Devil’s game

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“Wow, you actually did it?” Matt, my best and childhood friend asked me amazed.

I nodded, swallowing the guilt from my throat, I hated lying to him but it was better for the both of us “whole four hours my dad booked”

“Impressive” Matt said taking a swig of his Redbull.

I honestly wanted him to devour my lips as much as he slammed back those god awful adrenaline suckers, he drank so many of them he needed to drink at least two if he actually wanted to stay awake more than two hours, but like always I didn’t say anything I thought besides the fact that they were extremely unhealthy for him, sure they tasted good but ending up in the hospital wasn’t worth it to me.

“She was surprisingly soft..” I mumbled to try to make what I was saying more realistic.

What were we talking about? Well, my lovely father decided that last night since it was my birthday and my hormones were starting to rage to get me an… escort, which wasn’t legal by any means and was doubly illegal since it wasn’t my eighteenth, I still had two years for that, however, I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself in front of an older woman who was clearly tired and had a long night ahead of her after me by letting us sit there pretending I was ever going to get aroused.

Instead, I just said I wasn’t interested and offered her to just hang out and chill as it was a cold night, we ordered pizza, cheesecake slices and just talked about life, how she got into the position she was in, I even laid on her for a moment because I had started getting upset that was how my birthday was going, my dad once again forcing me to do things I didn’t like because he was adamant I wasn’t ever allowed to turn into a fag, even after I turned eighteen and moved out he’d hunt me.

It was kind of too late for that as I’d always known I liked men since before I was even old enough to attend school but I quickly learned to hide that fact not just from him but from everyone, I even hid it from myself for a very long time until I couldn’t take it and broke down.

I still did “straight” things to get him to calm and hop off my ass but otherwise, I acted “grey”, no one could tell if I liked guys, girls, or ascended nonbinary individuals, most just assumed I wasn’t interested in dating yet or was just too shy to ask a girl out and left it at that.

When the four hours were close to up the lady helped me get messy and throw away some extra condom wrappers into the bin to at least half-ass make it look like we did anything, I managed to go just a step further before my father got to the room but that was all I could do, thankfully he just glanced over and didn’t think too much about it after she left.

“Well there’s a party Brent is throwing this weekend, maybe you could flex your new lady skills?” Matt asked, obviously joking.

“I don’t know dude, I’m not really actively searching right now if it makes sense”

“Yeah I get it” he ruffled my hair and I had to stop myself from blushing and giggling like an idiot as butterflies rushed through my stomach “you’re such a nerd Will, always focusing on your studies”

“Got to be able to make a stable income before you think about making a stable family” I shrugged, I didn’t mean it in a sexist way, I just wanted to be able to support myself before adding another person to the mix.

“I guess that’s right” he stated, taking another gulp of the sugary liquid in the can he was holding.

I wondered if my lips tasted like it he’d kiss me, I bit my tongue and shook the thought out of my head as I knew I’d get carried away if I was careless, he couldn’t know that I liked guys, specifically him.

“But still, if not to pick up girls do you wanna come?” Matt dislodged me from my fantasy.

“S-sure, I’ll drive I guess” I looked away from him.

“But you don’t have your license”

“Matt I drive safer than you when you’re sober”

“Damn, you got a point though” He chuckled.

After that Matt handed me his switch to play on while he texted his sister and a couple of other friends, I managed to beat whatever he was stuck on in breath of the wild and push him up farther in the story before he leaned close to me to see what was going on, it was hard not to get immediately aroused at the smell of his cologne but I bit my tongue avoiding looking up at him.

As if God was testing my willpower he moved closer, pressing against me and sliding his arm under both of mine most likely to keep from blocking my sight but if he were to curl it even slightly he’d be holding me by the waist which I honestly wanted so bad for him to do that so we could make out and cuddle.

He put his chin on my shoulder as he kept watching me doing whatever he was doing that made him reach over until he finally moved away and I could breathe again without having to restrain myself, I looked over to see what he was doing and he was just putting his stupid can of redbull down I looked at him frowning “wouldn’t it have made more sense to put it on the floor?”

