there. But as Dakota scratched hers, her eyes got bigger.

“Oh… my god… Oh My God.. EEEEEEEE,” the others came running over.

“What is it? Did you win?”

“She won $50,000!” someone yelled out looking over her shoulder. Everyone got excited.

“What you going to do with the money, Dakota?” asked the bride to be.

“Pay her taxes!” yelled out a gal from tax standing in the back. Everyone laughed.

Dakota, having drunk three margaritas, reached into her bra and pulled out a loose breast form and held it up. “Guess who is getting a new pair of boobs!” There was a round of laughter, but many of the gals were rather dumbfounded by it.

“Really? Did you think a tiny gal like me has C-cups? Come on, I’m an AA on a good day,” Dakota laughed.

“Woot you go girl!” yelled the bride to be. She knew Dakota’s secret and looked to help her shift the conversation. “What else you going to do with it?”

“I don’t know, maybe replace my old clunker of a car.”

The other women chimed in with what they would do with the money. Shopping, Jewelry, and paying off student loans were all popular choices. But one that stuck in Dakota’s mind was going on a cruise.

That night she mulled the idea over. She had never been out of the country. She had only been on an airplane trip once to Florida to see the mouse as a youngster with her grandparents. There were so many cruises to pick from. It didn’t take long for her to find a site listing cruises targeted to the LGBTQ+ community. One company looked interesting as they focused more on women than men and advertised 75% were lesbian. This appealed to her. She was still recovering from the loss of Cody and wasn’t sure if another man could stack up to him. At least not this soon, may be best to find a woman for a brief fling and enjoy the ride. She bookmarked the site for future reference.

The next day she made a few phone calls, first to the lottery board and then to a plastic surgeon. She was able to get an initial consultation later that week. Fortunately, her firm had a great vacation policy that was partially based upon the number of billable hours worked, and since she had put in so much overtime, she already had four weeks on the books. Dakota scheduled a week off for her surgery and another week for a summer cruise out of San Diego down the Mexican coast.

Her surgery went great and soon Dakota was counting down the days to her cruise. Her favorite part of the preparation was shopping for a new bikini that fit her new boobs. She got two, one of which barely covered her small areolas. Hoping to get laid on the cruise, she also bought some sexy bras and panty sets and a dark green corset.

On the big day, with her bags all packed, she headed to the airport to begin her journey. Of course, the airlines began to fuck things up from the beginning. There was a maintenance issue on the initial flight and so she was rerouted to an East coast hub, nothing like going 1,000 miles in the wrong direction to start your trip. A weather delay compounded the Ankara bayan escort issue so instead of getting into San Diego late at night before the cruise, she got there the morning of. A very exhausted Dakota collected her bags, realized there was only an hour until the start of check-in. “Well, that is a wasted hotel room I’ll never get back,” she thought to herself. “Why did I have to fall for the sucker’s bet of a deep discount on a nonrefundable hotel night?”

Seeing a coffee shop, she grabbed the largest cup of coffee she could get and got a taxi for the quick jaunt to the cruise terminal. She dozed a few minutes, waiting in line with a few of the other early birds until they opened, and she could check in her bags. Having a few hours to kill until boarding time, she took her day pack and walked along the harbor past the aircraft carrier museum and saw the gigantic statue of a sailor kissing a nurse. She pondered it a bit, not sure if she wanted to be the sailor or the nurse.

Finally, she could board the ship and found her room, with her bags already there. She put on the more modest of her bikinis and found a spot by the pool to relax. She was so tired; she fell asleep and didn’t notice all the people checking out the tiny girl with big tits. One of the crew shook her awake and helped her get to her muster station for the safety drill. Afterwards, she headed to a poolside bar and was enjoying a glass of wine when a blonde sat next to her. The two started to chat and Dakota was getting a good vibe when the blonde started into a rant about how awful it was that they let penises on board. Dakota’s blood boiled at the vitriol this lady had to what Dakota had between her legs. After letting the woman spew her hate for a minute, she looked her square in the eye “Well not everyone agrees with you, I for one am glad they let people with cocks on board, gay, straight or trans. Especially since I have one!” Dakota was livid now. Her face red, a bead of sweat forming on her forehead. She pointed a finger at the vile woman, “And just so you know, you ain’t going to get anywhere near it.” The blonde got all prissy and stormed off. Dakota slumped back down onto her stool and put her head in her hands.

