Disparity of Sex Ch. 01

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Fingers furtively flexing beneath the desk, fondling my vag while my man lays in bed sleeping. The thrill of doing something naughty so close to him, without him knowing, intensifies my lust. It takes a concentrated effort to hold back the moans and sighs I desperately long to release, to keep my hand from diving deeper into my nethers. The lust is driving me wild, but I won’t tell him I’m horny… not yet. I want this tease, this drawn out agony, I need it as much as I need to cum.

My clit is small, hard, and aching for more attention, passing my finger back and forth, side to side the wetness of my cunt is beginning to lubricate the inner folds of my snatch. I imagine that it drips – a thought that produces a myriad of other thoughts spring forth, each a bit more severe than the last.

A face between my thighs, a tongue pistoning into my hole seeking to catch it, my hands buried in a head of hair, gripping it forcibly, suffocating that precious face with my cunt. I envision a writhing body beneath me begging for air through ardent suckling of my clit — knowing my cum is all that will set him free. The thrashing of his legs, the way his hips buck as I take his cock in my hand, making it harder for him to concentrate on the necessary task setting on his face. Just when I think I can’t get more perverse, “he” becomes a “she” and instead of a cock, I find myself in a sweet sixty-nine with a woman just as needy as myself.

I can practically feel the soft wet folds giving way to my probing fingers, the way her vag will cling to them as I press them in and out of her hole, as if by magic I am transported beneath her and licking her the way I demanded of my “mystery man” not seconds before. I long to hear my lady friend command me to her oral service, grinding her mound on my mouth, moaning in sweet abandon.

Back in the room, in the reality where I am expressing nothing, my man is turning pages in his book. He has absolutely no clue how much I am torturing myself, and how his oblivion is aiding my cause. My fingers are slick with cunt juice and rubbing back and forth with a bit more haste. My clit falls between two fingers and I flick it side to side. I instinctively contract my pussy muscles in an attempt to keep the rising flow in, and I’m reminded of how empty my swollen cunt really is. I want cock, but not real cock, the cock in my brain that my mystery man is stroking over the sight of my lady friend riding my face.

My lady friend, grabs my bent knees and pulls them up, revealing the damn fissure of my cunt and he groans under his breath. In reality I am aware of his presence, since he is my construct, but what I enjoy most is watching the surprise “imagined me” is in for as he kneels between the spread thighs of my fantasy self.

The inner folds of my cunt are wet, and the cleave between them is visibly glistening — but they are not quite ready for a mans entrance. His cock is slick with precum though, and he’s determined to have his way. Positioned Arnavutköy escort at my hole he slams his rod into my fantasy self without warning. I buck and writhe at his intrusion, I can nearly feel the sand papery feel of his cock grinding past the dry outer shell, digging into the warm wet cavern of my sex. His thumb presses and passes over my clit, moaning audibly into my ladies cunt as he pummels me — she grinds her sex on my face.

In reality I want to scream “yes” and cum. I need the sweet release so badly I’m ready to pounce my unsuspecting lover in the same manner as my mystery man. I suddenly feel desperate to have his cock buried in my folds, the tease has gone on too long. I feel my breasts tingle with a need to be touched, licked, bit roughly and my cunt is aching.

My real lover doesn’t understand my sudden libido, but he welcomes the pounce which lands me on top of him. Pushing his book aside, I grind my cunt overtop of him and whisper “Take me” in his ear. He grabs my hips and grinds back, never one to pass up an opportunity. Our lips seek and find each other as he uses his strength to overpower me and put me under him. His hand slides beneath my skirt to find my cunt, now very slick with my natural lube. “You’re a naughty little slut, aren’t you”

I can only grin as his fingers pull out from beneath my panties and begin to rub me through them, dampening them straight through -he presses them into my hole, the first time anything has come close to penetrating me since I began. What was a hunger, has now turned into starving desperation. Finally with the permission to moan granted, the sounds that I’ve held back are set free.

“Please fuck me” I beg. “Please, please… use your naughty little slut.”

He looks at me smugly. I suddenly remember why it is I rely on fantasy for true pleasure, for release… it is the only way to get “my way”… now I am in his control, a thought that pisses me off and turns me on. I need his touch, and his filling cock, and I need them now. I succumb to blasphemy.

“Please god” I pray inwardly “make him fuck me now,” – all my real lover hears though, is “Please, please, please fuck me” – more and more desperately as he torments me, tapping my cunt through my panties, unzipping his cock ever so slowly, stroking it to the sounds of my desperate appeal. My cunt is spasming with need, and now my tongue…looking at the swollen cockhead I suddenly wish he were two men and I worry that my lust may have completely corrupted the possibility of obtaining satisfaction with just one man, right now.

Kneeling beside me, he grabs my hair and presses his cock to my lips. I open my mouth obediently and he begins to use my lips. His free hand reaches down and gropes my breasts through my shirt, displacing them from the bra. The thick scent of his rod slamming angrily into my throat causes me to gag and saliva to pool and ooze out the corners of my mouth, while his hand continues Avcılar escort bayan to paw at my breasts, ripping my shirt as he pulled each of my large girls out and over the collar. He proceeds to pull and pinch my nipples fiercely while fucking my skull, the fire in my nethers was never more in need of being fed.

