Draw the Line: The Bocce Tournament

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I go to the same dive bar every Wednesday night for a bocce ball tournament. Nobody takes it too seriously, but it’s an opportunity for regulars to get to know each other in ways other than racing to the bottom of a pint glass. After I signed up, I grabbed a beer at the bar and took a lap to see who had come in that night. The bar was dark as usual, but a little slow for a tournament night.

I hadn’t recognized anybody at first glance, so I grabbed a seat at a table when a woman came up beside me and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Sarah. You signed up for Bocce Ball tonight, right?”

Her chestnut brown hair framed her face, and her oblong glasses accentuated her bright blue eyes. She already knew the answer, she watched me sign up and her and her friends had signed up after me. “Brian,” she said as she gestured toward the bartender, “teamed us up. These are my friends Dave and Meghan.” Oh shit, I hadn’t even seen her friends. I stood up to shake their hands.

“Hi, I’m James. It’s nice to meet you. Is this your first time here?” I’m about 5’8″ and while no longer in the college athlete shape I was a decade ago, I would still consider myself a good looking guy, especially for my age.

They were all in their early 30’s, and explained how they were in town for a conference. Sarah led the conversation. “We were looking for something a little more fun than just sitting around and drinking, and someone mentioned this place as a low-key place with bar games. Do you come here often?”

“Pretty much every Wednesday night for the past couple years. It’s nice to have a place where you can meet your friends and have something to do without having to drink,” I said as I took a sip of a local IPA.

“Good to hear. We’re all newbies when it comes to Bocce Ball,” Dave interjected as broke my inspective gaze with Sarah.

“Well,” I took the invitation, “If you want, we can get some practice in and I can show you the ropes.” Sarah called dibs on having the ‘ringer’ on her team.

We took to the court, and I recommended we play a round first, and that would be the best way for people to learn. I gave Sarah the jack and told her to throw it in the general area of the end of the court. She overestimated the weight of the ball and hit the back wall on the fly! “Aah, oh no!”

I just laughed playfully with her, “It’s okay, it happens all the time. I should’ve warned you to throw underhand, almost like a roll. Here, try again.”

She wound up to throw again, like a cartoon bunny might throw a baseball. “Noooooooooooooo,” Meghan shouted in slow motion, and she “tried” to block the throw, to no avail. We all laughed as the jack ended up coming to rest harmlessly at the other end of the court.

We all took our turns, with Sarah and I alternating our conversation between our personal lives and instructions on how to play. She stood about 5’10”, with a thin waist and a sky blue blouse with the top button unbuttoned. Her small perky breasts were a perfect compliment to her slim frame, highlighting her athletic build.

We played two practice rounds, and at the end of them she high-fived me and said “We got this! I’m going to grab another beer, want anything?” I said I was fine for the time being, and went back to sit at my table to wait for the tournament to start.

Sarah came back from the bar alone and asked if she could sit with me. “It didn’t take long. As soon as I got in line for a drink, some guy approached me with a terrible pick up line. Is it okay if I just hang out here with you? I’m married, and I don’t feel like getting hit on tonight.”

“Of course, I’m married too.” I said with a reiterative flash of my wedding ring. “I’m harmless.”

That got a slight giggle from her, as we dug in. She told me about her new business she was starting and how her and her husband met.

I shared some of the adventures my wife and I had been on over the previous couple years. “What is the conference you’re here for?” I was curious. We live in a large city and there’s a conference taking place every week, or at least it seems that way.

“I volunteer as the chair of a downtown business association, and we’re here to learn about better ways to invigorate our downtown.”

I explained that I’m a big nerd about civic engagement and public places. “Have you ever heard about a third place?” I asked.

“Oh, I just learned about that today! Isn’t that where emily in paris izle we identify the places we spend most frequently, like home and work? And a third place is a public space where the community shares some commonality?”

“Exactly, and this,” I gesture broadly, “is my third place. We’ve got a group of regulars that come in, and every day there’s some sort of programming. Trivia night, bocce tournament, a darts tournament, a big sporting event, whatever. And they host big parties throughout the year for regulars to all get together with a shared experience.”

She touched my forearm excitedly across the table, “So this is real? Like, the third place concept? What did you have to do to make it happen?”

I shared the history and purpose of the bar, and we talked for twenty minutes about ways to incorporate something similar into her town. We had become so engrossed in each other’s conversation, we forgot we were signed up to play Bocce.

“Alright kids, you’re going down!” Dave playfully said as he broke our conversation. Our lengthy conversation about something we’re mutually passionate about had softened each of our defenses.

Throughout the course of the game we playfully jabbed at each other when we missed a shot, hip bumped or playfully touched each other’s shoulders when we won a point.

About halfway through the game, she caught me checking out her ass as she bent down to pick up the balls. I tried to avert my gaze to pretend she hadn’t caught me. “I probably shouldn’t be handling your balls,” Sarah said quietly as she handed me two bocce balls. “I can’t help but notice they’re blue.”