“Hey, cheer up, not everyone is so narrowminded as that bitch.” Another woman sat next to her. She signaled to the bartender to pour Dakota another glass of wine. She introduced herself as Susan and was from outside Boston. Susan seemed like a fun-loving person, someone good to hang out with but was clearly in the friend zone for Dakota. The two women chatted for a while until Dakota realized she needed to head to her cabin and get ready for the dinner service. Since the dress code that evening was casual, she put on a floral sundress and gladiator sandals that wrapped up around her calves. She considered wearing a bra but enjoying giving her new boobs a shake in the mirror, skipped it.

A dining room host checked her in. “Ah, here we go, I have you at a table with five other women.”

“Perfect.” Dakota followed the host to her new table.

“Hi Dakota.” It was Susan from the bar.

“Hi, Susan.” The other women introduced themselves. There was Maggie, Jennifer, Sarah, and Rose. It was evident that Jennifer and Sarah were a couple. The women had a great time chatting and getting to know each other a bit. Dakota noticed that Rose was checking her out throughout dinner and didn’t pay much attention to the others.

As they finished the meal and grabbed their purses, Rose came around the table. “Dakota, I was wondering if you would like to join me for a drink?” Dakota smiled. Rose was quite a bit taller than her, had beautiful brown skin, and the biggest, sexiest brown eyes she had ever seen.

“I would love to join you, but I think I am at my limit tonight with the wine. Could we just find a quiet spot?”

“I think there is a salon on deck 11 overlooking the helicopter pad at the bow of the ship. We can head there.” Rose led Dakota up the stairs to the Salon. Dakota enjoyed the view of Rose a couple of steps in front of her going up the stairs. She had what appeared to be a very toned bum under her tight white leather pants. Her black pumps and red blouse made a stark but sexy contrast to them. Her jet-black hair was cut short, in a pixie cut, but that just accented her ears more and the pair of long dangling gold earrings on them. Dakota also noticed on her left ear she had a few more studs in them as well, going up the lobe. There were many comfortable chairs and sofas arranged around the salon so that people could have quiet conversations or just watch where the ship was taking them.

“Oh good, we can get a cuppa,” Rose said, pointing to a self-service coffee and tea bar.

“A cuppa?”

“Sorry dear, my mum is British. A cup of tea.”

“Oh, that sounds great. I hope they have herbal; I really can’t do any caffeine at this point, I only got a couple of hours of sleep on the flight out, that and a short nap by the pool earlier.”

Rose giggled. “Yeah, I saw you zonked out.” They grabbed some tea, some peppermint for Dakota, and found a couch to sit on.

“You looked fantastic in that bikini by the way.”

Dakota blushed. “You liked?”

“Honey, half the ship was checking you out. Even the gay guys. And the half that didn’t check you out, are the ones who didn’t come to that part of the ship.”

“Dang, I wish I were awake for that. These are new and I have been looking forward to showing them off a bit.”

Rose smiled, “I sure enjoyed them earlier. I must admit, my heart did a bit of a flutter when you sat at my table. So those are new, eh? I figured they were enhanced, a small woman like you doesn’t grow them that big on her own.”

“Well, they are real,” she paused for dramatic effect, “real expensive, that is.”

Rose laughed so hard some tea almost came out her nose. “Don’t make me laugh like that after I take a sip.”

“So, you’re British? You don’t sound it?”

“My mum is half British, half American. She met my dad in London, where he was doing his residency. He was in the UK in med school when the Shah was overthrown, and I am also half Persian. We moved to the States when I was four and lived here ever since. So, my accent is American, but I use a lot of British English since that is what both my parents speak.”

