Daughter Training Ch. 06

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The family had settled into their new life in Fertile Valley so quickly, it was almost a blur. Gerard’s company paid for moving expenses and the movers took care of everything. The house had already been picked out, a huge six bedroom house that was much larger than anyone in the family had lived in before. Caitlyn was driving her family to dinner one night when she asked her husband why such a large house was necessary. Ava and Gerard were in the backseat with Ava sucking off her dad. Gerard massaged Ava’s tummy and said, “We’re not stopping with one. Our family is going to get a lot bigger.”

It was a good thing the family moved when they did because the little slut loved showing up to places after being freshly spermed with family seed and showing it off with a smiling face. Admittedly, the look the family got when greeted by the hostesses of various restaurants was always priceless: a shocked but intrigued look with a hint of jealousy. It was always quite a sight, the hot teen daughter with tussled hair and the sheen of cum around her lips clinging closely to her father as the mother stood behind them both as they all waited patiently for a table. People would overhear the sexy girl call the man “Daddy” and the woman “Mom” but nobody suspected those words were genuine descriptions of their actual familial relations, they assumed it was nothing more than a husband with a cuckquean wife who picked up some slut for their fun. Caitlyn was more than fine with that.

The one downside of moving to Fertile Valley was it was much harder to shock people there. Overall, though, Caitlyn was in constant wonder of the paradise that her family had moved to. For years, she had kept her true feelings deep down inside, scared of what might happen if anyone knew. In hindsight it was almost odd she was so reluctant to be herself. Nobody could even remotely consider her childhood household as being uptight; in fact, her parents encouraged any expression of love as long as it didn’t hurt anybody. In the intervening years between marrying Gerard and her daughter becoming a three-hole-whore for her daddy (and one who bragged about that fact to anyone who would listen), she had picked up some bad habits from the society around her. It was as if some kind of moral compass were forced on her, one that she could feel in her soul was miscalibrated, but knew if she spoke up and reached for the ultimate happiness she yearned for, she would be punished by everyone around her.

Before moving to Fertile Valley, Caitlyn barely felt comfortable mentioning her perversions to even her own husband. Now, however, there were so many people to talk to who treated her lifestyle as normal. She found a small community of cuckquean wives who not just allowed but encouraged sexual relationships between fathers and daughters. Caitlyn found herself being able to casually mention kinky statements to her new friends that resulted in knowing nods and smiles instead of shock and disgust.

Just the other day, she was eating lunch with her new group when someone asked her if she caught the latest episode of their favorite show. Without thinking twice, Caitlyn responded with, “I was sucking my husband’s cum out of my daughter’s cunt last night, and before I knew it, an hour had passed and I missed it!”

Being so open and expressive was like a breath of fresh air after repressing herself for so long. She loved watching her daughter and husband make love, though once in a while, regret seeped its way into Caitlyn’s consciousness. She thought of the lost opportunities of family love with her own father, who was now gone. Before meeting Gerard, Caitlyn’s daddy was her model of an ideal man; at least until he was taken away from her family in a car accident. Gerard reminded her of him in many ways, including sharing a familiar commanding stature, giving everyone around the feeling that things were under control.

In fact, the first penis that Caitlyn had ever seen was her own daddy’s, a sighting made as he was getting out of the shower during her senior year of high school. He had left the door open and stood there toweling his head, his semi-hard cock hanging between his legs as Caitlyn walked by, her curious eyes drawn into the room like any other passerby who might have found themselves in a similar situation. She could remember it so clearly, that glorious cock, the cock that made her. Even now the memory of it caused her pussy to ache and her mouth to thirst.

That first paternal prick viewing was no accident, and it was followed by more sightings as her father became more and more intentionally negligent in shielding the view of his genitals from his offspring. Simultaneously, Caitlyn herself became more and more obsessed with her daddy’s dick and was on the alert for ways to see it whenever they were home together. Her desire for a glimpse of the meat that made her grew daily.

