Double on Mary

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Our daughter Brooke is home. At our new home. We had a big change in our lives. A corporate restructure boosted me up the ladder and a very nice niche in one of our big offices here. We moved in February and March and it was Brooke’s last year of high school so she stayed with friends and graduated. We went back for that. It was so great. Now she’s home for good. Well, at least until she’s off to college. We’re only about three hours from our old home so she’s spent weekends here, helping out and getting her room ready and stuff in and sorted.

She spent four days unpacking and exploring and rummaging in boxes and looking around town more and all that and was finally settling down. Brooke and I loved to get out, hiking and canoeing and the like. Once we spent a week on the Appalachian Trail. Ansell, wife and mom, likes tennis and golfing and bowling. By the middle of June we had everything arranged and were finally comfortable and could lounge around in the evenings, getting back to normal routine.

Except Brooke maybe. She was quieter than normal, more isolated. Not much, just enough for me to notice. I don’t think her mom did. I guess we were closer than she was with her mom. I finally found a moment and sat with her on the sofa.

“Hey kiddo,” I said. “Whatcha doing?” Brooke knew that was my cue for ‘tell me your problem’.

“Nothing.” That was always her first response. I knew she would get to it. “Dad, Bob and Grace were really nice about me staying there. Gary and Samantha were too but it made me uncomfortable. I mean, everybody paraded around the house almost necked. Underwear mostly. Not all the time. Samantha sometimes was in the kitchen with just her pants on. You know, topless. Gary pretty much ignored her and her dad did too. And her mom with Gary. He was, mostly, you know, it was quite a display. His shorts didn’t seem to hide him much. Sometimes he was, you know. I kept my clothes on and never put on pjs until I was in my bedroom going to bed.”

I got a smile on and said, “Different families, people, have different habits. Maybe ours is wrong and theirs is right. It all depends on your point of view. Whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s always good to observe other cultures or habits. Gives you a more balanced view of life. Brooke, it isn’t a right or wrong thing. It’s just a different thing. It could be nice it affected you and it could be bad it affected you but it is good you experienced the effect.”

Brooke wasn’t a prude. She’s seen me in my shorts plenty of times but not sitting around, just a glance now and then in normal household comings and goings. I’ve heard her talking with her mom about guys. Seeing Gary must be what got to her. Her first stud in situ. With a little privacy maybe something readily available to her. No restrictions, no monitoring. Brooke got turned on and is still thinking about it. Probably wondering why she didn’t go after Gary, or wouldn’t. Maybe she was wondering why Gary ignored her.

About a week later, Saturday, late morning. I said, “I found a good horse place.” We always called them horse places. “Let’s go riding. After lunch.”

“Fast or slow? She said.”

“Slow,” I said. “I’m too worked out for fast. Nice slow walk.”

“Ok, I’ll be ready,” she said. Fast or slow determined what we wore. Slow and we didn’t need heavy pants or chaps.

I had on light loose denims and a loose long sleeve light shirt to keep the branches from scratching. Brooke had on Bermuda shorts, also very loose, and a loose light long sleeve shirt. We got to the stables and introduced ourselves. Jenny was the owner. We said ‘a nice slow walk through the woods’. Jenny said she had a large mare named Mary that needed exercise and we could have her as long as we wanted for free as new customers. She said Mary could carry both of us with no problem if that was all right.

We agreed and Jenny saddled her up with a deeper saddle for two and we started out. Brooke was driving and I was in back. We had a map and there were trails all over the woods, many miles of trails. All clearly marked. Brooke and I rode double before but not with a single deeper saddle. The back of the saddle curled upward and I was right up against Brooke with no way to move back. The saddle horn was in front of her so she could hold on. That’s why she was driving.

I held Brooke’s sides and every step Mary took everything below our waist shifted left then right and kept going like that. I was starting to get up so I leaned back and quickly reached down and pulled myself straight up and left it there. If it stayed down it would kill me. I didn’t get all the way up and I didn’t know if Brooke noticed. After what she said about Gary and their family I was more concerned than I normally would be. We had been chatting away and that slowed down. That was normal too. We were enjoying nature.