“That’s nice. So, your dad is a doctor?”

“Yes, and so am I. I just finished my fellowship and trying to decide on where I am going next. I have a bunch of offers and have to give my decision when I get home.”

“So, you got some good offers?”

“Yeah, they are all substantial offers, but I am not sure where I want to go. Cardiology is in high demand.”

“Wow, you must have been in school for like a million years.”

“Yeah, but all the grunt work is done and now it is going to pay off.”

“You doctors can rake in the bucks, that’s for sure. I did a rotation through the tax department and it blew my mind away when I helped with the return for a clinic.”

“Yeah, the money is significant, but that is not why I got into medicine. It’s cliché, but I am passionate about serving others. And I love the challenge that is the human heart.”

Dakota nodded in understanding, but the travel and lack of sleep finally caught up with her. She tried to stifle a yawn, but to no avail.

“Looks like someone needs to find her bed.”

“Yeah, I should probably get going,” she put her hand on Rose’s thigh, “I have had a lovely evening. Can we see each other tomorrow?” Dakota stared into Roses’ brown eyes. She had found her cruise crush.

“I would like that very much. Can I meet you for breakfast?” Dakota agreed, and they made plans to meet the next morning at the casual buffet.

“Dakota, may I walk you to your room?” Dakota nodded. Her heart skipped a beat when Rose reached out and held her hand. The two went down to her berth. When they reached Dakota’s door, Rose laughed. “I hope you don’t snore.” Dakota had a confused look on her face. “My room is across the hall.” Dakota smiled and laughed. The two stood there for a minute, neither making a move. Rose put her arms around Dakota and pulled her close as if to kiss her. Dakota wrapped her arms around Rose’s neck and rested her head on shoulder.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Rose.” She gave Rose a squeeze and headed into her room.

Dakota’s last thought that night, as her head hit her pillow, was she should have kissed Rose.


She was hemmed in. Her nose was being tickled by hair from the person next to her in bed. And a large arm from the other side was holding her. She lifted her head and looked around the large empty room. There was just a bed, no windows, doors or other furniture. “Where was this, what was going on?” she thought. She glanced to her left, she recognized that female form anywhere. Hailey stirred and snuggled in closer to her. She felt a large manly arm around her, squeezing her breast. It felt so good to have Cody holding her. Their warmth cocooned her; their presence reassured her. She gave in to the feeling of love as she leaned against her man and cradled her woman to her chest.

“Let me take care of you,” Hailey murmured as she kissed her way down Dakota’s body. She loved the feeling of her warm mouth on her cock as her soft boobs pressed into her thighs… this time to the feeling of a mouth on her cock. Hailey flipped her hair back so Dakota could get a magnificent view of Hailey’s head bobbing up and down on her cock. Those big brown eyes glimmering with lust looked back at Dakota. She felt a finger play with her asshole and she put her head back down and moaned with pleasure.

“Hey babe,” Dakota turned to face Cody’s big black cock. She grabbed it by the root and pulled it to her mouth. It had always been too big for her to take much of it in, but she used the tip of her tongue to dance all over it and then put her lips over his Escort bayan Ankara head. He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth, causing her to gag.

Dakota felt Cody putting her head back on the pillow and Hailey climbing on top of her. Her shaved pussy dripping in anticipation. Dakota used her tongue to explore the missed but not forgotten folds of her ex-girlfriend’s pussy. Soon her tongue was twisting around her clit and she could feel Hailey shudder.

They shoved a pillow under her ass while she continued to pleasure the pussy in her face. Large hands spread her ass cheeks, and she felt a thick cock forcing its way in. Waves of pleasure crashed through her body and the cock filled her ass and hit her prostrate. She could feel her own hard cock hit her belly as it flopped with each of Cody’s thrusts into her.

“Fuck me, Dakota,” Hailey moaned. Dakota felt Cody withdraw so she could get on top of Hailey. Her cock slid right in, as Dakota wrapped an arm around Hailey’s neck. She was pumping away when she felt Cody’s cock at the edge of her asshole. He plunged back in. The sensation of being in Hailey and being filled with Cody was amazing. She could hear the other two grunt and moan, but she herself could not make any sound.

