Driving Lessons For Sexy Mum-In-Law

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Big Tits

“David will do that, won’t you honey?”

“Yeh, sure I will…”

With my head still engrossed in the Sunday Times, I really had no idea what I was agreeing to, but experience had taught me that agreement was always the right policy. Susan, my wife, had just volunteered my services to teach her mum how to drive. Yvonne, although 56 years old, had never learned to drive. She had always been driven by her (recently ex) husband John. Yvonne worked as a beauty consultant in a department store and got to & from work by bus. However, now that she was on her own, she really wanted to take the plunge into being fully independent.

Susan and I had been childhood sweethearts and I had taught her to drive when she was 17, nearly 20 years ago. Yvonne looked over at me and said, “David that would be great, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Of course not, it would be my pleasure.”

In reality, I did mind a little. Yvonne was never the most friendly, but since she had caught her ex (John) in bed with a close friend of hers, she had become even more temperamental. “Why not come over tomorrow after work and we can take our 1st lesson?” she said. “Yeh, no problem”

The next day I organised additional car insurance and bought some ‘L’ plates – did women ever think of the practicalities of this stuff, I think not.

I arrived on a clear sunny evening at Yvonne’s house at 6.30pm. She answered the door still in her work clothes. Her uniform was a tightly tailored grey suit, skirt at knee level, white open-necked blouse and smart black high heel shoes. She was 5ft 3″ and had shoulder length red hair. I thought to myself that she looked quite hot, then remembered that she was my Mother-in law and that such thoughts were inappropriate. (Although I may flash back to this vision next time I have a solitary moment!)

After changing into some black trousers and a red sweater she got in the car. I drove to an industrial estate nearby as I didn’t want her to start on a main road. We swapped seats and started the basics, Clutch, brake etc. I then noticed her seat belt was twisted and reached over to fix it. As I pulled back, the back of my hand brushed firmly against her breast.

“Sorry” I said, “That’s OK, accidents happen” she said with her head turned towards me, I noticed she was smiling.

In addition, I also noticed that her nipples were now poking against the thin material of her sweater. During the lesson, I found myself looking over at her more and more. She had a really good figure and I guessed her breasts to be bigger than Susan’s at 36D. Her hands were immaculate, beautiful long red nails, I suppose as part of her job, and she no longer wore the diamond encrusted wedding ring that I had always known her with.

We eventually swapped seats again and I drove her home.

“Thanks David, now that wasn’t too bad, was it?”

“no, actually you were very good, we’ll have you driving in no time.”

I now actually looked forward to our next lesson.

On picking up Yvonne next time, she was wearing dark grey trousers, and a thin apple green cardigan with the top few buttons undone. I could just make out the wispy lace outline of a black beylikdüzü escort bra. During that lesson, I found it hard not to look at her breasts as the movement of the car made her breasts move ever so slightly. Again, I noticed that her nipples occasionally became erect. I was quite aroused. This time, she accidentally touched my thigh in an attempt to change gear –

“woops, must concentrate harder” she said grinning. “no harm done” I said, wishing she had grabbed my leg higher.

On leaving her home, she leaned over in the car and gave me a kiss. Not on the cheek as normal, but on the lips, not a lingering kiss, but firm nonetheless.

For our next lesson, Yvonne wore a knee length navy skirt, a cream blouse, and very sexy although impractical, high heel shoes. As she sat in the drivers seat, I noticed that her skirt fell to just above her knees, but I then saw it had a side split on her left leg. After about 10 minutes of driving, the skirt had risen a couple of inches but more importantly, the split was now revealing a dark lace band that told me she was wearing stockings. I directed her to a disused car park to practice reversing.

Under my instruction, she engaged reverse gear, and turned her head around to look through the rear screen. As she turned around, the skirt rose even further and I could see the metal clip of the white garter belt supporting her stockings. My mouth was getting dry and I was finding it hard to concentrate. I also saw that her blouse was gapping around her breasts, and I could clearly see the white lace of her bra. God I wish I could have taken a picture of her right there. She looked amazing.

She stalled the car, then restarted. She stalled again, and after the 3rd stall, she started to cry.

“I’ll never learn how to do this, John was right, I am useless.”

I reached over to her and started to hug and comfort her. I undid her seatbelt and pulled her towards me.

“Yvonne, you can do anything you want, you’re beautiful and intelligent, I have no idea what got into John throwing away your marriage”

Yvonne clasped her arms around me, “Oh David, thank-you, I’m sorry you’ve been lumbered teaching an old doll like me how to drive.”

My hands could feel the bra strap through the thin silky blouse material. I gently brought my left arm around and rested it on her side, level with her soft breast, I could still claim it was an accident depending on her reaction. Her sobbing had quietly stopped but she didn’t pull away, so I gently brushed the palm of my hand over her right breast. I could feel the silk, I could feel the lace of her bra, and I could feel the hardness of her nipple. Again, she held me. Filled with a new found confidence at not being pushed away, I now started to stroke her neck and gradually made the circles wider so that eventually I was dipping down below the level of her blouse. My fingers then traced underneath the edges of her bra. She still held me and was now gently rubbing her hands up and down my back.

My fingers then reached her nipple and started to pinch the hardness between my thumb and forefinger. I heard beyoğlu escort Yvonne quietly moan, I looked down and saw that her legs were tightly clamped together and I could see both thighs now exposed with her cream flesh contrasting against the dark tops of her tan stockings.

