Drunken Daughter Ch. 05

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All persons in this story are 18 or older.

Thanks to Dmbdriver1 for the idea for this story.

First, I hadn’t mentioned that the women usually have an enema and clean out before anal. For those who are confused, Emily and Hank feel like they have known each other for years. They are so comfortable with that, they have been totally candid with each other. As for the sex, Hank requires consensual sex and all three women like anal, oral, and vaginal sex with him. They are very aware of fecal bacteria and make sure to prevent contact with it. By the way, there is a waterproof battery powered clock on the far wall of the master shower and that’s how Hank is able to tell approximately how much time lapses.

Author Zenzerker says it best: ‘Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it!’ Thank you very much ZZ, Z69.


With the wedding planned, we had to choose a date and a caterer. I asked some of my employees who had married in the last few years and got a few business names and opinions. I put that information in my laptop and thought to Emily about it. I got her thought that said ‘Thanks Honey’. I smiled and sent a loving hug and kiss. This link was becoming interesting in that we didn’t need a cell phone and didn’t have to worry about batteries or cell tower power.

My crews were wrapping up the day’s work and I was pleased with the progress all four crews had made. I went back to the office, checked with Janice and my desk. It was a little after five and Emily had clocked out, then came to my office. We headed home and wondered what our girls had cooked up for dinner. Becky and Hanna were becoming more adventurous in the kitchen and they were usually successful too.

“Hank, those were interesting thoughts you sent to me. I think if we keep improving our link, we can leave the cell phones at home. Oops, I forgot about the people trying to reach you since they’re not in our link.”

“Yes Honey, I liked your ‘Thanks Honey’, so I had to send a hug and a kiss back to you. Let’s sit down after dinner and go to our local BBB and check the scores and comments on these caterers, then we can visit the ones we like the looks of.”

“Darlin’, you come up with some really good ways to go about checking things out and planning. I guess having your business for what, eighteen to twenty years has really taught you a lot. I am definitely keeping you.”

“That’s good Sweetie, cuz I’m definitely keeping you too. Actually my business has been around for eighteen years. I can’t believe it, but it is a fact. I met Andrea during second semester my sophomore year and we dated for over a year. Then I did with her as I did with you, got down on one knee and proposed to her.”

Hank started to tear and Emily put a hand on his shoulder and said “Honey, that’s OK, we don’t have to talk about her now.”

Hank smiled and sent her a ‘Thanks’ thought and Emily smiled a genuine happy smile as she looked at her future husband. He had worked hard, gave his daughter a good and loving life and now had made big, positive changes in Becky’s and her lives. She looked at him with love in her eyes and teared a little herself at how good all four of their lives had become.

“Wet panties again?”

“Yes, but with love for you and wanting to make serious, slow, toe curling love with you. Have you any thoughts about where to honeymoon?”

“Yes, I thought we could go to Disneyland since I was there when I was ten years old, the movie studios, and anything that crosses our minds. Shall we visit some of the tourist sights and get lost in the crowds?”

“OK, but I want to fly there and rent a car. The thought of driving that far definitely interferes with a loving honeymoon. OK?”

“You bet. I’ll ask Janice to suggest some travel agencies to check out. I know that she has used a few over recent years, so I’ll bet her knowledge is better than online searches.”

We arrived home to two anxious girls wondering what had made me tear up. Yup, they got that thought and were worried about us, afraid that we were in an accident or something bad. I thought ‘I was talking about your Mom Hanna’ and she came up to me with a big hug.

“Dad, when you have those thoughts, please send a thought about what you’re talking about. OK? Oh, we decided to try and make lasagna for tonight and I would like to have a little Shiraz too. I want to know what Mom likes about it.”

I nodded and hugged her harder. I knew that it would be Italian from the smells as we walked in the door. I needed to buy another case of Shiraz because of how fast we were going through it. Not drinking to get drunk or any other foolish reason, it just goes well with so many different meals. As I walked into the kitchen, the intensity of good smells increased many times over. I had a thought that the girls might have really succeeded since this was their first time making lasagna.

