Deidre in the Islands Ch. 08

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The sand on the beach at Iznoma Hedonia was a tawny sable color, like the flawless skin of the magnificent Deidre. The sky was a clear and limpid blue, like the piercing eyes of haughty Deidre. The mountain in a distance was sculpted into rounded, sensual curves, like the body of voluptuous Deidre. The coral from the reef that they made into jewelry were rounded buds of a rosy pink, like the erect nipples of aroused Deidre. The conch shells on the beach showed colors ranging from creamy white to dusky red as its inside curve went deep and hidden, like the inviting cunt of sexual Deidre.

Janine woke up with a start. She was lying nude on her front on a damp towel spread over a foam ocean buoy stuck in the sand, with her ass up in the air and her head further down on the slanting cylinder, arms and legs draped over the curve, hands and feet feeling heavy. Her head felt big and a little throbbing. Her back and her butt were a little too warm in the sun. Her tongue felt thick and fuzzy. Her tits felt mashed under her. And her crotch itched. Boy, did it itch! She lifted her head and saw that she was on the far beach, a long way from the hotel, almost halfway to the rounded peaked mountain they call Mount Deidre. She couldn’t stay there forever, she thought. She had to get up. She had lost her loincloth the night before and there weren’t any service carts nearby. Oh well, she thought. Today is going to be Bare Ass Day for me.

The sacrifices she made to do research for her story.

She forced herself to get off the big foam cylinder and on her feet, but it took a lot of effort, accomplished over several minutes. She first noticed that her head hurt, but it wasn’t the worst hangover she ever had. Her cunt itched and felt tender to the touch. Then she noticed, as she sat up on the buoy, that the muscles ached in her groin and deep in her pelvis. She next noticed, as she began to stand up, that she really, really had to pee!

Nobody was around, so she simply squatted, rested her little apple ass on the side of the buoy, and let go. Her pee stream arced gracefully from her little hole, which burned a little from the exertions of the previous night, to a loud splatter on the sand, where it quickly sank from sight. It took Janine a long time to empty her over-filled bladder and the relief she felt was almost sexual, it felt so good. She stayed in a squatting position for a moment to let the last few drops fall, since she didn’t have anything to wipe herself with and she didn’t want the shock of wading into the water. Looking down at herself, with her pelvis thrust out, she noticed that her pubes were reddened and her labia were a little swollen. There was a streak of something whitish and dry on the inside of her thigh. But these things were not as disturbing as what she felt in her behind.

Squatting and standing up again made something in the crack of her ass move. She could feel it. She was sure that it didn’t belong to her. When she squatted, it rubbed against the inside of her crack. When she stood, she could feel that, whatever it was, it was also in her anus. Not knowing exactly how big it was, she sank to her knees in the sand (avoiding the damp area where she peed) and bent over. She reached behind her with her left hand and gingerly ran her fingers down the crack of her butt until she found it. It was rubbery. It felt like the end of a balloon. She knew what it was but she really did not want to think about it too much. She knew it was a condom sticking out of her asshole.

Janine made a face. This was gross! But unless she wanted to walk back to the resort hotel with this souvenir hanging out of her butt, she had to take it out. She grasped the end between her fingers and pulled. She could feel it come out but as she pulled it seemed to get bigger in her anus and then she felt her sphincter clamp down and the condom suddenly emptied. A gush of cum squirted on her fingers and dripped down the back of both her legs. The condom dropped out now and Janine raised her hand to look at it. Was this disgusting or erotic? What seemed so sexy last night made her a little queasy this morning and for a moment she wanted to throw up. But wait, her analytical mind said. Was it really so terrible to wake up naked in public with a used condom hanging out of your ass?

Janine tried to reconstruct the events, like the journalist she was, but thinking a little more slowly than usual because her head was still feeling thick. First, whoever it was, he had used a condom, although in 1985 this was just smart and fatih escort at Iznoma Hedonia it was the polite thing to do. There was no one else around in the wee hours of the morning and if she had been taken by surprise he could easily have cornholed her bareback, but he didn’t. So he was a gentleman. Second, her asshole was obviously tight enough to hold it in when he pulled out, and for that she was grateful. Tight was good when it came to things a person wants in their anus. Third, he must have started big, because her anus felt stretched but not sore, but he obviously shriveled after coming because he slipped out of a regular-sized condom. Her tight ass must have held onto him hard while he pulled back. Fourth, he had shot a big load and it must have got squeezed into the tip of the condom and held there by her tight sphincter, maybe helped by gravity since her butt was higher than her head on the buoy, until it spilled all over her legs just now. OK, so the sequence of events was clear. But it bothered Janine that she didn’t remember any of it happening. It sounded like it had been fun: buttfucked on the beach by a big prick packing a heavy load. She wished she could have been there, she thought sarcastically. (Actually, she had never much cared for anal sex.)

It was time to walk back to the resort hotel. Holding the used condom between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand, the one she had used to explore her crack, and away from her naked body, she started walking back, slowly because of her foggy head, the stiffness in the muscles of her legs, and the not-unpleasant ache in her deep pelvis from all those orgasms.

