Deb’s Swinging Bed

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Like many who came of age in the seventies, I felt cheated by the sixties. Our older brothers and sisters had taken the world by storm with Woodstock and flower power and the Chicago eight. We were left with Nixon, Ford, Glitter, Glam and ennui. The later years of my teenage life could be summed up by a combination of two songs popular at the time” Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’roll” and “Two out of three ain’t bad.” But I was sorely missing number one on the list.

I was 19, fit from cycling more than 25 miles each day, tanned from working outside, but my sexual experience was limited. Technically I was no longer a virgin, but I’d been stoned and drunk at the time and had only the foggiest memories of losing my cherry.

Fortunately there was more than enough of the other two, especially after my best friend Jack moved away from his dad’s house. Jack had been having even more problems than most of us with his parents and school and eventually moved into the Little Pink. (Yes the name was a play on Big Pink, The Band’s first album, Dylan and all that: we lived through the sixties too) The house, which really was painted pink, was a loose coop house on the wrong side of town, semi-overseen by Deb who we first met at University.

Debra, Debbie or Deb depending on her mood was an indigent’s dream. A big beautiful woman before the term became fashionable, Deb was tall, around 5’10, with blonde hair and blue eyes, big tits and a big booty. She was probably close to my weight (170 lb.), although I had three inches on her. She was bright, with a ferocious wit and played wicked Bridge. In fact it was through Bridge we met Deb and her best friend Marsha. They often took our money in the Student Union Building lounges, though at 1/10 of a cent a point all we lost was coffee money.

After Jack moved into the Little Pink, I more or less tagged along. There were huge parties each weekend and we played some mean Bridge on weeknights, while listening to Neil Young, Bowie, Talking Heads and the like, drinking Pilsner and smoking hydroponic marihuana, which was just appearing at the time.

The house was in a constant rut. Jack went through at least six chicks in his fist two months, but sadly I continued to strike out. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was still living at home and had to be home by 12:00 each night. Then too because I only had sisters in my family, I tended to treat chicks more as at home with the gils izle friends. I had lots of friends but lacked the sex object I so needed.

Often I would stumble across couples fucking throughout the house, frequently Jack, Marsha or Deb were prominent among the people screwing and it was giving me a complex. The one that really stayed in my mind was Jack and Janna, one of the waifs who had strayed into the Little Pink that spring. I had wandered down to the basement only to find Janna with her pert little tits bobbing up and down, sitting on top of Jack’s cock and moaning “Mmmmm Ron”. You see Ron was my name and I had had a bit of a crush on Janna when she first came through, before she got into heavy drugs.

That summer, I got a summer job at construction site in the bush. I was away for two weeks at a time, then would catch a ride with the crew back to the city for a long weekend before heading back for another stint at the camp. Often at night at the camp, I would replay the scene of Janna with her pert little tits bobbing up and down sitting on top of my cock and moaning “Mmmmmm Ron” as I sought my solitary release.

The guys I caught a ride with preferred it if I was near the highway and so I took to spending Sunday nights at the Little Pink, then getting up before four in the morning to catch my ride at a corner a block away. Usually Sunday nights were pretty quiet, we would play a bit of cards, smoke a joint or two then I would head to the basement for a bit of sleep before my early morning departure.

However, on the night in question, Janna had shown up with some of her heavy druggie friends and they had occupied my corner in the basement. So Deb suggested I sleep in a corner of her room.

Deb, as the organizer of the co-op house, had taken the largest bedroom for herself and installed her famous swinging bed. It really did swing, suspended from the beams in the ceiling by a stout cable at each corner. I was never sure how she had managed it, but there it was. Tales of the bed were legion, although I wasn’t the one to tell them. So I went into a back corner of her room and tried to sleep. I was dosing fitfully when I heard Deb and Jack come into the room. This was a new combination, Deb and Jack had never been a number to the best of my knowledge. I listened to their whispers as they stared to get it on and couldn’t help ayak işleri izle slowly stroking my cock, while wondering how I could get out of there. Then Deb cooed, “Ron are you hard” and Jack laughed “You bet he is darling, now get up here now and join us Ron!”