I checked the fridge and the girls started giggling cevizli escort loudly. I looked up and Emily stood in the doorway totally nude, only tonight I noticed she had shaved her pussy hair as well. She was so turned on, there were vaginal secretions coating her inner thighs making for a lusty looking lover. I got hard almost instantly, closed the fridge door as she crooked a finger in the ‘come here’ gesture. Turned around, bent over and she had Hanna’s Daddy vibe buried in her asshole.

“Lover, I want a buttfuck and now! I’m lubed so drop your pants and get that wonderful cock in my asshole!” The girls were laughing at Mom’s antics and turned on by the lusty display she presented. I grabbed some paper towels and folded them, because we don’t want fecal bacteria on the table either.

What could I say to this lusty loving woman? I dropped my pants and briefs, Hanna sucked me all the way in and I shuffle walked over to her. Removed the Daddy vibe and put it on the paper towels, placed my steel flesh up to her anus and pushed all the way in. She moaned and squirted all over the kitchen floor before either of the girls could get their mouths open and over here. I was so pent up from talking about Andrea, I lasted maybe five minutes and blew a large load of cum up her rectum. The girls mentioned ‘Share’ in unison, giggled and as I softened, I got out of their way.

Hanna slurped some of my cum from Mom’s anus and Becky got the rest. Then the girls got on each side of Junior and cleaned me from head to base. If you’ve never had a two girl blow job, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing an erotic experience. I need to say here that we practiced very clean anal sex, meaning that Emily went to the master shower, had a soapy enema, followed by a clean water enema. We were very careful of the fecal bacteria and went to extra lengths to not be exposed.

Emily came over to me and started french kissing, again with a lot of tongue. I reached down to her pussy and it was absolutely drenched with pussy cum. The girls had Mom lay back on the kitchen table and each took opposite sides of her pussy while sharing licks from her knees to her love hole. She started moaning again and Becky put her mouth over her Mom’s pussy and got another squirt. Both girls started licking Mom again and she started moaning loudly so Hanna got her mouth over Mom’s pussy and got a squirt. I was hard again, so I took my boots, pants, shirt, and briefs off and lined my cock up with her pussy and buried him in one smooth motion.

She pulled her legs back with arms under knees and began twisting her nipples hard. I knew from that, she wanted another fucking, so I gave it to her, hard and fast as she blew a huge squirt all over me. The girls waited until we finished fucking to clean us up. I was grateful, because when Emily gets this turned on, her pussy walls really tighten up and it’s almost as tight as her backdoor. I stroked five more times, she came again and I filled her pussy with five or six more ropes of cum. When I moved, Becky sucked my cum out of Mom and shared it with Hanna. When they were done cleaning Mom they turned to me giving me another two girl blow job and started cleaning Mommy cum from my body.

The timer beeped and the girls took oven mitts to remove the lasagna from the oven. It looked absolutely perfectly done. I grabbed my woman’s hand and we headed to the master shower. I had an attachment for the handheld shower head that turned it into a enema and filled her rectum with water. She went to sit on the toilet and empty her butt, came back and we washed each other and rinsed. We decided to stay nude and send the girls up to shower and stay nude if they wanted.

I asked Emily “When did you shave your pussy hair? I thought you still had it this morning, right?”

“No darling, I had a bout of insomnia last night, got up to get some warm milk and decided to surprise you for a change. Whaddya think about three bare pussies, fuckable assholes and I’m getting better deepthroating with the Daddy vibe. I want to take you all the way down my throat and make your toes curl as you fill my tummy with yummy cummy!” She really giggled at that one.

I have three of the sexiest women in ‘our’ home since Andrea passed and I am so grateful. Emily is a very sexual woman that has turned my life around and made being alive absolutely wonderful. She trusts me as much as I trust her, Becky is a delight and to have two daughters has become a big pleasure too. While Becky and Hanna have dated some, I guess I have set the bar pretty high for dates to reach. I don’t mind because Emily and I want our daughters to have really good men in their lives. It will be interesting to meet the men they choose, because I have a domineering presence. I hope those men will have the courage to stand up to me in a respectful, but positive way. That will let me know that they will take care of two of my loves.