Dakota continued to fuck, and be fucked, when she felt the other two reach their climaxes at the same time. She could feel the gooey load filling her ass as Hailey’s pussy convulsed around her cock. She was dying to cum when she heard a voice at the side of the bed.

“Dakota, time to be done here with these two. Come with me, be with me.” Rose’s gentle voice pierced the fog of her dream. She felt a soft brown hand take hers as the two other bodies disengaged from her own. Dakota ran her fingers through the short hair of Rose’s pixie haircut and pressed her lips to Rose.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” a brown hand took hers and lead her to the shower. It was like warm rain gently falling on her. Dakota could feel the grief and loss of past loves falling away and watched as the water went down the drain. The water stopped and Rose was waiting for her with a big fluffy towel her. She felt the terry cloth wrap around her and drifted back to sleep being held by her new friend.


Rays of sun blasted Dakota in the face as she awoke from her dream. She had the worst case of morning wood she’d had in months. Thoughts of Rose were flashing in her mind, her smile, those big brown eyes, her dangling earrings, and that sumptuous bum. She began to stroke her cock while the water in the shower began to warm and soon ropes of thick cum were splattering over the shower wall.

“Oh Rose” she moaned to herself as she recovered, and the hot water caressed her body.

She had just put on a sports bra and tucked her penis into her panties when she heard a knock on the door.

“Just a minute.” She pulled on her yoga pants and open the door. She pulled Rose into her room and embraced her.

“Wow, I have not had a good morning like that in a long time.”

“Me either.” She thought back to the last time she had gotten a good morning kiss from Cody. That seemed like a lifetime ago. “You look good, Rose.” Dakota looked up and down Rose’s slender but athletic 5’9” frame. She drooled over the camel toe Rose was sporting in her yoga pants. ‘Has to be a runner or maybe a swimmer,’ she thought. Dakota marveled at the print on Rose’s pants. They were like a bolt of lightning had hit a bouquet, electric colors everywhere, much more fun than her plain maroon ones.

“So do you, Dakota.” Rose waited while Dakota finished getting ready. Rose was intoxicated by the sight of Dakota performing the simple act of brushing her hair. Dakota had not cut her hair since she had decided to transition, and now her wavy chestnut locks were touching the bottom of her shoulder blades in the back. Rose almost fell over when the petite woman tossed her head from side to side to give her hair just a bit of body. The two headed upstairs for breakfast and watched the ship come into port while they ate. They tried to get onto a zip line excursion for that morning, but those were all full, so they opted to go on a whale watching trip instead.

The two women got onto a boat with about 20 other passengers and headed out of the harbor. The guide explained that they were looking for the first waves of migratory orcas, coming down from Alaska to the winter birthing and mating grounds at the southern part of the Baja peninsula. Rose could see that the wind and the spray were getting to Dakota through her fleece jacket, and she wrapped her arms around her new friend. Dakota was thankful for the warming snuggle and interlaced her fingers with Rose’s.

She was having a blast getting to know Dakota and doing her best not to think about what would happen at the end of the cruise. Her arm was tingling where Dakota’s hand rested and her finger was gently going back and forth.

“Oh god, she smells like coconut,” thought Rose as a whale breached the water nearby. Dakota’s scent was making her damp between her legs. Rose was watching Dakota when she turned her head around to watch a surfaced orca, but was caught by the big brown eyes looking at her. They froze, both wanting to, but not fully sure if the other did or not. But Rose didn’t care anymore if others were around or not and leaned in and placed a tender kiss on Dakota’s lips. She could feel the smaller woman melt in her arms and then regain her composure.

“That was wonderful Rose, we need to do that more, but not here. Too many people.” Rose nodded in agreement, happy to have her advances approved of, but sad that they had to be temporarily stopped.