“Maybe” He shrugged, taking his switch back right as I was about to die and killed the monster that was attacking me “but I like my way better”

I wasn’t going to argue with him especially since the reason I didn’t want him doing that wasn’t very straight sounding, it wasn’t like he blocked my sight or pushed me or anything I was just trying to keep my heart from making me snap and attack him with kisses.

I really needed to find a way to calm myself after he leaves, for now I just watched him play on his switch trying not to be too close but also close enough to see the screen, he looked at me from the corner of his eye and leaned over to me so I could comfortably see but that meant I was ambushed with his sent once more and that was bad, for both my heart and my raging hormones.

Soon his phone vibrated and he paused the game before picking it up “What?”

I stared up at him from my lashes as he frowned and gripped the consol before sighing “Alright I’ll be right there”

“What was that about?” I asked, curious and sad he had to leave.

“My sister, don’t worry about it” he ruffled my hair and I had to stare hard at the floor to keep from blushing “I’ll see you later?”

“Y-yeah” I nodded as he stood up, putting his switch into his bag and picking up his redbull.

I watched as he left my room then let out a small sigh, finally my emotions could stop raging but I saw feet standing in my doorway and I slowly looked up to see my father standing there, one hand on the doorway the other just hanging there, I quietly swallowed wondering why he was standing there “yeah?”

“Just wondering what you two were doing” he simply said.

My dad was always skeptical of Matt, thinking he’d turn me gay because he wasn’t afraid to touch and make suggestive jokes, he never meant it in a gay way though I know for a fact Matt would never have feelings for another dude, he experimented with an ex-friend once and he didn’t like it saying it felt too… jarring is the simple way he put it.

I however never experimented mostly because I already knew what I liked so the suspicion should be the other way around but if my dad even thought I was even bi I’d be smothered in my sleep so I was almost glad he focused on Matt, “we were just talking about last night, he invited me to a party this weekend”

My dad’s gaze was enough to put a pit in my stomach, I hated when he was thinking because he’d take forever to answer me, I honestly never felt safe around him but when he was silent was when I felt completely stripped of my safety as he could just wordlessly choke me at any time, and he has gotten close to doing so before, when I was younger and didn’t realize him promising to kill me wasn’t just an empty threat.

“Alright, you can have the car”

“Th-thanks” I stuttered.

He stood there for a moment before finally turning away and walking off to the kitchen probably, in that moment I felt like I should at least consider kissing a girl to see if I like it but seeing as I cried in summer camp as a child because I was dared to kiss the popular girl I doubt it’d go well and I’d be outing myself in the process.

Once I heard him chopping something on the wooden cutting board I silently opened my window and slipped out, climbing down the fence my mom had placed next to it to grow grapes before she passed away, now it was occasionally covered in poison oak but Ankara escort was mostly empty throughout the year.

Once I was fully down I walked off, knowing I didn’t have my phone but I wasn’t going to take my chance immediately climbing back up to grab it, I at least had my wallet and that was enough for me in case of an emergency.

I walked to the corner store first just to grab some water and a drink then I just wandered around, finding small family-owned businesses and hole in the wall shops that seemed happy to finally have a customer, I didn’t buy much since I had to climb the fence again to get back into my room and it’d be nice to do it in one trip.

I walked downtown with a small pastry in my hand I was nibbling on from a new bakery I had no idea existed until I took an alley that differed from my usual one, I looked in my wallet seeing I didn’t have much cash left meaning it was time to head back home before dark.

As I turned around I stared at a shop that always caught my attention, it was an adult shop so I couldn’t go in since I honestly didn’t look much older than a tallish twelve-year-old but I was still curious to see what was in there, I wasn’t big on porn but I did have some interest on the toys I could buy once I was old enough.

Every time I would look through the window of the shop the cashier, a college male covered in piercings and tattoos with a pink fohawk who was always wearing some kind of band shirt always caught me staring, when I’d look at him he’d give me a knowing smirk that made me blush furiously.