One day she was kneeling at her parent’s bedroom door, peeking through the crack to see her father’s Ankara escort naked form as he slept. It was early in the morning and his cock was on display as he slept on his back, his wife’s sexual juices dried on his cock. Caitlyn knew her mom got a good fucking during the night because her mother was a vocal woman during sex and the walls were thin enough that they may as well have been made of paper. Additionally, Caitlyn’s bedroom was adjacent to her parents’, with the beds along the shared wall so Caitlyn could feel the vibrations when they got especially active.

As Caitlyn kneeled and looked in at that glorious cock, she started masturbating as quietly as she could. When the cock started to become erect, however, she had as much trouble staying quiet as her mother had, and couldn’t help but whimper with desire as her fingers flew over her delicate folds, teasing her clit and making the distinctive sounds that only a pussy can make as it gets so wet that it begins to drip onto the carpet. Caitlyn’s eyes clenched tightly shut as she orgasmed, nothing else existing in the world besides her sensitive pussy and the image of daddy’s dick burned into her memory.

Caitlyn opened her eyes to a sight that every daughter should be lucky enough to experience for themselves: her father’s magnificent, glorious, mouth-watering pussy-pleaser staring her right in the face. Her daddy stood over her, looking down at his adorable daughter post-orgasm. Caitlyn’s face was bright red with embarrassment, unable to turn her head up to fully meet his gaze. Instead, she kept her face tilted down slightly as her eyes darted back and forth between the object of her lust and the eyes of the man that made her.

What happened next was, despite all that happened later with her husband and daughter, the best moment in her life. Her father reached down with his rough hands, caressed her head, then guided it towards his cock. As this happened Caitlyn looked up at him in shock, her eyes locking with his as her mouth opened slightly in disbelief. His cock bumped against her lips, spreading precum over them as he kept up his gentle pulling. Caitlyn had no choice other than to open her mouth wider; it was the only action that either person would have accepted.

Caitlyn and her father locked in a gaze as her mouth stretched to the limit and his cock made its way slowly to the back of her throat. The gaze of lust and love that they shared was deep and pure, the kind that only a father and daughter can share when they fully realize the potential of their relationship.

They connected there in the doorway, a loving father-daughter couple reaching the pinnacle of intimacy as the mother and wife slept in the bed.

This first act of familial oral love went on for a long time as each participant moved slowly, never breaking their shared gaze as their hearts filled with love for each other. Despite his urge to roughly fuck her face, Caitlyn’s daddy instead slowly drew his cock in and out of her mouth while admiring the stunning beauty of a daughter sucking daddycock. Every man says his daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world, but to them it’s true, especially when her cute eyes are looking up at him as her mouth is working to relieve him of his life-giving white seed, desperate to feel his semen splash and spurt in her eager mouth, yearning to feel the potent seed that made her coat her throat and warm her stomach.

When Caitlyn put one hand on the stiff rod that repeatedly penetrated her oral cavity, her father broke the silence and said, “No hands. Use your tongue. Put your hands behind your back.”

Caitlyn followed his instructions, quickly learning how to use her tongue and hoping she could practice and become the best cocksucker her daddy could ever want. Eventually, Caitlyn tasted the sweet ambrosia that was responsible for giving her life eighteen years ago, causing her eyes to roll back in her head in pleasure as she came hard, gushing all over the carpet as the combined physical and emotional sensations overwhelmed her. The grunting and groaning her father was making woke up her mother, who was now excitedly searching for the Polaroid camera so she could document this important occasion and her daughter could have the mementos she never had the first time she swallowed her own daddy’s cum.

Those photographs are now among Caitlyn’s most cherished possessions. She showed them to her husband Gerard before she got married but didn’t tell him until recently that the cock in that series of pictures was her own father’s, or that the glaze on her smiling face was from her own father’s cum. It was the final secret that finally made her feel free and connected more to Gerard than she ever thought possible, a secret that wasn’t told until after she discovered the illicit affair between her husband and daughter. Once revealed it inspired a similar set of photographs to be taken of Gerard and Ava, as well as a number of videos.