It was an effort for Janine to walk barefoot in the sand and it must have taken her a half hour to walk all the way back to the end of the path, passing the Beach Bar where she picked up her three men the night before, and then a few more minutes to go up the path between the north lawn, for guests who wanted to be by themselves, and the raunchy and crowded south lawn. There were not many guests out at that time of the morning but the few there were said hello and stared at her. She assumed that they were admiring her fine C-cup breasts with their huge dark pink areolas surrounding the nipples, or her girlish figure with the apple-shaped butt. But they could as easily have been saying to each other: look! That girl’s cunt is rubbed red and she’s got dry cum on her legs.

All the bars were closed by then, so she knew it had to be after 6:00 in the morning. She kept walking. Finally, she reached the Caffeinery, an informal, nude-friendly quick-service coffee shop. She plopped down in a deep, leather bean-bag chair next to a low table and ordered coffee and an apricot croissant. Iznoma Hedonia did not put clocks everywhere because Deidre wanted guests to forget about time while they were having fun but they could be seen in places and Janine saw that it was 7:00 am, very early for the resort.

Janine was a fairly small woman sitting in a big deep chair, so she crossed her legs for comfort, a posture that resulted in her showing herself to anyone who passed by. There were not many people out at that early hour but whoever was there got a good look, enjoying both her pretty tits and her reddened cunt. The waitress remarked that Janine looked a little rough this morning, but she wasn’t going to bother with appearances. She would just get something to eat and then go upstairs to her room.

She had to be very careful with her coffee because she was clumsy that morning, from her hangover and the stiffness from sleeping with the buoy. She dropped her croissant in her lap twice. But her headache started to go away after she ate the pastry and she felt better with food in her. She did not want to spill hot coffee on her hot box, so she held it with both hands when she drank.

She felt much better after her breakfast, so she stood, brushed the crumbs out of her crotch, and started to go into the hotel when she noticed that the clinic was open. I’ll just get the nurse to look at my pussy, she thought to herself, because I don’t want to spend the rest of my time here on the sidelines, or only able to suck and take it up the ass. Janine didn’t like anal very much, anyway, and if she couldn’t take it in her cunt, the next few days weren’t going to be much fun for her.

The clinic was at the far end of a line of shops and services on the ground floor of the hotel. There was a massage parlor, a swimsuit and lingerie shop which also sold sexy pirate costumes (the resort often etiler escort had costume parties), a book store that sold both regular paperbacks and porn, a sex shop specializing in dildos and flavored condoms, a hair stylist, and a souvenir shop, all decked out to look like a tropical village.

When Janine entered the clinic, there was a desk in front with a hand-lettered sign next to a bell. The sign said: “Have a seat! I’ll be with you in a minute! If it’s an emergency or you’re having a baby, ring the bell!” Some chairs were lined up along the wall, on both sides of a table with porn magazines dating from 1976, 9 years before. A crumpled loincloth was on the last chair. A curtain was drawn behind the desk but Janine could see that there was a sparkling clean white hospital-like room behind it. Janine didn’t think that an itchy crotch was an emergency, at least until a man was standing by, so she sat down but as soon as she did she heard a whimpering sound from behind the curtain. Then there was a little cry. She heard a bumping noise.

“Hello?” Janine called. “Are you all right?” She thought there might be an injured or sick guest all alone back there.

“Doin’ great! Out in a minute!” called a chirpy voice. Then, after some more bumping sounds and a gasp followed by a moan, “Come on back if you want!”

Janine pulled back the curtain and now it was her turn to stare. A tall, young brown-haired woman with very long-legs, clothed only in white stockings held up by garters and a little nurses’ cap, was leaning over a doctor’s examining table, bracing herself with her arms. Bent over her, clinging tightly to her small breasts and buried deep in her vagina, was a large, heavily muscled man with tight gluteal muscles that tensed with every powerful thrust, which seemed to lift the tall girl off her feet.

The resort nurse spoke, “I’m kind of busy right now but you’re welcome to watch until we’re done! Ooo! I like those circles on your great tits!” Considering the pounding she was getting, it was amazing that the pretty nurse even noticed Janine’s boobs, but she immediately went back to concentrating on the cock inside her. Janine sat down and watched the tall girl get fucked. The man had a good-sized dick and he knew how to use it! After several minutes of this, the man bent over the girl even more, forcing her over more, and dropped his hands from her tits to her crotch. Janine couldn’t see it all but she knew from the position that he was stroking her clit with his fingers while he pounded her from the back. She obviously liked it because within a minute she started breathing in gasps and her face flushed and she froze perfectly still and moaned, while the obviously excellent orgasm coursed through her. Her partner gave a series of deep, fast thrusts and then pushed so deep and hard into the young woman that she gasped and then he rocked back and forth for a minute or two as he ejaculated with great force. The remained locked together for a couple of minutes until the main straightened up and pulled out of her, his condom-covered cock dangling limply and covered with her juice.

