Do Dreams Come True?

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Standing on the balcony of a well renowned Venice hotel, I sip on my cappuccino and admire the beautiful scenery before me. Looking around I can see why they call this city the Queen of the Adriatie, it is certainly a sight to behold. I can’t believe I finally made it to the carnivalle. My costume was made and delivered by one of the many seamstresses of the city and is laid out on my bed ready for the night festivities. I look once more at the impressive vista and sigh, as much as the tranquillity of the moment is alluring beyond words I know I must start to get ready. I walk past the huge TV and into the bathroom.

About an hour later I emerge and walk over to the costume laid out on the bed. It consists of a simple evening gown of Royal blue silk with shoelace straps, and a pair of matching stilettos. I pick up the dress and step into it; the silk caresses my skin as I pull the straps up to my shoulders. The dressmaker was an artist indeed, I thought to myself as I picked up the feathered masquerade mask. I put it on and look into the full-length mirror.


A knock interrupts my thoughts and I walk to answer the door slipping on my shoes as I go. One of the young porters stands in the doorway with a yellow rose in his hand.

“ Good evening Signora, this has just arrived for you” he says as he passes me the flower.

“ Thankyou” I reply.

He walks off and I close the door. I reach down to untie the ribbon holding the card, curious as to whom sent it.

It reads – An angel has descended from heaven With unearthly grace she walks amongst us, The fresh bloom of a yellow rose Held in hands that could never crush. From Your Secret Admirer

I think of some of the men I have met on this trip and cringe, sending up a silent prayer that none of them are my secret admirer. Taking my purse in one hand and the rose in the other I walk out of the room and down the corridor to the lift. Once in the foyer I start to walk out, before I get far however the concierge stops me.

“ Good evening Signora, your gondola is ready and waiting for you.” He tells me as he beckons over one of the staff. He turns and starts talking to the footman in Italian.

“If you would like to follow Roberto he will show you the way.”

So saying this the concierge returns to his duties, leaving me baffled once more. I follow Roberto out to the waiting craft, he takes my hand and helps me in then turns and walks back into the hotel. I go to sit down and notice an envelope on the seat. Picking it up I notice that is has my name on it so I open it to find a card identical to the one on the rose.

It reads – Your gondolier has been payed to take you anywhere you wish. If you would like to meet me, have him take you to “St Mark’s Square“. Once there don’t worry I will find you. From your Secret Admirer.

“St Mark’s Square please.” I tell the gondolier.

“Sì signora ” he replies.

I sit and ponder how to tell my admirer that I am not interested in men. In next to no time we arrive, I thank the gondolier and step out into the sea of humanity. The busy crowded square şişli bayan escort looks like a living rainbow with the variety of colours and costumes. I roam around the piazza for hours enjoying the music, the food and the wine. I wonder when my secret admirer will grow the balls to come and talk to me or even if he can find me at all. Then when I start to think it all a part of a elaborate hoax I feel a pair of hands settle on my waist, my tummy flutters as his warm breath slowly moves up along my neck. His breasts feel wonderful pressed into my back, wait a minute I think, Breasts! Oh my god my secret admirer isn’t a man its a woman!!!!

“ I am so happy you came” she whispers, her breath on my ear is like a thousand caresses.

I turn around and our eyes connect, the world freezes. A pair of green/brown eyes sparkle beneath a red feathered mask. Her lips soft and pouty, look so tempting. My eyes travel further down, her skin has a smooth coffee tan. Her body is the perfect figure, nice long legs, perfect sized breasts. She laughs at my obvious appraisal. All embarrassed I look down at my feet, my face turning a similar shade of red to her dress. Her finger crooks under my chin and she brings my gaze back up to meet hers. With her arm around my waist and her other hand slowly moving to caress my neck she pulls me forward. My breath catches in my throat as her lips descend to mine. Their pillowy silky softness sears into my very soul, fire washes through my veins. Then when I think my world is about to explode she breaks the kiss. My breath comes rushing back again in a gasp of passion. Her lips curve up slightly in a cheeky smile. My eyes belong to her alone, the beautiful festivities around me becoming oblivious. The deafening roar of the crowds becoming like whispers when her melted velvet voice reaches my ears.

“ I have never done this before” I believe her “But as soon as I saw you the other day in the hotel foyer I knew that I had to have you. I wasn’t sure how to approach you so I followed you around the city for a while. It was while I was thinking of the perfect way to gain your attention that you stopped at the flower stall, to smell the yellow roses. As soon as I saw that I knew this was the best way.”

I stood there captivated by her voice. Unable to speak, unable to move.

“ It nearly killed me having to wait these last three days to talk to you. My preparations for this night however have kept me occupied.”

She finishes talking and looks at me. Finally I realise she is waiting for me to talk. My mouth grasps at the first thing that comes to mind.

“ I thought you would turn out to be a man.”

Instantly I realise this is the wrong thing to say. Her lips curve down slightly and the sparkle vanishes from her eyes and is replaced by a look of loss. The pain in my heart at causing her such hurt echoes that look. Her arms hang limply by her side. A single tear rolls down her cheek. I reach up and brush the tear away.

“ But I am so glad I was wrong.” I say timidly.

Her eyes meet mine again and seem to search my very soul.

“ Are you şişli escort sure?” she asks me.