So there we were – Deb naked on her swinging bed with Jack and me, also nude, on either side of her. Our hands stroked each side of her voluptuous body, as she turned between us, softly returning our light kisses. Our mouths moved to her breasts, circling then finding sucking her erect nipples, while our fingers kneaded her beasts. She sighed “Oh yes suck my nips hard, it feels so good!”

Our hands continued lower, past her navel, to explore each side of her neatly shaven pudenda. We pivoted, our mouths following our hands, a tongue sliding down the outside of each of her labia. As we turned Deb cooed “Yummy two hard cocks, all for me!” and ran her hands, lips and tongue along one, then the other of our members. She reveled in the contrast, Jack was a bit longer, I was bit thicker. I was circumcised, Jack wasn’t. But both our cocks twitched and glistened under Deb’s expert ministrations.

Deb make a choice and straddled me, taking my cock deep into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head up and down, while pressing her wet cunt against my mouth. She drew back for a minute and raised her full ass high. As her tongue left my cock and her sex hovered above my mouth, she moaned “Jack fuck me while I suck Ron.”

I drew a quick breath as Deb returned her attention to my cock, her hands, slowly pistioning my shaft while her tongue circled my rim and probed my cumhole. Then she groaned as Jack positioned his straining cock at the entrance of her moist sex. I watched transfixed by this lascivious vision, Jack’s purple cockhead, foreskin well back, pressed between her glistening labia and slowly disappearing into her vagina. I was immersed in the smell, taste and feel of sex. Deb spread her legs and wiggled back against Jack until his taut balls pressed against her buttocks. As Jack began to thrust, my tongue snaked out to meet her clit on his down thrusts then licked the underside of his cock on the up thrusts. Simultaneously, Deb’s fingers cupped my balls and squeezed gently as she took me deep in her throat.

We couldn’t last long; I felt the electric surge building from the base of my spine, my orgasm radiating through my aynen aynen izle cock and balls. From her moans and Jack’s guttural cries, I knew they too were both close. Then I was coming, my jizz spurting into her waiting mouth. Deb stiffened and whimpered as she too was overcome. Her mouth opened and the last of my cum spayed on her face and neck and. Above me, Jack tensed and cried “Fuck meeee” plunging his gushing cock deep into her quivering cunt.

For a minute or three, we remained motionless, spent. Then as Jack’s cock slowly disengaged from Deb’s leaking cunt, my tongue reached to lap her slit. I sucked gently, tasting their mixed cum. Deb sighed and returned the favor, her tongue circling my rim, probing my cum hole, sending aftershocks thorough my still hypersensitive cock. Jack’s prick hove into view and I moved my tongue tentatively around the rim, again tasting their mixed cum, then more boldly I probed his cumhole with my tongue while sucking his glans. His semi-erect cock grew rigid in my mouth. Deb laughed as my cock too responded and regained its stature in her mouth “MMM that was good for starters, Now I want both of you in me at the same time!”

Deb straddled me, guiding my cock into her sodden cunt. Then Jack approached her from behind, his lubed finger probing her rosebud briefly before he pressed his cock at her anus and then past her sphincter. Deb groaned but her cunt squeezed, enveloping my cock in her liquid warmth. I swear, I could feel Jack’s rod pressing back as he filled her butthole. We remained still caught in the moment, the cumulative effect of our previous release and the lingering high from the dope we smoked earlier in the night. Everything was slow and so intense.

Then Jack began to thrust, and Debbie to push her ass back in response. Trapped underneath, I arched my back to maintain our union. Slowly, slowly our pleasure built, I could feel the stoned wave of electricity streaming through my medulla, down my spine and radiating from my cock into Deb’s vagina. I moaned as I felt Deb tense, her cunt contracting around my cock as she hissed “Yesssss!” Then I was coming, my cum spurting into her. I felt Jack tense as he released his spunk deep into her ass. We slowly disengaged ourselves and pressed into a group hug before I passed into slumber.

Somehow I managed to awake at three-thirty, slide out of bed and throw on my clothes without disturbing them. I ran to the corner and just managed to catch my ride. As I sat down in the back, Scottie, the driver said “Hey Ron it’s customary to keep your fly closed. Especially if you got fucked last night and couldn’t find your underwear in the morning!” I smiled, complied with his request and slept like a baby until we made camp that morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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