“Now Mr. Patterson,” the nurse said, while she peeled the condom off his dick for him, “I want you to come back anytime you feel another attack of blue-balls coming on and we’ll take care of it for you!” The man thanked her, gave her a wet kiss, nodded at Janine, put on his loincloth, and walked out.

The nurse, with those impossibly long legs sheathed in white and nothing else on but the little hat and white shoes, turned to face Janine, who, Janine reminded herself, may have been much shorter but had much bigger boobs. “How can I help you today?” The nurse patted her glistening wet pussy with a tissue while she talked.

Janine told her about her sore cunt. The nurse had her get up on the examining table. In order to get a good look, the nurse focused on overhead light on Janine’s crotch and put her feet up in stirrups. Janine felt like she was visiting her gynecologist. The nurse put on gloves, picked up a comb and started to go through Janine’s rather sparse pubic hair, face so close that Janine could feel her breath on her pussy. It was not an unpleasant feeling for Janine, who could not but wonder what the nurse might be smelling after her rough night.

“What’s this?” the nurse asked at one point, holding up a little piece of orange goop. Janine answered that it came from a piece of croissant that had fallen in her lap. The nurse popped it into her mouth. “Apricot!” she exclaimed. “I love those!” beşiktaş escort She resumed inspecting Janine’s pubic hair.

“Well,” said the nurse after a long time spent examining Janine’s crotch, “you don’t have crabs.” Janine was very relieved, although she hadn’t thought that she did in the first place. “We see this a lot here at Iznoma Hedonia. It happens to people who don’t have sex much and then come here and get more than they can handle at first.”

Janine wanted to punch her but it was hard to do that lying on your back with your feet up in stirrups. She had plenty of sex, she’ll have you know! She had just got laid, oh, well maybe a month ago. But before that, well, maybe not so much since she broke up with Brad. And maybe her relationship with Brad wasn’t all that sexy but she had had one-night stands when she went clubbing. At least, well, three. Her girlfriends tended to leave with the guys she liked. Maybe she had had a disappointing year. Maybe the year before that wasn’t so hot either.

While Janine was getting over her remark, the nurse had reached for a squeeze bottle and was putting a dollop of lime-green gel into her palm. It smelled like wintergreen.

“This works every time,” the nurse said. “but it may sting a little at first. It will heal fast — it’s got something called aloe vera in it.”

Janine braced herself but it was not so bad. The nurse was rubbing the gel into her pubes and it felt warm and tingled very nicely. But the nurse didn’t stop there. She applied the gel and rubbed it in on her outer labia down to the taint and on Janine’s smooth thighs up to the crease where they met her mons. The nurse grasped Janine’s swollen labia and pulled them gently, massaging them between her fingers with gobs of gel. She put a dollop right on Janine’s clit and massaged it all around, circling the little pearl, getting it up into the clit hood, over her pee hole, and all around her entrance, and a little inside. Janine gasped and stiffened as the nurse massaged it into her clit with circular motions and pushed it into her vagina with two fingers of the other hand. She felt a strange warmth penetrating her pelvis and deep into her cunt. The medication seemed to be stimulating all the nerve endings in a new way, soothing rather than irritating, but just as intense. Despite her aching muscles, Janine promptly climaxed and the nurse had to follow her rocking pelvis in order to finish applying the wonderful gel.

Then the nurse put a gob of gel on her finger and smeared it on Janine’s anus, poking into her sphincter to spread it around inside. Janine wondered, in her foggy, postorgasmic state, if the nurse saw something and if she was red down there, too. Janine wondered for a moment what the nurse would have said if she had left the used condom in her ass. Janine normally did not like her anus to be violated but this was different and she was getting into it. The nurse was pushing gel into her butt with two fingers of one hand and into her vagina with the other and Janine felt the nurses fingers pushing past against one another inside her. It all felt wonderful and it was not long before the effect of the gel and the talented nurse’s fingers brought her to a second delicious orgasm. This time Janine did not notice the aching feeling of her sore pelvic muscles. Maybe the gel had treated that problem, too!

The nurse didn’t stop even then and rubbed a third one out of Janine, until finally Janine had stopped quivering. Bringing her down gently, the nurse said “Feel better now?” and Janine had to agree that she did, even though it meant that the nurse had stopped her heavenly masturbatory treatment. The nurse helped Janine up, her legs now wobbly, and said “You look like you have dried come on the back your legs!” Janine had to agree that that’s what it was but she really didn’t want to take the time to explain. “You come back and see me again if you feel like your cunt needs help!” Janine wasn’t quite sure what that meant by that.

Janine felt so relaxed she wanted to float back to that ocean buoy and lie on it upside down again for the night. But it was a shorter walk to her room and so she would like down on a soft bed instead. As she passed through the lobby on the beach side, several guests turned and stared as she walked past because her pubic hair was all matted down by the thick bright green gel and she smelled like a breath mint. Janine didn’t care. She started the morning feeling very rough and now she felt great. Weird but great. In the elevator, the fragrance from her gel got to be very intense and one of the other guests had to get out. When Janine got to her room she flopped on the bed and slept till noon without even taking a shower to get the dried come and all that smelly green gel off her body.

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