For her part, Dakota was also enjoying being held. It was different than how Cody held her. That had been a firm, powerful hold. Then she felt safe and secure. This was more tender and loving. Not better or worse, just different. Dakota looked at the brown hand holding and played with the gold rings on her middle finger, it had a simple rose pattern repeating around it. ‘How appropriate,’ she thought. She floated when Rose took her hand as they got off the small boat and headed back to the ship for a lite lunch.

Over salads, they discussed their plans for the afternoon. Rose smiled when Dakota mentioned she might want to get a run in.

“Do you run much, Dakota?”

“Probably not as much as I should, but I like to get out. I started running as a way to be with my late boyfriend, and then it was a small way I could stay connected to him and deal with my grief. Now I run with a group at my work and it is great to clear the brain.” Dakota looked out the window as she missed her Cody. ‘Why did you have to bring him up here?’ she thought to herself.

Rose caught the look of lost love on Dakota’s face. She placed her hand on her friend’s and held it. She wanted to know more, more about her past and what made her tick, but held off prying for now. Rose was also a tad confused. ‘Is she a lesbian? She appeared ok with kissing me earlier, but she had a boyfriend in the past. Late boyfriend? What happened to him? Is she still grieving? Is she Bi? What is this cutie?’ The questions swirled in her brain faster than blood pumping through your heart.

“Yeah, I know that feeling, I used to run all the time in undergrad, and some in med school. But during my residency and fellowship, I was working so many hours, I cut back. I need to get into running form again. Plus, I think my metabolism isn’t what yours is, so I have to burn off that dessert from last night.”

“My old girlfriend used to complain about that with me as well. I guess that is one of the few good cards I have drawn in my life.”

“Girlfriend? As in gal pal or something more?” There was hope in her voice. Was she Bi?

“Something more, yeah, I have had both. Hailey was my first love. We met when I transferred to Central State, we had all our classes together and just hit it off. But then went separate directions for our summer internships, and when I got back, she was pregnant. That was the end of our romance, but we reconciled are still good friends. I consider her to still be my bestie. She’s dating a prof now and from what she says, they are getting serious.”

Dakota pulled out her phone and showed Rose a few pictures of her and Hailey, including Batgirl and the elf. There were also some pictures of her holding little Michael and others with Cody, including from the costume party.

“Wow, he’s big.”

“Yeah,” Dakota said dreamily, “230 pounds of pure muscle. Captain of the football team. But more importantly, a good man. I miss him.”

“I can tell, what happened? If I can ask?”

“He was at the FBI Academy and out for a run and got hit by a drunk driver who swerved and crossed two lanes of traffic. He was well off to the edge of the shoulder of the far side like you should be, but he didn’t stand a chance against a full-size diesel pickup doing 50.” Dakota just swirled her empty iced tea glass around staring at the cubes. This was the first time she had talked about Cody to someone else for months. And even though it hurt, it felt strangely good to tell Rose.

Rose got up and pulled her chair next to Dakota and held her. She saw her wipe a tear from her eye and felt her give her arm a pat.

“Thanks Rose, I needed that.” They decided to try out the running track on the top deck, and after putting on her favorite black running skort and new sports bra, Dakota met Rose in the hallway outside their room. She liked her skort as it allowed her to run comfortably untucked but hide any bulge. It was hard not to drool over Rose in her spandex running shorts, and she had to lead the way so she would not stare at her and get stiff. As they got to the track, they realized the folly of their plan, way too many deck chairs crowding into the track and other people would be getting in the way. They headed to the gym and found Bayan escort Ankara a couple of treadmills next to each other and got some mileage in.

The treadmills were a good call, as Rose noticed that Dakota was a better runner than she, or at least in better shape.

“I’m glad I was running next to you on a treadmill Dakota, you would have left me behind on the track.” Rose panted. She had slowed to jog shortly after they started and watched Dakota’s tits bounce and her ponytail swaying back and forth as she ran.

Dakota took Rose’s hand as they walked out of the gym, both dripping in sweat.

“Shower and relax by the pool?”