This situation was just so sexy, my hand was now on my mother-in-law naked breast. She then withdrew her head from my shoulder, and looked at me. The pupils of her green eyes were wide and piercing. Her lips were red and moist. We then kissed in a way that son and mother-in-law aren’t meant to. She placed her lips on mine, then teased them apart as her tongue searched out my tongue. My right hand cupped her head, pulling her closer to me, and my fingers started to massage her head. I could feel her tongue lashing in my mouth, god she was hot. I felt her right hand move from my back, I then realised were it had gone to – she was now rubbing my erection through my jeans.

By now, I had scooped out her right breast, free from the lacy confines of her bra, and was massaging it firmly, occasionally paying special attention to her large nipple. I broke off our kiss bent down, and put my lips on her breast. Yvonne was now moaning more loudly and when I started sucking her nipple, she put even more pressure on my cock. I didn’t think I would last much longer, I was going to come inside my jeans. I reached down and put my hand between her thighs. I could feel the clips of her garter belt and I put my hand under the elasticated lace, feeling its tension. I then moved my hand to between her inner thighs – they instinctively opened to allow my hand to feel the lace material of her knickers. They were soaking with her juice and I slipped the delicate wet crotch to one side. I then eased two fingers into her cunt. And started to feel for her swollen clit. The slurping sound was rich in sexuality.

Then, Yvonne pulled back.

“God, this is so wrong – you are married to my daughter, what am I doing?”

She pulled her bra back over her exposed breast, and straightened her blouse up. After I caught my breath, I said that it was my fault, that I was sorry, I found her very sexy and attractive and to forgive me. She said it was more her fault than mine, she had always fancied me since Susan 1st brought me home, but she felt really lonely now and didn’t know what had come over her. We drove home in embarrassed silence and didn’t have a lesson for some time.

Susan became inquisitive with her mum as to why she had stopped her lessons – Yvonne than agreed have another one.

When I went around to pick Yvonne up I rang the bell. There was no answer. I went to get my spare key from the car. I opened the door and called out “Yvonne, are you in?”

“Up here David…” I closed the door and went upstairs.

There was a candle lit on her bedside table. Yvonne was lying down on the bed, propped up by a couple of pillows. She was wearing long leather boots with stiletto heels. She had on black stockings held up by a thin lace garter belt, and a black lace teddy which I could see her nipples through. The tops of her stockings had the brand ‘pretty bizimkent escort polly’ embroidered in them. She started touching her breasts. “Come on in son, we have some unfinished lessons” I nervously undressed and lay down beside her. I started to mirror her hands on her breasts and we started to kiss passionately God my mother-in-law is hot. I then rolled on top of her. We were still locked in a deep wet kissing and as I am taller than Yvonne, my cock was pressing into the bed, just below her vagina. I then pulled myself up slightly so I could enter her – then I stopped.

I remembered something Susan said about feeling more comfortable about me tasting her cunt if she was well prepared. Judging from the steam from the bathroom she had just spent the last hour in the bath, so I gingerly started to lower my body, slithering down, tracing her breasts with my tongue. I crept lower, licking her full belly, down past her garter belt, until my tongue reached the top of her cunt. I hesitated momentarily but was encouraged by the groaning noises Yvonne was now making. By now, my head was level with her vagina, and I stretched one hand up to squeeze her breast. The hair was also red with a little grey. I licked the area above her hole, then traced around it, licking and kissing. Yvonne’s legs were now bent astride my head with her stiletto heels digging into the bed. I then flicked my tongue inside her.

My God, why didn’t I know how wonderful this would feel? For a 56 year old women, indeed for any age, she was simply magnificent. I found her clit with my tongue, previously only felt by hand, and started to lick it. Alternating between licks, I would run my tongue around the inside of her cunt, the smells and juices I tasted are indescribable. Yvonne’s thighs were squeezing my head and she kept groaning – “Oh God, Oh God….”

I must have swirled my tongue inside her for around 10 minutes. My face was covered in moisture, then I felt it. She grabbed my head and pressed it further in between her thighs. She cried –” I’m cumming, oh fuck, oh God.” Her body started to shake and I could feel her cunt lips squeezing my tongue. I kept pounding away at her clit “Christ, don’t stop….,” not that I had any intention of stopping. Her body shook for around 15 seconds and she dug her nails involuntarily into my head. I had nearly felt her having an orgasm in the car with my fingers inside her, but to feel this with my mouth was the most sexiest thing I had experienced in my life.

My mother-in-law just lay there, face flushed, breathing hard, as I pulled myself up towards her, I then noticed some tears rolling down her cheeks. I didn’t know what was wrong and wondered if I had hurt her in any way. I asked what was wrong and she hugged me tightly.

She said that she had never felt like this before in her whole life. She then told me that unusually she had married John when she was still a virgin, (I had no idea) and he had never done this to her in all the years they were married. She had fantasised about me doing it but thought it would always remain a fantasy. She then said how much she loved and adored me, and hoped I would never hate for this. I assured her that I loved her too, and I would always love her.

Yvonne has now been ‘learning’ to drive for 2 years now. I don’t know if she’ll ever pass her driving test. She recently has playfully dropped hints that she wonders how Susan would react if she could see a ‘lesson’ for herself.

I think I am playing with fire as it is – aren’t I?

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