Dirty Panties

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My best friend, Zane, has been staying in my home for several weeks now. He’s a guy and I’m a girl, so people think we’re in a relationship. I wish. He’s hung and gorgeous. He doesn’t date women like me.

I’m not bad looking, but I don’t have a perfect figure, my tummy’s a little round. My breasts are still perky, though, as they should be for a woman of twenty-seven years. What disqualifies me from dating him is Attitude with a capital A. He likes confident women, women who know what they’re doing with their life. I’m prone to anxiety and I have no clue what I’m doing.

Zane just got fired from his job. He’s angry at his former boss and sometimes his lips go into thin lines as he thinks about her. He won’t tell me why he got fired, I can only guess.

I finish my Lady Grey tea and head down to the laundry room. Some sort of awareness slows my steps as I approach the open doorway. What I see makes my mouth drop open.

Zane is in the room, holding a pair of my dirty panties to his nose, inhaling deeply. His curls of auburn hair are as lovely as ever and the stubble on his jaw is rough, just how I like it.

“What are you doing?” I ask, my eyes wide as pancakes.

He lowers the panties, his eyes gleaming.

My cunt starts throbbing as I notice the bulge in his jeans. It’s larger than it usually is. Not that I keep track of how big his groin is. No, I wouldn’t do that.

“What are you doing with my panties?” I ask, outraged beyond my lust.

He holds them up. “Heather, you smell good.”

“That’s so creepy!”

Zane drops the panties into the clothes hamper and approaches me slowly. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what?” I ask, my gaze dipping to his groin.

“Pretend I’m not in love with you.”

The words don’t make sense to me. I turn them around in my mind for long seconds. In love with me?

Zane grasps my chin, guiding me to look up at him. “I shouldn’t have grabbed your panties, but I can’t take this. I love you. You don’t feel the same, but I had to tell you.”

“This isn’t a funny prank.” Anger flares in me. “What’d you do, read my journal?”

“Your journal?” he asks, searching my face. “You wrote about me in your journal?”

I’m uncertain now. “What do you mean you’re in love with me?”

“How could I not? You’re an incredible person. I got fired because of you.”

I blink. “What?”

“I stopped sleeping with my boss when I realized I was in love with you and she fired my ass. I should have kept sleeping with her, but-“

“Zane, that’s incredibly messed up! You don’t sleep with your boss! That’s corporate 101!”

He makes a dismissive wave of his hand. “She paid me more when I started sleeping ciplak izle with her. You wrote about me in your journal?”

“I’m crazy in love with you,” I say, his hand on my face burning me.

Zane gathers me up into his arms and says nothing, his embrace tight and comforting. “You really do smell good.”

“I must, you’re still hard,” I say, cunt throbbing.

“We’ve never kissed,” he murmurs.

This is beyond my wildest dreams. I tip my face up.

Zane cups my cheeks in his hands and gives me the most gentle kiss I’ve ever had.

“Again,” I say, my heart fluttering.

He gives me another kiss, and then more like he can’t help himself. His kisses turn from gentle to demanding. He drops a hand from my face to adjust his jeans and groans softly. “I’m sorry.”

I recall what Zane likes in women and fumble with his jean button.

He watches me with such a look of lust that I freeze.

“No, keep going.” Zane takes my face back in his hands and gives me more kisses, each one more ravenous than the last.

I succeed in getting his jeans open and his leaking cock springs out complete with manly veins. I lick my lips, unsure. “I don’t know if that will fit inside me.”

He chuckles. “It’ll fit. We just have to get you nice and wet.”

“How do you plan to do that?” I ask, putting a challenge to him.

Zane begins to unbutton my colorful blouse. “What gets you wet?”

I lower my eyes, embarrassed.

“No, look at me. What do you like to do during sex?”

I seek courage. “I like having my nipples sucked on.”

“I can do that.” Zane finishes with my blouse and stares at my breasts. He doesn’t look away for long moments, long enough for me to feel self-conscious.

“Are they… okay?”

“These are the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.” Zane picks up and sets me on the washing machine, then relieves me of my leggings. His eyes focus on my trimmed fur for a moment and I wonder with anticipation if he’s going to touch me there, but he chooses to dip his head and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth instead.

I moan and arch my back.

Zane teases my other nipple with his fingers, tweaking it gently.

“More,” I dare to demand.

“She wants more.” Zane looks up at me. “Do you like a little pain?”

I have no idea, but I nod.

He bites down on my nipple and I yelp, the pain an aphrodisiac. An eager noise falls from his mouth and he sucks harder in between bites to both nipples.

I shift and try to stick a finger in between my legs.

Zane catches my hand and kisses it. “Is it okay if I am the one to do that?”

I nod frantically.

He buries his commander fort izle face in between my legs, sucking and licking with bewildering skill. I’ve never had a man go down on me like this and certainly no man has ever started what he’s doing on my pucker of muscle. He’s rubbing back and forth with my clit in his mouth.