“You read my mind, Dakota.” They slowly meandered back to their rooms, enjoying each other company. “So Dakota, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, shoot.”

“You said you’ve been with both men and women; do you have a preference? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” ‘But please do.’ Rose said to herself.

“All my life I have been attracted to women. I was more than a little surprised when Cody asked me out. I was not looking for a relationship with a man, but we clicked, and I fell in love. Who knows what would have happened with us, his career path would not have been an easy one.”

They got to their rooms and went their separate ways for a bit. Rose heard a knock on her door about 20 minutes later and Rose’s jaw about hit the floor when she saw Dakota. The electric blue teeny bikini top left nothing to the imagination and went well with the skimpy cutoff jean shorts.

“I wish I had tits like yours, Dakota,” said Rose after catching her breath and the two headed up stairs.

“Well, trust me, special people like me know what being flat chested is like. You ever thought about getting a boob job?”

“Not going to do it. Not opposed to them, but they would just get in the way when I am in surgery. Same reason for the short hairstyle.” She ran her fingers through Dakota’s hair. “I love your long hair too…” She leaned forward and kissed Dakota. Dakota could feel her cock twitch and broke away.

“You could give me a hard problem if you keep kissing me like that.”

Rose looked at Dakota funny for a minute, not getting the meaning of her words, but decided to move on, “You’re lucky we are in public cause right now I want to rip your clothes off and eat you.”

“Mmm keep thinking way, you just might get lucky” Dakota teased. They got some drinks at the bar and looked around for a spot. They saw Jennifer and Sarah sitting on a couch and joined them in a neighboring one.

“Looks like you two have hit it off,” quipped Sarah.

Dakota snuggled into Rose and wrapped an arm around her bare waist. The two looked at each other and smiled

“Oh yeah, they are going off the deep end,” replied Jennifer. “Cruise hookup in progress!”

Rose stuck her tongue out at Jennifer.

“Hey that tongue should be for me, girlfriend.”

“It’s all yours cutie.” Rose kissed Dakota and slipped her some tongue. They broke it off when they heard their friends next to them doing loud fake coughs.

“Get a room!” laughed Sarah. “Say, Jennifer and I are going to the club tonight after dinner. Care to join us? There is a special live band this week we love from back home in Virginia. They rock out and are fun to dance to.”

The two looked at each other and quickly agreed.

The Sun was warm, and the four women chatted as they basked in it for a while.

“Rose, I’m going to step away for a bit and take care of something. Shall I pick you up for dinner?”

“Sounds good, see you in a bit cutie.”

Dakota left the pool area and headed to the on-board shop. She went to the health care area and found a pack of condoms and some lube. The cashier stared at Dakota’s tits for a moment and chirped, “Someone’s hoping to get lucky tonight.”

“I hope so.” She was sure the cashier could hear the expectation in her voice.

She went to her room and did her hair and makeup. She pulled out a tight-fitting black dress that barely covered her bottom. Not wanting her tuck to fall out, she put on a pair of black pantyhose and then slipped into a pair of black boots with a 4-inch heel. She stuck a condom in her purse, in case they ended up in Rose’s room, but she had the rest in her nightstand with the lube for easy reach.

She knocked on the door to Rose’s room. Rose stood behind the door as she let her in. Dakota was mesmerized by what she saw. Rose was just in a set of white lingerie, a lace bra, thong, white lace garter belt, and white stockings.

“Do you like them, Dakota? Consider this as a sneak peek for the feature performance later this evening.”

“Be still my beating heart, how am I ever going to make it through dinner?” She put the back of her hand against her forehead and did a bit of a faux backward swoon. Rose cracked up at the sight.

“I like hanging around you Dakota, you’re funny.”

“Just wait until this evening dear, I’ll make you see stars.”

“I hope so. Been a long time since I had someone play with my pussy.” Dakota walked over to Rose and pulled her head to hers and kissed with all her strength. As she did, she reached between Rose’s legs and gave her a quick rub.

“And there is your sneak peek, my Rose.”