We turned off on an interesting looking trail. With the taksim escort length of a horse’s stride it can cover quite a lot of ground. We stopped occasionally to look at a stream or rock formation or something or to just listen. We were going along a narrow trail with dense woods on either side and Brooke got my hands and put them around her waist, under her shirt. Well, it was open up to about her belly button or a little above for comfort so I landed on her stomach.

I think the deeper saddle was for couples. With the horse sway I was feeling a lot of muscle play on her stomach and hips. With the movement my hands naturally dropped from the weight and I was about at the top of her Bermuda shorts but they weren’t all that low. It wasn’t unpleasant and I think Brooke liked it. We walked about another half mile and I felt her reach up above my hands for something then back to the saddle horn.

She said, “Dad. If you don’t mind.”

That was all she said. We hadn’t talked for about five or ten minutes. Hard to tell on a slow walking horse like Mary. I was confused for a moment or two then it got through. I kept my left hand on her stomach and slowly slid my right hand up. I figured if I was wrong she would stop me. She didn’t. When I got up to her breasts, right in the center, there wasn’t anything there but breasts. Her bra was open in front. She opened it. I let my fingers go on up between her breasts giving her a chance to say something. She didn’t.

I moved on top of her left breast and found the nipple and rolled it between my fingers. Her head came back against me for a moment. It must have been a great relief for her. Finally, some sexual play after watching Gary for a few weeks. I knew exactly how she felt. Been there done that. I moved between her breasts, palming and massaging both breasts and nipples. I rubbed her nipples with my palms and rolled and pushed them this way and that way.

After about ten minutes I felt her fingers just under mine on her stomach so I moved my hand up a couple of inches, not much. Mary walked on a little ways.

She said, “Dad. If you don’t mind.”

I think I already knew. I lowered my hand on her stomach those same few inches and felt the top of her pants. Underpants. She unbuttoned and unzipped her Bermuda shorts. I slowly, and I mean very slowly, slipped my fingers down inside her pants. Pubic hair. I kept going. Shaven. Top of her hood. I worked down towards the pearl and down further. I slipped in her vagina. All this while we were shifting left and right on Mary. Brooke pushed forward into the saddle horn and trapped my hand. I couldn’t pull my finger out so I rotated it along with the swaying action of Mary. Eventually she relaxed backwards a little and I went back up and lubed her clit and got two fingers on each side of the hood right at the end and worried her clit like Ansell taught me to do.

With the shifting everything was amplified and it seemed I was doing much more than I was. It wasn’t that long and she stood up in her stirrups and had an orgasm. A really big one. Mary kept walking. When Brooke started to recover I wrapped my hand over her whole vulva with my fingers down under and held on until she sat down and we were quiet. Mary evidently knew the paths. She slowly started back with us. I got my hand out of Brooke’s pants and she got zipped up and buttoned and bra back together.

By the time we got back she had her shirt buttoned and conversation with Jenny was normal, smiles and laughter and thank you and we’d be back. Back in the pick-up she was quiet as we headed home.

Finally she said, “Dad. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what that was all about but you were wonderful. Thank you.”

“What,” I said. “Are you crazy? I get to play with two perfectly good breasts and nipples to boot and really special down there parts and you’re sorry. Don’t be silly. Can you possibly imagine how many men on this planet would kill to get a chance like that and you chose me. I’m never going to wash my fingers.”

“Ok,” she said, laughing. “I suppose you’re going to hate me when I tell you the next part. I was very much thinking about parking Mary and turning around on the saddle. With my pants off and yours unzipped. Then you could drive and get Mary going again for a mile or so.”

I turned and looked at her. She had a woman’s smirk smile and her eyes were really bright. She was ok with everything. She knew I was too. I gave as good as I got and we settled back into normal life. When we got home and before we got out she said, “I understand the need to tell mom. I’ll live with it. I’ll work it out with her somehow.” I smiled at her and nodded ok.

I didn’t say anything to Ansell until the next day. I explained everything at Bob and Grace’s and Samantha being topless and particularly Gary. Also the couple saddle and what happened. She immediately understood.

She said, “Poor girl. I think I would have jumped Gary, or at least Samantha. With that kind of atmosphere Samantha is probably pretty good in the topkapı escort sack. You ought to invite her over. We could have a threesome. Me, her, and Brooke.”

She was smiling at me. It was a little ‘gotcha’, with me not included in the threesome. Ansell always was a little playful. Kept us in a happy mood.