All I can do is moan. Tentatively, I wind my fingers through his hair and tug.

Zane groans with such passion that I nearly come right there.

He enters my cunt next, two fingers. He slides them inside me and crooks them against my g-spot.

I keen and tremble, pressure building in my belly. I’ve never had an orgasm with a man before, but maybe with this one I can. It sure feels like it.

“You taste so fucking good. I could do this all day,” says Zane.

“Don’t talk, I’m going to come.”

His eyes widen, then he reburies his face and eats me out like no other. His fingers are rubbing inside me, his tongue lashing over my clit as he sucks.

“More!” I beg, not sure what more he can do.

He inserts his pinkie into my tight ring of muscle.

The world fades out as my body seizes, pleasure overwhelming me. I say, “I’m going to come!”

Zane whimpers and bites my clit.

I scream and climax so violently it’s a miracle the walls don’t crumble.

“There.” Zane rises and kisses me with a glistening face.

I’ve never done this before, but I lick away my sweetness from him.

Zane seems to like that, he moans and strokes his flushed and angry looking cock. “I think you’re wet enough, do you want to try my cock now?”

“Yes,” I say at once.

A slow smile spreads across his face. He’s tall, tall enough to make love to me on the washer. He pulls me to the edge and eases into me by degrees, watching my face. “We doing okay, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I murmur and I wrap my legs around his waist, forcing him closer.

He thrusts into me as far as he can go and stays there for a moment, his face adrift with bliss. “You’re perfect.”

“Please move,” I gasp.

Zane obliges, slow passes of his cock.

“More!” I say, eager. “More, more, more, more!”

“She wants more?” Zane picks up the pace until he’s slamming in and out of me. His cock is curved and the tip is hitting my g-spot.

It’s unbearable. I’m wild, out of control. I’m chanting his name, pleading for more. I start kissing him and it’s slobbery, but so fucking hot. His tongue ends up in my mouth, absolutely ravishing it. I crave him, I’ve craved him since the moment we met.

My body’s on fire. There’s too much pleasure. I can’t possibly get through this in one piece. I’ve never felt this kind copenhagen cowboy izle of ecstasy. How is it possible?

The rhythm of Zane’s thrusts is shaking the washer and thudding into the wall. A bottle of stain cleaner falls and splits open, but I barely notice. My entire being is crying out with need.

All I can think is how on Earth I had possibly accepted less than this for sex my entire life? I know that I’ll never go back to mediocre again.

How can I even go back to regular men after Zane?

His face is tight with strain, maybe he’s holding back his orgasm?

“Come!” I say.

“Not until… You close?”

The pressure is tight inside me. My toes are curled. There is nothing I’d rather do than come. It’s a semi truck out of control barreling down a hill. I can only say, “Yes!”

Zane touches my clit and I scream once more.

He bites into my neck and stills inside me save for little jerks.

“I love you,” I say more than once.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” says Zane and he gives me kisses. He freezes. “I didn’t use a condom.”

I curse.

“But you have an IUD, right?” he asks, catching my nipple between his fingers and pinching softly.

This isn’t going to be a pleasant conversation. I think of how to phrase my words. Thinking is difficult right now, I’m so languid. “Zane, you fuck everyone. When was the last time you had an STD test?”

He frowns. “I’m clean.”

“When was the last time you had an STD test?” I repeat.

Zane’s eyes are hurt now. “You don’t trust me?”

I want to trust him, but I’m not a fool. “I need get tested.”

“I didn’t give you a disease,” he says, eyes insistent. “I promise. I always wear condoms, I just forgot once.”

“Has a condom ever ripped?”

Zane says nothing.

“I could have AIDS,” I mutter, the afterglow vanishing.

“You don’t have AIDS. I’m clean. We can get tested and prove it.”

“I probably have AIDS,” I say, starting to hyperventilate. Anxiety crashes on me like an avalanche, smothering all in its wake.

“You don’t have AIDS! Where’s the Xanax?”

I start to cry.

Zane curses and gathers me up in his arms. “It’s okay, Heather. I have you. We’ll go get tested. I swear I don’t have HIV or AIDS. I promise.”

“You do?” I ask, calming slightly because his comforting scent like sandalwood is in my nose.

He strokes my cheek. “Yes, sweetheart. I promise. I should have gotten tested more recently, but I’m sure I don’t have AIDS.”

“Okay,” I say, sniffing.

Zane picks me up like I’m little tiny. “Where’s the Xanax?”

“Don’t need it.”

A warm smile graces his face. “Let’s get dressed, then go to a clinic.”

“A date?” I ask.

Zane’s smile widens. “Yes, a date, sweetheart. I’ll buy you a frappuccino afterwards. With chocolate sprinkles.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a date.” I’m suddenly shy.

“I’ll take good care of you,” says Zane, giving me a kiss.

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