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Big Tits

He’s hard at work, or trying to be. The glare of the computer screen reflecting upon his handsome face, I can see he is having some trouble with his work. His brow is creased, head resting on one hand. He’s a writer, and a good one. His words captivate me, but I’m not here for words.

I’m standing, leaning at the doorway. My robe has fallen open, and I slip my hand inside, cupping my naked breast. The sharp intake of breath as I brush my palm across my erect nipple alerts him to my presence. He turns to me with a knowing smile.

“Little minx,” he growls, “you know I’m working. What brings you into my office?”

Fidgeting slightly, he turns his chair to me. His eyes watch my hands closely as they glide over flesh that aches for his touch. As I watch him breathe deeply, I sense that he must smell my own private scent, my arousal. I am sure the expression on my face must reveal exactly what is on my mind.

As my hands continue to roam over my body, and his eyes lock with mine, my voice perhaps just a little mischievous as I say, “Oh, I wouldn’t want to disturb a genius at work. Shall I go?”

But as I slowly push away from the doorframe, and begin pacing towards him, he must know that leaving him is the furthest thing from my mind.

“Perhaps you could do with a little inspiration?” I ask. The innocence in my voice contrasts with the brazen manner in which I push the silken robe from my shoulders until it is a puddle at my feet.

There I stand, not three feet from where he sits, naked, and silently willing my man to take control.

I observe, and feel, his eyes slowly roam over me, up and down, sense his capitulation, the lure of my body pulling his mind away from that troubling passage he was working on. Torturously, he remains seated for a moment or two longer than I’d like, his eyes closing slightly as he enjoys that feeling, the low throb building in his stomach and the blood rushing lower.

Finally, he rises to his feet. Walking to me, lured by the scent of my body oils and juices mixing with the spicy sweet fragrance I wear just for him. Walking around behind me, he knows that every moment he waits intensifies our want for each other even more.

When at last he places his large and heavy hands on my hips and brushes my wavy brown hair away from my neck with his nose, I sigh. I feel the occasional scraping of his teeth across the thin skin of my neck and shoulders as he kisses me. His hands rise from my hips over the soft plain of my stomach and cup a breast each in unison. I am pulled closer to him, so that I can feel the deep throbbing building in his pants.

“Mmm,” he growls, “inspiration is just what I need precious girl. Just where do you think I’ll find it?”

I lean back into him, pressing closer to the heat, hardness. My eyes closed, my other senses are heightened. Our increasingly shallow breathing, it seems so loud, almost drowning out the hum of the now abandoned computer. My fragrance mingles with his own masculine scent, tantalising my nose. But most of all I savour the tangible. The gentle pressure of those palms over my breasts, the teasing scrapes of his teeth at my neck, the chill of his belt buckle against my skin. I’m well on the way to sensory overload.

My hands close over his, forcing warm hands into even closer contact with my burgeoning nipples, causing an echo of pleasure to course through my body, straight to the heart of me. The wetness between my thighs gathering, my clit still tingling from my own erotic endeavours, the pleasure I gave myself before I dropped by his office, I am on fire.

As my fantasy lover, as always, he caused me to peak, but left me wanting more. I’ve come to collect on that. Pushing his hands down over my ribcage, I slowly bring them to rest at his side. Turning towards him, a smile on my face, I begin to unbutton his cotton shirt and bare his chest to my black snow izle greedy fingers.

“You’re the genius,” I remind him with a wink, “I’m sure you’ll figure it out”. My hands begin an incursion, relishing the delicious texture of his body. Roughly pulling his shirt open and over two gorgeous shoulders, capturing his strong arms at his side, I place my mouth over his left nipple. Drawing the small bud into my mouth, to endure the teasing of my tongue, my right hand begins to toy with the other.

With my left hand free to wander, I raise my eyes towards his face, my mouth never breaking contact with his body, and let that free hand begin its descent towards the promising bulge nudging against my belly.

With our eyes locked and my mouth busy, I sense his passion, the control slipping from him, the intensity of his desire for me placing him at risk of imploding right there. My hair, formerly tidy, now tickles as my mouth explores him. The throbbing of him draws me, and his eyes slip from mine, observing the passage of my hand. His green eyes flare, displaying the intensity of his response as my left hand slowly slips around his thickening, pulsing cock.