As she stepped away from me to start our next turn, I let out a quiet chuckle and shook my head as I watched her place the jack at the far end of the court. Her first bowl went well past the jack, coming to rest at the edge of the court.

“Now, I’m going to take my time with this bowl,” I announced to no one in particular. “Bowling too hard or too fast, especially early on, doesn’t allow you the opportunity to build suspense.”

I lofted a moderate arc across the court, and with a thud and short roll, my ball ended up about six inches away from the jack. “When you take your time and treat it right, you’ll get right where you wanted to go.” I whispered gently into her ear as I stepped off the court.

As soon as I said that, I felt my heart flutter. Married flirting can be fun, but this was a new experience for me. I hadn’t felt that flutter in my chest in years. The slight feeling of lightheadedness you get when you make a connection with someone new. As I registered what I was feeling, I watched her take her next turn.

She had started to push her chest out a little more, and really lean into her bowling, so her legs and hips were accentuated in her tight jeans. Her next ball was aimed right for mine, as it rolled down the court.

“Kiss it… KISS IT!!” She shouted with anticipation, as her ball gently kissed mine, pushing both of them closer to the jack. “Boom!” To emphasize her excitement, she leapt into the air with a fist pump.

As the game progressed, our repartee got more and more risqué. Maybe we forgot about Dave and Meghan, maybe we didn’t care, but our entire focus was on each other. The shoulder bumps turned into quick hugs and gentle shoves.

I caught her looking at my ass as I bent down to pick up the balls, and when our eyes locked. There was a thirst within each of us that had been brought to the surface but neither could acknowledge out loud.

After the game finished, Dave and Meghan were vanquished almost to their delight. Meghan announced she had to finish preparing for a presentation she was giving the next morning, and Dave I think was just looking for a reason to go back to his hotel and settle in.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I prepared for our next round against a couple regulars. As the games continued, our focus became more and more distracted. The beer started flowing a little more freely in the second game, and with it the flirting intensified.

I would put my hand around her waist while we were talking and looking at the other team’s positions. She would touch my thigh for a boost up whenever we stood up from our chairs, ending up about halfway up my thigh with lingering fingers grazing the fabric as she stood. Of course we lost by plenty, and the game was over in about erşan kuneri izle ten minutes.

“Thank you so much for the great night, and for introducing me to your third place, James. It’s really nice to be able to join something so organic and local when I’m visiting from out of town.”

We hugged goodbye, and in that moment we both lingered. As we slowly released our embrace, our faces passed closely and slowly to one another. As our breathing rate increased, she excused herself. “I’d better head back to my hotel. It’s getting pretty late.” It was about 8:00.

I took a shot. “We’re in a pretty rough neighborhood. Would you like me to walk back to your hotel with you? I’m up for another drink, and can grab one in the bar after I drop you off.” She smiled and grabbed my hand to lead me out of the bar.

It was about a fifteen minute walk back to her hotel, laughing and joking the whole way. I was able to point out some of the more nuanced things about our city, like special engravings in the manhole covers, or architectural factoids about the buildings. As we got to her elevator bank, we hugged again, and she entered the elevator.

As I turned to walk to the bar, the elevator door opened back up with Sarah looking at me, biting her bottom lip. I raced into the elevator and lifted her up against the wall, kissing her deeply. The door closed behind us as we made out alone in the elevator.

Her arms wrapped around my neck pulling me closer to her, as she spread her legs to wrap them around my waist. I pulled her closer to me by her hips, and held her ass as we shoved our tongues down each other’s throat for the 20 second elevator ride.

As the doors opened, she took a gasp of air “This is… ooh, this is my floor.” Our lips didn’t leave each other’s as we backed out of the elevator, and she guided me down the hall. Her hands running all over my body, scratching at my back and exploring the growing bulge in my jeans. As I groped her ass, I felt a card and figured it was the hotel room key card. I grabbed it and pressed it, and her, against the door.

Part of me was content to sit in the hallway, making out with this gorgeous woman outside her hotel room, but a much louder part of me wanted to get her into the hotel room and out of her clothes.

I heard the click of the lock, and opened the door with her right hand. Sarah had jumped back onto my hips, and I held her there with my left arm as the door flung open. I tightened her grip on my hips so she supported herself, and started unbuttoning her blouse, which revealed a frilly white and blue bra covering her b-cup breasts.

My mouth attacked her neck, and she leaned her head back and cooed gently as we made our way across the room. When we reached the bed, I threw her down on her back, and she laid there, propped up on her elbows, hungrily staring at me with her shirt open.

She again wrapped her legs around my ass, and pulled me on top of her. Our lips met and thrashed against each other and I slipped my fingers just inside her jeans, running them just inside her pants and just outside her underwear, in a slow motion fake attempt to unbutton her pants. Her hips thrust up to meet my hand, and my face went down to her chest where I kissed her trapped tits.