They had better, because erenköy escort while I hadn’t mentioned it, I have a second Dan black belt in Aikido, and a third Dan black belt in Karate, Jeet Kune Do that Bruce Lee founded. I have never had to use either one, but an abusive partner is in for a world of hurt if one of our girls is abused. I know, I would have to warn them unless they were stupid and pulled a weapon on me. I am very protective of my women, they are the loves of my life and I would do what I had to for their safety.

All of us had showered and stayed nude since the girls liked the extra stimulation, like they needed extra help. The lasagna had cooled enough for us to eat safely, Hanna made garlic toast that was great. Becky made a great salad and Emily chose to have Italian dressing on her salad with a little parmesan as well. While we were eating, I thought I heard a little buzzing sounds and it turned out the girls had put their buzzing butt plugs in to accelerate the sexual part of many evenings.

The doorbell rang and I pulled the privacy curtain across the living room to dining room archway. Put on my robe I kept at the coat rack, looked through the peephole in the door. I noticed two policemen and opened the door. They informed me that one or two suspected criminals were reported in the neighborhood. I informed them that I would make sure to be alert and thanked them for the warning. I hung up my robe, went to the master bedroom to dress and returned to the dining room table.

I warned ‘my women’ not to wander outside, no hottub, pool, etc. We had intruders in the neighborhood and it might be dangerous. Since my crew cab truck was newer than Emily’s car, I thought it might a tempting target. I had dressed in dark clothes, quiet black tennis shoes and a dark ski mask and went outside quietly. I was checking the backyard when I heard a noise that came from near the garage. I was almost in ‘ninja’ mode when I saw someone looking over my truck. I kept quiet and out of sight when the second criminal came into view. He asked the first one if they could steal this truck that would render big money at a ‘chop shop’.

I came up behind them, struck the first thief at the back of head joining the neck and down he went. The second one turned as I put a palm heel strike to his solar plexus and a finger knuckle to his temple. He went down like a sack of wet shit. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911. Told the dispatcher that the criminals they were looking for were unconscious, in my driveway and gave my address. She asked if I was OK and I told her ‘they were dealing with a martial arts black belt and not to worry’. I’d taken off my ski mask since I didn’t want the police to get trigger happy.

When the police arrived about 2 minutes later, I was interviewed, gave my statement and was done for the night. The criminals were in jail, sore as hell, because properly delivered strikes can cause a lot of bruising. I went inside to three women that were terrified at what had happened outside. I explained to them about my martial arts skills and Emily just looked at me with bewilderment and hugged me.

“Hank, my Love, would you teach our girls those skills? I would love to have them be able to protect themselves. The thought of having to deal with an abusive asshole like what I had married makes me fearful for them. I would rest better at night if they could defend themselves.”

“Yes, my Love, I will start their training tomorrow evening. You haven’t seen the basement and the dojo I built about eighteen years ago.”

I sat and finished my dinner with a small glass of Shiraz. The girls had made a wonderful lasagna and the salad was also very good.

I had studied weapons like handicapped cane technique, long staff, nunchaku techniques, and others. I went to my dojo, bowed at the doorway, the girls followed my lead bowing before entering the dojo and sat on the bench at one end. I donned my gi and went to practice some katas (practice routines). They watched me progress through the katas and were suitably impressed with my skills. As I progressed through the more complicated katas, they oohhd and aahhdd at the complexity of them. I usually had a one by twelve inch board in a holding frame and at the end of my katas I would smash my fist, hand knife edge, inside hand knife edge, or foot into it breaking it into as least three or four pieces.

When I finished, soaked in sweat and definitely ready for a shower, Emily held my chin, pecked my lips and smiled a big loving smile. “I now know fully well that you are the man for me and ours.” I smiled at my love, turned back to the dojo and bowed again. This is a sign of respect to previous Sensei’s, as well to the arts themselves and headed upstairs.

I went to the master shower and entered fully dressed in my gi. It definitely needed to be washed and dried. I had not practiced in a few months, but I knew I needed practice once a week. esenyurt escort I had started training when I was ten and by eighteen I had my black belt in Karate and my brown belt in Aikido. By the time I graduated from college, I had my second Dan black belt in Karate and first Dan black belt in Aikido. I had started my business and two years after meeting Andrea, I had my second Dan black belt in Aikido and my third Dan black belt in Karate.