In a minute he pulls out, his dick waving in my face, inches from my mouth, and asks “Do you want this cock, little slut?”

I nod. He slaps my face “I asked you a question, answer it!” he demands.

“Yes, please, I need your cock.”

He slaps me again. “That’s not what I asked is it. I said ‘Do you -want- this cock?”

My cunt twitches. “Yes, I want your cock. Please give it to me. Please, please feed my hungry twat”

It was humiliating to say, and my cheeks burned more from the sting of the words than the slap of his hand that followed.

“Whore” he spat. “Take off your underwear”

My skirt only flipped up, I shimmied the slinky soaked boyshorts off and felt, through still -technically- dressed from the waist up, entirely exposed.

With a sudden lurch, he grabs my knees spins my cunt infront of his glistening cock.. His hands grip my thighs like iron jaw and force my legs to spread for him, he pushes them back toward my head and positions his cock at my hole.

“Beg for it whore”

In spite of my need, I feel too vulnerable, I don’t want to beg, something in me wants desperately to refuse, to hold onto what very little independence I have as such a desperate little creature.

He presses down and my legs ache from the strained position. My cunt tingles as the cool air touches the wetness… reminding me that there’s still nothing inside or against it keeping me warm.


He releases one knee and slaps me hard on the face, and then again on thigh — knocking it down out of his way , so he can slap my tits twice as hard. Grabbing my nipple, he leans down in my face while he twists. With a cruel whisper he demands again, as my back arches and I elicit a pained moan “beg for my cock to go into that nasty slutty hole, beg me to use you like the whore you are.”

I am undone.

“Fuck me please, fuck me with that big cock, shove it in my nasty little snatch, hurt me with your cock, own me with it, fuck me, please, please, fill me with your dick, use me like the filthy little whore I am, Please!”

Grabbing my thigh again, he lurches forward and slams his cock into my cunt, I finally feel that sandpaper feel of a dick passing through the dry outer folds into the inner wet sanctum. I rise to meet his thrusts, never stopping my petitions for more cock, harder, deeper, never failing to remind him what a total slut I am. His cock is swelling, and I’m so close to climaxing I can feel myself teeter on the edge. “Don’t stop” I beg loudly, “please don’t stop”

My cunt is drenched, his cock is heavily coated, and the bed has a growing wet spot Escort Bağcılar from the flow that has been steadily sliding down my cunt and over my ass… details which are not lost on him. Before either of us can finish, he puts his arms beneath my knees, pulls his cock out and asks me again

“Do you want this cock?”

“Yes, yes I want your cock!”

|”How badly do you want this cock?” he questions pressing his dick teasingly against my vag.

“Really bad! I need it!”

|”What would you do for this cock to be in you?” he asks again, slowly pressing in and out of my cunt, but only an inch.


“Anything? Is that the kind of dirty little whore you are now? You’ll do -anything- to feel this cock buried in you?

“Yes!” I say with fervor inwardly praying that he’ll stop fucking with me and go back to pound my pussy like I need him to.

“Would you do this?”

I’m momentarily confused, I feel a strange sensation, a pressure…

“Oh god!” is all I can say. The feel of his cock pressing onto my wet anus is unique. As he pushes through the tight bud I moan, he taps his way in like a hammer.

“Rub your clit” he commands, and I obey. The waves of pleasure from my fingers relaxes me and I feel his cock start to slip into my crack with ease.

“That’s it, little whore, rub that clit, relax your slutty little ass for me”

My ass is beginning to feel quite full, my cunt feels still hungry. I rub my clit faster, and the slickness of my salivating cunt oozes down and coats his cock granting it easier, and easier entry to my tight ass.

His thrusts lengthen and I feel overburdened as he swells. I know if I cum, it will hurt to have him pound me, so I hold off. Tapping my clit I begin to pour out words of encouragement.

“Fuck my slutty little ass, pound me with that big cock, give me all your cum..” the more I speak the harder and faster he pounds. Soon I’m caught in a crescendo of cries, begging him to fill me with his sperm, to load me with his jizz, and he’s pistoning in and out of my asshole like it were a cunt. Each pull out and back in hurts a bit more as my fingers fly over my clit, causing me to tighten even more around him. His teeth find my neck and bite down as he growls, humping and pumping his cock in my ass as he releases his cum. I have one small orgasm via my clit. His cock shrinks, and pulls out of my ass-cunt, fully sated. He passes out.

I still feel a void in my cunt, and a fire. I feel used, unfinished, incomplete… and I like it that way. Knowing that I got him off fills me with naughty-girl satisfaction, the kind that leads to spending more time playing with myself, and my imaginary lovers. I think how great it is to live in a state of lust, where my experience in real life becomes a jumping off point for the next round of more perverted fantasies over the hours and days to come. I wonder why more men don’t try it. I ponder that maybe it’s because so few of us women are willing to let them go without, for fear of losing him.

Grabbing a large water bottle from the desk, I begin to fill my sloppy, needy, cunt — with my man, sleeping on the bed, his face only a few feet from the action. I begin to wonder if my real man might like a taste of what I put my mystery man through…

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