Later, Caitlyn thanked her Ankara escort bayan mother for not throwing a fit when she saw her own daughter lovingly doing her daughterly duty to her husband Harold. Caitlyn’s mom, Becky, laughed.

“No need to thank me, dear, it’s only natural,” the wise mother said. “I know we’re living in the suburbs now, but me and Harold are from the countryside where things are different, more traditional. From your daddy’s point of view, he owned you the second you were conceived with his seed and was just waiting until you were ripe to stake his claim. That’s the way we were raised. Besides, from the way you’ve been looking at yer pa lately, especially his privates, we both know it would have happened whether I wanted it or not.”

Caitlyn’s pussy gushed while her mother continued. “You ain’t the first girl who had that hunger for her pa’s meat burn inside you. Once I saw it in your eyes, I knew what would happen, and I ain’t dumb enough to stand in the way. Like my mamma told me, ‘Never get between a girl and her daddy’s cock.'” They had a good laugh together and there was an understanding that her daddy was going to use her body now to relieve his lust, wherever, whenever, and however he wanted. Caitlyn loved it.

Caitlyn always had a good chuckle when she thought of her mother’s wise words. The residents of Fertile Valley had similar sayings that were uttered often, sayings that emphasized the natural state of father-daughter love culminating in intense sexual desire and the futility that comes from trying to prevent it. They even had and old wives tales specifically about daddy/daughter sex. One was about how a man’s cock got harder and longer when entering his daughter’s holes, and another said that once a man smelled the scent of his daughter’s pussy he was powerless to think of anything else until he got a creamy mouthful and then stuffed her tight twat. Nobody knew if they were true or not, but Fertile Valley men sure acted like they were.

Caitlyn had a glorious three years with her father treating her like his personal slut, and essentially acting as his girlfriend in the same way her own husband and daughter acted now. Memories of being in college classes filled with his cum fill her with warmth. Her father showed her how a real man marks his woman and owns her pussy. Her heart filled with joy when she saw her husband treat her daughter just like her daddy treated her. Her biggest regret was avoiding getting pregnant by her father, opting to wait until after she graduated from college to have the gift of her own brother or sister growing inside of her. If it wasn’t for that car accident, she was sure she’d have stayed in her old family home acting essentially as her father’s second wife. But then again, she wouldn’t have Gerard and Ava, so she counted herself as a lucky woman.

She did not want to ever dwell too much on the past because the present was filled with joy. She was determined to be as good of a mother as she could be, using her own mom as an example. She encouraged the family love that grew under her roof and anxiously awaited for the day that her daughter presented her with a grandchild to love. She felt no pangs of jealously as her daughter’s screams of ecstasy filled the house, only pride and horniness, an odd and potent combination. Her husband frequently told Ava, “I made this pussy so it’s mine” as he entered it, boasting loudly as if he was proclaiming it to anyone who might be listening. He knew his wife loved how he emphasized how he owned Caitlyn’s and Ava’s bodies. Caitlyn knew in her heart that what her husband said was true and considered herself blessed to have found a husband who was just like her own father, a man who was willing to show his daughter the love she deserved.


One thing that surprised Caitlyn was how much she loved going to church every Sunday, especially in a loving and accepting community like this one. She loved sitting in the church balcony next to her husband, holding his hand as their daughter bobbed her head on his lap or bounced up and down on his dick. Looking around the balcony one would be forgiven to think it was essentially an orgy, but strict community guidelines prevented inter-family partner swapping in the holy place. Only acts of familial love were allowed in this holy place, while down below the pastor reminded his parishioners of the duties that family members have to each other and to the community at large.