I turned around and started quickly walking from the narrow street, I pulled up my gps and set it to give me the direction home, although I had it memorized by now I didn’t really trust myself not to get distracted and lose track and I had to be home before dark or my dad was going to kill me, after a long walk that made me almost too tired to climb I took a break to just breathe, seeing that the sun was about to start setting I pulled the last of my energy into hefting myself and the still way too many bags up the fence and into my room.

I shoved the bags under my bed and covered them with my blanket, one of the reasons I bought one that was one size up from my actual bed, once I felt like they were safely hidden I crawled into my bed pulling the blanket over me, doing that thing where I gripped a handful of the duvet in my hand and held my fist over my mouth as I checked my text messages.

Most of them were from Matt, talking about the party but also asking why I wasn’t answering, others were from a groupchat where everyone was just spamming memes, I answered Matt using the excuse I was helping my dad with cooking then set my phone onto my nightstand rolling over in my bed and passing out.

The rest of the week passed by uneventful, my dad even went out one night giving me enough to properly relieve some built-up stress without fear he was going to barge in but that was all the excitement I got.

Come the day of the party and Matt already came prepared, shoving two cases of beer in the backseat before sitting in the passenger, he looked too sexy with his hair extra fluffy from that intentional bedhead look, he wore his varsity jacket over a light blue t-shirt that clung to his muscles, his blueish white jeans ripped at the thighs and knees, it was like he was tempting me on purpose but I knew it was just what he liked wearing to events like this, meanwhile I was wearing a band shirt that fit loosely on me under a pale yellow and blue flannel and dark jeans that didn’t hug a single inch of me, using a belt to keep them above my hips.

“Somehow you still look good even though you’re drowning in your clothes” Matt teased.

I just shrugged, not wanting to tell him I didn’t want to raise suspicion from my dad from wearing something tighter as that’d be weird, I just started the car up and drove over to Brent’s house, when we got there it was obvious the party had started earlier than we thought.

Matt hopped out the car to grab the beer while I took in deep breaths mentally preparing myself, Matt was definitely going to chat it up with a few girls and I knew I had to keep my heart from ripping itself in half, it was hard but eventually I just accepted that reality and got out the car seeing that he was already in the house.

I locked the car putting the keys into my pocket and walked into the house, the music was loud but not too extreme, some people had cups in their hands others bottles, and the rest were staying sober, gathering in the dining room that had been emptied of the giant table and it’s chairs with a bunch of people sitting on the floor just chatting,

I walked into the garage and saw a bunch of seniors sitting on lawn chairs smoking something, I knew it wasn’t cigarettes because the smell would have been familiar, I got curious and looked back seeing Matt was already flirting with one of the cheerleaders making my chest hurt so I quickly turned around and headed into the garage.

“Hey there cutie,” Jason said, one of the more well-liked seniors.

I had to stop myself from blushing as I knew he wasn’t joking, everyone knew he was very bi and had a full taste of both teams, if I was being honest I did have a crush on him for a long time when I was still denying my feelings for Matt and every time I looked at him I felt a hint of those feelings come back.


“We aren’t gonna bite” He smirked, patting his lap “come sit”

“A-aren’t there any other chairs?”

“Fresh out,” He said smirking more.

“If you don’t wanna sit on that pervert I’ve been told my arms are quite comforting” another senior, Nate stated holding open his arms.

Nate was… questionable, no one knew where he stood as he’s made comments on wanting a few men to sit on his face while also kissing girl’s hands but he played all of that off as a joke, he’s even dabbled in teasing a few genderless people but that’s all he was, a tease that no one knew when he was making serious offers and when his “jokes” were actually jokes.

I’d prefer he not comment on my ass which was quite big when I sat on him so I went to Jason and sat on his lap, feeling my heart start to beat faster as my senses were overwhelmed with the scent of whatever they were smoking and his natural scent, it was just as much as a turn on as Matt’s, although his was less quick in its effect in Matt’s as I’d stopped pinning after him for a while now.

“What’s that?” I pointed to the sort of cigar-shaped thing in his hand.

