Dormitory Life

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For Women

It all started during winter semester of my freshman year. Up until then I suppose I was pretty much like any other American kid. I’d tried to get laid all through high school, finally succeeding the summer after graduation. It

wasn’t one of the cheerleaders as I’d always fantasized, but one of the ‘nerd girls’ most of us always had ridiculed. She didn’t have much in the way of breasts, but she was willing after we had dated a few times. She was just as eager as I had been to lose the title of ‘virgin’.

Anyway, I left in August for college, about a hundred miles from home. I knew a couple of other guys from my high school were there, but they had been a couple years ahead of me. In effect, I was alone. My roommate and I got along okay. He was taller than me, but I was stockier. Jerry was from a town on the opposite side of the state from my home. He wanted to major in Psychology, while my choice was History.

We double dated a couple of times with girls from our ‘sister’ dormitory across the quad. Of course, we both also dated separately. I hadn’t gotten lucky so far with the college girls and Jerry admitted he was doing no better.

Our room was laid out with a bathroom we shared with the guys in the room next door. When we first got there, we four met and agreed on a schedule of use for the showers. The shower itself was a double. The cubicle was about six feet long and four wide, with a shower head at either end. That way, two of us could shower at once, if the need arose. I’d showered with other guys after P.E. back home, so I didn’t mind. Still, our scheduling agreement made it highly rare for any two of us to have to share. Jerry got up late a couple of mornings and we showered at the same time. The quarters were close, but not bad.

After the end of the first semester, the guys next door flunked out. There weren’t any applicants to transfer into the empty room, so Jerry and I had the bathroom to ourselves all the time for a while. We’d gotten comfortable with each other after the months of living together. Often one or both of us would lounge around or study just in our underwear or even naked. Jerry’s dick looked like it really belonged to him: He was tall and skinny; his dick was long and thin.

Then in January, I had caught him beating off one Friday afternoon when I ran home for a book I needed for my next class. I was surprised that it wasn’t much thicker even when it was hard, but it was at least nine inches long. (My own cock was what I’d always read was ‘average’, just under seven inches erect. But it seemed to me it was pretty thick. I measured once (what guy doesn’t?) and it was an inch and a half across.) Jerry was embarrassed and so was I. He was just about to pop when I threw the door open. He was lying on his bed naked, his erection pointing at the ceiling. When he came, he spouted straight up and it all fell back on his belly and chest. He went immediately limp when I burst in, and we just looked at each other. Then we both cracked up laughing, Jerry wiping up his mess with the towel he had ready for just that purpose.

“Sorry, Man,” I said when I recovered. “Was it good for you?”

“Shit! No!” he replied. “You ruined the best fantasy! I was just about to fuck Cheryl in the ass. But what do I see when I open my eyes? Your ugly mug! Now you’ve probably ruined me forever.” We laughed again, I apologized again, grabbed my book and ran out.

During my class I found my mind drifting away from the boring lecture. Instead, I saw in my mind’s eye Jerry’s cock throbbing out all bursa yabancı escort its thick jizz. What really surprised me was that I found myself stiffening in my shorts! I’d never been attracted to other guys, and hadn’t even thought about that! My face got hot and I knew I was blushing, sitting there in class. I glanced around to see if anyone had noticed. Fortunately, everybody was off in their own worlds.

After class I went to the student union and got a cup of coffee. I found a table in the corner and sat alone. I thought about the strange feeling I had gotten. Could I be a closet gay? I glanced around me. My eye fell on several attractive women and I had no trouble imagining them naked, lying under me as I pounded into them. The idea turned me on. Okay.

I looked around some more and picked out a guy who was in my English class. I tried to imagine him the same way. Nothing. ‘Whew!’ I thought. Must just be general horniness, I decided. I finished my coffee, gathered my books and went off to the rest of my classes.

Jerry and studied that afternoon until it was time to go to the dining hall to eat. We had our dinner and we were walking back to the dorm when he blurted out, “Pete, I have to tell you something.” I looked at him and waited. “I’m not gay or anything, but after you caught me today I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” He looked at me to try to gauge my reaction. My face had heated up again. It was fairly dark so I didn’t know if he could tell I was blushing. I shrugged my shoulders. He took it as a signal to go on.