I feel his hands, now free, slide against my spine, pulling me into him. His hands are slowly entwined in my hair, gently knotting fingers around my ringlets. His hands are on the back of my head, and my eyes flutter closed as he bends his face to me, kissing me hungrily. Our mouths open together as they always do, and our tongues explore each other.

The velvet roughness of my teasing tongue stimulates him, and I glory in the taste that is uniquely him. He suckles lightly on my bottom lip before running his moistened lips across its fullness. Again our tongues dance in our mouths, his hands roaming all over me with the sole aim of clutching me to him.

As I stand there in his strong arms naked and wanting, I feel his smile under my kisses. “Yes little one, I have a wonderful idea. Let’s get me out of these clothes and explore it.”

Taking him by the hand, I lead him closer to the large desk. With the computer monitor pushed to one side there is plenty of room for some action upon the solid wood desktop. But for now, I fall into the still warm chair, my hands going to his buckle.

A few deft movements, and some teasing brushing of my fingers, his pants are soon at his feet, and I am faced with a powerful erection barely contained by his boxers. Easing my fingers beneath the waistband, I slowly draw the fabric down, until his naked beauty is revealed to me.

He steps out of the pool of material at his feet, my trembling hands on his hips, my eyes on his face. I lick my lips, smile, and then lean forward slightly, the magnificent cock rearing towards me. Looking up as I feel his hands settle on my shoulders, again toying with my hair.

My voice a little breathless I whisper, “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

From the look in his eyes, the smile tugging at those sensuous lips, I gather he has had much the same thoughts. Why delay our pleasure any longer? My right hand shifts to encompass the base of his pulsing shaft, squeezing ever so gently.

I drop one sweet kiss on the head of his cock, and then run my tongue from base to shaft, along the underside, tasting and teasing. I gently let the back of my fingernails trace lower, a tickling sensation rippling over his balls.

My eyes still on his face, I once again lower my head, this time taking him within my soft lips. As his head slips slowly between my lips, he cannot help but throw his head back slightly and groan-growl.

My fingernails over his now firm and retracted sacs set off the animal inside him, and every time he looks down to see me slide slowly up and down his length, the feelings are magnified. The sight of me experiencing the utmost pleasure in this act, bling empire new york izle knowing that I am enjoying giving him pleasure is incredibly powerful.

Every slow lick of my tongue causes him to thicken more. I can feel the throbbing beat of his accelerated heart through his cock. He places his hands against my cheeks so that he may feel the movements of his erection inside my mouth.

I am teasing him with my lips. I think we both know that this will not begin and end in my mouth. But neither of us is ready to end this just now. He tells me in his harshest, raspiest voice just how good my mouth feels around him.

“Soon little one, soon I’m going to place you on my desk and spread your legs. Then I’m going to lick you so close to orgasm that when my cock first enters you, you will buck and wriggle like the horny wee darling you are.

I can smell you. Soon I’m going to taste you. God, you make it very hard to keep my mind on anything but the now. The way your mouth makes me feel…”

His hot words heighten my excitement, and so do the fingers of my left hand as they gently explore the pooling moisture that indicates just how ready I am for the scenario he describes.

With his hands bracing my face, I continue my onslaught, my tongue and lips driving him to the limit. Sliding my index finger deeper into my cunt, I feel the fire, the intense heat of me. Now coated with my juices, I raise my finger to his mouth as I give that cock one last suck, and then let it fall from my mouth.

He takes my wrist in both of his hands, pulling me up, the finger I am proffering now within reach. His thumbs massaging the tender skin of my palm, he takes my honey-covered digit into his mouth, sucking so firmly. As I am pulled further in, I can feel my inner muscles clench as if it is they that are pulling him deep inside me.

My right armed raised, my hand grips his shoulder, steadying my quivering body, and I am alive with passion. My eyelids drift shut once again, and I am sure the room is moving about me.

“Delicious, but not quite what I had in mind,” he whispers, his voice dripping desire. He guides me, turning us until is able to take my place in the office chair. He pulls me closer.

With me now nestled naked on his desk, his hands run up the length of my legs. The veiled muscularity, the smoothness of my skin, it welcomes his touch. Almost involuntarily, my legs part to unveil my wet slit. Looking up at me, he takes my hands, placing them on his freshly shaved head so that I may feel his movements under me.

His breath blowing on my sensitive skin, he utters “I want to devour you right here, and leave a pool of your juices on my paperwork to remind me of this every time I work.”