“You don’t know?” He looked at me with a teasing look and I couldn’t help but blush at my lack of knowledge, I just shook my head “here”

He placed it between his lips and sucked in a deep breath, removing it before blowing the smoke into my face slowly hie lips so close to mine if I moved they would have touched, I inhaled the smoke and refrained from coughing as he leaned back “know now?”

I pressed my lips in a thin line thinking but still couldn’t recognize it so I shook my head “what is it?”

“Baby” He held up the thing to my lips, his long thick fingers brushing against them as I took it into my mouth and sucked, the smoke burning worse but I somehow managed to keep from coughing as I blew it out in puffs “it’s a blunt”

That’s when I coughed “Y-you just gave me weed?!”

“Are you allergic?” he asked, still calm but there was a hit of worry in his voice.

“N-no, at least I don’t think so,” I thought, staring at the blunt as it was secured between his lips “b-but I’ve never been high before, you could have warned me”

“I thought you’d at least know what it was” he wrapped an arm around my back.

He was really not making it easy to think right now and I had a feeling he was doing that on purpose and if this was back when I liked him I’d jump on the train without second thought but right now… I wasn’t sure, “I’ haven’t really been around people who smoke…”

“That’s my bad then” he rubbed my side.

I knew he was trying to get to me now, as I felt something on my thigh when I could see his wallet in his other pocket that wasn’t near my legs, I felt my cheeks heat up at that realization but for some reason, I didn’t get off, mostly because his leg was more comfortable than concrete, “can I… have another hit?”

“Have a blast” he handed me the rest of the blunt, which was halfway gone already so it wasn’t like it could be that bad… Ankara escort bayan right?

“Aye J, you sure you wanna give that to him? It’s some strong shit” one of Jason’s friends warned.

“He’ll be fine” Jason waved it off as I took a hit.

I coughed and leaned on him, starting to feel the effects already as it wasn’t like I was taking small puffs, I let the smoke come out my mouth and nose as I continued to use the blunt and it wasn’t long until I was past the point of buzzed and now completely high, it was kind of weird, it wasn’t an out of body experience like portrayed in movies but it did make me feel different, mostly really happy.

“Jason” I spoke, looking up at him.

“Your eyes are red as hell” He chuckled.

“I feel… calm” I stated still looking at him.

“That’s good, I thought you might have an anxiety attack”

“You can get, anxiiiiiety?” I asked.

“Certain people yeah” he put his hand on my head which made me smile and giggle.

“Yo he baked as fuck” Nate laughed.

“I feel really fuzzy” I hummed, putting my hand on Jason’s chest “is this how you feel?”

“Something like that” he answered.

“Mmmm I want snuggles” I whined leaning into him more and resting my head on his chest, curling up in his lap.

Everyone laughed and continued talking about whatever they were before I came in, I closed my eyes loosely gripping Jason’d shirt in my fist as I took another hit from the blunt slowly blowing out the smoke, while I was laying there I started considering more and more just letting Jason fuck me, just get the tension out of the way and satisfy the both of us, I knew Jason could handle a secret as I’ve told him some of my lighter ones before so he’d be the lowest possibility of outing me.

That was until Matt walked in.


I opened my eyes and saw him standing in the doorway, his hair messy and his lips kiss swollen letting me know he’d already succeeded in getting his tongue down someone’s throat, it didn’t bother me as much as it would have had I been sober but now, I just thought he looked fucking hot.

“Mattyyyyyy” I called out, stumbling off Jason’s lap to go over to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked concerned, I never called him Matty.

“I feel happy and fuzzy” I giggled.

“You didn’t drink anything did you?” he got more concerned.

“Nope,” I said, popping the p and wrapping my arms around his neck, having to stand on my toes to do so, and even then my face still lined up perfectly with his chest “I got a blunt”

“You what” Matt did a double-take.

“Hmmm, it looks like you were busy” I ignored his previous comment and looked at his lips.

“Don’t change the subject” he huffed making my eyes snap up to his again “you got high?”

“Yyyep” I said, once again popping the p.