Some mothers looked on with smiles as their daughters knelt before their fathers, worshiping the cocks that made them as their fathers sang praises and raised their hands to the Lord. Other mothers taught their sons how to be men, taking their birthrights and returning their seed to the place their own lives began and thanking their mothers by giving them the gift of new children to raise and love. Of course, as the church taught, once a son claims his mother’s pussy and cums inside of it properly, he takes over for his father Escort Ankara and now owns her body. This was not a duty to be taken lightly, as Fertile Valley men understood that owning a woman meant not allowing other men to touch their property sexually, ever. That’s not to say extrafamilial relationships didn’t occur in Fertile Valley. Sometimes they were necessary, such as when there were too many sons or daughters to pair off evenly with their parents or each other; when a father made the choice of never giving up his wife’s cunt to his son (a controversial stance with supporters and naysayers of the practice on each side) and there weren’t enough sisters for him to have one; when a man decided to stop at only one generation of incest and not claim his daughter’s daughter by him, as would be his right; or other rare cases. Regardless of the outcome, however, it was important that all relationships were made and maintained first and foremost with love and understanding in mind.

Caitlyn felt at home in this place and realized that this must have been the kind of traditional family atmosphere that her parents were raised in, where no love was rejected or diminished in value, no matter where it blossomed.

Truly, all kinds of incestuous relationships in Fertile Valley were accepted. One such case was the mother/son couple next door, Sora and Mason, longtime residents. Sora started an intimate relationship with her son and moved into a new house with him after divorcing her husband and Mason’s father, James, who stayed in their old family house down the block to start a new family with his own cum bucket daughter, Daisy. James and Sora each got married to their respective offspring at the Fertile Valley church in a double ceremony, which admittedly was a largely symbolic affair in the eyes of the law, especially outside of their community. However, it was still an event that inspired a lot of incestuous lovemaking among the wedding attendees in the balcony while the ceremony went on down below.

Daisy and Ava became fast friends, sharing notes on how to best please their daddies. Once Ava heard of the 3H Club she became a member in good standing as fast as she could, showing the club leaders her tender holes oozing with paternal cum, and the photos and videos that displayed her credentials as a model 3H girl.

As Caitlyn’s family sat in the church balcony, the attendees around them reached orgasm at different times, yelling out their joy and passion as they were encouraged to do, in celebration of the life that God gave them. Ava sat on her father’s lap, grinding her ass in an attempt to get her prick hard again as they kissed and fondled each other, oblivious to the rest of the congregation. Her face gleamed with paternal semen she left on her skin as a display of ownership. Caitlyn could not resist wiping some up with her finger and savoring it, rolled it around on her tongue, being sure to leave enough so that any other churchgoers couldn’t possibly accuse her husband of abusing his daughter by not giving her the cum she needed.

Ava sat like an angel on her daddy’s lap; a slutty angel in clothes that were too small to wear outside of a place like Fertile Valley, including a plaid skirt that was so short it barely covered her ass cheeks. It was proper attire for the Fertile Valley Church balcony.

The sermon went on, with familiar lessons of a father’s duties to his daughter being repeated once more, as the spirit had moved so many couples in the balcony that some people weren’t able to hear the last few sentences of the pastor’s message.

Ava was desperate to have a sibling in her belly and had been working hard to do it. She hoped that each spurt that flooded her uterus was the one that fertilized an egg in her. The biggest complication to this desire was that, like her mother, she had developed an addiction to the taste of Gerard’s semen. Both women had to bite the bullet and make due with less freshly ejaculated cum filling their mouths straight from the source until Ava was pregnant with her own brother or sister growing inside of her.

However, to Caitlyn, this situation though different than before was still wonderful. She still got to drink her husband’s cum after it was spurted inside their daughter’s womb. Every day, Ava would lay back with her ass raised, letting all of the coveted seed pool in her womb. She would stay that way for a half hour, sometimes nursing her daddy’s cock back to hardness. After the semen had its chance to begin the miracle of life, Caitlyn would dive in, using her tongue to lap up as much of it as possible, greedily slurping it up while causing her daughter to orgasm over and over again. This happened so often that Caitlyn practically developed a second addiction, one to her daughter’s juices. Her desire for the mixture of her husband and daughter’s sexual fluids was so great that under the right conditions, she could orgasm without being touched by anyone. She would lay on her back with her daughter squatting over her face and the delicious ambrosia drooled into her mouth, her pussy spasming the entire time. Most of the time, however, Gerard’s would be there to take care of things, lapping up his wife’s cunt juices.

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