Drew Ch. 12

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Marci felt deliciously tingly all over. Moaning, she stretched indulgently and let the sweet warmth spread through her. His hands were working their wicked magic on her body. Drew was propped up on one elbow watching her as his other hand played lightly with her nipples. He was being far too gentle and slow. She wanted to get to the good part! When she tried to move, he pinned her down by throwing a leg over her. It wasn’t the most effective pinning technique considering her hands were free but she got the point and stilled. She knew that whatever he had in mind, Drew was going to make it good, very good. She knew that much about him. Closing her eyes, she lay back and let him continue his stroking. Her whole body was on fire. It snaked over her breasts, licked at her stomach and settled firmly between her thighs. She sighed contentedly when she felt him place a wet kiss on her belly. Writhing into his lips, she arched off the bed and drew her arms over her head.

Total submission like she knew he liked. His fingers traced their way from her nipple to the junction between her thighs. Her legs spread themselves wide on their own accord. She moaned some more as his finger slipped into her wet slit and played with the pouting lips below. His cool finger flicked her pink nub which was dying for attention. She knew this was a dream; one she never wanted to end. She was engulfed in a torrent of want, needing more from him. Slipping his fingers further inside the folds of her pussy he began to stroke her clit, teasing the sensitive nub until she was ready to jump him. She heard him growl before his fingers slid down from her clit and two thick fingers filled her moist depths. He began to pump them in and out of her now very wet pussy. Her hips arched upward to take his fingers deeper and she could feel his cock hardening impossibly beside her. It felt hot and aggressive against her thigh as he rubbed himself on her. Sliding his hand from her slit, he turned her so she was sideways. Parting her thighs just enough for him to press forward, his hot cock slid into her gently. He was being a tease and she moaned in frustration as he slid just the head in and paused for effect.

“Drew!” she whined in sexual frustration though she didn’t think he’d even heard her. He stilled behind her suddenly. Marci had a feeling something was wrong. This dream wasn’t going according to script. What was wrong? Then it hit her with a force that made her take in a deep breath. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at her surroundings. She was in her bedroom which meant that she wasn’t with Drew. She felt the hot body behind her withdraw. Taking a breath to gather some courage, she turned and was met with a cold, unwavering stare from Damian. He was now sitting up with his hands crossed in front of his chest.

“I really wish you would have said Michael; that would have been much better.” He finally said as he turned and faced down at her stricken expression. Her face registered surprise and confusion as she tried to figure out who Michael was and why it would have been better to call his name out in her dreams.

“Who’s Michael?” She finally managed to croak out after clearing her voice several times.

“Sleeper Cell dude. It wouldn’t have been good for my ego but I could have handled that. What is this thing with you and Drew? Are you still sleeping with him? In real life I mean.” He asked not bothering to mask the bitter edge to his voice. Marci could tell he was angry. For the briefest of seconds Marci badly wished she’d been having an erotic dream about some as inaccessible as Michael Ealy.

“Of course not! What the hell?!?” she asked him as she sat up so she could look at him properly. Her mind was working fast but she knew there was no good way to get out of this situation. Even the incredulous tone she had attempted sounded hollow to her.

“You cheated on Nate with Drew. Brothers…….you must have some very kinky fantasies in the pretty little head of yours.” It was not just a statement; he said it like a closing remark in a trial.

“You knew all that when you got together with me Damian. If this has suddenly become a problem, then perhaps we have a bigger conversation than my dreams. I don’t know what brought that dream on.” Marci was amazed at how easily the lie rolled off her tongue. She knew exactly what had brought the dream on. Since the party at her parents’ place she’d known Drew was on the war path with regards to her impending wedding. A part of her loved the idea that he was finally suffering as much as she had when they had broken up. The other part of her badly wanted to stay the course with Damian and see the wedding through.

“I don’t like being insecure Marci. I forbid you from seeing him. Maybe that way you can get him out of your head.” Damian told her with finality. Marci’s eyes became the size of saucers.

“You forbid me?” she asked with incredulity. This time it was genuine.