“Who the-”

“Matty I’m jealous” I interrupted him, leaning more into his body making him stumble back “you always get girls”

“Will, not the time, we need to get you some food” he sighed, picking me up to which I responded with a ‘wee’ sound “I’ll tell your dad you got tired on the way here and took a nap”

“I don’t wanna nap” I pouted.

“Well you’re gonna have to as neither of us are sober and you need to return home with your car” he scolded.

I whined as we made it to the kitchen and he opened Brent’s fridge, “hey hey hey bro whatcha doin?”

We both looked up to see the man himself, Brent was a junior but he could pass off as a college sophomore, dark green eyes, short blond hair, and a personality that was hard no to love it was easy to see why he dominated the school instead of someone older, I’ve also had a small crush on him.

“Breeeent” I said holding my arms out making me tip and Matt almost drop me “hai”

“What’s up with Will?” Brent asked completely ignoring me.

“Someone gave him a blunt and now he’s high off his ass” Matt sighed.

I squirmed out of Matt’s hold and took a hit from the blunt, coughing a bit before stumbling over to Brent and face planting into his chest, giggling “you’re so tall and strong”

“What are you doing in my fridge though?” he was still ignoring me.

“I heard eating makes people sleepy after they get high, I’m just putting him to bed”

“No nap!” I declared, Brent was around the same height as Matt so I had to stand on my toes to wrap my arm around him, keeping the other with the blunt down to my lips as I sucked in a breath and let the smoke come out like I was a dragon “Breeent notice meee”

“You are absolutely baked”


“Who even gave you that thing?” he asked furrowing his brows.

“Jason” I chirped then giggled “He got horny from me sitting on him, b-but I didn’t let him fuck me”

“Oookay yeah it’s time to put you to bed” Matt pulled me back while Brent laughed.

“I kinda like him like this, he’s more open”

“Don’t encourage this” Matt narrowed his eyes.

“Matty, would you get horny if I sat on your lap?” I looked up at him through my lashes “I have a big ass, just like a girl’s”

“We are not discussing that”

“I’m jooking, I know you don’t like mens” I giggled, wrapping my arms around him again “you only fuck women”

“Hey, take this pizza and just put him to sleep in my room” Brent chuckled, handing Matt a plate.

“Thanks man”

“No problem, however I am curious to see what would happen if we left him like that” Brent smirked and it made my knees almost buckle “next time though”

“Maybe, but I doubt it” Matt warned.

He picked me up again and I again said ‘wee’ before he started carrying me off “bye-bye Brent!”

“Bye Will”

Matt carried me up the stairs and into Brent’s room that thankfully wasn’t being occupied by horny teenagers, however I was extremely turned on by Matt’s pure strength and scent, it was hard not to squirm on him and just beg him to pin me to the bed.

Matt set me on the bed and put the plate of pizza in front of me “eat it and lay down please”

I nodded pouting and went to eat but I saw Matt leaving “where were you going?”

“Downstairs, why?”

“Stay” I huffed.

He stared at me for a moment before sighing and sitting on the bed next to me, I crawled into his lap curling up just like I did with Jason and happily munched on the pizza, Matt was shocked for a second as I barely touched him aside from a high five or fist bump and now I was using him as a seat then just shook his head lightly and wrapped an arm around me, I smiled wide as I ate when he did that, then paused and looked up at him “how do you get so many girls?”

“Huh?” he asked, confused from the sudden question.

“Whenever we come to parties like this it’s so easy for you to have someone under your arm” I looked at the pizza, which was still hot enough to scorch my tongue but I ignored it “I’m kinda jealous”

“I thought you weren’t looking for anyone?”

“I-I’m not” I lied, biting the pizza “but I’m used to seeing you make out with someone not even an hour after we arrive”

“When you put it like that I sound like a player…” he sighed.

“I know you’re not” I looked up at him, the bubbly part of my high starting to wear off as I started to just be calm “you’re just really sexy, isn’t that why it’s easy for you?”

“Are you sure you don’t have someone you like?” he asked again.