To answer her I reach up and cup her face in my hands. Then I gently pull her head back down to mine. Our lips part and our tongues meet as the kiss becomes more passionate. Her arms enfold me in her tender embrace and the world around us seems to disappear. We stop to catch our breaths and I notice a fair portion of the crowd around us have stopped to watch our display of affection. All embarrassed I bury my face in her shoulder, she just laughs and holds me closer.

“ I know this may be moving a bit fast, but would you like to come back to the hotel with me?” she asks.

“ Yes” is all I manage to whisper.

My secret admirer guides me through the crowds to the water front and we step into one of the many waiting gondolas. She speaks to the gondolier in Italian and he pushes off slowly taking us back to the hotel. His beautiful baritone voice serenades us as we glide along the canal. The moon reflects on the rippled water like a thousand little fish. With her arms around me I nestle in contentedly.

“ Do you know I just realised, you obviously know my name but I don’t know yours?” I subtly hint.

“Angie” she replies.

Before I can ask her last name we arrive at the hotel. She pays the man and hand in hand we walk up the stairs and into the foyer. We step into the lift and she puts a key in one of the keyhole and then reaches up to press the 3rd button from the top. Our ascent seems to take a lifetime but once the elevator stops the doors open to reveal not a corridor but a pent house sweet. I am so busy taking it all in that I don’t notice her taking off the mask she is wearing. I look back over to her and for the second time that night I am shocked. I slap myself hard, knocking my mask to the ground, to see if I will wake up. She reaches up and caresses the handprint on my cheek.

“Is I… Is I…. Is it really you?” I stammer.

“Yes it is really me” She says smiling.

“ Oh my god! all those dreams and fantasies don’t even compare to the real thing.” I say to myself.

I gasp as I realise I have said that aloud rather then thought it. She laughs at my blush and steps closer to me. Our bodies press together as she holds me. As I am only 5’5 I am forced to look up into her eyes. Leaning down she kisses my cheek, then the corners of my mouth. Teasing me she hovers her lips over mine. So I stand on my toes forcing our lips to meet. Her tongue skilfully explores the recesses of my mouth. Her hands move up my back to the bare skin of my shoulders. Her fingers hook under the straps of my dress. I shiver in anticipation as I wait for her next move. Her tongue continues to assault my senses, then her fingers slowly pull the straps from my shoulders. The dress shimmers down my body to pool at my feet. My black strapless bra and g string feel transparent as her eyes ravish my body.

“Very nice,” Angelina murmurs to herself as her eyes continue to take in every curve.

With one fluid movement, she has her dress unzipped and onto the floor. Underneath is mecidiyeköy escort a red thong. Her dark nipples are erect and draw my attention almost immediately. I reach out and let my finger brush lightly against it. Her eyes close and she shivers. I slowly trace her breasts and then her nipple, it puckers more. I lean down and do the same with my tongue, before I capture the hard bud in my mouth. I hear her moan of pleasure and I grin. I feast on her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples, varying between the two. Her fingers weave through my hair, holding my mouth in place.

I gently nip at her nipples and her knees give way. I try to catch her but the next thing I know, I am lying flat on my back with her on top of me. In a concerned voice, I ask “Are you okay.”

“I think so,” she says, her voice a mere whisper. “Someone has never affected me like that before. Perhaps we should move to the bedroom.”

She takes my hand and leads me through the big double doors. A large circular bed takes pride of place in the room. A net canopy hangs from the ceiling above. We walk over shedding the remainder of our clothes as we go. Angelina pulls the sheer material aside and together we slide on the bed. Face to face, we lay there for what seems like an eternity. Our hands touching, caressing, exploring. This silence occasionally broken by a soft moan. Then she pushes me onto my back. Kneeling on all fours, she kisses me. Then she slowly makes her way down my body, her hot breath caressing my skin. Her lips trail kisses down my neck as she moves lower. Her tongue slowly flickers at my breasts and nipples, each time it touches, lightning jolts my senses. My heart starts racing and my breath catches in my chest and she starts to move lower still.

My tummy starts to quiver as her tongue leaves a wet trail across it. Bypassing my throbbing pussy, she slowly kisses down my thigh to my knee. Her tongue darts out and flickers at the sensitive skin behind my knee. I moan as she continues to torment me. Then leaving a trail of butterfly kisses, Angelina makes her way up my inner thigh, towards the core of my frustrations. I can feel the heat of her breath getting closer and closer. Gently she spreads my legs a little, exposing my lips to the cool night air. Her long lustrous hair tickles my inner thighs as she leans down. Her tongue dips straight into my core, then slowly out and up along my lips. She glides it over the hood of my clit, teasing, tempting, tantalizing. My jewel pulsates under her tongue’s ministrations.

She circles it at first. I can feel a tremendous energy slowly starting to build between my legs. Angelina becomes bolder, licking a little harder, a little faster. Moving down to lap at my juices then back up to torment my nub once more. Just when I start to think the pleasure could get no better, she bites gently down on my clit. I explode, my hips convulsing, my breath searing my lungs. Almost painfully, disturbingly enjoyable. She holds my hips down on the bed and continues her onslaught. Her pouty lips wrapping around my clit as she sucks on it. Orgasm after orgasm wracks my body. The pleasure so amazing, so intense, knocks me unconscious. Later covered in a fine layer of sweat, i sit up and realise, that I am still in my danky little room, in my danky little house in australia. God damn i hate it when that happens!!

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