“I mean, usually it takes me fifteen or twenty minutes to recharge after jerking off. Remembering you standing there over me as I came gave me another hardon right away.” He fell silent. I knew I had to say something.

“Well,” I began, “it was pretty funny. I mean the look on your face and all…” He didn’t say anything. I guessed I’d better be as honest with him as he’d been with me. He didn’t have to tell me after all.

“Okay. I thought about it, too. I’m as straight as you are, but remembering the sight gave me a woody, too. I think we’re just too horny. We really need to get laid. What are Cheryl and ‘what’s-her-name’ doing tonight?”

“They left for the weekend. Besides, they aren’t going to put out. We’ve tried lots of times.” We had reached the dormitory. When we got into our room, Jerry said, “I’m going to shower.” I sprawled out on my bed and opened my notebook. I made it a point NOT to look at Jerry as he stripped down and walked naked across to the bathroom. Again, however, I found myself getting hard. I immediately had a plan. I gave him a couple of minutes to get good and wet, then peeled off my clothes. I began jerking off. What I didn’t realize was that my bed was visible to Jerry if he peeked out from behind the shower curtain. (We both usually left the bathroom door open when we showered so the mirror wouldn’t steam up.) I was remembering the girl at the student union as I beat off.

Just then, Jerry called out, “Pete, will you hand me another bar of soap?” I looked over toward the bathroom door. Jerry was holding back the edge of the curtain and grinning.

“Shit! Okay, we’re even,” I said. My cock bobbed as I walked over and handed him the soap. The idea of a shower suddenly sounded good to me. “Mind if I join you?” I asked him.

“As long as you don’t get any on me,” he laughed. ‘What the hell,’ I thought, ‘we’ve already seen each other jerking off.’ I always liked it better in the shower anyway.

I stepped bursa sınırsız escort into the steamy cubicle. Jerry’s hand was stroking his own dick. We watched each other pounding away, the visual making our own orgasms better. We didn’t say anything more. I looked at Jerry’s face a couple of times as we finished the shower. He had a very serious expression. In fact, we had very little conversation the rest of the night. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, let alone how he felt. We both kept to our own side of the room except when we had to pee. We also both stayed naked.

The next morning was Saturday. I woke up to the sound of the shower. I went in to relieve my bladder. “Hey, what’s up? Did you get dirty overnight?” I called to Jerry.

“Oh! Shit, you startled me!” he said. “Nah. I just felt like another shower. Come on in.” Well, this was odd, I felt. But why not? It wasn’t like we were gay or anything. Really. So again I joined him under the neighboring spray. “Pete? Can I ask you something?” I wiped the shampoo from my face, squinted open one eye and looked at him.

“Sure.” There was that serious expression again. I felt a chill down my spine, in spite of the hot water.

“Have you ever had a blowjob?” he asked. Well, I hadn’t, and I told him so. I told him the one and only girl I had fucked had jerked me a few times before we got it on, but that was the extent of it. He turned his face toward the spray (and away from me) and said, “I have. It was my senior year, after a football game.”

“Wow!” Now I was envious. “What was it like? Was it your girlfriend? What was her name? Nancy?”

“Yeah, that was her name, but it wasn’t her. There was this guy I used to hang with. A black guy named Thomas. It was him.” I stopped washing and just looked at Jerry’s back. Uh-oh.

“Yeah?” I wanted him to go on. I wanted him not to have said that. He turned back around. He looked into my eyes. I didn’t know what he saw, but he went on.

“We had gotten a six pack and drove into the hills above town. We just sat there drinking and talking. Of course, most of the talk was sexual. Thomas told me about several girls he’d fucked. One of them was even his cousin.

“He told me about the way it felt when they sucked him off. Then he asked me the same thing I just asked you. When I told him I’d never had a blowjob, he didn’t say anything for a minute. He was looking out the side window, I remember, then he turned around and asked me, ‘Do you want a blowjob?’ Well, I told him ‘Of course I’d like one. But Nancy won’t do it. I asked her.’ ” Jerry hesitated before he went on. I noticed he was getting hard. So was I.