“You’re so hot Matty, all the girls can’t help but like you” I ignored the question, shifting in his lap so I was straddling him, putting the pizza down “you’re too hot”

“W-Will?” Matt stuttered as my face got closer to his.

“They must think about you a lot, and when you pick them they must be so delighted” I wrapped my arms around his neck loosely, letting my hands droop.

“Will you need a nap” Matt warned.

“It must feel so good when your thick cock is finally pounding into them, stirring up their guts, having them moan in your ear” I pressed our chests impossibly closer and leaned my lips over to his ear moaning into it, not as a joke but actual moans as I thought of him fucking me rough and deep “begging you to go harder”

“Okay it’s time for bed, you’re getting rowdy” Matt stammered but when he grabbed my sides I moaned again.

“You’re so hot Matty, I bet you fuck real good, is that why it’s easy for you? Because women know they’ll have a good time?” I continued


“Is it Matty?” Escort Ankara I looked up at him through my lashes again slightly pouting my lip.

“You’re not thinking clearly,” He said sternly, I ground my hips against his moaning into his ear and brushing my lips against his neck “A-are you?…”

“I’m so jealous Matty, you’re so fucking hot” I whined, still grinding on him.


“Hm?” I looked at him unable to read his expression.

“Who exactly are you jealous of?…” he asked cautiously.

“All those women, they get to have a good time with you and I’m left with nothing but the pain in my chest watching you with them” I whined “I love you Matty, you’re so hot and sweet I can’t help myself, it hurts watching you with those other people, but you only like women, boohoo”

I was stuck on whether to cry or to keep grinding on him, even if those weren’t the exact word I’d use if my head was clear it was still true that it hurt me watching him love everyone else, it made me feel unnoticed and sometimes small, I gripped his shirt as I stared at our bodies, realizing only now I was probably making him uncomfortable so I moved to get off him but the arm around me tightened and stopped me from doing so.

Matt’s hand touched under my chin and lifted my head up to look at him, tears I hadn’t noticed spilling over and running down my face, he seemed upset by that and leaned down to kiss me, as much as I loved the feeling of his soft lips finally on mine it felt wrong so I pushed him back “D-don’t…. Don’t give me hope”

“Will” He ran his hand through my hair tucking some behind my ear “I love you too”

I paused for a minute, waiting for him to say it was a joke, or that he was just comforting me, or he meant love in a brotherly fashion but he didn’t, he just stared into my eyes until I moved and kissed him again, moving our lips together, it started out soft but as I moved to get comfortable again my hardon rubbed with his I moaned again and Matt kissed me harder.

Everything was a blur, the pizza was moved, his jacket flew off, my pants were nearly ripped clean off, his were pulled down to mid-thigh, when we finally stopped kissing and I could take a deep breath I felt him latch onto one of my nipples while he was playing with my pucker, I moaned and squirmed making Matt look up at me, he moved only for a second to that the blunt I forgot I was still holing and put it in the ashtray on the nightstand.

He went back to what he was doing, swirling his tongue around my nipple before sucking on it once more, I whined and gripped his hair jolting slightly when he spread my hole with his fingers, still not putting any of them in just to tease me as he moved up to my neck grazing his teeth on my skin “looks like you were busy earlier”

My face went completely red as I knew what he was talking about, I didn’t think hours later I’d still be somewhat loose from fingering myself before I went to go pick him up from his house, “I-I got excited thinking about you….”

“You’re cute” he mumbled.

I didn’t get to respond and he propped himself up and opened the drawer in the nightstand, staring at it with a mixed expression before grabbing a bottle of lube and shutting it, I was curious as to why he made that face but bit my tongue as I watched him slick up his fingers before they disappeared from my view, pressing against my entrance, I shivered and moaned as he slowly pushed two in.

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, it just felt weird as I wasn’t used to someone else touching me there but I quickly got used to it as he curled his fingers right into my prostate, I moaned and pushed my ass back into his hand as he chuckled softly and started to thrust his fingers in and out, stretching me as he did so.