“So,” she said. “When are you going to let Brooke get in your pants? Give her a shot at the big time. A little training for college. You could show her how we play horsey. How I hang on to the saddle horn. What you do when I say, Giddy up.” Ansell was still giggling going off to somewhere in the house. I couldn’t tell if she was kidding or what.


The next Saturday morning it was raining. Not hard but a bit more than a drizzle. I was going to do some plumbing in the afternoon. I don’t plumb much but I like to keep my hand in on the minor stuff. Brooke called to me from somewhere just before I was going to crawl under the sink. Saved by the daughter.

“Here I am,” I said. “Come rescue me. Hurry.”

Brooke came in the kitchen. She said, “The sink again. Dad, call a plumber.”

“I can do it,” I said. “Besides, those guys are too expensive. What can I do for you?”

“Remember that big poncho we have,” she said. “The green one big enough for two. The one that’s great in the rain and keeps you completely dry. The one you can go riding in the rain on Mary with. We should go and test it out. See if it really keeps us dry. With the rain it shouldn’t be crowded and Mary won’t mind. Horses love the rain.”

I reached down slowly and started closing the doors under the sink. I said, “I really should get after this plumbing job. It isn’t all that big of a problem but it doesn’t rain every day and I guess we should take advantage.” I had her hand and was leading her out of the kitchen. I said, “I think that poncho is in the packing box in the corner of the garage.”

“I already found it and got it out,” she said. “I’m all ready to go. We can eat a lite lunch on the way and be there about 1:30. I called and Mary is available. Jenny is holding her for us unless I call and cancel.”

We got everything together and on the way out the door Ansell gave me some breath mints. Well, la-de-da. I don’t smell that bad. Women. We ate and got to the stables about the time we figured. Mary was just inside and Jenny was working in one of the stalls. She came out and got us set up.

Jenny said, “I have the double on and the blanket beneath lets the water run right through so it won’t be wet all the time. Mary’s movements make the water run right under and down. With your big poncho you mentioned it should be quite dry. Mary does love the rain. She won’t stand under a tree when it’s raining. If she’s by herself. With a rider she will.”

Slow walk so I had about what I had on last time. Brooke about the same but she had on a pair of short culottes. We got mounted and the poncho on. It covered both of us with a big wide brim around the top that let us see underneath through a net and rain ran right off the edge. The whole poncho hung down to almost our ankles. We had boat shoes on so it didn’t matter if they got wet. It was nice and warm out but the poncho had a nice air flow.

Mary didn’t walk with her head hanging down. She was well fed and enjoyed the woods as much as us. She was so calm about it. We were into the woods by ourselves as far as we could tell. We chatted a lot. Brooke got my hands from her hips and put them around her, under her top on her stomach, like before. About two minutes later she got my right hand and stuck it down in her culottes. She didn’t have any pants on.

She said, “I need a little excitement for a little while. Not an orgasm, just some stimulation please.”

I said, ‘ok’, and slid on down. I did like before, played with her clit then got some lube and lubed around and played with her clit more. After a little bit I remembered she just needed a little excitement for a little while so I went back down to her vagina. One finger in then two and we worked with Mary’s swaying like that. I was enjoying it as much as she was.

I was up pretty good but had a little room in my pants. I still had my work pants on. They were clean and good but a little baggy for crawling around under a sink. I guess her excitement got to where she needed it. She stopped Mary and turned around on the seat facing me. Easy to do with the big poncho. She had her legs up over mine. With the poncho it would be hard to tell she was on backwards. I had my arms still around her. I could feel the reins wrapped around the saddle horn.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. My own daughter. A really good kiss too. One of those kinds, the kind I liked. I kissed her back. I was all kind of excited and up and all that. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped me and got me out and clear. She flipped her butt up in the air and her hips got closer and she almost impaled herself on me. I started to say, ‘What…’, but kept my mouth shut. I could argue with tesettürlü escort Brooke but she tells her mom everything and I can’t argue with both of them.

She levered herself straight up holding me around my waist and reached down and got me started in her vagina. She took a very deep breath and lowered herself. It took a little bit of time. She had to come back up and down and again. When she got there she said, “You drive please.” She was very warm and the fit was very snug. I had one hand under her butt and the other with the reins. I got Mary going and we walked along with our middles flopping back and forth with Mary’s steps. If you’ve never had sex moving sideways on a horse you’re missing a lot.