I pulled the shirt away from her body, and started to position myself next to her on the bed, allowing my hands to find their way slightly deeper into her panties. With my other hand, I pulled her bra away from her right breast, and eagerly placed my lips on her nipple. With a gentle bite, followed by a soft cool breath of air, I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped Sarah’s pants.

This gave me access to her folds, and I tapped my fingers up and down the outside of her labia, never penetrating until she shifted uncontrollably lifting her hips to meet my hands. I slid one finger all the way up her slit, then gently found my way to her clit with my middle finger. I gently strummed on her clit as I made my way back up to her lips, and kissed her deeply.

Her fingers found my belt buckle and hastily took it off and threw it across the room. As she sat up, she continued kissing me and unbuttoned my pants as I positioned myself to sit on her lap. With our lips locked, she stumbled around my pants before she finally freed my zipper, and pulled my jeans off.

As I climbed off her to let my jeans fall to the floor, everyone else burns izle I slipped my hands inside her jeans and focused on lifting her hips off the bed. I slipped her jeans and panties off in one motion, and climbed back up to kiss her.

Shortly, I started making my way down her body. Kissing her ear, the nape of her neck, her collarbone. Making my way down the other side, I squeezed her breasts together and kissed her left breast outside her bra before running kissing my way to her belly button.

As my knees slid off the bed, I quickly found my face positioned right in front of her exposed, neatly trimmed pussy. With one hand, I gently caressed up her left calf, and brought my lips to the inside of her knee, and started kissing my way up her thigh. My right hand slipped up her body and felt for a front bra clasp. Oh my luck, I released the clasp and let her breasts come free.

As my mouth passed her entrance, I gently ran my tongue just along her slit, from bottom to top, while I switched hands. Her whole body shuddered with anticipation, then slumped in disappointment as I moved on. “No, no, please, please… mmm…” she muttered and tried to pull my head back to her wetness.

Now with my right hand holding her leg, my lips kissed their way along her left thigh while my left hand caressed and teased her right nipple. “I’m getting so wet, James. I don’t know how much more I can take,” she shared as she pulled my head back to her mound. With one hand she pulled her lips apart. “Oh please, please…” she moaned and I happily obliged.

I hungrily thrust my tongue inside her before pulling it out and sliding it up her labia to her clit, where my lips found a home. I alternated between flicking her hard little clit with my tongue and wrapping my lips around it, sucking intently. Meanwhile, my middle finger found its way inside her wetness and penetrated her.

With one hand I continued to work on her tits, alternating between gentle tugs and quiet circles around her nipples. With my other hand, I curled my finger gently to pass my finger over her g-spot. The ridges inside her pussy telling me I found the right spot, followed by her arched back and breathy moan reinforcing my behavior.

She grabbed my short brown hair and pulled me away from my mission. “Fuck me. I need you to fuck me right now.” As she pulled me up her body, I repositioned her hips at the edge of the bed. “I want to fuck you right now,”

I gasped breathlessly, as I ran my cock between her folds. “Oh please, please, I need it now,” she cried as she wrapped her legs around my hips, and pulled me inside her in one fell swoop.

“Fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk, oh fuck yea.” We both took a moment to settle in together as one, before I took action. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under her butt, and lifted her up to get the right angle. As I withdrew, she took a deep breath in anticipation, before I slowly pressed my cock inside her along the top of her pussy walls, eventually sliding right into and over the sensitive area just inside her.

For a moment, I sat there, holding her, playing with her clit with one hand and gently massaging her bundle of nerves with my cock from the inside.

After a moment, she put her legs on my shoulders, and I instinctively used that leverage to attack her cervix, thrusting in deep in a single motion to reach the bottom. “OOHHHHHHHH, oh shit, oh shit, mmmmmhmmmmmmm…” She cried as I let out a low “fuck yea.”

She reached between our bodies and pressed two fingers on either side of my cock as I slowly fucked her, making her feel even tighter than she was. I pounded her deep and hard, and her hand slowly left my cock and found her clit. “Fuck me, fuck me… ohhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkk, I’m cumming… Mmmphhhhhhh” as her tight pussy clenched around me, I felt myself come to the edge.

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me!! I want your cum, I need your cum! I’m on the pill.”

I didn’t need a second invitation, and I released my load deep inside her. Pumping every last drop out, as I slowed my thrusts, and gently moved my thumb back to her clit. As she laughed and slapped my hand away, I laughed and pulled my softening cock out.

“Holy shit, that was amazing.” We said to each other before it hit us. “Holy shit, what have we done?”

As I came around from my sex and booze induced haze, I hastily started putting my pants on. “No, no, no, this was a mistake. I have to leave. I have to go home to my wife.”

“My husband called. Oh no, you have to go!” Sarah cried. I raced to get dressed, and as I left the room without a word, I heard her on the phone. “Hi honey, how was your day,” like nothing untoward had just happened.

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