Rose let out a sigh, and a blissful smile crossed her face. Dakota waited while Rose put on her dress, a tight white halter top, and watched as she clipped a gold ear chain to her right ear. It had a couple dangling diamond pendants and looped back into her piercing.

The best part was when they headed to the dining room for dinner. It was the simple act of holding hands that Dakota liked best. She realized how much she had missed the simple things of being in a relationship. She knew that this week on the cruise with Rose was going to be fleeting, but she was determined to make the most out of it.

They got to the table and the other four were already there, all dressed to kill. Sarah mentioned that they had bumped into Susan and Maggie after the pool and told them of the plans to hit the club after dinner. It also appeared that Maggie was trying to get into Susan’s skirt that night, and if Dakota read Susan’s expressions correctly, Maggie was going to be successful.

They pre-funked well at dinner, and there were four empty wine bottles at the end of the meal. There was an hour before the club opened, so they hit a bar for another round of drinks. Dakota was glad she got the unlimited drink pass where all she had to do was show her room key. But being a good bit lighter than the others, she knew that she had better slow down as to not have problems later. The club opened, and they were not the only ones waiting to get started. It packed quickly and the group of girls were having a blast dancing to the house music. Several other women came and joined them, but when a couple of guys came over, they were all politely pushed away.

Soon the band came on stage, and everyone got into them quickly. They were a five piece, playing covers and lots of people sang along and danced. They were quite good, a tight-knit group that obviously had played together for years. The lead guitarist, with a Megan Rapinoe look to her, had a pride sticker on her guitar and often looked back and sang to the female keyboardist with electric blue hair.

Something clicked in Dakota’s brain and that part of Dakota that cranked the tunes as a boy and danced around a small apartment when mom wasn’t home, and he should have been doing his homework, came out. Dakota the girl now rocked out, hair flying around without a care. The music was infectious and even the traditionally reserved Rose was getting into it. Dakota was loving teasing Rose by shaking her booty up against Rose’s leather pants. She could feel her short dress creeping up and she was sure more than Rose had a pair of hands on her ass during the evening.

Near the end of their set, the lead singer, and rhythm guitarist, announced that the next song was for all the love birds out there and began a slower number. One woman who had joined them was approaching Dakota to dance when Rose wrapped her arms around and mouthed, “Sorry, this one is mine.” The other woman realized she was beaten and looked elsewhere for her conquest that night.

Dakota loved the feeling of being the dainty girl in the relationship. Rose had her arms around Dakota’s hips and Dakota had hers around Rose’s neck.

“I like this Rose, just like all the school dances I never went to.”

“You never went to a dance in high school?”

“Good golly no, the old me was much too shy to ask a girl out then.”

“And no one asked you?”

“No, I was just a scrawny wallflower back then.” Rose looked into her eyes and they kissed on the dance floor. They were still kissing and oblivious when the song ended, and the band brought the pace back up.

“Rose, how about we head back to my room, it’s getting a little noisy and crowded here?” The two slipped out and headed to their room. They didn’t see the smile on Jennifer and Sarah’s faces for them. They entered the room and Rose almost threw Dakota onto the bed. Dakota could smell Rose’s arousal and let herself be ravished by the Persian tigress.

“Help me out of my dress, Rose,” her voice husky with passion. Rose undid the zipper in the back and as the dress fell reached her arms around Dakota and rubbed her boobs through her green satin and lace bra. Dakota slipped from her grasp and sat on the edge of her bed and took off her boots and took off her pantyhose.

“Rose, there is something I need to tell you. Um…you see… I’m trans and um… I have a penis….”

“WHAT??!!??” Rose was shocked. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” she began hyperventilating…. “no… no… no… this can’t be. I’m sorry Dakota, I have to go now,” and she hurried out the door.

Dakota was heartbroken. She collapsed onto the bed and began sobbing. “Stupid fucking dick, I hate you, why do I have to be a boy down there?” She wept and cried for over an hour before the alcohol and the days’ activities kicked in and sleep took over.

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