“Then Thomas smiled and just said, ‘No. I mean right now.’ I looked at his smile. I looked at his eyes. He was serious. I gulped and said, ‘Okay.’ ” Jerry went on to tell me how Thomas sucked him off there in the car that

night. That was when he dropped the bomb I was expecting.

“Afterward, he asked me to suck his cock. Well, I felt obligated. So I did. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. I couldn’t get him very far into my mouth. His dick was as long as mine, but thicker than yours. But, Pete, man, I swear I’m not gay. I was going with Nancy and we had been fucking regularly. After that night, we still did. She finally went down on me, but it was Thomas’ face in my mind. I guess maybe I’m bisexual.”

As he finished talking, I asked him, “Why are you telling me all this?”

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted me to suck you off.” He wasn’t looking görükle escort at me when he said it. I pictured it in my mind. I wondered how it would feel. God, I was horny!

“Okay,” I said. I knew what I was doing. I was volunteering to return the favor. My dick throbbed. I realized I wanted to feel a cock in my mouth!

We got out of the shower and dried off. Jerry went over and sat down on his bed. He pulled the chair from his desk over in front of him and I sat down. He looked at me again and leaned forward. The heat of his mouth surrounded my erection. I leaned back and closed my eyes, my hands gripping the arms of the chair. He bobbed his head up and down. His saliva escaped and ran down over my balls. He took my cock in his hand and licked around the head and down the length of it. He cupped my balls. It felt great! I felt my orgasm approaching and told him. He popped me back into his mouth and sucked hard. That did it! I exploded into his mouth and he kept sucking.

His hand stroked me as he swallowed my cum. He sat back and looked at me, wiping his lips with his hand. I opened my eyes and found him staring at my face.

“That was…well, that was great!” I told him. “I guess you want me to do you, now, eh?” He said I didn’t have to if I didn’t want. By then, though, I had wrapped my mind around the idea. I shook my head.

“No. Fair is fair. Just remember, I’ve never done this before. I don’t know how good it will be.” He leaned back on his elbows and raised his feet to the edge of the bed. His knees splayed apart and I was staring at his crotch.

His erection bobbed with his heartbeat. His balls hung below, but the sac was tight. Below that I saw the brown rosebud of his asshole. I didn’t want to let my mind go any farther down that path right then, so I leaned forward and took his cock in my hand…

So a few minutes later it was me wiping my lips off. There was a kind of metallic taste in the back of my throat. Jerry went to the little mini-refrigerator and brought us each a can of juice. It took the taste away.


Jerry and I roomed together for the rest of our college careers. In our junior year, we got an off campus apartment. We both graduated near the top of our class. We had dated several different women over the years, once even sharing the same woman one night. That was a unique experience.

Through the three and a half years, nobody ever knew that Jerry and I had sex with each other on a semi-regular basis. A couple of months after that first blowjob, he asked me to finger his ass while I sucked him. He began to do the same for me. From there it was only a short step to anal sex. Lots of lube and patience and it went okay. The night we shared Glenda he took her ass while I

fucked her in front. I guess practice makes perfect. She said he never hurt her once. She wouldn’t let me do her ass, though, because she said she thought I was too thick.

I haven’t seen Jerry for three years. We email and send family pictures online. His son looks a lot like him. His wife is a short blonde. He says she doesn’t know about us.

I ended up coming home and marrying Sheila, my high school girlfriend. Before we got engaged, I did tell her about Jerry. She had told me about some of the kinky, girl-girl stuff she’d done at her college. She was fascinated by it all. When Jerry came to be my best man he was still single. The weekend before the wedding, the three of us went up to my parents’ lake cabin. That was my bachelor party: sharing Sheila with my best friend, and her sharing me with him, too. She wasn’t afraid of my dick up her ass, or Jerry’s either. We spent the entire time naked, sucking and fucking each other.

So that’s my story. If there’s a moral (if not morals), it’s just to say, don’t be afraid of who you are. Put that any way you like.

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