“Yes, I forbid you.” He repeated like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“You do realise that you are not my parent and even if you were, I am past the age game of thrones izle where they can ‘forbid’ me from stuff. Plus, Drew and I have a son together; I do have to see him from time to time.” By the time she was done, she was already out of the bed and getting dressed. She had to go pick up Kayden anyway. She would shower when they got back to pick his clothes for the weekend ahead with his father.

“Where are you going?” Damian asked her with a frown.

“To pick up Kayden.”

“Can’t wait to see Drew?” he asked nastily. Marci didn’t know what he meant so she just shrugged.

“I don’t even know what that means.” she retorted when he repeated the question.

“You jump out of my bed, pick up Kade and off you both go to interact with Drew.”

“Technically it is my bed. You are being crass. I shall take leave now.” She knew she was being defensive but he was being an ass.

“I’ll do the same. Nothing builds up the appetite like jealousy. I am famished!” Even angry Marci thought he looked gorgeous. His hair was all over the place and he was hunting for something to tie it back with. She offered him a black rubber band from her dresser. He took it without looking at her so she figured this was not over yet.

“I’ll be back in few minutes,” she told him as she started towards the back door.

“I won’t be here. I’ll see you sometime.” Damian told her quietly. He was giving her another one of his looks and Marci felt a literal slash go through her chest area. She’d been here before. In the months leading up to the end of her relationship with Drew, he had become distant. The way Damian was behaving was exactly how Drew had started.

“Please don’t do this Damian. Stay, we can talk after I get Kayden to his father.” She pleaded with him softly even though she knew she wouldn’t get to him. To be honest she wasn’t quite sure how to erase that whole episode in bed.

“I have some stuff to take care of. Can I take your car? You can use mine.” He was standing really close to her now and she thought maybe she’d been forgiven after all. It turned out she was wrong.

“Why do you want my car?” Sometimes he took her car but mostly to the garage and stuff, not for errands. He’d been trying to get her to trade it in for a bigger more luxurious badge but she loved her old jeep.

“Mine’s too conspicuous for where I am headed,” he offered succinctly.

“Ok, I guess I’ll see you later. Give me the keys.” He gave Marci his keys and walked out without another word to her. She felt crushed and a familiar panic coming on. She had a terrible feeling that either their engagement would soon be broken or indefinitely prolonged. Neither of those outcomes was good. Sighing she locked the door and went to Damian’s car just as he sped out of her compound like a man driving a stolen car.


Like hell she was marrying that creep! That was Drew’s first thought as he jerked up from the most erotic dream he’d ever had of Marci; and he’d had plenty. He lit a cigarette in bed. Thinking about his dream, he couldn’t help smiling broadly. It took him a moment but eventually he shook off the smile and made a mental note to do something about the impending nuptials. After everything he and Marci had gone through there was no way he was going to let Damian take her from him. He didn’t like Damian; that was no secret. There was something slick and dark beneath that long-haired veneer that women — Marci included– couldn’t see. Conversations with his brothers Nate and Brian had confirmed that it wasn’t only him who thought Damian was bad news. He frowned some more as he thought about the wedding.

Drew had spent the better part of their four years together begging her to marry him and she always said “soon”. She’d barely dated Damian for a year and suddenly there was a December wedding. He couldn’t figure what that was about. He shook his head and tried to stop the painful rehashing. He loved her and from what he could tell, she wasn’t completely over him either. The brief kiss they had shared at her parents’ house was certainly proof that the chemistry was still there. Marci and he were meant for each other. He was definitely going to do something about it before she married herself off to that creep.

While he showered his mind wandered back to his relationship with Marci. Those had been the best years of his life. It seemed like everything had been leading towards them spending the rest of their lives together. Marci getting married to Damian was definitely not the expected or indeed welcome end. They had been happy in Nairobi. Drew had once again moved into her apartment and life had been idyllic. Her pregnancy had gone smoothly and Drew couldn’t have been happier when Kayden was born. They had named their son after his grandfather. He had been sure that once she’d settled somewhat into her role as a mother, she would think about marriage. He’d told her that he didn’t like the idea of her being legally available to other men. Each time they’d broached the subject; her answer had always gibi izle been “soon”.