After work Friday I stopped at a martial arts supply business and picked two gis and white belts. We stopped at a clothing store for sport bras and heavy cotton panties for the girls. I started the night with the basics for the girls, stance, punch, simple front kick, etc. They would practice for almost an hour each day and I would practice the more complex katas as well. I would review the video from the dojo, advise them and delete the video. They became proficient fairly quickly, Mom was pleased and as Sensei, I too was happy with their practice. They had more to learn, but they were diligent students. I think they realized how important it was to be able to protect themselves.

A police officer contacted me at work, wanting to thank me for my skills in the martial arts. I told him this had been the first time I had needed those skills, but glad I had them. He told me that those two thugs were the ones they had been trying to find for over a year. When they woke up and realized they were in jail, they started squealing, cooperating and gave up three chop shops. This was a major bust, shutting down those shops and major jail time for everybody.

I sent a thought to Emily ‘those thugs will be in prison a long time’ and I added a hug and a kiss. She thought back to me ‘hugs and kisses’ as well going back to work on whatever she had been assigned.

Janice came up to her asked “Is everything OK?”

Emily wanted to know how she knew and Janice told her ‘you had a dreamy look on your face for about fifteen seconds’.

Emily said “Hank sent a thought that the thugs he subdued two nights ago were going to be in prison for a long time.”

Janice asked “What are you talking about?”

“I guess Hank hasn’t said anything to you. Two nights ago, we were eating dinner and two policemen showed up at our door. Hank talked to them and they warned one or two intruders were thought to be in our neighborhood. Hank thanked them, went upstairs and when he came downstairs he was dressed in dark clothing with a dark ski mask. Warned us to stay inside and went out back to check on our yard. Heard a noise and quietly went and watched out of sight near his truck. Sure enough two thugs showed up with plans to steal his truck. He said he struck one where the head joins the neck, dropping him unconscious, and a palm heel strike to the other one’s solar plexus with a knuckle strike to his temple. That rendered the second one unconscious as well. Called 911, police arrived very quickly and cuffed the two thugs. A policeman showed up today and talked to Hank, thanking him for his fighting skills. He told Hank the thugs had turned states evidence and they shut down three chop shops.”

“Emily, I didn’t even know that Hank had fighting skills, he’s never said anything about them.”

“That’s his way, he’s a gentleman, kind, sincere, all the things you’d want in a partner. If you find that man you’re looking for, grab him and hang on to him. Hank is a gold mine in my eyes and I know he will teach our daughters his skills. I am sleeping much better knowing they are learning to defend themselves.”

“Emily, how did you know that I’m looking for Mr. Right?”

“When you talked to Hank about the guy you hope to find, his thoughts became my thoughts.”

“Wow, you guys really are connected, aren’t you?”

“Yes Janice, I feel like I’ve finally found the right man. It’s strange to pick up his thoughts, but it’s also a blessing, if one of us is assaulted, hurt, or in trouble.”

“Well, I’d better let you get back to work, my desk is loaded too.”

Since my crews had everything under control, I headed back to the office to check my desk and messages. I stopped into Janice’s office and see what was happening.

“You dirty bird, why have you kept it secret about your fighting skills?”

“Janice, it’s not something to brag about. Those are things you keep quiet about so you’re not fighting every Tom, Dick, or Harry. The biggest thing I learned from my Sensei’s is you walk quietly and use your skills only as needed.”

“Well Emily had this dreamy look on her face, so I asked her what was going on. She told me about the incident two nights ago and how you had defended them from those thugs. What skills do you have and would you teach me as well?”

“I don’t usually talk about them, but we’re good friends so it’s alright for you to know. I hold a third Dan black belt in Karate and a second Dan black belt in Aikido. I have a dojo in the basement of my house and am teaching our daughters self defense. Yes I will teach you, but I must warn you that we are nudists at heart. So if you show up early, don’t be surprised if we’re sitting at the dining room table nude.”

“I’ll bet that’s a sight and a half.” She giggled and asked “Where should I go to get a uniform?”

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