I gripped his biceps and locked eyes with him as I moaned and kept with the pace of his fingers, Matt leaned down and kissed me again firmly slipping another digit into me and stretching my insides out even more while I rocked back on his hand.

It felt like forever as he was stretching me out and teasing my sweetspot making me moan and whine squirming while grinding back onto his fingers, finally he pulled out of the kiss and sat up pulling his fingers out, I felt empty but my mouth watered as I looked at what was about to fill me while he dug into his pocket to pull out a condom, rolling it onto his hard cock before slicking it up and pressing it on my tight ring of muscle, “it’s going to hurt”

“Please” I whined, biting on my lower lip.

He growled in his throat lowly before slowly pushing in watching my face for any sign he needed to stop, it hurt like a bitch and I did tense up but I didn’t dare let him stop, wrapping my legs against his waist and pressing the heels of my feet into his asscheeks every time he slowed down, it took a while as he kept pausing to let me get used to his cock stretching my hole and filling me to the brim, I gripped his arms tightly digging my nails into his skin as his hips finally touched my ass and he was fully in me.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“Y-you’re so fucking big” I moaned as his face turned beet red.

“That’s not what I was expecting…” he mumbled, lifting a hand to brush my hair from my face “it doesn’t hurt too bad right?”

I shook my head, as I got used to it the pain went away and all I was left with was the desire to have him fuck me into the bed, I rolled my hips trying to get him to move but all he did was tense and groan, I frowned and pushed my ass against him to maybe make the message clearer but he still didn’t move, I whined in frustration “Mattyyy, just fuck me already”

Again his face turned beet red but he slowly started to move his hips back and forth into me, I moaned happily and slid my hands up to wrap my arms around his shoulders grinding back into his every thrust, he was gentle, not moving too rough but as time went on he picked up speed, rubbing against my prostate and making me moan louder.

I bit my lip to try and make myself quieter as I looked up at him through my lashes, seeing his expression filled with pleasure, his eyes half-closed, his mouth open as he let out soft grunts, a faint blush painting his cheeks, it was both extremely arousing and adorable at the same time watching him melt into the feeling as his cock rubbed my insides.

I whimpered, purposefully tightening around him and rolling my hips against his making him jolt in surprise and give a sharp thrust into me, my eyes rolled back while my teeth sunk into my lip and a rough moan vibrated in my throat, it felt so good even when Matt went back to the soft pace.

“M-Matt~” I moaned in a whiney tone before my breath hitched and I moaned louder.

My back arched off the bed while my lips were roughly covered by Matt’s and the bed creaked, he was thrusting harder into me making my body shake as I whimpered and moaned into his mouth, it still wasn’t back-breaking rough but my god did it feel good every time the head of his cock hit my sweetspot making me see stars.

I felt a knot form in my stomach as the need to cum grew, I tangled my fingers in Matt’s hair while gripping his shirt with my other hand keeping our lips firmly together while his hips started to stutter, letting me know he was getting close as well.

As we kissed we both let out pleasured grunts and moans into each other’s mouths, my body shook as the feeling in my stomach got stronger and I held Matt tighter, my hole clamping down on his cock as it throbbed in me making my insides quiver, my breathing turned into panting and strained moans while my cock leaked like a broken faucet.

My back arched off the bed once more my body tensing and I let out a cry of pleasure as ropes of cum shot out my cock and onto my chest, my vision turned white as my hole spasmed and tightened, I heard Matt grunt before feeling him fill up the condom seconds later, we both collapsed pulling away from the kiss to catch our breath.

“I’m so happy…” I mumbled.

Matt looked at me with a smile and kissed my cheek as he pulled out, taking off the condom and tying it before throwing it away in the trashcan by the bed “Why?”

I just giggled and pulled him back down so that I could lay on him, feeling tired I hummed and nuzzled my face into his chest “I’ll tell you tomorrow”

“Okay then” he chuckled and put his hand on my head.

I smiled and held him close as I slowly lost consciousness, thinking about how tomorrow would go and planned on asking him to be my boyfriend, it wasn’t like he thought I was straight anymore.


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