He hadn’t wanted to push her on the matter. He’d known Marci all his life and he knew her well enough not to pressure her. She never reacted well when backed into a corner but then again most people don’t. He’d let it go because he was secure in the relationship and had absolutely no doubts about her love for him. Unlike most relationships which have a vague starting point for their eventual end; Drew could pin point the exact moment their relationship had changed. Dr. Shah had been the cause of their problems. Well, he’d planted the seeds of doubt. Drew had just come back from Malindi and he fell slightly sick. Brian had suggested Neem tea in case it was malaria. Neem was believed to cure up to 40 illnesses and since Drew didn’t really feel like seeing a doctor, he had taken the tea for a couple of days and it had worked. Marci had even commented that his skin looked less weather beaten.

Two weeks later his editor had informed him of a book signing trip which he was legally bound to undertake. The insurance people had wanted a health test because they worried about what he might have picked up in Africa so he’d been subjected to a series of medical examinations. Out of sheer curiosity and convenience he had decided to do a full out medical evaluation. It was then that he had been informed of his asthenospermia. It came as a blow to him on two levels. His first thought while still at the doctor’s was Marci had lied about Kayden. His next thought was his swimmers were weak; it was blow to his ego. Their relationship had gone downhill from that day. He needed to think and the book signing trip to London was a godsend. Over the last year Marci had quit working at the law firm to take care of Kayden full time. For a while both of them had been travelling with him. Kayden was approaching four years old and that had made it much easier to travel with him long haul. Besides, Drew enjoyed having them along. He didn’t tell Marci why he wasn’t taking them that last time. He had seen her eyes flinch when he told her he thought it was better if he went alone. His excuse was that it would be a trip spent on long haul flights and he didn’t want to put her and Kayden through that much stress and upheaval. He would be done in little under a week if he went alone. At the time he just wanted time away from the apartment, hell, the damn country to think about raising Nate’s son as his own. He wasn’t sure he was magnanimous enough to do it but he couldn’t imagine letting Marci and Kayden go.

Drew turned off the shower and walked to the bedroom. Marci would have loved this house. He had moved out of his parents’ house when he and Marci were together. After the breakup he had thought it would be retrogressive to move his stuff back to his parents’ place so he bought a house. He had been sure that Marci would get over her anger and they’d need a bigger house with more space for Kayden. He also wanted to talk her into having a second child. In his mind that would have sealed their deal; whatever it was. In addition, Kade was old enough to deal with a new sibling but young enough so that he and a new sibling could grow up together as friends, just like Drew and his brothers. With that logic he’d bought a huge family house on the beach with lots of room outside for Kade and a couple of new siblings if they came along in the future.

Alas, it was never to be. She had not only moved on, she was getting married at the end of the year. He felt that familiar swelling in his chest that came whenever he acknowledged that she was another man’s woman now. The trip to London was uneventful but when he came back, he had confronted her. During his weeklong trip he hadn’t called once which he knew was unlike him. She had called him a couple of times after his monosyllabic answers she had given up all together. She hadn’t met him at the airport and this had made him extremely angry for some reason.

Drew could remember the shock on her face when he had less than tactfully told her that he knew Kade wasn’t his son. She’d been seated opposite him watching him eat the welcome dinner she’d made him. Kayden had fallen asleep earlier and was in his room so Drew was sure he couldn’t hear them. It had been a good as any time to have THAT conversation. As events had later proved, he had been wrong about a lot of things that night.

“What?!?” she had asked full of shock. The hurt didn’t come till later.

“You made me believe Kayden was mine. I’m hoping you’ll tell me he is Nate’s because any other man’s name will make people call you rather unpleasant names. More unpleasant names actually.” He’d told her calmly while he ate her signature chicken salad and garlic bread dish. The food was good and he was trying not to look at her. He found himself striking where it was bound to hurt most. The moment he said the last bit of that sentence he had known it was unfair. Yet he didn’t say or do anything to try and reduce the hurt he knew it would cause. He’d aimed for the jugular and he wasn’t turning back. He had to know.

