Drinking from the Tap

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Since the demise of one popular personals section it’s been a little difficult getting those married bisexual meetings I was able to get in the past. I searched around and finally came upon a newer one. For the most part it wasn’t much as far as meeting someone. But on one occasion I did find a guy in his forties interested in an older guy, me, worshipping his cock. I’m now in my late 60’s and have a love of sucking cock. I fell in love with sucking cock the moment a cock passed my lips when I was in my twenties. But I could never accept I was gay. I married and had kids but the thought of a cock in my mouth and swallowing cum never left my mind.

Over the many years of my marriage I fed my addiction to cock by arranging meet ups with other married guys. At one point I had a five year relationship with a guy that liked me worshipping his cock. He moved and left me looking. That’s when online personals came around. I continued to suck cock until the end of the one personal listings and thought I was done doing so since I was older and the easy contact of that service was gone. So, meeting a guy from the new service was both a surprise and very welcome.

We had several discussions prior to meeting up at his house. One thing he told me was his like of watersports along with getting his cock worshipped.

I’d only done watersports one time when I asked my one long term guy to piss in my mouth as part of my submissive role with him. I thought it was very erotic but he really didn’t like doing it. So, this guy wanting me to include watersports was really exciting to me. When I agreed to the inclusion of his piss, he asked me over.

I arrived at the guy’s condo early in the morning as we had planned. He told me he’d be wearing a robe and once inside his place I was to strip and get on my knees to begin our play. He wanted me to start things by sucking him up to the point he was about to cum and then he’d take me to the bath tub for the watersports.

I entered bursa escort his place and stripped. He was a little pudgy, dark hair, nice face, about six feet tall and pale complexion. He looked like a nerd in a way and I noticed a lot of books and other items that indicated he was. But he did tell me in a commanding way to get on my knees once I stripped.

I dropped in front of him there in the living room. His robe was still covering him so I asked if I could take his cock out. He told me to “get busy on it”. I reached inside his robe and found his semi-erect cock with my right hand. He dropped his robe on the floor and towered above me fully nude.

His cock was nice sized, around 7 inches and nice and thick. There was a nice drop of precum waiting for me on the head. I reached out my tongue to lick the precum off the head. It tasted sweet and the taste immediately excited me. I started by licking around the crown of his cock’s head and up the shaft starting from his rather large ball sack. His cock grew as the broad surface of my tongue swept along the shaft up to the head again. I repeated the shaft lick and kissing several times and each time I just barely sucked the cock head past my lips when I reached the top. By then he was moaning in pleasure and calling me his cocksucker. Finally, I began licking his balls. I took one ball into my mouth and ran my tongue in circles around its surface. I took the other ball and did the same. Then, I took both balls into my mouth using my lips to gently apply pressure. After a few minutes I ran my tongue back up his shaft. Once I reached the head, I opened my mouth wide and quickly took his entire length inside until my lips were touching his pubic hair. He gasped at my deepthroating of his cock. I held his cock in this position while I used my tongue to swirl around the shaft as much as possible.

I teased him for a minute or so before I started a slow slide up and down his shaft and out to the very edge of the bursa escort bayan head. My salivary glands began pumping more and more moisture the more I kept this up.

I kept my motion slow and used my tongue along the underside of the shaft on the way down and swirled it on the way back up with my lips tightly maintaining a seal on the shaft. My tongue danced around the glans and probed the piss hole.

I took his cock out of my mouth to slap my face, my nose and lips. Then inhaled him once again, making sure my lips kept a tight squeeze on him. I started to increase my head moving up and down his shaft. He reached out to grab the back of my head to hold it still as he began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth, face fucking me long and deep. His hips thrust back and forth so strongly I started to slightly gag, something I seldom have done with a cock inside my mouth and throat. And I enjoyed feeling him being dominant and being only a mouth for him to fuck. I enjoyed the hardness of his cock while it also felt so silken and warm inside me. I enjoyed the fullness I felt in my mouth. Like it was meant to have a nice warm cock there.

After many thrusts and him holding may head in a tight grip, he stopped with his cock fully deep throated. He looked down at me to tell me how good I looked with his cock in my mouth. What a good cocksucker I was. What a slut I was. He told me he was ready to take me to the bathroom and it was time for me to drink from the tap. Time for me to show him what a slut I was by taking his piss wherever he wanted to put it.

He had me crawl to the bathroom behind him. Once we reached the tub he instructed me to get in it on my knees away from the edge. The floor of the tub was cold to my knees and I shivered a little. He was standing at the edge of the tub with his cock pointed at my face. It had softened some from the hardness it had in my mouth when we were in the living room. He told me to get ready and then a forceful escort bursa stream of urine splashed on my chest and on my cock and balls. I opened my mouth and he aimed the stream at my lips and open mouth. After taking mouthful after mouthful of his piss and swallowing as fast as I could, I moved my head forward and took his pissing cock inside my mouth. He continued with his piss and I could feel his flow as my lips sealed around the shaft. The piss was forcefully hitting the back of my throat and I continued to swallow the stream.

Finally his stream slowed. But he kept his cock in my mouth. reached out to grab the back of my head again and proceeded to face fuck me once again. His cock went back to it’s full erection very quickly. He continued to pump and I reveled in his hard cock slamming into my mouth and back to my throat.

I started to feel the shaft harden even more and felt the bottom vein of the shaft quiver. I knew his cum was imminently going to shoot onto my tongue and down my throat. The head of his cock flared and the warm cum shot hard bursts into my mouth, coating my gums and slipping down my throat. I tried saving as much as I could to fill my mouth with his seed. After the quick and hard shots of cum, the flow slowed to seeping cum. He cried out in yells of “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as he came. He told me to take all of it like a good cum slut cocksucker. Finally, after several seconds of ejaculate the flow stopped. I kept him resting in my mouth along with a good amount of the sweet and salty cum I was able to save.

He slipped his cock out as I opened my mouth wide. I showed him the fair amount of remaining cum and asked if I had permission to swallow. He nodded and told me to be a good slut and take the rest of his seed down. I quickly did and proudly showed him my empty mouth.

After a shower, I dressed, got a drink of water and left his condo. He told me he’d never had someone do as good a job as I had with his piss. I went to my car and sat there thinking how very erotic and hot the whole thing had been. I could never have imagined myself getting as turned on by a man fucking my face and pissing on me and in my mouth before he came down my throat. And I wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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