We went maybe 60 to 100 feet and Brooke said, “Could you please stop Mary?” I did and Brooke said, “Dad. That’s way more than I thought it would be. I can hardly breathe. I can’t believe it feels that much. That much, something.”

She had her chin over my shoulder and was squeezing me around my waist. I was totally up in her vagina. I said, “Would you like to stop?”

She immediately started shaking her head no. “No way,” she said. “You’re my first real fuck and I’m not stopping no matter what. Could you just thrust up into me for a little while so I can get used to it some? Maybe we can get going again.”

I slipped the hand down inside the culottes leg and up on her bare buns. The culottes’ legs were so large she must have pulled them aside and impaled me. I planted my fingers right down in her butt crack. In for a penny in for a pound. Get the feelings up higher and a simple penis in a vagina on a horse would be nothing. I started thrusting upward. She was right there so it wasn’t a physical problem.

One time on Mary like this and Ansell would be a horse rider forever. I said, “Brooke. Is there any chance I can get you pregnant?”

“No, no chance,” she said. “I take the pill but don’t orgasm. This is stunning. My little vibrator was never like this. I thought I was going to have a doggy accident. Everything is connected down where you are. Don’t stop. You’re very good. Is this what you’ve been doing to mom all these years?”

“Yes,” I said. “There are a lot of positions, mostly for comfort. Oral and she likes to be on top. I like that too. Brooke, I can’t talk right now. This is as good for me as it is for you. If you keep going you’re going to make me have an orgasm.”

She took some deep breaths and slowed me down and sat down so I couldn’t thrust. She said, “Ok. Let’s try Mary again. See if you can hold off an orgasm and I’ll try to hold myself together. That is so good. I’m so surprised what we’re doing to each other. Not the sex. The feeling.”

I got my fingers out of her butt crack and out of her pants and back around her waist. I got Mary going and we got into a slow speed swaying and in and out only a little. The further Mary went the more we got comfortable with it. We talked and kissed and were generally dry under the rain. The poncho was working perfectly, frontward and backward. We both were below the orgasm level and were staying that way so far.

We stayed out over an hour and gave her vagina and my penis an extended workout. Brooke turned around when we started back but I played down in her culottes on the way. Well, nobody could see and she liked it and I did too. I did her clit and snuck up an orgasm on her just about when we could see the stables in the distance, not that far. She went all kinds of shaky and moaning. We got off Mary and helped get her groomed and in her stall. She seemed happy. I paid Jenny and Brooke and I held hands for a while going home.

Sure as shooting Ansell had me hard with her hand wrapped around going up and down and said, “So, you and Brooke had a fling on a horse. She seemed quite impressed with your performance. She said you didn’t orgasm. We can take care of that, maybe a few times. You two have gotten me turned on pretty good.”

“Wow,” I said. “Have one little tryst with your daughter and she tells all. It used to be you could have these little sex diversions and keep them quiet. We’re going to have to do something about this aren’t we?”

“What do you mean ‘we’, male husband,” she said. “It’s your tryst. She is a hand full, isn’t she? Pun, pun, pun. She did mention how large you are. I told her to wait until she finds your secret button and she’d find out how big you really get.”

“What secret button?” I said.

“I never use it until you’re in me and I need some extra inches or I’m feeling devilish,” she said. “Usually I wait until you hit my button and I squeeze down on you real tight then I hit yours and it becomes a special fuck. That’s how I got pregnant with Brooke. You blew right through the condom. Here, I’ll show you, even tho you don’t have a condom on.”

Well, that went well.


Brooke and Ansell talked a lot for a few days. I saw them in the kitchen talking and in the bathroom and places. Ansell wouldn’t tell me what they talked about. She said ‘oh, just girl stuff’. I got the feeling Brooke was trying to be sure what we did was ok with her mom beyond an initial, ‘don’t worry about, it’s fine’ sort of statement or an ‘after the fact’ so let it be, kind of thing. Ansell and I were good in bed. Brooke and I didn’t get in bed together and we didn’t ‘sofa down’ together either. It was almost like soap opera heaven.

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