“What?!?” gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle she’d asked him genuinely confused. The allusion to her reputation had stung and he knew it. In the first year of their relationship she’d been extremely sensitive about how people, especially those in Malindi, would react to her being pregnant with her ex’s brother’s baby. The raised eyebrows and polite inquiries had driven her mad with rage. It had bothered her so much that she’d stayed in Nairobi for months on end fastidiously avoiding the Malindi scene. It was a small town full of holidaying people; it meant everyone had time to get into your business.

“You are repeating yourself Marci. And you still haven’t answered my question.” He prompted like he would a child.

“That’s because it is absurd as well as deeply insulting. It however explains why my son and I were left behind this time. That wasn’t a question, it was an accusation wasn’t it?” she had asked him and he could hear the confusion and hurt in her voice. That should have been his cue to tread carefully but he was tired, angry and a bit unsure as to how he should proceed with the difficult conversation. If Marci had been a single mother when he’d returned to Kenya he’d still have made a play for her. It was the subterfuge that he was angry about, not the child.

“I needed to think after I got my results from the medical check up. Guess what? All the hard living finally got to me. My boys are weak; I can’t have made you pregnant. Thing I want to know is why you’d lie about that. I wouldn’t have cared either way.”

“Ahh, the same way you are not caring now?” she had retorted and it made him angrier that she still hadn’t answered his question. He didn’t know why but he’d felt the need to hear her say the actual words; punish her for what he was going through.

“Marci quit stalling. Whose child is Kayden?” he asked levelly, leaning back in the dining chair and staring straight at her.

“Considering the level of trust you have for me right now why would you believe anything I say? Do a DNA test. I am going to bed. I’ll be sleeping with Kayden tonight.” She’d finally told him and left him at the table to finish his food. True to her word she had spent the next couple of days sleeping with Kade. After a week of Kayden’s incessant questions about mommy sleeping with him, she’d finally asked Drew to get on with the DNA test. At this point, they were barely speaking. Drew had been going over the whole situation over and over in his head and he wasn’t sure he really wanted to know. The apartment had suddenly become too small. Two weeks of tension and Marci had had enough.

“I’ll be leaving at the end of the week. The apartment lease still has about three months on it. I don’t want to keep it but you can if you want.” she’d casually informed him one morning as she made a snack for Kayden who was getting ready to go to school.

“Just like that?” he was taken aback. He had been sure the whole thing would blow over soon enough.

“Just like that.”

“All I needed to know was who his biological father is.” He stated evenly after making sure Kayden was out of earshot.

“It’s not Nate for sure.” She’d answered with a tight smile and Drew’s heart had sunk. Had she been sleeping with another man while they were together? Impossible. He’d been so sure she was crazy about him. She’d had a crush on him for years so there was really no reason for her to find another man and yet she did. He blamed his ego for thinking he was enough for her. She had slept with him while still technically with Nate so……he let the thought trail away.

“The truth at last. Who were you fucking before you decided to let me take the fall?” he had asked crudely and Marci had let out a deep breath before answering.

“Wow!” she had gasped and then added, “That was….uhm….vulgar.”

“Cheating is by nature vulgar, deal with it sweetheart. It was remarkably easy to get into your cunt when I came back. I had been in town a day and you so delightfully bent over for my cock. I bet a lot of rich boys were lined up at your house before me.” He taunted. He wanted her as hurt and as angry as he was right now. She looked calm and unaffected and it pissed him off in the worst way.

“That’s my cue to leave.” she told him softly, not taking the bait. There was passive aggressive and then there was Marci. A smart lawyer through and through. She had decided not to bother; it wasn’t worth it.

She had been gone when he came back from doing errands. A note taped to the fridge asked him to kindly send her and Kayden’s stuff to Malindi. She’d even left money behind for the courier. Drew had known in that moment that she was hurt. When Marci got hurt her first instinct had always been flight not fight. Of course he’d gone back for another check up just to be sure, that was the type of person he was. Dr. Shah had politely explained the earlier results as a consequence of drinking all that Neem tea. It had weakened his sperm some but that was only temporary. His boys were now back at full strength. He’d explained it to Marci but he could tell something fundamental between them had broken. In his ill conceived notion to give her space, he’d sent her right into the arms of Damian. Every time Drew saw Damian holding Kayden he wanted to rip out the big man’s throat. Damian had his family and Drew was not amused.

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