His teeth rasp over the muscles of my inner thighs, enjoying my musky scent. Slowly, very slowly his kisses come closer. His eyes fastened on mine, his mouth already knows its way around me. He takes one of my swollen lips in his mouth and suckles strongly.

Pressing his tongue tip into me, he continues his marvellous oral massage. My hands grip him tighter, as the pleasure travels through me. The thrilling mind I hold in my hands is steadily working our bodies into a rampant frenzy. Such a clever man.

Using two fingers, he parts my sweet lips. A tiny dribble of juice runs down the cleft and makes its way towards my ass. He catches it quickly, the taste of me not to be wasted.

My clit hood is revealed, with the small nub poking out. He closes his mouth around it, hands still splayed across my thighs. His eyes let me know just how much he wants me. As he sucks my clit within his mouth, teasing me with tongue, teeth and lips, I am in heaven. My hands pull his head closer to me, my thighs push at the hands that hold me open, my body a trembling mass of pleasure.

I am so close bollywed izle to coming, the swirling roughness of his tongue driving me over the edge. As amazing as he is making me feel, I don’t want to come without him inside me, and I tell him so, perhaps a little incoherently as I struggle to control my breathing, my gasps and moans.

His head still within my hands, I seek to pull him up, to bring that magical mouth to my breast, and him between my thighs. As his lips close over a nipple, my thighs wrap around his waist, pulling me close. A sigh escapes my mouth.

“Little one,” he growls, “Let’s make a real mess of my desk. I want our juices to seep from you all over it.”

As my arms wrap around his neck, he drags his mouth slowly up the expanse of my body, tasting the sweat that glistens on my skin. Every moment we drag this moment out is painful. He suckles on my nipples slowly, gently biting as he arranges himself between my legs. The hefty thick head of him, already moist with pre-come and saliva, now gets another liquid added to it. Mine.

He slowly, slowly moves on top of me, his hardness gently slipping inside. “I can feel your muscles working at me, the tightness pushing my foreskin back as I enter you”.

His words inflame me. His lips open against mine. Our tongues feeding each other our own tastes. He can taste his cock on my tongue. I can taste myself on his. I draw his tongue further into my mouth, celebrating in the taste of my own desire.

As I do so, he moves deeper within me. Knowing how much I love to experience my own sweet taste upon his tongue, he shows me how much that excites him, by giving me every inch of what I want.

My head falls back as I feel him surge within me. My body embraces his cock as he fills me so completely, so perfectly. My muscles clench around him as he slowly, ever so slowly withdraws, only to thrust deeply again. My hips grind hard against his body, in that circular motion that stimulates me so well, pleasure surging through me in endless streams.

I am shuddering, my orgasm drawing closer with every powerful thrust.

“Oh yes! Yes. Oh. Fuck me! Please let me come.”

He knows not to deny me, and grips me tight in his strong hands. His hands slide under my shoulders, forming hooks with which to pull me down harder and deeper onto him. His fingertips dig into my flesh.

“I will be deeper inside you than any man has ever been, little one.”

Deeper, harder, faster he drives into me, teeth at my neck, his breath hot and heavy.

My finger nails dig into the solid flesh of his shoulders as I reach my peak. His name bursts from my lips as my body quakes, and my muscles twitch, splinters of pleasure shooting through me. Over and over. My fingernails scraping down his back would ordinarily give him much pain, but so close to orgasm he feels only the rasp as I scratch him. It fuels him even more. Nothing can hurt him at this moment.

Even in the midst of my own satisfaction, I feel him swell within my feverish body. The rush of my own orgasm increases the wetness within me. My clenching gripping muscles force him closer, ever closer to filling me full of his come. Pulling me down with his arms, he thrusts hard up into me, the forces of both actions meeting inside me. My spine bends just a little with the increased power, and he knows exactly how much I can take of that.

Lifting my legs up onto his shoulders, as my pleasure builds again, he drives his cock deep within me. The spasms begin inside him. His balls twitch, fingers grip, and he shunts his strong shaft into my core. Feeling that tell-tale pressure, he lifts his mouth from my shoulder and looks at me, right in my lust-filled eyes.

As soon as our eyes meet, and I am gripped by yet another orgasm, this more luxurious than the last, he explodes powerfully, gripping me to him so tightly that nothing could separate us. His arms bind me like steel, the same arms that hold me now the ones that would fight anyone who would hurt me. I am safe here.

We hold each other tightly, my breasts crushed to his chest as our breathing slowly quiets in the aftermath of something so strong that neither of us will ever fight it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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